Locker room Afternoon

(Part 1 from 1)

We were in the lockerroom. I moved off the side bench and onto my knees on the hard floor. She followed me, slowly getting up (I looked at those long, tan legs of hers rising up to her tight, round ass and my heart jumped; I so wanted her right then and there), lowering herself to onto her hands and knees in front of me. There we were - naked on the lockerroom floor, me kneeling in front of her, her looking entirely innocent and beautiful in front of me, ready to take me in. Again I admired the long, flowing blond hair that she tossed behind her.

She lowered her head slowly to meet my cock. She didn't even begin to 
take me in; instead she extended her tongue and dug it into the underside of my head, massaging that sensitive crease while looking up at me with her eyes (Oh GOD! I stared at the ceiling. I have to wait.. I can't come right now... I have to wait...). I looked back down at her. She--tanned, curved, body, on her hands and knees, bent down to meet my cock with her tongue, staring at me and giving me a slight smile--was pefect.

Presently she smacked my head with her tongue, still not taking me in. Her eyes closed and she let out a slight moan; she was enjoying every bit of his. Finally, though, she moved her lips forward and slowly encompassed by head; she took in my head but nothing further than that. 

She smiled and giggled at me, letting her upper lip run back and forth over the edge of my head and my cock--that sensitive edge that made me nearly scream. (I heard it--Pop...Smack...GOD!.) At the same time she brought her tongue under my head again and massaged the end of my shaft (JESUS... How much longer could I bear this?). She just moved her head back and forth, rubbing that lip with pressure against the edge of my head, licking the bottom of my cock, digging into it with her tongue, exciting every nerve in my body and bringing me intense pleasure. (And her EYES! She looked up at me with those baby blues as innocent as ever).

She slowly began to take more of my cock into her mouth. Her lips pressed hard on my shaft. Her tongue swirled around my head in her mouth, flicking it while she extended her grasp on my hard on. Her hand reached for my balls and began to slowly massage them. She didn't know how good this was.

She had reached the end of my cock by now. Her rhythmic movements over it increased in speed and she grasped my legs with her hands. I 
didn't--couldn't--give her any encouragement; I was enraptured in pleasure and watching her lips move back and forth over my cock. I 
couldn't believe I was there.

Faster she went. Tongue flicking. Mouth moving. Lips pressing. Eyes 
glancing up. Her flowing, golden blonde hair. Her on her hands and knees and me on my knees with her. Faster. Faster. Smack. Pop. Faster. Her mouth moved ever quicker on my cock. FASTER! FASTER! HARDER! ... "OHHH GOD!" I screamed, I was coming, "JESUS CHRIST!!! Ah, AH, Ahh, AHHHH!" I slipped my hard on out of her and she wouldn't let me take it--she took the bottom of my shaft tightly in her hand and rapidly pumped it, up and down, pressing my cock in her hand with all she could. "Ahh, ahhh, AHH! 

Ahhhh" I moaned, as I came almost violently. "Ahhh.. ah.. Jesus Christ!" 

I looked down at her and she was smiling.

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