Locked Out

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It began with an evening of separate play in a nightclub west of town and ended with erotic desire. Gina and Leo enjoyed this honky tonk because it was not only active, but had an upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs was C&W music, where Gina danced with younger males, and upstairs is where Leo drank beer and watched her from the stairway. It was late July in the desert, after a day of scorching heat, as Leo and his wife passed thru the wide club doors and bouncers, only to have her wave goodbye and prance thru this dark hallway leading to a loud Rock atmosphere. Gina was wearing a pair of white shorts, sporting a light tan, in a pink crocheted top and wedgy 2" sandal heels.

On this night Leo noticed she was spending too much time with one particular gentleman, a tall, well groomed man, and she appeared to be begging for it, rather than dancing and mixing. It was time to go home, and Leo was noticing she appeared more intoxicated than usual with empty shot glasses sitting in front of her. After informing her it was time to vamose, she threw a small fit, not unusual, but she followed Leo in a huff. On arriving at their car, Leo couldn't locate the keys, and then noticed they were in the ignition. Pulling and tugging at the 2" aperture left in the passenger window, Gina exclained, "you better not break my widow Leo!"

A loud primed stock car pulled alongside with two young men in the front seat. They offered to open the car with a slim jim, but it was at home and said they would return to help us. They then asked if we would like to come along, and while Leo said, "no," Gina was already climbing in the back seat with a view of her tight shorts, panty line and crack of her ass. Once in, the two young men introduced themselves as Nate and Bill. Nate was rather stocky with his t-shirt sleaves rolled up and tatoo of a panther. They seemed genuine enough, but turned the volume up in the speakers in the back to high decibles. Leo figured them for two young guys getting kicks out of their car and music.

Nate and Bill pulled up in the front of an upper middle class home, and Gina asked if this was theirs or a relative, and it seemed to offend Nate but not Bill, as he announced the home was his? Nate grabbed Gina a beer and took her on a tour of the house, returning to the living room and showing her a bookshelf of music albums. He then looked behind her at her ass, ran his tongue out, and smiled at Bill, totally ignoring Leo, her husband. It was time to remind them of the locked keys in the ignition, and as we walked out, Nate placed his arm around her back, while running it down the side of her ass. Bill climbed under the wheel and pointed to the passenger seat. 

The drive back was much slower and the music louder. Gina had lost her wedgy sandal heels and I noticed one for her feet between me and Bill in the bucket seats. Her foot was flat while wiggling these toes with a metallic maroon nail polish. I glanced back to find her in Nates clutches, frenching with enthusiasm and now his left hand was under her crocheted top, climbing up her back. Bill was lurking also, with obvious glances in the adjusted rear view mirror. I then noticed her toes curl, and soles become so sweaty it was leaving traces on the gear box. 

Nate came up for air and ask Bill to pull over somewhere, so we ended up under some eucalyptus trees along a dark street, one mile from our locked out vehicle. Bill and I walked to a nearby convenience store for coffee, giving Nate and Leos wife some privacy. On return, I couldn't see heads, but the rocking motion from the trunk. I took a sip of black java, and looked thru an open window to see Nates ass, punishing my wifes pussy with those sweaty feet of hers wrapped around the back of Nates thighs. It had been awhile since I witnessed a guy fuck that hard, and chalked it up to youth maybe? Bill joked, "give them some privacy Leo," then he too took a longer look thru the open window. 

Leo and I were sitting on the trunk when it stopped moving and Nate sprang from the backseat, holding his levis, "whooooee," it's hot back there. Sweat was dripping from his chin down this apparent shaved chest and I noticed his cock was at half mast, the cut part still layed back from the head as he slipped some boxers on, then worn levis.
Nate said, "I've been after her for months and she wouldn't talk to me. I told you I'd fuck her someday Bill. Nate then drove us to the parking lot and it only took 2 minutes to unlock the door. Gina was standing inside Nates legs along the car, and he was now pampering her ego by squeezing both cheeks of her ass. He wanted her to come to a bbque next weekend, but he what he really wanted, was to introduce her to his Uncle Charlie who owned the home.

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