Lisa's first party

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Dedicated to LUE!

"Hey Lisa, would you like to go to Juliana's party with me tonight?"

We were juniors in high school. All the boys liked to stare at my butt; it fought so hard against my jeans that people couldn't help but look. I was proud of my boobs; they were a C cup and I made sure that the clothes I wore featured them. My nipples were like crowns, and they often got hard and tried to pierce through my bra. I was very confident about my beauty, but was still surprised when Bobby asked me out.

"Juliana's party? Bobby, I'd love to! When will you pick me up?"

"6:30 or so? Dress as sexy as possible. I'll see ya later!"

"Yeah! I can't wait"

All through the rest of school that day, my nipples were hard as glass. I caught a few boys staring at them. When I went home, I put on a very tight shirt with no bra. My tits stuck out gloriously. I made sure that my pants were just low enough that the top of my asscrack was visible. I loved prickteasing boys, especially when they got huge boners.

Bobby picked me up when he said he would, and he looked great! His clothing was very big and loose, probably to hide a humongous erection!

"Hey, sexy!" Bobby reached out and grabbed my breasts. I flinched.

"Whoa whoa, a little fast there, buddy," I said, and crossed my arms so he could not grab them. I was flattered though.

"Heheh, sorry, but they look so nice!" Bobby joked, and started driving towards Juliana's house.

"Well, if you're good, I'll let you see them later!" I teased.

We drove for awhile and talked about regular stuff. Then Bobby asked an interesting question.

"So, have you ever had sex?"

"Uhh, well, no, but I've done other things."

"Like what?"

"I've given a few handjobs, I let a boy fuck my tits once."

"Wow," he said. I could tell he was getting turned on.

"So, big guy, how far have you been?"

"Me and Anna used to have sex all the time, everywhere! But we're broken up now. She was such a great fuck, so tight, and her moans were so sexy.." Bobby kind of got off topic, and I got jealous.

"Hey! You don't know how I am yet," I smirked evilly.

We arrived there, and Bobby opened my door for me. Such a sweet guy!

Bobby rang the bell, and Juliana answered the door. To my surprise, she was completely nude! Except she had whipped cream covering her private parts. Bobby acted pretty normal, however.

"Hey, girl. Happy birthday!" Bobby kissed her on the cheek, and I just stared, surprised. We walked inside, and the place looked pretty normal. Wu-Tang was playing on the stereo. A few people were dancing to Gravel Pit.

The first people we saw were Nikki and Tony. "Hey, Bobby! Who's your sexy date?" Nikki asked Bobby.

"This is Lisa," Bobby introduced me. "Lisa, this is Nikki."

"Hi, Lisa!" Nikki shook my hand. "Say, Bobby, wanna do something later?" She winked at him, and he winked back. I felt so jealous. How could he act like that in front of his own date?

The music stopped. Juliana stood on top of a table to get everyone's attention.

"Ok. Contest one! All you girls, take off your shirts, and line up. We're gonna measure those racks!"

I was reluctant at first, but saw my girlfriends remove their shirts, and noticed that none of them had been wearing bras. I removed my shirt, and saw that most of the guys were watching my boobs jiggle as my shirt came over them.

All the girls got in line. There were about fifteen of us, I wasn't sure. Boobs of all sizes were represented. Big ones, small ones, huge ones... I was in the bigger department, but definately not the biggest at all!

I was near the end of the line. Anna, Bobby's ex-girlfriend, was in front of me. When it was Anna's turn, I saw Juliana grab her left boob and jiggle it. It looked so sexy! Juliana recorded the measurement and it was my turn.

"Hey, Lisa! Check out those jugs! Not too bad!" She pinched my nipple, and I yelped. It felt good, though. She measured my large rack; 36C. I smiled, and walked over to Bobby.

"Hey, baby. nice boobs!" Bobby grabbed them and started playing with them. He jiggled them and poked my nipples. He sure was having fun. I bet his dick was enormous by now!

Soon, Juliana was done measuring our breasts, and announced the results.

"Third place goes to Shelby! Wow, nice jugs girl!" Everyone applauded, and a few girls screamed. Shelby was shy, and held her arms over her tits.

"Second place, Nikki! Shake those tits baby!" Nikki danced around and showed off her gigantic rack.

"First place goes to Annie! Yeah, make those nipples hard bitch!" Annie was rubbing her large breasts furiously.

None of the girls decided to put their shirts back on. Soon, Juliana announced the second contest.

"Boys! Strip! Let me see those cocks!" All the boys quickly did so. Wow, I had never seen so many erections in my life! From incredibly tiny to nearly a foot long on one guy, there was quite a range of dick sizes!

Shelby approached me. "Hey Lisa. nice tits! You're with Bobby, right? Wow, he is hung!" She pointed to a very large boner, which belonged to none other than my date! I got scared that he may want to put it in me later!

"I don't think Sam will do too well. He eats me really well, but his dick is pretty small. Look at it! He isn't even 5 inches!" Shelby said, ashamed of her man's shortcoming.

Juliana had quite a technique at measuring these fine boys' erections. She would jerk it for a few strokes just to make sure it was fully hard, and then put a ruler up to it. 

When she was on one of the boys, she got quite a surprise! As she stroked his erect penis, he groaned and sprayed streams of hot cum all over her tits! She just rubbed it into her massive globes, which rubbed away the whipped cream and exposed her nipples. They were brown and rock-hard!

"I love big cocks! Here are the biggest!" Juliana announced. "Eric, eight inches." Everybody cheered, and one girl grabbed his dick and started jerking it off. "Bobby, nine inches." I screamed, and went to give Bobby a hug. To my surprise, Nikki had his huge penis in her mouth! She was sucking it while rubbing his balls. 

"Hey whore, that's my date!" I kicked her, and she fell over. I reached for her tits and twisted her nipples so hard that her eyes watered. Then I took Bobby's cock in between my tits! He soon groaned and shot sticky globs of cream all over my face. I licked up as much as I could. It tasted like salt water.. but I liked it! I noticed everyone was watching me, and a few girls were giving blowjobs to their dates.

"Okay, let's not get carried away! We still gotta announce the first prize winner. Steve! Thirteen inches!" Juliana held up a boy's enormous cock. It stuck out so far! "Okay. I need this huge prick inside of me! Molly, may I have permission?" 

Steve's date agreed. "Fuck her, sexy!"

Juliana got in front of Steve and bent over. Steve slowly inserted his thick meat into her juicy cunt. She had fucked many guys before, but none of them this big! The whipped cream made some form of a lubricant.

A few girls had joined the action. Nikki was riding Tony's six inches. Shelby was taking it in the butt while sucking off another boy! I stepped out of my pants, and exposed my shaved snatch. It was one of the prettiest in the room, but I don't mean to brag.

"Well.. should we?" Bobby led me over to a couch, and I laid down on it. He got on top of me, and I felt his cock poking at the entrance of my opening. I knew it would hurt, but I was so turned on that I didn't care. "Fuck me!" I screamed.

He quickly thrusted in. No warm-ups or anything! He fucked me swiftly with his big hard boner, and I was being torn apart in the process! I screamed as he plunged in and out of my pussy. I looked around the room. I caught a fairly long dick exploding into Anna's mouth. She spit it out, disgusted. She hated the taste of jizz.

I soon felt a feeling of pleasure wash through my whole body. Was I cumming? I guess so! I shook as I had the strongest orgasm of my entire life. I was actually unconscious for a minute or two! Bobby was still fucking me, however. He wasn't even close to climax. I let him continue to fuck me. I noticed that nearby, Juliana was taking three cocks, one in each hole! 

Molly blew a whistle, and all got quiet. "If you boys have any loads left, blow them all over Juliana! It's her birthday! Give her your gifts!"

Bobby got out of me, and kissed me deeply. "I love you, Lisa." We walked over to Juliana, who was lying on top of a table. Around her were twenty hard wangs! A few girls were stroking their dates, while other boys were wangsturbating themselves. I was stroking Bobby's nine inches furiously.

The boy next to me grunted and shot a stream of thin cum all onto Juliana's legs. Soon, most of the boys were ejaculating all over Juliana's body! In her face, on her tits, in her hair even! Soon, Bobby's cock twitched and erupted. The first stream went so far that it hit Shelby in the eye! She screamed, and a girl ran to get her a towel.

Bobby continued to shoot layer after layer of hot cream onto Juliana's sexy body. Soon, he was all out. Anna gave his dick a few strokes, and then kissed him. 

Most of us found rooms and fell asleep, naked. I slept with Bobby, of course. He had an erection all night!

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