Lisa learns the hard way.

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100% fiction!

Don married Lisa ten years ago right after Lisa's divorce. She brought a daughter into the marriage. After ten years of marriage, Lisa decided she needed time to find out what she wanted. She asked Don to leave home until things quieted down, and she knew what she wanted.

Don decided to play it safe and see a lawyer. The first thing the lawyer checked was bank accounts. Would you believe there was no money? The next thing was car titles; the titles were already changed over to Lisa.

The lawyer told Don that he didn't believe Lisa was sincere. He felt there was much more to it, or Lisa would not have changed things like this. He advised Don to file for divorce now. Don followed his lawyer's advice and filed.

Don tried on several occasions to contact Lisa but was unable to talk to her. She was never home. After several months and still no word from Lisa, Don began to put his life back together. He went out on a date.

One day after an evening out Don received a phone call from Lisa. The first thing she asked was where he had been all evening. She said, "I tried to call you several times."

Don was surprised she asked after all these months, why would it matter to her. Don asked her what she wanted.

She replied, "Just seeing how you're doing."

Don said, "If you have anything to say, talk to my lawyer," and then he hung up on her.

The next day Don was making dinner when Lisa knocked at the door. Don opened the door and let her in. Lisa saw that the table was set. She asked Don who was in his house. He replied, "No one."

"You're lying!" she said, "I know you can't cook." Lisa started looking around the house.

"Hey!" Don said, "This is my house you have no right to come in and search for someone who doesn't exist. I can cook and if I want someone over for dinner it's my business not yours."

Lisa left only to return later that evening saying she had some things that belong to him and she wanted to return them. Don would not let her in, he told her to call him tomorrow and they could talk.

Lisa banged on the door saying she knew he had someone in there with him, Don told her to leave and call tomorrow or he would call the police, Lisa left telling him she would call after work.

Don wondered about her actions almost all day, when he thought shit, she must be hard up maybe he should give her some of his hard cock. Lisa was always too tired or didn't feel like it, always some excuse, she was plain cold she was also a prude.

Don remembered one time several years ago. He had been complaining to her about her lack of sexual activity. They would go out have a great time, when they came home she would go to bed to sleep.

Lisa didn't pay any attention to him. She would still come home, go to bed and says good night. No pussy, no hand job, and no head.

One night Don finally had enough. She said the usual good night, but before she could roll over he quickly jumped on top of her, and grabbed her hair with both hands. He looked into her fear-ridden eyes, and pulled back hard on her hair. He told her in no uncertain terms that if she didn't understand before, she would now, the hard way.

Don pulled back on her hair, and ordered Lisa to pull her nightgown up to her chin.

She fearfully followed his instructions pulling her nightgown up under her chin exposing her nakedness.

Don knew she slept without panties. He looked down at her uncovered body. His cock was rock hard. He held her hair with both hands, and ordered her to put his dick in her cunt. Lisa reached down and grasped his dick. She placed it against her opening.

The pain from her hair being pulled brought tears to her eyes. Don's showed no mercy in one brutal thrust he rammed his hard cock deep into her cunt. Now, pulling her hair harder, he said, "Pump your ass bitch I want to feel your cunt riding my cock.

Lisa put her arms under her knees and worked her ass pushing her hips rapidly up and down the length of his cock. "Yeah that's it ride that cock, and make those tits jiggle. I love to watch your tits jiggle. Hold your legs up, it's my turn I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

Don gave her a rough pounding, a pounding that he enjoyed so much, he thought about how good it was for many days afterwards.

Don was going to change how he treated Lisa. She didn't like any dirty jokes or any vulgar reference to body parts. She was a ball buster when it came to sex. Sex was a quiet activity done in the dark. Don was going to be vulgar and foul-mouthed with her.

Don decided to see how far she would go. When she called he told her she could come over if she clearly understood that he had a hard cock ready for her.

She said she understood and would be over later tonight.

Don got film for his camera; he wanted to see if he could get her to do some nude photos. She was such a prude he never asked before.

Lisa arrived, dressed in a short white skirt and blue silk blouse, looking very sexy. Don was surprised but pleased; her attire would look good in pictures.

They went out for a ride, to talk. Lisa said that while she felt they should be talking she was not ready to have Don return home. Don agreed explaining that he filed for a divorce and at this time was not going to change from that position. Lisa said she didn't want him to change anything; she just wanted them to be talking. Now she said, let's go back to your place.

They returned to Don's. Lisa sat down in the living room, carefully crossing her legs. Don asked if she remembered what he said last night. Yes she replied I do. Don looked at her and asked her what she was waiting for; let's get you naked.

"Wait a minute," she said, "aren't you going to be a little romantic first."

Don said, "Wait one minute I have a better idea, why don't I get my Polaroid and take some pictures of you? Hold on I'll get it."

Don hurried into the bedroom got his Polaroid and called her to come into the bedroom. He took her photo as she entered the bedroom. They both waited for it to develop.

"O.K. let's do another, this time hold your skirt up in the back let's see some panty," Lisa half turned, she really didn't want to do it, but pulled her skirt up above her panty line anyway. Don snapped her picture. Now he said the same thing but from the front. Lisa complied, and Don snapped another photo.

"What now?" Lisa asked.

"Let's do it without your panties," Don suggested.

"No way," she replied.

Just this once Don pleaded, no one will see it but me, please just tonight.

Lisa thought about it for a few minutes. "OK. But that's all." She pulled her panties down. Wait Don said, let me get that, and he snapped another photo.

"Sit in the chair, and pull your skirt up, let's see some pussy. Good," he said as he snapped one of her hairy patch.

Before they'd finished Don had talked her into taking several photos without any clothes. After which she fucked him twice giving him the best fucking he ever had with her.

Never once did he kiss or touch her in any romantic way. Afterwards he just walked her to the door and said good night.

The next day he looked at his photos, ten in all. He found it hard to believe Lisa let him do it she was always such a prude, but she did, and he was going to keep them.

Later in the day Lisa called and said she had to go home tonight but would see him tomorrow night.

Don tried to call her several times that evening. Each time Eva said, she wasn't in yet. Finally she called him at midnight, saying she had to work late. Don didn't believe her so he decided to watch her home and work.

Sure enough the next time she called, and said she had to work late Don checked her office. She wasn't at work or home. She called him again around midnight saying she worked late on a report that had to go out, but would be over tomorrow night. Don knew she was lying about working.

Don was at work the next day talking to Ray and Joe, when they asked how it was going with Lisa. They added that she was too good looking; somebody had to be getting some from her.

Don asked if they would like to see some nude photos of her. Damn right they would. Don took out his pictures, Ray was really excited, "Man I'd like some of that," he said, "I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see were it comes from replied Joe."

Don found it exciting to show them her nude photos. He recalled the night he took it from her. He fantasized about how Lisa would respond if he set her up for a gang bang.

He felt a little weird sharing his fantasy, but he told them he had thought about setting Lisa up for a gang bang.

That started a lively discussion about Lisa, they were sure she was seeing somebody. It didn't take long before it was suggested that they actually try to screw her.

Don figured that he could talk her into it somehow.

Don said, "She's been coming over fucking my brains out, just to keep me in check. She's coming over tonight, that'll give us the opportunity to put our plan to work. I know she'll protest, but let us do it, and never tell because she'd be too embarrassed."

Tell me the time and place," Ray replied excitedly.

"Count me in too," Joe said.

OK," Don said, "meet me at my place at six, and bring some friends."

They arrived a little early to get their plan together.
Don suggested Ray and Joe wait in the living room watching TV. Don would get her to go into the bedroom with him, close the door with the lock turned to the outside. "She can't get out, and then I'll give her a choice. Take us all on, or we'll take her anyway.
That's when you come in, let's see what she does, if we have to we can grab her, throw her on the bed, pull her panties off and fuck her. Remember this is it; there won't be any other chances."

Don and buddies were sitting around the living room when Lisa knocked on the door. Don let her in. He was surprised to see her daughter Eva with her. She walked in and sat down. Don sat beside her and started to talk to her about work. One thing led to the other and he asked her to come to the bedroom.

She said not now she was not going to stay long. She needed to get home, but wanted a drink of water first. She walked towards the kitchen with Eva close behind her.

Everybody was listening as Don and Ray excitedly whispered to each other about fucking her. This was the first time the word fuck was used. Don knew something would happen he could tell the guys were horny, he knew he certainly was. He also realized Lisa didn't have a clue that they were planning to do to her.

"What about fucking the daughter?" somebody whispered. "I wouldn't mind putting my dick in her. She has that 'I want to get fucked' look."

When Lisa came out of the kitchen, Don could tell Ray was ready to jump her. They had been fantasizing about her all day, and the living breathing person was in front of

Without warning Ray pushed Lisa against the wall and grabbed a handful of her crouch.

Don was excited beyond anything he ever experienced in his life. Watching Ray push Lisa to the floor Don felt like he should do something he knew it wasn't right. Ray called to Joe for help he couldn't hold her and get her panties off. Lisa was about to get away.

Don couldn't help himself he had to help. He grabbed and tugged her panties until they ripped and the remnants slid down her long legs. Lisa struggled trying to stop him.

Ray quickly climbed on top of her, and pushed between her thrashing legs. Don grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms over her head to allow Ray free access to her hot opening.

When Lisa felt Ray's stiff dick begin to enter her, she jerked, she squirmed around under him, and yelled at them to stop. There was no stopping it now.

There was no doubting when Ray was about to do her. Lisa jerked her head to the side; she moaned and arched her body. Then as his cock became thrust firmly planting deep in her hot cunt. She stopped struggling, and lay panting under him.

Ray started thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

Lisa started to struggle again. It didn't take long for Ray to shoot his load in her. He lay there for a few minutes catching his breath...

Don looked at Lisa. Her legs were pushed open and Ray's cock was buried in her. Don was excited. He noticed Eva, and knew he had to experience the sensations of overpowering and fucking a woman against her will.

Don looked at Eva. Why not? Eva had the pussy, and he needed to put his dick in a hot pussy. Don hadn't thought of Eva in this way before. He knew he shouldn't do it but after planning this gang bang, he was more excited then he had ever been in his life.

Don was ready and it might as well be his stepdaughter. Stepdaughter or not the thought of doing a mother and daughter was exciting beyond description.

Don lunged at Eva taking her to the floor. Ray's friend realizing Don would need help grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms over her head. Don's hands were free to get her panties down.

Once her panties were pulled off Don pushed her legs apart and positioned his cock at her tight young hole.

Eva started yelling as soon as she felt Don's hard cock begin to force its way into her tight cunt. She yelled at him to stop. "I'm not protected I'm not protected" she yelled.

This made no difference. There was no stopping now.

Don groaned and pushed hard sinking his raging hard cock deep into her defenceless pussy . Eva suddenly fell silent, panting from her exertions. Don was buried to the hilt amazed at how good it felt. The emotional high was beyond anything he ever experienced before. This was an experience Don would remember the rest of his life.

All the planning and fantasizing didn't come close to the exquisite feeling of having his cock buried in a tight hot pussy, his stepdaughter's hot pussy. The feeling that he was over powering her heightened his pleasure.

There was a special feeling of deep satisfaction feeling his cock buried in a hot, wet 18 yo young cunt. It was heightened because it was this bitchy girl who made his life miserable spread wide taking a hard fucking from his relentless plunging cock.

Eva's struggles increased his excitement as he pushed his cock in and out of her tight cunt. He rammed harder and harder making her scream. She yelled for him not to cum in herbut he was having none of that. No way was he pulling out of her tight hole.

Then after several minutes of brutal fucking his nuts started to pulse. She knew what was going to happen and tried to push him off but his grip on her was to strong. With one last thrust he shot his cum deep into her young tight unprotected opening.

Don would never forget the feeling as he shot his load into his stepdaughter. It was the most intense ecstasy he'd ever experienced in his life.

This was a fantastic sight. For the first time Lisa was being controlled by men intent on using her as the cunt she was. Eva was sweet pussy she was getting her first time sexual experience in a gang bang.

Don was catching his breath when he was pushed aside and Eva was taken again.

Lisa and Eva stopped struggling after their third cock each.
They just lay there with there legs spread taking a pounding from all comers.

After they all had their fill of the two pussies they sat around and discussed what they were going to do now.

"Hey, I don't care if you like it or not, I'm horny and want another fuck," Ray stated.

"Let's start with blowjobs." Don suggested.

"Get on your knees, ladies if you do it well you can leave sooner."

Don stood in front of Lisa and pulled out his stiff dick.
He held his stiff Dick and pushed it against her mouth. Lisa angrily put her hand around the base of his cock.

She looked up at him as she took his cock into her mouth. The first time she ever had a cock in her mouth. She started to suck. She gagged and choked while struggling to keep up with his thrusting hips. Don looked down at her bobbing head he pulled her hand away and pushed more cock into her mouth.

He applied pressure against the back of her head forcing his cock against the back of her throat. Lisa was in panic spittle dripped from her bottom lip. She was gagging and couldn't breath, Don push his cock into her throat and eagerly throat fucked her.

Ray took care of Eva's mouth. He watched her head bobbing up and down on his hard shaft becoming more aroused by the minute. Ray was ready to explode; he thrust his cock in and out against the back of her mouth.

Joe got behind Lisa and pulled her ass up and roughly pushed his cock into her wet cunt. Lisa was disturbed at the rough entry, but was soon preoccupied with receiving the roughest pounding of her life. Joe was giving her a rough fucking time. For the first time ever, Lisa was taking on two men.

Joe pounded at her pussy like she was his first piece. Finally Joe gave a loud groan, "OOoh baby your good," as he came. Don was soon shooting his load down her throat. Lisa gagged and gasped for air, this was her first taste of cock.

Eva struggled to breathe as Ray throat fucked her. She too was receiving a two way. Ray's friend Sam was pounding her from behind, making her tits flop up and down with each stroke from his dick. She started moaning, and Ray pulled her head up and down his dick, she now was giving Ray head while Sam pounded her pussy from behind, she was sucking cock and loving it, after what seemed like forever Sam came deep in her cunt.

Don said; "Get Lisa on her knees, with her ass in the air. I want her ass this time." He put his finger in her dripping cunt, then into her puckered ass hole. Don commented that he was sorry he'd never tried to take her ass before. Lisa jerked as Don's dick slowly entered her ass.

"Yeah!!" Don said. "I got me a cherry piece of ass, nice and tight. It won't be tight after tonight though."

He pushed his dick all the way into her ass. Lisa was finding new sensations she would never forget.

Lisa forgot about time, she spent a night joyfully offering her ass, fucking and sucking many times over. Fucked a dozen times, sucked cock half a dozen times, and took it in the ass half a dozen times.

Lisa and Eva left around midnight. Both had a sore ass and pussy, and were more then a little hoarse.

When the divorce was over and things in their life were moving on, it came out that Lisa did in fact have a boyfriend who died six months after the divorce.

It was said that she'd fucked him to death. Lisa never said anything to anybody about her gang bang night. Don wondered how she explained her sore pussy to her boyfriend. He enjoyed the memories of his mother-daughter gang bang for many years.

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