Linda's Different Day

(Part 4 from 4)

They lay silently for what seemed a long while, and Linda wondered about the sense of comfort that was coming over her. Once again, she marvelled at how the day had developed, from lustful sensations, to an almost magical meeting with a complete stranger, who, in a very short space of time had met her wild, mad desires head-on.

From the joy of having him admire her nakedness, through this most recent succumbing to his subtle kissing and caressing, to his knowledge of exactly what would please her. Linda had to admit he was no longer a stranger. He was simply, Brad. And, judging by his heavy breathing, he had fallen asleep with his head on her breasts.

But it wasn't very long before she became very aware of a hard pressure against her hip. Surprised, she raised her head to see his eyes were open, and beyond, his stiffening cock pressed into her side.
"I thought you were asleep," she said.
"No," came his warm response and that smile, "I've been listening to your heartbeat. It's been getting quicker."
"Did hearing my heartbeat cause that?" she laughed, gesturing down his body.

Glancing down, Brad smiled and said, "Might be that. But I believe it was being pressed against such fantastic skin."

Linda was already on the move as he paid her that extra compliment. Determined to show that it was her turn to repay debts, she forcefully eased Brad's body back, finding delight in the puzzled expression on his face, as her lips touched his before moving on to his muscular chest, travelling south. Linda reached her hand further down to gently clasp his, near fully charged, cock-, lifting it to point at the ceiling, an item under close inspection.

Very quickly, Brad guessed her intention, and he placed a restraining hand on her head as he groaned, "No, Linda. It's not clean."

She pushed his hand away, and, with a little giggle, said, "It soon will be." With the words came the action, as, open mouthed, she pushed out her tongue and tickled it, from the black-haired base, to the shining purple tip. His moaning gasp encouraged her to make a return pass, only more of a definite lick than a tickle, and she rejoiced in sensing his hips twitch.

Yes, there was a lingering rancid salty taste, but it was bearable. She just hoped Brad would not now expect any expertise. Her husband had never had this gift from her, and only two of her previous lovers had known a tentative dry treat.

Brad's cock was already fully erect as her fingers pointed it high, and Linda, mouth wide, leaned over the shiny head, looking down at that little slit, from which he had already poured so much affection into her protected womb. What would it be like to take it down her throat into her stomach?

As she closed her lips around this lovely, loving rod, she became aware of Brad's fingers moving swiftly up her inner thigh to stroll gently along her labia. Linda gasped around his cock as those fingers slid easily into her swampy pinkness. Almost immediately overcome by the shock of it, Linda pushed down and felt his cock head hit the back of her throat.

That was good as she went to repeat the action, this time giving a more positive suck. That had Brad jerking, but his fingers were starting to drive her wild, as he probed one deep into her cunny, before concentrating on her clit, rubbing and stroking with subtle intensity, leaving Linda wondering what he might hear from her heart if he listened now. It was banging against her ribs.

Linda, so overcome, by his actions, feeling that hot desire building inside her, guiltily realised that her mouth had stopped favouring his cock. But it was then that Brad placed a hand on either side of her head, and, ignoring her protests, drew her face, away from his cock, and delivered a gentle kiss as he leaned over and whispered, "Your breathing gives you away, Linda. Sweet and loving though your mouth was down there, your needs, and mine, are still centred very much in our loins."

Sensing the truth in what he was saying, Linda looked up into his face, so full of sincerity. Their lips came together in a kiss that started cool, but quickly gained a passionate momentum that had their tongues lunging at each other. Linda had both hands clutching his back. Brad had one hand on the back of her neck, while the other keenly fondled her breast. Involved in the thrall of it all, Linda became very aware of the solid hard length of his manhood pressing high, very high, against her inner thigh.

A jerk from Brad's hips, had Linda breaking their kiss to cry out an ecstatic, "Yes!" as that glorious head that she had so recently licked, nudged past her unresisting wet entry, and continued up her willing channel, not forcefully yet with intoxicating purpose and fervour. Linda rejoiced in her cunny being completely filled by him, as he withdrew before plunging again, and her hands clutched at his buttocks, in an effort to absorb this glorious cock into her very being.

As Linda responded by pushing her hips up at him, they very quickly hit a rapturous rhythm. Up and back, then up, oh, so deep. Faster and faster they pounded at each other. Linda was telling herself that this was real fucking, and her insides were on fire.

That was when she heard Brad's loud groan, and Linda gave in to her needs, as she felt him begin to climax inside her. Her release was a match for his as they heaved and moaned their joint ecstasy. She felt Brad pump his last few drops into her, before he collapsed on her with a gasp, his breath warm on her neck.

As Brad rolled to one side, Linda tried to digest the myriad of strange thoughts that had stormed through her mind while Brad's cock was thrilling her. There had been no shame in having this stranger fuck her.

Truth was, nowhere, in what she saw now as her meagre experience, had she ever had such wild and sensuous pleasure in the arms of a man. If she had, she would never have allowed those empty and fallow periods last so long. In just a few hours, Brad had shown her what she had been missing.

Finding her breath, she told him that. Brad was immediately leaning over her, gently pressing closed, but warm, lips on hers. "Thank you for saying that," he said huskily. "It fits so well with my own thoughts."

"Which were?" Linda asked, aware that her heart was beating faster.
Those dark eyes caressed her face, as he said, "You have shown such trust in me, and shared your needs so avidly, needs so matching my own. Grieving had caused me to hide myself behind a locked door, but you have opened it. Now there's a clear pathway ahead of me, out of the dullness."

"I know now that I've needed a pathway." Linda's breath caught in her throat.
Brad lifted her so that she was pressed against his chest, "Want to share mine?"
Trying to withhold her yearning, she asked, "How long will this pathway be?"
"Interminable, I hope" Brad said quietly, bringing his lips close to hers.

Her heart near to bursting, Linda accepted, and their kiss was a seal on the journey they were about to take together.

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