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Note: This story is completely fictional!

Linda lifted her legs high in the back seat of the car so her boyfriend could fuck her. She let him do it in her butt so she wouldn't get pregnant. Jim did her hard and fast and she was surprised when she climaxed. When he was finished filling her with sperm she kissed him and said.

"I'm going to get birth control pills"

"I thought your mom didn't want you to have them"

"I'm eighteen now and I don't need her consent"

The next day after school she went to see her girlfriend's new car.

"How do you like the car dad bought me?"

"It's nice, now you can drive me to get my birth control pills"

"It's about time you got the pills" said Nancy.

"How long have you had them?"

"Almost a year now" she replied.

"How many boys have you fucked?" ask Linda.

"A lot" she giggled.

"I let Jim screw my butt hole" said Linda.

"You can't get pregnant that way" laughed Nancy.

It didn't take long at the doctors office to get the pills and Nancy drove her home. Jim's car was in the driveway. She decided to give him a treat and let him fuck her cunt next time.

"Where have you been Linda?" ask her mom.

"Nancy took me for a drive in her new car"

"Her dad must have a lot of money" said her mom.

"Is Jim staying for dinner?"

"I'm fixing spaghetti, he loves that"

After dinner she ask her mom if Jim could take her to a movie.

"Don't stay out late you have school tomorrow"

"I'll bring her home early Mrs Ludwig" smiled the boy.

Ida Liked the him. He was twenty one and evidently loved her daughter.

As soon as Linda was in the car Jim ask.

"Do you want to go to a motel?"

"Hell yes, the back seat is murder on my back"

They found a cheap motel and when Linda undressed she told her boyfriend about the pills.

"Oh my god that's great" said the boy.

This time she got a prick in her pussy instead of her asshole. When she climaxed she let herself go and squealed like a stuck pig scaring poor Jim so much he almost lost his hard on.

"Warn me the next time you do that"

"Maybe my cries of passion will attract more men to fuck me" she giggled.

"Damn you"

"I want all the men I can get" she teased.

"My uncle is divorced and needs some pussy"

"I was kidding" said Linda.

"I'm not" replied the boy.

Linda smothered him with kisses and ask.

"Does he live close?"

Jim and Linda got dressed and drove to his uncle's house. When they were inside she was surprised at how handsome he was.

"Who is the pretty girl Jim?"

"Her name is Linda and she wants a threesome"

Mike was shocked and then he smiled and said.

"I haven't had any teenage pussy since I was in high school"

Linda remembered that she liked the asshole fucking Jim gave her and said.

"I want to get on top of your prick and Jim can stick his cock in my shit hole"

"You're an angel" said Mike.

When her holes were filled with pricks she climaxed so hard she peed on Mike. They did her until the wee hours of the morning until she ask them to stop. Linda looked at the nude paintings on the bedroom walls and decided she better go. One painting was of a little boy fucking a woman.

"I have to go home, mom will be worried" she gasp.

Jim drove her home, he was afraid to go in and explain why they were late.

"You're in trouble young lady" scolded her mother.

"I'm sorry mom, It won't happen again"

"You didn't go to a move did you?"

Linda decided to tell the truth.

"We went to a motel and had sex"

"You slut, I hope you get pregnant and have a baby"

"I'm on the pill"

"When did you get those?" she gasp.

"I went to the doctor and he gave them to me"

Ida knew that their was nothing she could do so she said.

"I guess you are a big girl now" she sighed.

Linda kissed her mom and the subject was forgotten. The next day at school she told Nancy what she did.

"I never had sex with two men at once"

"I let Mike fuck my pussy while Jim did my shit hole"

"Jesus Christ, how did that feel?" ask her girlfriend.

"I got so excited I peed on Jim's uncle" she giggled.

"What did he do?"

Nothing, I guess he liked it"

"I wish someone would do me like that" sighed Nancy.

"What, pee on you?"


Linda had always wanted to have sex with a girl.

"You wont get mad if I ask you something will you?"

"What is it?"

"I want to make love to a you"

Nancy's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"I'll tell my mom I'm staying with you tonight"

That night when they were in bed Linda removed her girlfriend's panties and ate her pussy. It smelled of pee and nice things she couldn't recognize. Nancy climaxed several times and whispered.

"I think I'm in love with you"

When Linda heard that she stuck her fingers in the girl's hole and finger fucked her.

"OH GOD OH GOD!" shouted the girl.

Ida heard the noise and went to see what the girls were doing. When she opened the door she saw Linda squatting over Nancy and pissing.

"Are you turning into a lesbian Linda?"

"No mom"

"Nancy smiled at the woman and said.

"You should try it Mrs Ludwig, it feels wonderful" .

"I like men" replied Ida.

"I can fix you up with Jim's uncle" said Linda.

"I would like to meet him"

The next day was Saturday and Nancy went home. Linda and her mom went to Mike's house. Linda introduced her mother and Mike fixed bourbon and water for Ida and himself.

"You have a nice house" said Ida.

"Wait until you see the nasty paintings in his bedroom"

"How do you know he has them?"

"I saw them when he and Jim did me" she giggled.

Ida smiled to herself. She wanted Mike to fuck her like he did Linda.

"Was Linda a good piece of ass?"

Mike could see where this was going so he said.

"Yes, but I think you would be better"

Ida pulled up her dress so he could see her panties.

"Strip naked mom" coaxed her daughter.

She removed her clothes and said.

"Do you want to fuck me Mike?"

He led her to his bedroom and Linda followed.

"I'll get him warmed up" giggled Linda.

Mike pulled his pants down so the girl could play with his prick. She jacked it off and watched the sperm fly.

"He's ready now"

Mike got another hard prick immediately and mounted Linda's mother. When he slid it in her wet love tunnel she moaned with appreciation. He did her with slow long strokes holding back his ejaculation as long as he could. When Ida climaxed he released a river of cum and filled her hole. Ida knew that she loved this man. No one made her feel this way before.

"Are you happy now that you got your cunt reamed?" ask Linda.

"Piss off bitch, I want to be alone with Mike"

Linda left the room in a huff and fixed herself a drink. She heard her mom moaning and knew the were at it again. Eventually they came from the bedroom and they talked.

"Mike if you shack up with me you can have my daughter for sex after you satisfy me"

"I think my nephew should live with us, he would like to fuck both of you"

"Nancy could visit us on weekends and we can have girly love" said Linda.

Mike gladly agreed to the suggestion and everyone got what they wanted.

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