Linda gets a car

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Linda let her cousin fuck her because he said he would buy her a car. When Jim filled her hole with sperm he said.

"That was good pussy"

"Did I earn my car?" she cooed.

"Yes honey, we'll go find one tomorrow morning"

When her mother got home she told her that Jim was going to buy a car for her.

Ida May wondered what her daughter had done to earn it but decided that she didn't want to know. She knew Linda was sexually active ever since her tenth birthday party. The kids sent her for ice cream and when she got back Linda was naked and laying on the floor with her legs spread wide so the boys could fuck her while the girls giggled and watched. From then on her daughter had a bad reputation. The girls at school called her a slut and the boys swarmed around her like flies looking for honey. She rode with her cousin to a car lot and the salesman showed Linda a red convertible.

"I don't have enough money for that" gasp Jim.

"That's too bad, it's a nice car" said the man.

"Can I pay you with something else besides money?" ask the girl.

"What would be better than money?" he growled.

"You could fuck me" she giggled.

The man looked at the girl and then at Jim and ask.

"Is she kidding?"

"No, she wants the car" he laughed.

Linda followed the salesman into the office and undressed. She bent over so he could fuck her from behind. The man dropped his pants and rammed his big prick up her cunt so far she could fell it touch her womb. She squealed like a stuck pig and climaxed. When the man was finished she ask his name. He said it was Donald Mayer. He ask for her phone number and when she gave it to him he handed her the keys and the title. She drove the convertible home and Jim followed her in his car. When she showed her mom the car Ida May said.

"That's nice honey"

"Blonds and convertibles go together" said Jim.

The next day the car salesman called her and ask her to go out.

"I want you to meet my mom first" she replied.

He said he would be over in the evening after he got off of work. Linda put on a black dress with no panties or a bra and waited. When she introduced Donald to her mom he said.

"You're as beautiful as your daughter"

Ida May blushed at the compliment. He took Linda dancing and afterwards to a motel and fucked her until dawn. Before he took her home he ate her cunt until she climaxed. Linda loved it when men did that to her pussy. She realized that the man was old enough to be her father and ask.

"Would you like to fuck my mom?"

"What makes you think she would let me?"

"I've seen her cry because she misses a man in her bed"

"Why is that?"

"My dad left with his gay lover, he likes pricks better than pussy" she laughed.

Donald realized that if he lived with her mother he would also get to fuck Linda.

"Tell her that I want to date her"

Linda sucked his prick and Donald took her home. Jim was waiting and ask.

"Can I have some pussy?"

"Latter after mom goes to sleep"

Late that night Jim crawled in bed with his cousin and woke her up when he kissed her.

"I thought you weren't coming" she whispered.

"I wanted to make sure your mom was asleep" he replied.

Jim fucked his cousin until he was exhausted and fell asleep and that's the way Ida May found them when she went to wake her daughter.

"Jesus Christ you depraved slut, do you have to screw everyone who asks you?"

Linda and Jim woke up and tried to hide under the covers. Ida May thought that was funny and said.

"I should have knocked first"

"Mom I know you are horny why don't you let Donald get into your panties"

"Did he say he liked me?"


"I'll give him a phone call tonight"

That night she invited Donald for drinks and Jim and Linda went to a movie.

"Do you want to get drunk and have sex?" ask Ida May.

They both drank whiskey until they were soused and went to bed, Donald fucked the woman until his prick was too limp to use. Ida May got on her hands and knees and ask her lover if he wanted to fuck her butt hole. She let boys do it in high school so she didn't get pregnant. Linda and Jim came back from the movies and heard her cries of passion.

"Let's go see what Donald is doing to her" said the boy.

When they opened the bedroom door Linda gasp.

"My god he is fucking her shit shoot"

"I want to do it to you" said Jim.

The kids went to Linda's bedroom and did it. The next day her mother told her daughter she was getting married. Linda shacked up with her cousin until she finished school. Her mom got pregnant and had a baby girl. Everybody got what they wanted.

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