Linda and Elaine

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Linda and her girlfriend used a vibrator on each other. They had been best friends since grade school. When Elaine and Linda were twelve they became the school whores.

"Do you think your mom knows we make love to each other?" ask Elaine.

"I don't think she cares"

"Why do you say that?"

"When I was thirteen I came home from school early and caught her and the neighbor woman doing it" laughed Linda.

"What did she do?"

"She told me to keep my mouth shut and then Mrs Johnson pulled my panties down and finger fucked me while mom watched"

"I wish I had a mom like that" sighed Elaine.

Linda fucked her girlfriend's wet hole with the vibrator until she climaxed.

"That's nice but I want a man" gasp Elaine.

"How about your boyfriend?"

"He left me when he found out I was having sex with you" she sighed.

"Stupid bastard" growled Linda.

"Let's go to a bar and get drunk" said Elaine.

"We are too young to drink" replied Linda.

"I know a biker bar that doesn't check identification"

The girls dressed in mini skirts and white blouses. Neither one wore a bra or panties. When they went into the bar Linda counted eight men. The girls sat at the bar and ordered drinks. The bartender smiled and said his name was Tommy.

"I want a whiskey and water" said Linda.

"Me too" chimed in Elaine.

"Let me guess, you girls left your ID at home"

"Is that a problem?" ask Elaine.

"Not in this place" he laughed.

"See anyone you like?" ask Elaine.

"I'm going to get drunk and take my clothes off" giggled Linda.

The girls downed drink after drink much to the amazement of the bartender. Linda staggered to her feet and took her blouse and skirt off exposing her young firm body.

"Who wants to fuck me?" she shouted.

A large man threw her on the pool table and slammed his prick into her cunt. Linda spread her legs wide and relaxed. She looked at the horny men in the bar and realized that this would be a long night.

"My god I hope the cops don't come in I could loose my licence" complained Tommy.

"Do you own this place?"

"Yes" he replied.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

He smiled at Elaine and took her to the storage room and bent her over. She was shocked when his prick entered her asshole instead of her pussy.

"Jesus Christ you pervert"

"Do you like it bitch?"

"It's so nasty" she giggled.

When Tommy went off in her rectum for the last time he ask.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not anymore" she replied.

"Why is that?"

"He left me when I told him I was having sex with Linda"

"I like girls who make love to each other"

"You do?"

"Hell yes" he laughed.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Of course I would"

Meanwhile Linda was enjoying her gang bang. She climaxed so many times she lost count. Her breasts were sore from men yanking on her nipples and her pussy was so full of cum that it oozed from her sloppy hole. She told the men she needed a rest

They fucked her for the last time and helped her to a bar stool.

"Damn that was exciting" said Linda.

Tommy and Elaine came from the back room.

"Did you have a good time?" ask Elaine.

"God yes" said Linda.

"Tommy is my new boyfriend" she giggled .

"Oh my god I'm so happy for you" gushed Linda.

"He knows we have lesbian sex and he doesn't care" she replied.

"If you take us to your house we will put on a show for you" promised Linda.

"That will turn me on" he laughed.

Linda let the men fuck her on the pool table again before Tommy closed the bar, then the girls went home with him.

"You have a nice house" said Elaine.

"Thanks, my mom left it to me when she died"

"Where do you want Linda and me to do it?" ask Elaine.

Tommy led the girls to his bedroom where they undressed. First Linda sweetly kissed her girlfriend and then the kisses became passionate and steamy. Elaine lay on the bed so Linda could eat her pussy while Tommy watched. These young girls were beautiful and evidently loved each other. Then the girls got into a sixty nine position and went wild. They slurped and licked each others pussy's like crazed animals. Tommy's prick was so excited it leaked cum and his balls ached. He wished they would finish with each other so he could fuck them. Elaine saw the pained look on his face and told Linda to stop.

"What for?" ask the surprised girl.

"Tommy wants to fuck us" laughed Elaine.

"Can I have him first?" ask Linda.

"I guess so, but remember he is my boyfriend"

Elaine moved to the edge of the bed to make room. Tommy mounted Linda and fucked her like a mad man making her climax.

"Don't wear yourself out, I want you next"

Tommy finished with Linda and grabbed Elaine. He did both of them as many times as he could. The girls knew Tommy needed to rest so they went to the living room and talked.

"You love him don't you" said Linda.

"When he fucked my asshole I knew he was the man for me"

"He did what?"

"You heard me" giggled Elaine.

"Does your butt hole hurt?"

"It's better now"

"Maybe I will try it"

"I'll lick your asshole after he is done" smiled Elaine.

The girls woke Tommy from his nap.

"Linda wants her butt fucked" said Elaine.

Tommy wiped the sleep from his eyes and smiled.

"Get her ready"

Elaine instructed Linda to get on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

Tommy spit on his prick and pushed it up her butt hole as far as it would go.

"I hope I don't shit" she giggled.

Linda was surprised when she climaxed. She didn't know getting her asshole fucked could feel that good. Elaine grabbed her girlfriend's nipples and yanked on them.

"Ouch, are you trying to pull them off?"

"Your tits are bigger than mine and I'm jealous"

"Bitch" laughed Linda.

Suddenly Tommy filled her with sperm. She could feel the warm spurting goo deep inside her rectum and climaxed so hard she felt faint.

Tommy pulled his limp prick out and Elaine cleaned it with her tongue.

"Did you like it?" ask Elaine.

"Yes, I had a huge climax" gasp Linda.

The girls slept with Tommy that night.

The next morning after Tommy had sex with them they helped him open his bar. Linda swept the floor while Elaine washed beer glasses. When Tommy unlocked the door three men came inside. They said hello to Linda and ask her if she would let them fuck her again. She said the sex orgy would have to wait. She wanted to do it when the bar was full. Linda drank until seven that evening. Then she took her clothes the gang bang begin.

"You need a bed, that pool table looks uncomfortable" said Elaine.

"I'm going to tell Linda to have her sex orgy's at my house from now on" sighed Tommy.

"Are you afraid the vice squad will bust you?"

"Yes" he replied.

Elaine unzipped boyfriend's pants and played with his prick.

"Do you know that I love you?" she cooed.

Tommy kissed her and said.

"Do you want to live with me?"

"How about Linda?"

"I want her to live with us too"

The girls shacked up with Tommy and the sex orgy's continued at his house after the bar closed. Sometimes Tommy let Elaine lay next to Linda and fuck as many men as she wanted. He loved her dearly.

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