Lila finds a man

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Lila Watson was the only black girl in high school, She was hated by the girls but the boys liked her. Her dad owned a car lot and let his daughter drive a new Cadillac. One day when a boy from her class ask her for a ride home she said yes. Instead of taking him home she headed to her dad's fishing cabin.

"Where are we going?" ask Brad.

"My dad got me birth control pills and I'm going to try them out"

Brad was surprised. Lila was pretty and he wanted to have sex with her but he didn't know how to explain his absence to his parents.

"I need to call my mom"

Lila handed him her cell phone and said.

"Lie to her like a rug"

Brad told his mom that he was staying the night with a friend and would be at school tomorrow.

"Did she buy it?" ask Lila.

"Yes" answered the boy.

The cabin was small and had only one bed. When they were inside Lila wrapped her arms around Brad and kissed him. His prick grew hard and pressed against his jeans begging to get out. They undressed and Lila jumped in bed and spread her legs. Brad mounted her and rammed his prick up her hole all the way to his balls. The excited girl climaxed and moaned.

"UNUNunoh god!"

The boy went off in her cunt several times but still maintained a hard on. Finally he shot his last load of sperm and lay beside her and rested.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"


"Can I be your girlfriend?"

"God yes"

They got dressed and drove around the lake until dark. That night they had sex until daybreak.

"We better get dressed and go to school" said Lila.

"I want to fuck you first"

She let Brad screw her at least four times before they left. She wondered if her dad would approve if she married him. He would make a good husband. When school was over Lila went home.

"Where have you been?" ask her dad.

"I was at the cabin"

"With a boy?"

"Yes, a white boy"

"What was he like?"

"You would like him daddy"

"I don't like white people" he growled.

"Don't get raciest on me, I won't stand for that crap"

"Don't use that nasty word" he warned.

"I'm sorry but you made me mad"

"I guess if you want to date the boy there is nothing I can do about it" sighed Lewis.

Lila kissed her father and said.

"I knew you would understand"

That night Lila played with her cunt and thought about Brad until she fell asleep. The next day before school started Brad told her his parents were his aunt's for a visit and he would be home alone for several days.

"We can play house while they are gone" she giggled.

When a blond girl said hi to brad she kissed him so everyone would know he was her property, he was her piece of meat and she wasn't going to share him. That Friday evening she drove Brad home. He said he was hungry so she fixed him dinner.

"That was good, who thought you how to cook?"

"My mom showed me how before she died"

"Do you cook for your dad?"

"Yes, but sometimes we eat out"

"Let's go to bed early" suggested Brad.

"I want to watch television first"

"I know where my dad hides his porno movies"

"Oh my god I want to see one"

Brad found the VCR tapes in his father's hiding place and popped one in the machine. The film started with a man ripping a woman's panties off and eating her pussy.

"Oh geese" giggled Lila.

"My mom told me girls like that" blushed Brad.

"Will you do it to me?"

"After the film is over"

When the horny teenagers finished watching the porno film they went to the bedroom and undressed. Lila spread her legs so her lover could lick her cunt. When Brad sucked on her clit she had a huge climax. Her legs trembled and her breathing was heavy. Then she realized she loved him so much she would do anything he wanted no matter what it was. When the boy got tired of eating pussy he fucked her. The next morning Lila gave her lover a blow job and swallowed his cum. To her the sperm tasted sweet and delicious. 

"I better leave before your parents get back"

"Stay here so I can introduce you"

Lila got her purse. She combed her hair and put on makeup. She wanted to look her best for Brad's parents. When Harold and Lucy came home they saw Lila and ask who she was.

"She's my girlfriend" he said proudly.

Harold and Lucy looked at each other and smiled. 

"Is that your Cadillac parked in front of the house?"

"It's mine" 

"Nice car" he said.

"My daddy gave it to me"

They talked for a while and when Lila went home Harold ask.

"Did you get into her panties?"

"Be quiet, it's none of your business" said Lucy.

"Damn, when my son is screwing a beautiful black girl it is my business"

"I'm going to ask her to marry me when I graduate"

"Don't rush into things boy, you don't have to marry the girl to fuck her"

"I want her to be my wife"

"He's eighteen Harold, he can do what he wants" said Lucy.

Harold knew he was stumped so he shut his mouth. When Larry graduated he ask Lila to be his wife and she said yes. Lila's father loaned the boy money so he could buy a house for his daughter. Larry said when he got a job he would pay it back. Then Lewis told his daughter to quit taking the pills so he could have babys.

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