Lil red dress

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After a big night out I was finally on my bus home walking up to back seat I saw a girl passed out in tiny red dress sitting beside her my first thought was if I could fuck her on back seat without her waking up so I slid my hand in her top and pinched her nipple she didn’t even stir so I lifted her dress her panties looked damp pulling them to 1 side her pussy was flooded with cum it was obvious she’d been fucked by quite a few pulling my hard cock out I pumped into her sloppy sleeping fuckhole pumping the slut full of more cum I put my cock back into pants I wanted take this slut home

Pulling 1 of her tits out I twisted her nipple till she sort of woke up stirring a bit I told her this is our stop waking up I put her arm over my shoulder and we stumbled off bus.

After bus left I dropped the slut to ground grabbing her white panties I ripped them off she grunted then pushing her dress around neck I tore off her bra too. Grabbing her slippery clit I twisted it pulled it till the slut responded I grabbed 1 of her tits and pulled her standing cum drooling down the sluts legs I told her to walk or I’d leave her on side of road the slut laughed and said I’ve been at bucks party fucked by I don’t know how many men taken to a pub dragged into men’s toilet used all night then dumped in park used again over picnic table stumbled onto bus to be used by whoever dumped on back seat than you used me tooI feel like 1 fucked out slut I’m so happy each man cum inside me to lube me up for the next.

I asked her why she wanted or did what she,d done the Slut told me that she just wanted to be really well fucked she wanted to know how it felt to be used as a cumdump cause she wanted to make some money as a whore but after tonight she felt like just giving her pussy for free I asked the Slut how she’d feel about me making money from her

Layin back her legs spread cum pooling under her ass I knelt down then pushed 4 fingers in the sluts sloppy hole then my thumb too A lil bit extra pressure and my hand slid in This slut was sloppy so I closed my fist inside her Pushing up I told slut to stand up At 1st she resisted then I forced her stand closed my fist and ripped it out slut didn,t even grunt mmmmm I was gonna have fun with this slut.

My slut in red stood beside me I didn,t ask but told her to come with me We,d go mine rest up then have some fun getting her pussy used and abused

Another night with my slutty girlfriend we were at pub having fun I dared her to be really naughty We were chatting having fun her lil skirt mmmm take ur knickers off slut she started to leave but I grabbed her arm and said here do it here other men around us could hear what we were talking about a man beside us told the slut to take them off now looking around slut reached under tiny skirt and pulled lil g string down just as it got to her knee's the man beside us started to tell the slut she was a dirty lil gangbang whore pushing slut down he pulled a nice size cock out and shoved it down her throat slut choked but he didn't care grabbed her by hair and fucked her face someone else lifted her hips and forced his big cock into the slut yeah tonight slut was going to get fucked like the slut she is as he used her he told her she was just a cumbucket more men crowded round someone ripped her top and started twisting her nipples another fingered her ass the one in the sluts mouth cum down her throat pulling out he was pushed aside and replaced by another hard cock forced down sluts throat the one in her cunt cum deep inside as he pulled out cum run down her thighs another hard cock shoved up her cumbucket over and over the slut was used as cumdump Sluts face throat and tits covered in sludge of cum sluts cumbucket cunt hung loosely open the men were sick of the sloppy slut I told someone get bottle shove it up her loose cunt then fuck her arse till it was ruined too someone came with huge 1 litre vodka bottle he tried pushing it in but it was too big then someone else turned up with a few pool cue's 1st he pushed 2 up her cunt then a 3rd in middle of those 3 he pushed a 4th Slut started to moan so he pushed in a 5th sluts cunt was stretched obscenely big enough now to take bottle but I longed to hear slut scream I wanted to drop bottle in not force it so I took 2 more cue's and pushed them both at same time up sluts cunt yeah she screamed in pain take em out take em out I told guy with bottle to get ready to jam thee slut full of bottle Ripping the 7 cue's out all at once the sluts cunt hole looked ruined the man dropped bottle in the bottle stopped at about halfway.

So I forced it all the way slowly her cunt lips closed around neck I then closed her legs and tied them with sluts dirty torn shirt groaning in pain I told slut tonight she was going to get loosened up with sluts legs tied closed I scooped sum cum off her thighs and smeared it round her bum hole then shoved my hard cock in one brutal thrust fuck she was tight pumping away I looked at all the other men waiting for their turn made me cum inside the sluts arse As I pulled out some brown sludge was on my cock I went to sluts mouth and told her to clean me she didn't want to but as another cock was forced into the sluts still tight hole she screamed again my cock slipped rite down her throat shutting her up I grabbed her head and fucked her face till my cock soft and clean once again slut was used as gangbang cumdump slut till all 50 men had enough I untied sluts legs spread her legs and ripped bottle out her cunt both her holes hung open ruined you could see deep inside the slut a lake of cum in each hole taking her cum drenched skirt off I left slut laying on floor Some men knelt down and punched closed fists into sluts sloppy cunt causing her to grunt I got some scissors and shortened skirt to 3inchs at front and 5 at back we were going for walk through city I wanted all to know slut was a cheap cumbucket dirty slut whore I wasn't going to let slut clean up I wanted slut dripping in cum especially down her legs telling slut to stand up or stay here slut slowly stood both her holes closed a little I gave slut her skirt pulling it on it only just covered her cunt but not V leading to it at the back it covered most sluts bum but still see cum drooling out I gave her top it was dirty ripped no buttons slut tied it at front so I tore sleeves off I want slut to look like dirty cheap slut not a whore just a free for all DIRTY SLUT

I woke to sound of front door opening then felt my bed being filled by my own personal slut she was exhausted touching the slut she was slippery her body coated with cum I turned light on she was a mess her cunt hung open drooling with cum tits bruised with bite marks naked and used turning her facedown I easily shoved my hard cock into the sluts well used cumbucket mmmm the feeling of pumping a well used slut made me cum so quick. Pulling out I watched my cum drool out of the sluts cumbucket. Last night I told the slut to go out not to come home till she’d been fucked by more men than she could count it looked like she’d done the job.

I let her rest for a few hours thinking of how I could further degrade and humiliate my slut I drank a few bottles of wine then took a bottle to bedroom she was still passed out I spread her legs her cunt hung open I put blunt end of wine bottle and forced it in the sluts cunt she woke with the huge invasion screaming it was to big holding her down I forced the bottle deep inside till only neck was showing.

Slapping her cum crusted tits I told her to shut up she was silent so I forced bottle in till it was buried I got a pair of her tiny shorts pulled them up her legs they held the bottle inside the slut I told her not to remove it or the shorts We were going shopping today and the bottle had to stay moaning she complied by closing her legs letting her sleep some more I wondered how I could further degrade my slut

As I watched my dirty slut being used I hoped I'd be able kick my foot inside her sloppy hole I wanted take her to a strip club push her into mens and abandon the slut drag her into alley push her to dirty road let homeless men use her i wanted my slut used till her cumbucket cunt so loose I could kick my foot up the slutmaybe I'd hang the slut by her tits to a tree and sit in dark watch her drugged body used by whoever walked past hopfully all nite another day then nite till her tits stretched beyond repair Then I could grip her saggy tits as I booted my foot in and out of the slut

My lil slut always dressed just like that a little size 6 slut never wore panties she loved windy days her lil skirts flipping up her nice lil ass and bald pussy for all to see.

Her flashing got me to a point the I WANTED TO SEE HER USED BY MANY MEN I asked her about it but she wasn't interested but I was so I set up a plan If she wanted to dress act and look like slut I was going to watch her used like naughty lil cumbucket I told her of band I wanted to see south of river Always trying to outdo the younger gals all she wore was a man’s white singlet nothing under just that her bum was on show and lil tits to I didn't bother tell her it was biker bar we was going to.

When we got there she was scared but I didn't care and pushed her in front o me it was crowded and when we got to bar she complained she'd been groped and I replied well dress like slut and you’ll be treated like one that’s when she hugged me and said someone had a finger in her right now then she moaned saying it'd been replaced by big hard cock pushing her away.

I told her you wan dress like slut now get used like one I watched as this stranger used her when he was done another replaced him over and over she got used passed around just like the lil slut she was dressed as she got pushed into men’s toilet .
I followed them in when I got there she was bent over sink cum running down her legs being roughly fucked then someone produced a length of rope and tied around base of one of her hanging tits she moaned as he made it tight then the guy fucking her pulled her up and took her to toilet stall .

The rope got thrown over top of stall and secured to her other tit the guy fucking her told her no more groaning for you I want to hear you scream then he lifted her legs off floor and yes she screamed hanging by her tits he resumed fucking his big cock into her grunting he pumped another load into her when he pulled out her pussy hung open cum dripping in long strands to the floor the relief of hanging by the sluts tits didn't last long as another big guy lifted her legs and rammed his cock into her
I loved watching my slut being used like she dressed a dirty lil slut I was getting thirsty so went back out to bar got me a beer sat at bar started talking to barman he asked how my lil slut was going I laughed then replied she's being stretched and used just like she dress's he laughed to then said to me

Do you really want see her cunt ruined whys that I said and he replied that he had a friend with a cock so big it would only fit in my sloppy used slut when soft so where is he I said he too then laughed then asked me if I was sure about this again I replied where is this cunt ruining cock He picked up phone had quick talk hung up then told me his mate would be here soon
I went back to toilets to find my slut untied and once again bent over having her sloppy pussy fucked again someone else was using her mouth some men left saying she was to sloppy to use and someone like bull should use her as one of them left I asked who was bull he told me it was one of the barman’s mates

As the last biker used her sluthole the slut collapsed into a large puddle of cum I went to her pulled her up and told my slut she wasn't finished yet just then the door opened and a man same size as me walked in and said he'd heard there was slut in here needed a good stretching dropping his pants a huge cock soft as round as coke can at least 10 inches flopped out I told him this was my slut she dresses like a slut tonight she's been fucked by at least 70 men fucked like the slut she dress's as so here stretch my slut she looked at his huge cock and tried getting away slipping in cum she fell to floor

Bull picked her up took her out to bar pushed her over a bar stool then easily pushed his soft cock into her sloppy hole slowly pumping her his big cock got thicker and my slut started to cry that he was to big the rest of bar started cheering drowning out her screams when bull was at full hardest he was about 5 inches wide then grabbed her hips slammed into the slut over and over till he was about to cum pulling out of her ruined hole he wanked his cum into the slut her pussy was like a cave a few men come and punched there closed fists into her ruined cumdump then bull came back his now hard cock into my slut fucking her hard this time this time she just whimpered and moaned bull filled her with more cum

I asked her if she'd had enough she nodded weakly so I told her to stand up her body was a mess and o torrent of cum run down her legs with each step she left a puddle of cum When we got to car I pushed her face down onto back seat put one leg on floor her pussy was still gaping open so I gave her another quick sloppy fuck when I was done I got out and bull was standing there he told me it'd been a long time since he'd been able to get his cock up a slut and could he do the slut again

Well there she is stretch the slut I told him jumping on top of her he fucked to slut really hard for about 20 minutes before pushing all the way in and flooding her with another big load getting out of car he said to me he was having party next weekend and maybe the slut could entertain

I told him the next time she dress's slutty I was going to have her tattooed so all could read just what sort of slut she was Bull told me he could get it done free if she put out for the artist then gave me his number. As I drove home I had good think about how I'd tattoo the slut
When we got home my slut was still laying on back seat just the way Bull left her still gaping cum flooded and dripping I picked her cum sodden body up carried her inside and dropped her on bed spreading her legs I went and got a vodka bottle from our bar and pushed it all the way in blunt end first till only neck sticking out then tied her legs closed I wanted my sluts pussy to remain loose I wanted her to feel like she needed to be gangbanged to get used by allot of men I wanted her to dress like a slut knowing I'd have her gangbanged used as cumdump by whoever I wanted

At 5am I untied her legs and roughly ripped bottle from her ruined pussy it woke her up so I rolled her onto front shoved my cock into her sloppy loose hole fucking her hard I called her a cumbucket slut only good for gangbanging over and over I repeated it when I cum I felt her shudder and cum too

As we rested I asked her what she was and good for she replied she was a cumbucket slut only good for gangbanging and then said please tattoo me dropping off to sleep I pushed my hand into her now sloppy hole

When I woke the slut had already got up I got up went to kitchen my slut was doing dish’s dressed like naughty slut her top cut so short I wondered if it covered her tits at all her skirt was so small I could see top of her bum crack and bottom 2 inches of her bum Not even saying good morning I said so I see you enjoyed being used as a cumbucket gangbang slut yes she replied then turned around her top only just covered her nipples and in big letters she'd written SLUT her skirt barely covered her pussy only about 3 inches

The slut asked me how I wanted her tattooed I told her just above her clit CUMBUCKET then just her bum crack GANGBANG SLUT and on lower bum cheeks DIRTY SLUT under 1 nipple TIE MY and other TITS UP I was surprised when she agreed She told me that the reason she always dressed like a slut was because she always fantasized about being used as one but I asked you about this fantasy I told her to which she said I love you Mark I don’t want to lose you Yes Last night I enough my tits bound having my legs lifted hanging by my tits I really liked having my pussy used and stretched but I don't want to lose you and yes ring up Bull tattoo me so when we go out everyone will know I'm a free cumbucket gangbang slut oh and can I please have on top of inside my thighs close to my cumbucket USE and on other thigh ME

Far out you really are the slut I’ve always wanted. Mark I love you and I want to be your cumbucket slut even sell me cheap Give me to Bull and his tattoo mates today and we can see how I'm going to be used whenever by whoever Straight away I rang up Bull and told him what she wanted then I told him I wanted her drugged as well

He gave me an address I told him we'd be there soon I told my slut not to bother changing and today she'd be fucked till she couldn't walk As we drove to Bulls house I kept telling her how hard and often she was going to be used as a cumdump after being tattooed I was going to throw all her normal clothes out she'd have to dress like a slut all the time

I'd make her walk to shops late at night by herself she wouldn't be allowed to return home without cum filled ruined cunt As I was telling her all this the slut was punching four fingers into her sloppy cunt we soon arrived at Bulls house just as we knocked on door he opened it one look at her he bent her over and brutally punched his huge cock deep inside the slut reaching round to her tits he grabbed hold and pulled and pushed the slut on and off his huge cock telling her how much of a slut she was fucking 70 guys just last night and she still wanted more well today you slut you’ll be forced to fuck 100 and after today she'd properly get gangbanged everyday he was going to film her gangbang today and sell them in all sex shops in city with posters so all perverts will know she's a free fuck

maybe hand out posters to homeless men so they know too she’ll be dragged into dirty alleys she wouldn't be able to go out without being used as a free for all cumbucket slut dumping his cum in her he pulled her to back of his house and pushed her into a room packed with men here's 20 after that you’ll look toward to another 80 then you’ll get your tats slut

While the slut was being used Bull told me that with each new group their cocks would get bigger and she would get cheaper the first group paid 5 dollars each the next 20 paid 2 dollars then 1 dollar the 4th group all had cocks as big as his and paid only 50 cents the last 20 had cocks up to 5inchs wide and had paid only 10 cents to ruin my sluts cunt After about an hour the 1st 20 had finished so I went and had a look at my slut she was a mess covered in cum her pussy hanging open Io asked how she felt she said like I’ve just been fucked by 20 men then I told her what Bull told me she got a look of fear on her face and said she didn’t know if she could take 20 5inch cocks to which I said too bad

This is how your paying for your tats you filthy slut by the end of today you’ll have a wrecked cunt only good for gangbanging and then you’ll get covered in tats telling the world what u are a gangbang cumbucket slut with that said she got on her knee's put her face on floor reached behind herself and pulled her cumbucket open and told me to get her fucked open she wanted her tats

walking out of room I told the slut to get used to being gangbanged every night for rest of her life when she'd been used 60 times she was like a limp dish rag but the fucking continued till she had 80 loads of cum pumped up her that’s when I took her a drug laced cola
When she'd been fucked 90 times she finally passed out then the last 10 men raped her sleeping slut body pounding into her destroying her cumdump cunt she was one well fucked slut
cunt hanging loosely open laying in huge puddle of cum When the last huge cock man left the room his huge wet cock hanging down his legs Bull and I went to have a look at slut Laying on a plastic sheet in a pool of cum I asked Bull to get a large bowl and jug we lifted her under arms then under knee's held her over bowl let any cum in her flow out then I scooped as much as I could off sheet into bowl to then all the cum into the jug

My plan was after we'd given the slut her tats I was going to fill her with cum then tape the slut’s cumbucket closed
After we'd drained sluts baggy loose cunt we put her in shower washed all cum off the slut then took the soon to be free fuck whore for anybody to lounge room lay her face down Bull got tattoo gun out 1st I told him to write just below her bum on left thigh FREE then on the right thigh FUCK my slut was going to be a FREE FUCK
Then across her bum CUMDUMP then on lower back
GANGBANGME down center of back in large letters SLUT

When he'd done all them we rolled her over and just above her clitoris Bull wrote CUMBUCKET then across her stomach but below her belly button MY LEGS WERE MADE FOR SPREADING then spreading her legs on 1 side of pussy USE on other side ME the sluts last tat was under her tits under left was TIE MY and under right TITS UP

sitting back I said to Bull to lift her up by ankles spread her legs I got jug of cum poured it into the sluts open hole filling it up I asked him if he had any good gaff tape he told me where it was Then I taped her cunt up Sitting down we looked at the slut wondering what to do next
I told Bull to tattoo above her back SLUT tat CUM then we put her on back now on each side of CUMBUCKET going down v of pelvis on left DIRTY then on other SLUT then she’d be seen laying on her back as MY LEGS WHERE MADE FOR SPREADING DIRTY CUMBUCKET SLUT and face down she’d be cum slut GANGBANG ME CUMDUMP FREE FUCK laughing he gave the slut her tats

When he was done we carried her to backseat of my car and I told him I’d be in touch with him tomorrow I drove the slut home carried her upstairs lay her on bed put a plastic sheet under the slut then ripped tape off her loose cunt watched all those men’s cum spill out and enjoyed the sight of her laying in big puddle of cum

I woke to the sound of something sloppy happening opened my eyes and saw my slut fisting herself

I nudged her she looked at me I asked what she was thinking about Slut said she knew of adult theatre in city she wanted go there and watch gangbang movie and get herself gangbanged she was also thinking about being tied by tits to a tree in central park as a FREE FUCK
I said Slut you’ve been used by over 200 men in 2 days and you want more then pushing whole hand inside slut said yes please take me out today I want my cumbucket used as cumdump find a concert and push me into crowd

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