Like Mother, Like Daughter & our Dog

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional and not real!

It was a crazy day at work. I make my way home and walking into the house find your car outside, but no sign of you. I look around and decide it's time to go to my bedroom. Of course, to get to my bedroom, I have to pass yours. I hear noises coming from inside and you have left your bedroom door open a little. Intentional, by accident? I come to find out later that it was totally intentional but at that time, it is just captivating. I walk in and find you having sex with our pet dog. You are wearing a pair of dark sheer stockings, a garter belt and you have a nice black bra on that just holds in the beautiful charms that are so uniquely you. You are propped up on the bed on all fours and our dog is behind you ramming his knotted cock in you over and over again. Usually dogs do it fast, but our Dog has been trained to do it over and over and over again and to take his time. You are enjoying the actions of your years of training and the dog is going at it over and over again enjoying the sensation of your ever clasping pussy. I am captivated and simply lean against the door frame. As I do this door opens and light cascades into the room flooding the illumination from the hall way into the darkness of your room.

You look up and see me standing there with my hand rubbing my now quite hard cock. You call me into the room and I enter. You have me approach your bed and you tell me that I have been a bad boy watching Mommy like this and I bow my head in agreement. You tell me that I have to be punished and again, I bow my head even further until you have me come closer to the bed where you are being entered over and over again with such rhythm, as wave after wave of pleasure cascade through your being. You reach our and grasp my now quite erect cock and bring it to your lips where you have me give into your suction and you bring me into your mouth for the first time. I can't believe the situation that is infront of me, I am watching Mommy being fucked by our dog while she is sucking on my cock, two firsts at the same time.

You do this over and over again until you look up at me as you hold my cock firmly in your hand and ask me the following question. You know that you have been a bad boy? I shake my head yes. You know that you have to be punished? Again I shake my head yes. You know that I like our doggy? Again I say yes and you follow up by telling me that you also like girls. I look down at you and you tell me that the punishment is that you are going to have me join you and our dog but only after I have changed into the clothes you decide. I agree and the transformation that will last our lifetime begins.

You have me go over to your dresser where under your direction, I remove from the drawer a pair of black sheer stockings, a pair of dark panties and a bra. You have me bring them over to the bed which I do and you tell me that bad little boys have to be punished by taking off there clothes. I do as requested and than you have me dress up in the items that I just placed on the bed. I can't believe what I am being asked to do. I hesitate and you tell me that if I do not comply with your requests that I will have to leave the room and that I will be punished later and it will be far worse than anything I can even begin to imagine. Unbelievable, I do as requested, now standing before you with myself encased in sheer stockings, black panties and a sheer bra, you have me come ofer to the side of the bed where you reach for your perfume and spray me with it stating that now we are alike, two slutty little girls. You than reach out for my cock and pull me onto the bed and have me lie in front of you as our dog slides his cock into you over and over again. You reach out and start sucking on the cock that is in front of you. It gets even harder.

As our dog starts winding down, you put a condom on me and whisper to me the following. When the dog slides out, you are going to come up and slide downward on my cock and penetrate yourself as you bounce up and down on me jiggling your beautiful breasts in my face. I smile and the dog finally runs out of steam and pulls away. It's your turn now, you whisper to me as you come closer up my body and slide forward running your now quite enlarged pussy lips, dripping with mixed dog cum and your juices until you have coated my cock with the juices and than you start sliding backward and the head finds it's mark and is now deep inside of you as you slide forward and backward over and over again, Our stockinged legs adding a sheer sensation to the pleasures that we are mutually enjoying. You have me slide my hands over your stockinged leg and beautiful buttocks making sure to grasp onto your stockinged foot holding you tight as you slide back and forth over and over again. You bend down and we passionately kiss as you tell me that you are a total slut for cock, male cock, dog cock, just cock and with that I push forward harder and you begin to cum once again. You gaze into my eyes as you tell me that you like your dogs sliding into you, you like your little girls sliding into you and you love your daughter sliding into you and with that I penetrate deep into you once again.

You bend down and whisper into my ear that you want me to tell you that I am a Mother Fucker. I gaze up into your eyes as our eyes lock and our breath becomes intensified I say. Mommy you know what. "I am a Mother Fucker and I'm loving fucking my mother Right now" Your head bends backward as that statement alone has brought you to another peek and you climax yet again on my still probing tongue. Tell me Mommy, do you like having your son being a Mother FUcker? Again you climax as you grasp onto my face and plant a passionate kiss on my lips. Our tongues going back and forth between each others mouths.

You look up at me and say, you know I love when I'm fucked by our dog and by my son and certainly by my slutty daughter. The same slutty level that her own Mother has had for years. With that statement, we hold tightly onto one another tightly squeezing as though we where doing this for a life or death situation.
Your cavity is swollen, HOT and certainly wet. I slide in and you moan. Saying that I'm not only a mother fucker but a newly confirmed cross dressing mother fucker that fucks her dogs too.

Hope you like, more to cum

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