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My name is Kim and this is my story.

I am a 35 year old happily married woman of 10 years and we have 3 Children. I am a Housewife while my Husband works his fingers to the bone in a Factory making Car parts. Our Children are aged 4, 6 and 8 so I find I have a lot more time on my hands during the day now our youngest goes to Nursery.

To earn some extra pocket money for myself I decided I would try my hand at being a Life model at our Local Adult College. My Husband was a bit strange with the idea of me getting naked for a room full of Art Students to begin with, but he knew it earned me a little extra money each month.

I really enjoyed the experience of being a Life Model and after the first few times of being completely nervous about taking my clothes of to a room full of strangers I grew to enjoy my weekly naked session's. For a 35 year old woman of 3 children I was lucky enough to have kept my figure and people would often pass remark on how good I looked and I would still get to odd Wolf Whistle from the Builders Yard as I walked past everyday to pick my Children up from School.

A few Months had past since I had started my Life Model career (If you could call it that?) and the Head of Art Department approached me with an offer of Life Modelling but with an added twist. He asked me if I was interested in Modelling along with two Male Models in a series of Erotic poses for a new study project the Art Students were starting on sex with multiple partners and group Sex. He said to money would be good and to be honest I could do with the extra cash.

I did say no to begin with because my Husband would not approve at all with me posing with two naked men, but I said I would think about it and if I could twist my Husbands arm into letting me do it I might just take him up on the offer.

That night I asked my Husband if he minded me posing with these two males models, at first he didn't like the idea but after some gentle words of reassurance that this was nothing more than part of my Job/Hobby. He said it didn't mind.

The big day finally came. I arrived at the College and was introduced to two very strapping young guys, each of them looked to be in their twenty's. The Art teacher told us the plan for the day. He wanted us to pose in a variety of different sexual positions but we would be behind a white curtain so just our Silhouette's would be shown to the Art students. He went on to say that even though it would be just our Silhouette's that were being drawn we need to show movement in the position's we were in, so basically the three of us would have to simulate sex with each other. If my Husband ever found out, he would kill me.

I was now as nervous as hell. As I was getting changed out of my clothes my mind was racing because these two models were very sexy men and back in my early years I would of jumped on both of them. But I kept telling myself that I was a happily married woman and this was just for some extra money. A girl can dream though.

So here I was waiting behind a big white curtain for my 2 would be lovers (at least for the next two hours) to join me. I must admit that I have only had eyes for my Husband since we have been together but I was getting slightly aroused at the thought of what I was about to do.

As I was standing there butt naked my male models appeared from the changing area, as they walked towards me I could not stop staring at the size of there cocks. My first thought was thank god I am not having sex with these men for real, they would never fit inside me, my second thought was a whole lot dirtier, but we won't go it to that.

All three of us stood there like lemons behind the curtain as the Art teacher spoke to the Students. These Students were all aged between 18 and 20 and they were a friendly bunch of people. The Teacher went on to explain to his students that they would be drawing our Silhouette's through the curtain as the three of us Simulated sex in different position's, blah blah blah.

After a few more minutes we were ready to begin. It started of quite tame with my male models having just there arms around my waist and some more suggestive poses. I was then told to simulate oral sex on both guys with me on my knee's. I knelt down between them and moved my head up and down each of there cocks, even though I wasn't really giving them oral sex the Teacher informed us that it looked very realistic from our Silhouette's on the other side of the curtain.

This is where it started getting interesting and what happened next blew every brain cell in my head. The two male models were instructed to simulate double penetration sex on me. One of the models laid on his back on the floor, I could here the female Art students gasping because he was getting aroused and his penis was getting bigger an bigger by the second. I was then told to straddle him. I was so turned on by the size of his cock I almost jumped on him. At first he did his best to make sure my pussy did not come into contact with his Penis as I began to simulate riding him. God knows what this looked like from our Silhouette's but it looked good from where I was riding.

The more I rode him the harder his cock was getting. I looked down between my legs as I straddled him and I could see him holding his cock out of the way of my Pussy. I was so wet and turned on I completely forgot where I was. I grabbed the his hands and placed them on my tits, his cock sprung up and without warning slid into my pussy. I let out a small gasp, it was the most amazing feeling, his cock was huge, it felt like it went up to my ribcage. The students didn't realise what was happening and all I could hear was the Teacher instruct the Students on how to draw our Silhouette's.

I was in ecstasy as slowly I rocked back and forth on this guys cock, I could see the other model also had an erection, his looked just as impressive as the other guys. The second Model got behind me as the teacher who was standing on the other side of the curtain told him to simulate anal sex on me while the other guy was meant to be simulating pussy sex on me, little did the teacher know that this sex was for real.

The second model was now fully behind me, his hands were all over my body. He whispered in my ear that he wanted his cock up my bum, I was so turned on and already on my second Orgasm, I didn't even have time to answer him when I felt the end of cock in my arsehole. I let out a tiny scream, trying my best not to let on the the teacher and Students what was happening to me. As I continued to rock back and forth on the cock in my pussy the cock in my bum was going further and further in. I cum instantly and both men held me still as I shock from the orgasm. I had never been Double Penetrated before and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. They both continued to fuck me as the Teacher kept talking to his Student's on the best way to draw us.

the best sex of my life was coming to an end, we could hear the Teacher say that there was only 2 minute's left of the session. He instructed us to stop. The guy fucking my arsehole slowly pulled his cock out, my bum was so sore from his cock fucking me but I didn't care and as I eased myself off the cock in my pussy cum gushed out of me. Both my holes were red raw. My head was still spinning I could hardly walk.

Both guys looked at me and smiled as we walked over to the changing room to get dressed. The Teacher thanked each of us and said we did such a convincing job of looking like we were having sex did we want to do it again the following week. We looked at each other and instantly said yes.

If only the Teacher and the Students in that Room knew what really happened?

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