Life When the Kids have Gone, Part 1

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“It wasn’t only the teenagers. Bip is going to be very popular on this trip. Vickie was watching him all the time and spoke to me about it at length. I guess Bip is still fucking anything that comes his way. Vickie seems to be a little out there, too.”

“Vickie is getting some action on the side? I thought that big prick of Bip’s would satisfy any woman. Although you girls are always saying size isn’t everything.”

“I wouldn’t say size isn’t everything. I love the size of your cock for instance. You always satisfy me, but you always make sure that you take care of me”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that, but I suppose it’s only human for a woman to wonder what Bip could do with that ram rod of his, or are you different?”

“Well, no, that trouser snake makes any girl wonder. Have you ever seen it? Of course you have, you golf together.”

“Men don’t stand around the locker room sizing up each other’s dicks, but of course you can’t miss Bip’s cock.”
“Well, be a little more descriptive.”

“I can see you’re really interested. It must be a foot long and appears to be real thick. I’ve only seen it flaccid but I gather that cocks that are that long soft don’t grow much in length when they harden. Hey, why all this interest in Bip’s prick? Don’t tell me you want to fuck him?”

“Oh, Dick, you know I’d never cheat on you, unless…”

“Unless what, Barb?”

“Unless you were agreeable. You know I wasn’t a virgin when we married. I know what another man’s cock feels like. I love your cock but it’s only natural to be curious and it’s such a spectacular one at that.”

“I can’t believe this is you talking. My sweet little wifey of all these years wanting a big cock for a change!”

“Don’t bullshit me Dick. I see you looking at Vickie you’d fuck her in a minute and I don’t think you would come to me first if the chance occurred.”

“Look Barb, I don’t want to be a prick and sure I look at other women. Vickie is a stunner and who wouldn’t want to fuck her, but it’s never going to happen.”

“Don’t be too sure of yourself stud. Vickie told me today that she would fuck you if you’d let Bip slide his monster cock into me, tonight!”

Dick gasped and fell onto the bed. Was his constant companion of all these years someone he didn’t even know? Dick resolved that he had to put her to the test.

“All right you cock slut, tell Vickie I agree. But it has to be tonight and right here in our two compartments right next to each other. When you want me to help you pull that big cock out of your pussy just knocks on the wall.”

“It’s a deal,” said Barb wondering what she had gotten herself into.

A little while later she slipped out of the room and knocked on the door of the room next to theirs. Vickie stuck her head out and Barb nodded yes to her.

“Let the fun begin after dinner tonight,” sighed Vickie.
Everyone was tense at dinner that evening. The girls were dressed beautifully and literally sparkled in the dinning room. They drank perhaps a little to much wine and were a little unsteady by the time the dining was over.

The couples walked hand in hand to their compartments and when they got there changed partners and entered the rooms. Their girls went into their own rooms to feels more at home.

Barb looked at Bip’s back as he turned to remove his jacket. He had a broad muscular look and she knew that he was all man. Bip turned and stared into her eyes, in spite of herself she looked down at the rising bulge
in his trousers.

“I know what it’s all about Barb. There is this thing about big cocks that fascinates people. I get as many offers from men and women, but I only play with the girls. It’s a blessing and a curse. I have the ability to please women in a way few men do, but I consequently know that you girls treat me as a piece of meat not a person. But that’s okay with me. I know it’s the best I can get and I sure do get a lot of great pussy. I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.”

Barb was a little surprised by this speech and wondered where to start.

“I see you’re a little confused Barb. Let’s turn the lights low, turn on some music and sit on the bed.”

As they sat down Bip told Barb to undress him while he did the same for her. First, she removed his dress shirt and noticed that he did not wear any underwear. She caressed his strong muscular chest bending forward to kiss it and lick his nipples. Barb thought, “I am getting into this a lot quicker that I ever expected.”

The trousers were more difficult and he had to help her. His gigantic cock now appeared for the first time. She was alarmed at the thought of accepting this monument to man into her little body. It was a two hander and more. Surely it was more that a foot in length.

By this time Bip had completely undressed Barb and she hadn’t noticed. He began to move his cock up towards her breasts. Barb’s breast were more that ample even without surgery and soon Bip was before her gliding his cock between those two lovely mounds which she pressed with her hands firmly around his erection.

“Barb it will help if you lubricate my cock. If you don’t have any KY sometimes a sloppy blow job will suffice.”

She looked at the red headed monster and began to lick the head. She closed her eyes and wondered why she did. It was smooth and tasty which she could not believe. Bip obviously took care of his cock and used some tasty ointment on it.

The head of the cock was now in her mouth and she salivated on it to make it easier to swallow. Now the shaft of the cock began to slip between her lips. Slowly, ever so slowly. She knew it was impossible to swallow the whole thing but she wanted to try as much as she could. Some invisible force was driving her. The head hit the back of her throat and she gagged. She tried to turn the corner to ingest more. She gagged again. Bip lifted her off his cock.

“That’s farther than most can go Barb and it was wonderful. Now try letting yourself down slowly on my cock as I sit here. You don’t have to take the whole thing. It took Vickie months before she could accept my whole cock.”

Slowly Barb lowered herself unto the scary sword below her. The red head approached the tremulous lips of her vagina and was slowly engulfed. Barb couldn’t believe the feelings aroused in her as Bip’s cock took up more space inside her. She had had 4 children and was no longer as tight as she was at one time but still this was a massive missile being inserted. Bip was gentle and in no hurry. He was more of a gentleman than Barb had ever anticipated as he helped her accept his cock into her ever-filling orifice.

Barb didn’t believe she could take anymore of Bip’s cock and he sensed her concern. Slowly he lifted her up and then let her slide down on his well-lubricated cock. At first very slowly but always becoming more intense and more engulfing. Her pussy was more full of that wonderful cock than she could ever have imagined. Barb now took over and began sliding up and down on Bip’s cock at her own tempo. Now slow, now fast, now rotating around on it, but never all the way in. He was gentle and didn’t push his advantage. The result was that Barb was enjoying with increasing pleasure the fuck of her life.

She became aware that Bip was beginning to thrust more than at first into her bursting pussy. She was responding by increasing her own thrusts onto his slimy prick. It was good. Oh it was very good. The love juice from her cunt was running down over his unused cock and onto his balls. She could feel an explosion coming and as he screamed in anticipation she began to feel the advent of her own orgasm. The feeling began to grow and at last got beyond her control. Fucking together like two wild animals all they could do was feel thinking was out of the question. Barb’s pussy was being pounded for all it was worth and she was riding his cock to an all-consuming orgasm. Then he came and it was all over. They were awash in a sea of cum. Barb couldn’t believe a man’s balls could hold so much. When his limp cock slide out of her pussy their bodies, the bed and the floor were covered.

They were exhausted and yet Barb felt a real appreciation for Bip in the way in which he had handled their fantastic fuck. He had protected from hurting herself on that huge member of his. She laid and stared at it as he lies beside her on the bed.

Next door, oddly enough, Vickie and Dick were a little shy of each other. Vickie’s charm and great body certainly captivated Dick, but they really were never very close.

“Well here we are and I guessed I asked for it,” said Vickie. “In a way I never thought this would happen. I thought Barb was a little too uptight to does anything so out landish.”

“Vickie, you can’t be more surprised than I am. I just hope to get my honey back after she rides that ram rod of Bip’s.”

“I’ve a feeling that you’re probably pretty good in the love department yourself, Dick. Let’s have another drink to break the ice.”

Vickie bent over in front of Dick fully aware of the effect her fantastic ass had on men and waited for his response. Dick couldn’t restrain himself and found his hands on Vickie’s ass caressing it and raising her skirt for better access. He soon discovered that Vickie had like her hubby not donned any underwear that evening. Quickly Dick had his cock out and was rubbing Vickie’s ass with it. As she wiggled her ass he slipped his cock between her legs and into her waiting pussy lips. Immediately Vickie pushed her ass back towards him to receive his erect penis. With an increasing frenzy Dick mounted Vickie from the rear and fucked hard and long. As an after though he slid his thumb gently into Vickie’s little brown button. The response was electric. It was as though he had turned on a fucking machine. Vickie drove her ass hole and cunt onto his finger and cock for all she was worth. Faster and faster the hot action intensified and deeper and deeper went the tools of rapture. Vickie was screaming, “Fuck me, Dick. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass. Give it to me hard, Baby!”

It was all Dick could do to keep up with this raging siren as she bucked and fucked him. At last he could feel her cunt tightening on his cock giving him an even more intense feeling. When he felt he could stand no more they both exploded in a sea of cum.

They were spent. Vickie lay there on her stomach with her bare cum splattered ass in the air and he sat there with his shrunken cock hanging out of his trousers.

“Whew, that was a little more that I expected from you Dick. You really drove me home with that cock of yours. It only proves that size is not always the answer, although yours is plenty big enough.”

“I’m glad it seemed to work out, but what next? We have a whole evening before us.”

“Did you hear them screaming next door? Do you have you key to the compartment, Dick? Maybe we could sneak in and catch them. Wouldn’t you like to see Bip slipping his big schlong into your little wifey?”

Dick hated to admit it but the suggestion did tantalize him. What was happening to him? Here was fucking his friend’s wife and now he wanted to see his wife fucking his friend.

“What the hell we’ve come this far. Let’s sneak in on the 2 bastards.”
Vickie slipped into a negligee and Dick put on a pair of Bip’s pajama bottoms and went into the hall hoping not to be seen. Quietly he slipped his key into the lock and turned. As the door opened they could see that the room was only dimly lit and there were 2 figures lying on the beds. Apparently they were currently at rest.

Vicky and Dick slipped in and crawled across the floor towards the sleepers. Vickie whispered into Dick’s ear, “Let’s see if we can arouse them and then slip into bed with them.”

Dick nodded approval and Vickie began to stroke Bip’s limp cock. Dick in similar fashion began to caress Barb’s sleeping body. He nibbled her nipples and Barb murmured, “Oh, Bip I love it. Let me know when you want me.”

Vickie by now had Bip fully erect and was fondling his balls. She loved to lick the underside of his cock and watch it jump. Soon she had Bip awake and gigantically hard. Bip just lay back with his eyes closed and enjoyed the caresses.

Dick was now enjoying what is sometimes called a grass sandwich. While his wife didn’t care for the hair around his cock, he loved her hairy velvety pussy. Licking and chewing away he worked his way down to her clit, which really began to turn her on.

Bip cock was now in Vickie’s mouth and she was endeavoring to deep throat it. While Bip never forced her to do such a thing it was a challenge for her and she could now get it all the way down her throat. Through her lips the head glided and finally rested against the back of her throat. With a little adjustment on her part it began its journey even further. There was a little pop as it went down and finally made it all the way. Vickie then raised and lowered her head on Bip's cock as she jerked him off in her throat.

Barb felt something familiar about the way her pussy was being eaten and when she felt that finger in her ass hole she knew who was at work. She decided to play along and enjoyed the work being done on her cunt and ass.

Bip also realized that this was not a regular blowjob and it was only Vickie could accomplish this feat. As she increased her bobbing Bip could hold it no longer and in a sigh of relief released another load of cum.

The sound of Bip coming put Barb over the edge and she also came in Dick’s mouth.

Vickie and Dick the two conspirators slipped of the bed giggling quietly to themselves.

Barb turned to Bip and said hoping that he would catch on, “That was great head Bip. I thought only Dick’s tongue could get me off like that.”

“You must have been dreaming, but I was too, I dreamed that Vickie just gave me a monumental bJ.”

“Let me see your cock, Bip. Wow, it sure looks used. Let me see if I can get it up again.”

Barb took Bip’s cum drenched limp cock in her mouth and began to suck. She actually got the whole thing in getting past her gag response and getting a little down her throat. But as it began to rise once again she had to back off on his enormous tool. She was still proud for some unknown reason for what she had accomplished.

“Looks like you might be ready for another round, Bip,” Barb observed.

“Why not?” said Bip. “Sometimes I can fuck all night.”

With comment moved and allowed Barb to get on top of him and slide his cock into her pussy that was just lubricated by Dick’s tongue.

“Mmm, that feels sooo good! Let’s just soak up each other for a while.”

By now Vickie had taken Dick erect cock into her mouth and was deep throating him easily. Dick raised his head so he could see his wife riding Bip’s cock in slow gear. Slowly Barb leaned forward and lay on Bip’s chest with her tongue deep in his mouth. She searches his mouth for his tongue and began to suck it for all she was worth. Barb could feel Bip’s cock rising in response to gyrating pelvis. Taking a breather Barb said to Bip, “What I could really use now is what I see in some of those movies Dick brings home to excite me. There’s only one thing that I would like to try but I’m afraid it would hurt.”

“What’s that honey?” Bip asks.

“Sometime I’d like to take 2 men at the same time. One in my pussy and one in my bum.”

“It’s great but you have to have good lubrication particularly for your little brownie.”

“Well, I thought Dick might like to give me a little rear action on this trip so I bought KY at the drug store. He’s a little shy about doing it because I have always put him off. But some times at night he slips a finger in my bum when he thinks I am sleeping. And in the middle of good fuck fingering my asshole can create an even bigger O”
Hearing this Dick slipped over to the dresser and found the KY to grease up his cock. He sneaked to the bottom of the bed and by this time Barb was happily sliding up and down in Bip big cock. As her pussy was adjusting to it mare and more of it was getting in.

Dick put some KY on his wifey’s little brownie and began to press his cock against that little puckered opening.

“What the fuck is that?” gasped Barb.

“It’s only Dick shoving his cock up your ass, Barb.” Said Bip.

“Oh well that’s Okay. Give it to me Daddy! Give it to me the way you always wanted I’m ready for you now!”

Barb felt Dick’s greased cock slide further and further up her ass. At first it hurt a little but later as the friction began it felt better and better. Now she could feel Dick’s cock rubbing against Bip’s cock inside her.

“Can you feel it, Dick? Do you feel Bip’s cock inside me? Fuck me, hard, harder. Ram that ass. What the fuck’s wrong with you Bip? Fuck me, Fuck me you two pussy eaters!” Somewhere around this time the emotions of the excitement and pressure of the on coming orgasms took over and the 3 friends were locked in a fucking embrace that defies description.

What could poor Vickie do? She found one of Barb’s biggest dildos, greased it and shoved it into her cunt. She then stood beside the bed and cheered her friends on as she pumped the dildo into her cunt.

“Rah, rah, rah. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck her pussy, Bip. fuck her ass, Dick. Three cheers for Barb the best double fuck in the universe”

Barb was just conscious enough to feel the great wash of cum as it entered her cunt and ass.

Needless to say Barb didn’t walk very far the next day but the two couples were closer than ever before.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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