Life Changing Handyman

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I am in partners with my brother on a business our dad started and he runs the manufacturing end and I run the business end and it works exceptionally well for us. I'm 31, single, attractive I'm told and own a pricy home in a pricy gated development and I love to cook. That Friday night I was making my dinner and the garbage disposal shut down so I called my friend and neighbor if she knew of a repair service I could call and she told me about a handyman she uses because her husband has two left hands, she said he is about 25 but knows his business so I called him.

He said he would be over in the morning and when I woke I took a shower and he was at the door so I put on a robe and let him in and he looked about maybe 20 or 21 but was very good looking. He was all business, told me what he charged an hour and went right to work and after a few minutes he had the disposal out and was taking it apart. He said a wire for some odd reason had broken off and he set about fixing it. He reinstalled it and told me to run the water and turn it on so I did and it worked and when I leaned to turn it off my robe came open. He wasted no time licking my pussy while holding my ass and I shocked but also turned on as it had been a while since I had a man and I closed my eyes and moaned as his tongue penetrated my pussy and he was tongue fucking me.

He then put two fingers in my pussy and was sucking my clit and I was moaning like a whore and it didn't take him long to make me cum but he kept at it and made me cum again. Then he stood up, took my robe and his clothes off, picked me up and impaled me on his beautiful cock, he walked around the downstairs fucking me in every room and making me cum as he had a nine inch fat cock and it filled every square inch of my pussy.

He was moving me up and down on his cock while kissing me and he asked if I wanted him to stop and I practically screamed a no as being fucked this way was new to me and I loved it. Back in the kitchen he put me against the wall, slammed into me and filled my cunt with his hot cum and I moaned and came and didn't want to let go of him. He carried me up the steps with my arms and legs wrapped around him and kissing him and I wanted more of him and his big sweet prick and he put me down on my bed saying he was going to fuck my brains out. He asked me where my stockings were and I told him without even thinking about it and the next thing I knew I was tied to the bed with my stockings.

I asked what he was going to do to me and he said, something no one has done before and I got a bit worried and asked him not to hurt me and he replied I am going to love this. He asked if I had any porn and I told him where I kept it and he put a CD into the TV, turned it on; put a pillow under my head so I had to watch the porn. Then he rubbed his cock on my face and lips and told me when I get it hard he will fuck me again so I took it in my mouth and started sucking and he told me I was a good girl. While I was sucking he was finger fucking me and talking dirty to me and my pussy was on fire and I begged him to fuck me but he said he loved how my pussy tasted and he started eating me.

He was so good at it I was moaning loud and begging for more and he teased me and fingered me and when I told him I was going to cum and I was shaking, he stopped. I immediately said, no baby no, don't stop and he kissed me and told me to watch the porn and he would be right back but he was gone for a while and I was resigned to not getting fucked again by him.

Then he came back, kissed me and asked if I missed him and started sucking my tits and my tits are very sensitive so I got turned on quickly and as he kept sucking and squeezing my nipples I told him he was going to make me cum so he stopped. He then kissed my feet which are also sensitive, licked them and stroked them and again my pussy was on fire and he told me he was glad I'm his hot cunted whore and he made me say it. Then he kissed and licked my entire body while telling me I was born to fuck and he was going to fuck me and then he rubbed his cock on my face but wouldn't let me suck.

After I begged him to let me suck he rubbed his prick over my pussy lips and got the head all wet with my juice and he put his cock in my mouth and I was surprised at how good it tasted. Then he put his cock all the way into my pussy, moved it a bit and then put it back in my mouth and again I was a bit surprised at how good it tasted. After I sucked a bit he put it back into my pussy and was fucking me for real and again I was moaning like a little whore and begging him not to stop. I told him I was going to cum and he pulled out, wiped his prick on my face and told me to watch porn but this time I called him a fucking prick and a cocksucker and he laughed while walking out of the bedroom.

When he returned I called him a dirty fucking cocksucker and I hoped his dick would fall off, he again laughed and asked me what I would do for him to fuck me and make me cum. I told him to go fuck himself and he started in on me again and it didn't take long before I was begging him to make me cum and when he asked what I would do for him I said anything he wanted, anything. He kissed me, finger fucked me until I was about to cum, kissed me again and said, watch the porn cunt and I was shaking so much I couldn't say a word.

All I could think about then was him fucking me and making me cum or me sucking his cock and him eating me and I was begging him to come and fuck me and I'll do whatever he says and I heard him say, will you eat a pussy for me and I didn't even hesitate saying yes, whatever he wanted. At that point he owned me but I didn't realize it and I begged him to let me eat a pussy for him and he came back in and told me I was his good girl and I was happy he said it. I sucked his cock for a minute and he mounted me and when his cock hit bottom I kind of screamed and came I was so turned on and he fucked me until I came four or five times for him then he slammed into my pussy and he came.

He laid on top of me for a short while asking if I liked sucking his cock and being fucked by him and then he said he had a hot girl for me to eat for him and I wanted him so much I said whenever he wanted. He kept me tied up and fucked me twice more and the last fuck it dawned on me he was coming in me and when I told him he smiled and said, too late now baby. He untied me to make us dinner but we first took a shower and he fingered me in the shower and made me cum as every time he touched me I got turned on. I made dinner naked of course and after dinner he ate me for his dessert and then I ate him for mine and he kept me naked the entire weekend and I never came so much in my life or swallowed so much cum.

That week at work I was the boss but when I got home I got naked, sucked his prick for a few minutes and then got on the floor doggy so he could fuck me in whatever room he choose and I was his bitch. This weekend he is having his hot lady come so I can eat her pussy and I hope it tastes as good as mine as I'm very flexible and he helped me eat my pussy and I liked it. Will see if he will let me write about the weekend as like I said, he owns me.

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