Life Change

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"Time to leave my house. I don't want you living here anymore." My mom told mee last week. My name is Megan, and alot has happend since then.

After my mom told me to get out I went looking for a new home. I am 21 and have been told to move out for 2 years. I had a nanny till I was 18 who did everything for me.I never saw my mom because she was always somewhere doing something. I have never left my mom's house.I was even home schooled.

So after I left 2 days later. I wondered what it would be like to live alone. My mother ruined all of my self-confedence by always putting me down. I was never anything at 4' 11". I have normal 34 b breasts and only weigh 85 pounds. I also have redish-brown hair. I never went on a date.

Anyway 3 days after starting my new life something scary happend. I heard a noise next door. I thought someone was trying to hurt me and my neighbor. I called the cops, and when they got here they said it was just the next door nieghbor's dog. Even after learning this I could not stop shaking.My neighbor from a floor down came over to see what was going on. She was so hot. Her name was Rebecca. She was 5' 11" with nice 36 d breasts (I learned this later). She had sandy-blonde hair and weighed 150 pounds.

The police saw that I was super scared and asked if I had anyone I could stay with. I said no because my mom had said to never come back. They asked my neighbor and she said she would be glad to take care of me for the night.

Once we were outside my apartment she picked me up and carried me to her room like I was a baby. Once at her apartment she took me over to the coutch and told me everything would be fine. I felt safe in her arms and did not want to leave that spot. She saw that I was still shaking and she started to kiss me all over the face. It felt wierd at first, but I slowly started to like it. After a while of that she took out her breast and told me to suckle it, and that it would make me feel better. Not wanting to leave I did as she said. As soon as I started to suckle I felt ten times more safe and better. Slowly she started to rub my clit (I thought this was wierd because I had never had sexual intercourse). Soon afterward I had a sensational experince as I cummed for the first time. I started making noises as I was suckling on her boob. She then said, "what a good baby girl cumming for mommy." I felt so happy I had recieved my first ever compliment.

After another15 minutes she picked me up again and took me into her guest room. She took off my clothes, went to the bottom drower, and pulled out an adult sized diaper. I thought this was odd, but did not argue because I wanted her to let me suckle her boob some more. She then told me that I would be spending the night in her bed and that tomorrow I would not go to work. It was only 7:30 pm, but I did not mind being put to bed so early.

The next morning when I woke up I noticed my diaper was wet. I didn't know how this happend, but I was imbaressed. I woke up Rebecca (soon to be my mommy) and told her what I had done. Instead of yelling at me she said, "what a good baby going in her diaper for mommy." I felt so happy because I had now recieved another compliment for doing something wrong. She took me into the guest room, took off my diaper, and caried me into her bathroom. Once in their she put me on the counter and told me to wait a minute. When she came back she noticed that my pussy was hairy and said, "looks like mommy's little girl needs her pussy hair cut." I did not understand this at the moment but I would soon.

She put me in the tub and started to wash me head to foot. After she finnished the door bell rang. She told me to sit in the tub and play, and that she would be back in a couple of minutes. She came back 30 minutes later, took me out of the tub, and put me back on the counter. Then she suprised me so much by shaving all of my pubic hair off. I felt so free and young agian, it was great.

She then picked me up, took me into the guest room, and started to fingure fuck me the same as the night before. After 5 minutes I cummed all over her face. She complimented me again and then told me to lick her cunt until she orgasumed. As soon as I touched her pussy I loved it. I went right in and started to lick her pussy. It took me a whole hour to make her orgasm but it was the best liqued I had ever tasted. She told me that I was a great little cunt lapper and that I was her little girl from now on. She also said I would never go back to work or do anythhing in the bathroom alone. She told me that I was to only use diapers as toilets. She then took me into a new room and I saw that it was a giant baby's room. It had a changing table, a crib, a rocking chair, a bura full of adult diapers, and a closet filled with little kid dresses.
She then said that I was never to leave the house without her, and that I had to wear only the close she gave me to wear. That meant the baby dresses and diapers. I was told that I would be her little baby everywhere we went , and I was not to talk perfect english ever. Also that if she wanted her cunt lapped I would do it then and there. I was happy with this because I loved being treated like a baby and never wanted to cahnge.

I followed all the rules that were set and I sometimes pee on the carpet. Then mommy has to punish me by hitting me on the butt with what ever is near by. I love it and so does she, but we have not left the house yet. Those rules will be harder to follow.

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