Lesson from mum

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am 19 and live with my family and i had not had a girlfriend for a few months as my last relationship had ended badly, i was in need of some TLC and decided to get it.

One drunk saturday night i see my sexy neighbour pull up in her car from work .. My neighbour was a mum herself and was about 5ft 11 and had medium length brown hair slim and a nice rack .. so me in my wisdom decided there and then that i wanted a piece of that action . Living next door i knew she had just split up with her husband so i thought i was in luck, i was too scared to talk to her so i decided to write her a note and put it in her letterbox with my number on it but didnt tell her who i was and went to bed.

Next morning it was a scalding day real hor and not a cloud in the sky. I woke up to a text off an unknown number. It was her she was texting saying she knew who its was because she saw me put it in the letterbox. I thought i was done for but she said she thought i was hot and she has not had sex for a while as she had jus split with her husband. Next thing i know i recieve a picture mesage of her in a swimming pool in a bikini.

I look over my garden fence and there she was sitting by her pool with a drink texting me.

So the next few days i had been going to her house for nights of passion after everyone else was in bed. It was great, she really knew what to do and was the best i had ever had but on the thursday night i was sneaking back into my house when i realised somebody was awake. It was my mum .....

I thought i had to go home because it was almost 1 am and i had nowhere else to go .

'I know what your doing you know, and i dont approve' mum whispers and went to bed . I didnt want to go to wake the next morning because i knew what was coming. Sure enough my mum woke me up and said what do you think you are doing ? My mum was about 5 ft 8 and had a little extra padding but was not fat. Sitting on my bed in her work uniform she asked me again 'what are you doing' ? You know better than to play around with the mother and wife of somebody .

I apologised and she gave me a hug . it was a cold morning so i thought i understood when my mum got under my cover and gave me a hug, and it all seemed normal.

'Wheres dad and andy (my brother)'? i asked
'Work and school' ... next thing i know i recieve a text message, It was from my neighbour. '' I want to fuck you so bad last night was the best i cant wait 2 suck ur hard cock and feel ur warm cum inside me.

Suddenly i feel myself getting hard which was not welcome at all as my mum was still huging me and was surely feeling it pressing against her stomach. Let me see she asks ..i looked puzzled .. let me see the text ... i looked worried as she snatched it from my hand . as she was reading it i feel her hand move toward my penis..

She snatched it and yanked it and said this is not good enough you definately should know better, so she said thats it you need to be punished. stand up...

What ??
Stand up

so i stood up . As she pulled down my boxers my rock hard penis sprung from the waste of my shorts .. The look on my mothers face changed instantly, you could see the surprise of how big i was ..

Now i see what the fuss is about . you are huge she remarked .

she reached out for my penic and held it in her hand . Move closer she ordered me .. and as i moved closer my penis entered her mouth . filling her mouth she started to suck my rock hard 8 inch dick. moving from tip to balls taking it all the way down her throat.

i was really surprised at what was happening as she was my mum and i didnt think it was normal but i look it all in my stride.

next thing i know she places her finger on my ass hole. :O my face must have changed because my mum let out a giggle and told me that its a punishment im not supposed to enjoy it all. and thrust her finger into my asshole ... Surprisingly enough i enjoyed it it felt really good .. so in a moment of passion i pushed my mum back onto my bed and started to take off her clothes.

Lying there naked in front of me i then climbed on top of her an started to kidd her passionately . Suddenly the fact she was my mum no longer mattered.

Can i try all the things i ever wanted to with you mum i whispered in her ear .??
Yes do whatever you want with me im yours..

There and then i went down on my mum licking at her fuzzy muff . licking and fingering her hole ...my mum had 3 kids so was not exactly tight .i went from 2 fingers to 3 and then to 4 .. the more i used the more she enjoyed it .

An idea came to my head . I have always wanted to fist someone so i placed my clinched fist on my mothers clit and slid the head of my knuckles in her wide wet hole. and then back out .

My mum really seemed to enjoy it so i knew that it was the way to go .. thrusting my fist deeper and harder into her juicy pussy .. As i started to finger her ass aswell . i thought if i liked it she would too ... fo i licked her ass hole to moisten it and fisted her ass ..

Screaming out in pleasure and pain my mum was writhing on the bed arching her back and shaking . cumming on my fist.

When she settled down from her screaming orgasmshe threw me off and flipped me over into a doggy position . Licking and fingering my ass with just one finger i was really enjoying it .. but then she went to 2 and then 3 fingers .. i was in pain and asked her to stop.


squatting above me she rubbed her clit until after a minute or two she squirted all over my ass in a hope to lubricate my tight ass hole ... taking off all her rings including the wedding ring my dad gave her she held her fingers together and slid them all in my ass.. from fingertips to knuckles .. and past her thumb to her wrist ...


GOOD !!!

As she clenched her fist while inside my ass cavity and shook her fits inside me .. besides the pain it felt amazing ... The Pain was becoming unbearable so i made her stop .. i sain mum i want to pleasure you some more as an apology ...

so laying my mum in thre doggy position i put the tip of my penin at the lips of my mums juicy hole thrusting my hard dick in and out as she screamed for more .

Suddenly i feel myself change .. i am about to cum in my mum. thrusting deeper and harder im cock throbs as i let out a huge sigh


Releasing my cum load into my mum i feel the walls of her vagina close in on my cock . squeezing every drop out of my cock she begins to cum 2 ..



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