Lesbians Out of control

(Part 1 from 1)

Kelly was in her room watching porn and slowly massaging her cilt. She moaned in pleasure as she started to finger herself when she heard the door creak open and Clare stepped in. She watched slowly as Kelly carried on rubbing her cilt and Clare came closer and closed the door behind her.

Clare stepped towards Kelly smirking while bending down to Kelly's pussy. She breathed on it making Kelly moan and started rubbing her cilt in small circles making Kelly go wild. After a while Clare stripped down till she was only in her G-string and Bra. Kelly noticed that and yanked down Clares panties and pulled of her bra. She held one of her breasts and began sucking on it. Clare was moaning loudly while rubbing Kelly ass. Clare pulled away and Kelly pouted but Clare bended down to face Kelly's pussy and turned her around so that she was facing her ass. she made kisses around her ass and then stuck her tounge in her ass making her scream. she pushed further till she felt poo on her tounge. She pulled away and kelly pulled her to the bed where she opened Clares pussy lips and began licking furiously.

All clare could do was moan. She went faster until Clare climaxed all over her face. Kelly lapped up all her cum and sat up still rubbing Clares pussy.

Clare got her tounge again and pushed it into Kellys ass again and licking it fast. Kelly was screaming Clares name as she climaxed on the bed. Clare pulled away and lapped up kelly juices. They both kissed tasting each others juices on their tounges as they fingered each other.

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He himself was very close to blowing his nut, so to push her over the edge, he whispered, "Sonja, did you know that your body would give any man a huge erection!?!"...