Lesbian Exchange Student Seduction

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It was Kate's first night living in our home. She was our new exchange student. Because she and I are both 16, my mom wanted her to get along with me very well and become good friends. I had two beds in my room. One was a queen bed and the other was just a twin bed.
It was 10:45 pm. Kate was sleeping in the twin bed and I was sleeping in my queen bed. "Goodnight, Kate," I said as I was turning off the lights. "Let me know if you need anything."

"sweet dreams, Miley," Kate replied in a soft voice.
I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I could tell Kate wasn't asleep yet either because I could hear her moving around in her bed.

"Miley?" I heard Kate say. I sat up. She was sitting up in her bed looking at me. "I can't go to sleep."
"I'm sorry," I said. "Can I get you anything?"
"Well, in my town, everyone sleeps together to comfort each other. My sister and I shared a bed. Do you mind if I sleep with you? If not, it's okay."

Because it was her first night, I told Kate she could sleep with me. She crawled into my bed.

"Miley?" Kate asked again.
"Can we cuddle? That's what my sister and I did. It will make me feel more at home," Kate said.
"Sure. I'm just going to stay laying like this but you can cuddle me or move me however."
"Thanks," Kate said.

Kate and I were facing the same way. She was behind me. My eyes were closed but I could feel Kate looking at me. I could also hear her breathing.

All of the sudden, I felt her warm body pressed against the back of mine. She was spooning me. It was very comforting. I have never actually cuddle like this with someone before.

"Is this okay?" Kate asked.
"Yeah," I replied.

I was almost asleep, but then I felt Kate's arm wrap around over me. "Sorry," she whispered. "My arm was just in an awkward position behind your back."
I didn't reply and I just continued to lay there. I actually like how Kate was pressed up against me.

When Kate brought her arm over me, my thin t-shirt slid up a little. Kate's hand was rested upon my flat stomach. I was very comfortable and felt protected.

After a few minutes, I felt Kate's hand move a little bit more towards my chest. She did it inch by inch. And before I knew it, Kate's hand was rested upon my right boob.

Kate's arm hands lightly massaged my boobs. I pretended like I was asleep because I didn't want her to see i was actually liking this. I was liking this, but I just wanted to let her do her thing, and I would act like I didn't know what was going on.
Kate's leg moved over me. She was still spooning me, but with one leg on me in kind of a humping position, her hand squeezing my boobs, and her mouth barely touching my neck.

I started to get a different feeling. I couldn't tell if I was nervous or excited. I still continued to lay there pretending like I was asleep though.
I felt Kate take her leg and arm off of me and sit up. I was kinda disappointed, but then I felt her move me on my back. She didn't gently so she wouldn't wake me up.

Kate slowly climbed on top of me. She was laying on me. Our boobs were touching perfectly. She even lifted up both of our shirts so our nipples were touching. Mine were hard.
Kate started to move up and down gently. Our boobs were rubbing together. It felt so good. After that, she took off her clothes and took off mine.

I was laying there like I was dead. I didn't want to do stuff to girls, but I liked what she was doing to me.
Kate lifted up one of my legs and slid onto me so our pussies were touching. It felt so good. I was sweating and my body felt amazing.

She was moving back and forth. I loved this.

After that, my pussy was soaking wet. Kate noticed that too, so she kicked the wet part off. Then, Kate flipped me so I was laying on my stomach.

Kate climbed on top of me. She humped me for a little, and then she fell asleep on my back. The sheets were wrapped around us tightly so our bodies were close. I finally fell asleep and so did Kate. I was nervous for the morning.

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