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"Just a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon", Amy Callaghen thought to herself. She had just returned from a shopping spree at the local mall, a perk of having married a rich, albeit much older, man. Her husband, Bill, was 30+ years her senior (Amy is 26, Bill 58). She had not married him for his money, however. Bill was a very kind-hearted man who had basically been used by two other women who he had been married to previously. They had only been interested in Bill for his money, and both had been caught cheating on him. He had four daughters; one from his first wife, age 24; two from his second wife, ages 21 and 19, and one with Amy, 13 months old. Bill would very much like to have a son; he was happy that Amy was young enough that they could still try for more; they had a full staff in the house, including a nanny, and it wasn't as though money was an issue. So in the house there was Amy, Bill, their baby daughter Kylie, and Amy's daughter, Leanna. Leanna was 18 years old; Amy gave birth to her when she was only 18 years old herself. She was fortunate in that Bill loved her as his own daughter.

The only problem with Bill, however, was that he was away from home most of the time. He was only there probably 2 weeks out of the month, at the most; sometimes as little as three days out of the month. Right now he was away on such a business trip; this time in Japan, where he had been for the past three weeks, and, he believed, would probably be there at least two more, if not longer. "An extra long deal", he told Amy. But he promised that it would definitely pay off financially. That was the way it always was. Amy liked the rmoney that Bill provided for her and her daughters; however, she got very lonely, and, on this particular Saturday, horny. She had always been a rather lusty lady, and it seemed to be getting worse as she got older, especially after Kylie's birth. That was probably why she liked to dress skimpily, showing off her still remarkable body; not that 26 was old by any means, but she had a figure that teenage girls would envy. She liked getting the attention it afforded her. Like that day; she had dressed to go to the mall in a short, A-line miniskirt (Flares out more as it goes down), which showed off her toned, long, tanned legs (Amy was only a little above average height; 5'7, but she had long legs for her height). 

It was one of those low-rise skirts as well, so the white skirt not only showed off her long legs but her flat, defined stomach as well. Even after having had two kids, Amy had a great stomach; she even had those little lines on her pelvic region that v-ed down, which could also be seen in her skirt, as her top came only a few inches below her breasts, which were nothing short of spectacular. Amy had rather large breasts, she wore a 34D to be exact, when she bothered to wear one; they were rather perky, with nipples that pointed slightly upward and always seemed to peek through thin tops, like the one she was wearing today. If it wasn't for their natural shape, people would swear she had implants for how perky they were after having had two kids. She was wearing a light blue halter top made out of a flimsy silk, which landed just inches past her tits, and wrapped around and tied at the side on the bottom and around her neck at the top, forming a v at the top that made most of her cleavage visible. Since it was really hot that day, Amy had also decided to do without the bra, and actually, if you looked at her tits close up, you could see her rosy brown nipples through the slinky light colored material. Added to the short skirt (and the remarkably round, pert ass atop her long, toned legs), the heeled sandals and the light colored fabric that brought out her tan, Amy was a total knockout on her body alone. But her face held equal beauty to her body; she was a natural dark blonde (with lighter blondes highlighted in), and she had huge doe eyes the color of the ocean, with long curly lashes. She had great skin even though she tanned it a lot, high chiseled cheekbones and pouty pink lips no collagen could ever replicate. Amy looked and dressed like she was about 21, certainly not like a mom. Especially not like the moms at Leanna's private middle school, who were mostly in their late thirties and forties. 

Amy had hoped that her sexiness would not be passed down to Leanna, at least not until she was 19 or so. The last thing Amy wanted was for Leanna to end up pregnant as a young teen, the way she had. However, Amy's fears about Leanna had come true; Leanna proved to be a rather early bloomer, and Amy was sure that she caused the boys at the Catholic school she attended (that had grades 7-9) to have racing pulses and raging hormones. In fact, Amy was pretty sure that many of the high school boys had even noticed her; most of the boys in her middle school, being Catholic, had older brothers who attended the high school, and word spread fast about Leanna Hansen, the hot seventh grader who lived on Sunbury Drive, and Amy had noticed now that the weather had heated up many teen boys had drove past the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of Leanna sunbathing in one of her skimpy bikinis.. 

Amy preferred to sunbathe topless, though, so she always sunbathed in privacy behind the fences surrounding the pool. Leanna, however, enjoyed the attention she got, and despite her mother's forbidding it, would sunbathe right on the front lawn, especially when her mother was not home. Surely the boys would be trying to see Leanna's mom as well, if they were able to see her. But they would have to settle for looking at her young daughter, which actually was not settling at all. Leanna was certainly a beautiful girl; she had already surpassed her mother in height, at 5'9, and who knew if she would be getting any taller. She also had a great tan, and her mother's long legs, although they were slightly on the thin side on account of her having grown so tall so quickly, but still toned nonetheless. Leanna also had light hair; though hers was almost a light brown with medium blonde highlights added in. She had the same huge sea-colored, long-lashed doe eyes as her mother, still a childlike roundness to her cheeks, and the same pouty pink lips as her mom, as well as a huge, wide grin topped with two deep dimples. Leanna was adorably sexy; still childlike in some respects in her looks but also sexy vixen-like qualities to boast as well. She could easily model, if she needed the money; in fact she got many offers, what with her slim tall build and beautiful face. 

Her tits weren't near as large as her mother's, only a 32B (a small B at that), but firm and shaped perfectly with the same pointy nipples as her mother. She had a remarkably flat stomach and a longer torso than her mother, which indented inward rather sharply at her waist; her ribs somewhat visible even while she was standing. Her tummy indented inward slightly, it was so skinny, and her hipbones jutted out slightly in the front, but not so much that she looked sickly. Her hips rounded out slightly on the sides, however, and she had a very perky, round ass that was slightly large compared to the rest of her. Leanna loved to flaunt that especially; her favorite things to wear outside of school were "booty shorts", which cut low at the waist revealing her slim torso and hipbones, and she always cut them up a little on the bottom so that a little bit of her butt cheeks hung out of the bottom and more hung out when she walked. It was no wonder the boys were in heat over her! She was way hotter than any of the other junior high girls, as well as the high school girls. Of course her mother would not allow Amy to go out in these types of outfits; she always wore a pair of baggy pants over the shorts until she left the house. Leanna was a sex kitten to her mother's sex goddess.
Leanna had already attracted a young man by the name of Chris Tanatio enough to where things had progressed into them going steady. Amy was starting to worry about how intense their relationship was becoming. 

Chris was a very respectful young man, who lived two streets over from their house. A couple years ago he was the gawky, short shrimpy boy who would come over and mow the lawn at the Callaghen estate, "free of charge". Amy suspected that he did it with motive; she thinks that he did so because he was a little sweet on Leanna, who even at 10 and 11 years old was a beautiful girl. Chris was now 18 years old, and he was certainly no longer the little shrimpy kid he once was. Chris was now over 6 feet tall, still a little thin but as part of the junior high football and wrestling teams had started to put on a little muscle from regular working out. He grew into his face as well; his father was a wealthy Italian man and his mother was a pretty, quiet Native American woman. Chris had inherited the best of both of his parents, it turned out, with black hair, a natural tan complexion, and big, dark eyes that looked almost black. He had a winning smile and a slightly cocky confidence about him that was unusual for a guy his age. 

The only flaw on his chiseled face was that his Italian nose was a little large, large enough to prevent him from having model good looks, but only big enough that it gave his face character, some would say it even made him better looking. Amy was worried that he would prove too tempting for Leanna to hold onto her virginity if she continued to date Chris. Chris was a really nice kid, and that's what kept Amy from forbidding Leanna from going with him (she at least knew him a little and compared with all of the other guys Leanna could be dating, Amy would much rather have Leanna dating Chris). Amy was pretty sure Chris was still a virgin, and Leanna was not allowed to be alone with Chris except in public places, mostly they saw each other at school and talked on the phone. What worried Amy, however, was that she had caught Chris and Leanna in Leanna's room the other day (which Leanna was forbidden to have boys in her room; Leanna had thought her mom would be gone that day). Amy caught them in the thankfully early stages of making out; they were lying on the bed fully clothed when Amy opened the door, kissing, with Chris's hand up Leanna's tank top. Amy was afraid, though, that soon Chris would be pressuring Leanna for sex; Chris was a nice boy but he still had a teenager's hormones and Amy knew her daughter was a teen boy's fantasy. 

"I'm not going to worry about that anymore" Amy told herself, deciding that after having went shopping she would lay out and catch some sun. She was so horny today. Probably because she was in the fertile time of her cycle. Amy literally felt like she went into heat sometimes then, she was so horny at that moment that she wished Bill were home to take care of that. Oh well, Amy thought, I'll just play with myself while I'm laying out, since no one can see me behind the fence. She bent over in her short white skirt to open her bottom drawer, where she kept her bikinis. "Mrs. Callaghen, uh, uh..." Amy heard a voice stammering and she froze, bending down in front of her dresser, at the masculine voice behind her. She peered between her legs...it was Leanna's boyfriend, Chris! How embarassing! "Uh, Leanna's not home right now. She went to visit her grandmother". "Oh, well, no one answered your front door, I came upstairs and uh I uh saw your bedroom door opened so I thought I'd come in and um um ask", Chris continued to stammer, visibly gawking at the lewd display in front of him. He had never seen Mrs. Callaghen dressed in anything but conservative dress; Amy made a point of only wearing conservative clothing around her daughter, hoping to be a good example for her. He could hardly believe what he saw in front of him when he walked in! 

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