Late Night Work

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Author's note: This is 100% fiction

My name is Allison, and Im 19. I'm about 5'6" in height, with auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a lean figure with D-cups and dimples in my back, just below my spine. It was Autumn, and I was starting my very first internship at the White House. Yes, I said the White House. I remember feeling anxious, yet excited as I entered the giant building, following the man who was showing me around. His name was Mr. Hill. He brought me to the press secretary's office, where I would be working. This is where everything changed.

The press secretary was on the phone when we arrived.
"...No, no. This is unacceptable. We need this by Thursday, no later..." I heard her say. "Alright, I'll take care of it. Bye." she hung up the phone.

Mr. Hill knocked on the door. "CJ..."

The woman looked up as we stepped inside of her office. She had a pretty face and light hair that was cut at her shoulders. "This is Allison Lewis, she's the intern I was telling you about." He said.
"Oh, right." she rose to meet me and smiled, sticking out her hand. "I'm CJ Cregg, press secretary and Chief of Staff. It's nice to meet you." she said.

I grasped her hand and shook it lightly. "I'm Allison. Pleased to meet you, Ms. Cregg."
"Call me CJ." she insisted.

Standing, I immediately noticed that she towered above me at an impressive six feet. She was tall and slim with long legs. She couldn't have been more than 40 in age, but was still very attractive.
"well, CJ can take it from here, as you'll be working with her. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to help." Mr. Hill said before stepping out.
"alright, we'd best get started then." CJ said.

A couple of weeks went by and I was already used to my job. I would run around, keeping notes and things. Often times I found myself in the press room, observing as CJ took on the overwhelming amount of questions from reporters. She was very nice, and was only really scary if you got on her bad side. I seemed to be doing alright.

Eventually I started spending most of my time in her office. The more I did, the more I got to watch her. She really was very pretty.

There were some days she wore these tight skirts that hugged her hips. Those were my favorite days. She would be on the phone, legs propped up on her desk. I would pretend to look over my clipboard when I would really be eyeing her toned legs. God, she really looked sexy in heels...
I guess she saw me looking because she suddenly took her legs down. (Wait, was I checking her out?)

I spent a lot of my work time trying to convince myself that I wasn't attracted to CJ, but it was hard. More so when she would bend over, causing me to glance at her rear. I could tell that her ass was tight and completely perfect. For a brief moment I found myself fantasizing about throwing her across her desk and spanking her... But I snapped out of it when she sat up again. (looks like these next couple of months are going to be long ones..)

There was no denying it; I wanted CJ Cregg. At night I would dream about having her submit to ne right there in her office, and vice versa. But I knew that wouldn't happen. If only she would notice me the way I noticed her. Over the next few days, I changed my appearance; wearing a shirt that was cut just low enough, or a skirt that gave a good view of my legs. I could have sworn she glanced at my chest a couple of times, but it was hard to tell.

One evening I was working on a paper with Mr. Hill that I had recently finished. I attached the to my clip board and made my way to CJ's office. Her door was open and I knocked, but no one was there. I decided to wait for her, sitting on the couch against the wall and watching the news in the meantime. A few minutes later, CJ came into her office and shut the door. She apparently didn't see me, as I was sitting in the corner. I went to speak when I noticed she was unbuttoning her blouse. I froze, eyes widening at the sight of her black lace bra popping out of her shirt. I knew I should say something, let her know I was there. So I cleared my throat.

"Jesus! You scared me." She said, jumping.
"Im so sorry Ms. Cregg, I-I..." I averted my gaze.
"That's alright... You need something?" she asked.
"Yes, I uh- these, umm... Notes. I have your notes and I came by but you weren't in here so I was going to wait and-" I rambled on, nervously. What could she be thinking. "Notes for the presidential ball?"

I nodded, looking down.
"Here, I'll take them." CJ stuck out her arm, shirt still half unbuttoned. I got up an handed them to her, catching sight of her firm breasts. Before I knew it, my pussy was throbbing and my cheeks reddened. I couldn't take it anymore.
"....Sorry." I said before rushing out.

I made it safely to the ladies room and sat in the stall. There was no one else in the bathroom. With a hand in my panties I felt just how wet I had gotten, and I knew it was from CJ. The anticipation of watching Her undress and then being caught had really turned me on. I soon started to rub my swollen cunt, slipping a finger inside me. It felt so good to satisfy that aching. I couldn't stop.

Sliding my finger out, I began to rub my clit rapidly. "Ohh CJ, that feels so good." I moaned quietly, pretending it was her instead of me. I gasped and came, throwing my head back. I had never cum so quickly in my life.

Lunch was being served, and afterwards I returned to CJ's office to receive my next assignment. CJ was at her desk, reading something. She didn't look up but she knew it was me. "Close the door." she told me.
I did as I was asked, wondering if I had done something wrong. "Is everything alright?" I asked, sitting on the couch.

She took her glasses off, holding them in her left hand.
"I should be asking you that, shouldn't I?" she got up from her chair and sat beside me. My breath nearly caught in my throat, I hadn't really been so close to her until now. "Forgive me, I'm not quite sure what you mean."

She was inches away from me and I drank in every detail. Her eyes were Hazel and she didn't appear to wear any makeup. Her lips seemed soft, a warm, pink color to them. I came to the conclusion that she was naturally that beautiful.
"I heard you in the bathroom earlier."

I tensed up, blushing. I could have sworn I had been alone. Embarrassed, I put my head in my hands. "Oh God, I... I'm sorry CJ, I don't know what I was thinking... You're just really pretty and I-I-I..." I had no clue what to say, couldn't bring my eyes to meet hers.
"I'll leave, I'm sorry if I caused any trouble ". I went to exit the room and she stopped me, a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to face her and suddenly she leaned forward and pressed her lips against my own! I wasn't sure that this was real, but I didn't resist. When she pulled away, I was speechless.
"Why don't you come with me to my house later. We have some... Work that needs taken care of." she said, going back to her desk.
I nodded. "Yes ma'am."

*** PART 2

After this incident, CJ took me to her house to work alright! I had then begun to sleep with her for quite some time. We were pretty good at keeping this a secret, but there must have been something that gave us away. There were three guys who worked with CJ named Toby, Josh and Sam. They began to suspect something. A rumor then started amongst the three of them, that CJ and I were having at it (Boy, were they right!).

This was something that remained only between the them, especially since they weren't sure. Toby kind of shrugged it off, Josh really wanted to k ow and Sam was determined to find out. An overeard two sentences set off what became a very interesting plan.

"...It just can't be done in time. This could take all night to complete." CJ sighed. "We'll do what we can Noe and finish at my house. Alright?"
I agreed.

Josh was passing by when he heard this and immediately shared it with the guys. At first the joked about sneaking into CJ's house and discovering the truth, but it quickly became a serious idea. "Fuck it, I say we go."
after a long discussion, they decided.
"I'm in. What the hell do we have to lose?"

Very Early, they left and snuck into CJ's home. Toby was someone she trusted so her knew where she kept her spare key. They looked around for a place to hide, and settled on the bedroom closet. Soon after, CJ and I arrived and got straight to work. The guys sat upstairs, cramped and patiently waiting. They listened to our conversation downstairs until we finished our work. It was 10pm by then, and I was staying overnight. The guys perked up when they heard us coming upstairs. I got ready for bed and CJ sat in bed, reading.

"CJ, you need a break. You're still in your work clothes."
"I was doing some reading for the ball." she said.
"Just relax, you're doing too much." I knew she was simply trying to be prepared.
"Come on". I said, getting up and sitting beside her.

'Hey wake up, something's happening.' Sam whispered from the closet, poking the guys.

"I'm fine, really. After this, I'll stop." she insisted.
I rested my hands on her neck and began to massage her shoulders. Her muscles were tense, and she practically melted as I worked out the knots. Bending her head forward she said, "Mmm, okay, you win" and closed the book.

The guys shared a look as I stopped and sat before her again.

CJ rolled her shoulders back and nodded. "Much, thank you."
"So what are you going to do now?" I asked.
" I had a little something in mind." she replied.
"yeah? Like what?"

She giggled and leaned forward, kissing me lightly. "You know exactly what".
I parted my lips lightly as she did so.

The guys' eyes grew wide as our minor kiss turned into a more passionate one. CJ drew in my bottom lip as my tongue danced with hers.

'Holy. Shit. We were right." Toby whispered.

Our kiss lingered on, my hand on her neck as she ran her fingers through my hair.

The boys were in disbelief. "I knew it!" Josh said

"Do I make you hot, CJ?" I asked her.
"God, yes."
There I was, 19 years old about to please the woman of my dreams.

"This... This is just... Incredible." Sam said.

I licked at her neck, kissing the same spot. She caressed my side, tracing the line of my spine. My nipples were hardening through my shirt, showing just how aroused I was. "This needs to come off." I said, tapping the button of her blazer. As simple as that, the blazer was off. She was in a plain t-shirt and a black skirt; the one that I favored out of the others. I let my fingers trail their way up her bare legs, as it would be torture to look and not touch.

"That too." CJ crosses her arms and lifted her shirt off to reveal a purple bra. Then She pulled at the string of my pajamas bottoms. I pushed one of her straps to the side and kissed the smooth skin of her shoulder. She ran her fingers through my hair once more and told me to sit back, so I did. My pajamas were off in an instant, and luckily for her, I wasn't wearing a bra.

Because of the bed post, the boys couldn't see anything above my knee, but the heard every word we spoke. "Jesus Christ, is this turning anyone else on? I'm hard as a rock." Toby admitted.

CJ brushed her lips over my collar bone and stopped above my breasts. She rolled her tongue over my nipples, and then kissed her way down my belly.

"Fuck. I'm sorry guys." Sam said as he unzipped his pants. He couldn't handle what he was witnessing and needed relief. They all did.

She traced the line of my panties before sliding those off too. Now in between my legs, she blew lightly against my throbbing cunt. I knew she was teasing and sat there, drawing in staggered breaths of anticipation. I was finally rewarded by the feel of her tongue running up my slit. I laid back completely as her tongue went deeper inside of me. CJ's head moved in slight circles and I moaned. "Ohh CJ..."

She sucked up my clit, flicking it furiously with her tongue.
"I want you to cum so hard." she told me, sitting up.

The guys observed CJ sticking her middle and ring finger in her mouth. "Do you think she's gonna-"
But his question was answered when She slid her fingers into place.

"I know you like it deep."
I moaned again, biting my lip in satisfaction.

"Why don't we make this a bit more fun?" she asked. CJ reached for her nightstand drawer, and pulled out a clear, glass dildo. "Shall we?"
She had a seductive smirk on her face as she begn to thrust fast, the smooth, cold glass sliding in and out with ease.

Sam was pounding away at the sound of my moans growing more frequent.

"You're so close... And so wet, I absolutely love it."
I spread my legs wider for her. "Oh fuck, Oh yes. CJ, I'm gonna cum!" I groaned.
She used her other hand to rub my clit in circles. "Then cum for me baby, cum for me".

She moaned with me as my pussy contracted and I came hard. "Oh, yes!" she said as she watched, still working my clit.
"How was that?" she Smiled down at me.
"...amazing" I managed. She slid the dildo out and used her mouth to clean it.
"Oh, you're turning me on all over again." I said as I watched her.

"Me too." Sam said quietly, who already spurted a load in the closet. Toby and Josh were close. Watching CJ suck anything could really bring a guy over the edge.

"Your turn!" I said happily, leaning her back against her pillow. Her lingerie was thrown to the floor and I was left with my eyes glued to the gorgeous, six foot tall woman in front of me. People were often intimidated by her height, but she was none-the-less astonishing.
I started down her body, kissing every inch of her that I could. I took my time, coming to her chest and taking each of her smaller breasts into my mouth. CJ let a soft moan escape her. I ventured on across her belly and thighs, lips working around that perfect little slit of hers. Where was te fun if I didn't tease her back?

Sam stroking his hard cock, attempting his second orgasm as Toby and Josh came at the sight of the exposed flesh between CJ's legs.

"Please..." she begged me.
I shoved my tongue as deep inside of her as she did myself, and she breathed a sigh of relief. I used my other hand to apply pressure to her clit as she closed her eyes. CJ was just as slippery and sweet as she usually was, and I loved the way she tasted.
I sat up, two fingers now replacing my tongue. CJ panted, hungry for the climax she so desperately craved.

"This is so fucking sexy." Josh said from the closet. It was his biggest fantasy to spy on two females as they pleased each other.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck gain, a highly sensitive spot for her. Her words were only just audible. "...Talk to me."

"God yes, talk dirty to her." Toby begged silently.

"Claudia Jean Cregg, you've been so naughty lately. I love it when you misbehave, wearing those short skirts to work. It makes me so wet."

CJ's eyes were still closed as she listened. I figured that since she was in charge so often, she liked the idea of being submissive every now and then. Although she did have fun being the dominant one...
"You know, I have this fantasy where you call me into your office, and you're wearing a low-cut tank top under your blazer and showing off your legs while you're sitting on your desk..." I began, still pumping her pussy. I aimed upward, searching for her g-spot. It would be a real treat if I'd found it!

"... And you command me to do things, and in the end I have my tongue buried in your cunt and the President himself walks in as you're brought to orgasm and he doesn't even realize it." I continued.
"...Don't stop." CJ panted.

"Holy fuck, I can pitcute that scene perfectly". Toby said as he imagined it.

CJ groaned, her legs bucking. If there's one thing I learned about her, it's that her legs buck when she's close.
"I think my favorite thing is that after this is over, I get to lap everything up".
"Yes." she moaned.
"Are you gonna cum CJ?"
"Uh-huh." she nodded.

I rubbed her clit in wild circles. "Cum for me then, you can't fight it. I can already feel your pussy tightening around my fingers. Can you feel your breath quickening? Your pulse racing beyond control?"
"Oh, God!" she moaned.
"And now you're almost intoxicated by that unbelievably delicious feeling that's been building up in the pit of your stomach. And when it erupts, you'll be left a breathless mess on your bed as that wave of ecstasy hits you over and over again."

CJ's legs jerked once, twice as se let out a cry, completely euphoric.
She pushed back, body digging into the mattress. Her muscles contracted and she exploded, squirting all over my hand and the bed.

"Jesus!" All three men came as they watched CJ in her vulnerable state.

She was breathing heavily.
"you're absolutely... brilliant."
"I should say the same for you, Ms. Cregg."

I lay beside her as she finger-combed her ruffled hair into place and kisses me for the last time that night.

The guys sat, mystified until Toby broke their silence. "Okay, we know we're right... Now how the fuck do we get out of this closet?"

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