Late Night Work: The Sequel

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It was the night of a special ceremony for the President and everyone in the White House had worked non-stop throughout the day. Unlike normally, today I had worked with Mr. Spencer, another member of staff. All attending the Gala were dressed in their finest clothing, and they gathered in the same room to hear the head man of the country speak. I was there in a sleek black dress that went from short to long. It was fitting in all the right places.

Applause echoed through the room as he ended his speech and I scanned the room for CJ. I hadn't seen her all day, not once. The event transitiomed into an after-party, those attending now beginning to socialize. I chatted with some people here and there and soon went for refreshments. Just as I grabbed my beverage, I caught her through my peripheral vision. She was absorbed in conversation, laughing with whomever she was talking to. Might I just say that stunning doesn't even begin to describe the way she looked that night.

CJ was wearing a long, part-red, part-gold dress. It only had one red sleeve but it tied together nicely. She even had on lipstick.

I hadn't realized I was staring until she set her light eyes on my dark ones. I noticed that she quickly scanned my figure and excused herself from her colleague. As she made her way over to me, I grew nervous. She didn't look happy. When she reached me, she briefly stopped to speak to me. "My office, five minutes." And then she marched out.

I couldn't imagine What I had done wrong. I played over every possible scenario in my head.
CJ was there, leaning against her desk with her arms folded across her chest.
"You wanted to see me, Ms. Cregg?"
"Yes. Shut the door." She instructed.

I did so, hoping to God I wasn't in trouble.
"First off I wanted to say thank you for your help on behalf of the entire staff."

I had been running around and helping set up for the Gala, mainly with decorations.
I smiled, nodding once. "You're very welcome. I-"
"Secondly, You look like you're going to prom, not to a presidential event." She said, cutting me off.

Maybe my dress was short in the front, but it was certainly long in the back. It didn't even show too much.
I was struggling for words. "I..."
"Did you take that into consideration when you got dressed this evening?"
"I'm sorry Ms. Cregg, I didn't mean to -"
"Come here."

I was frozen in place. I really must have screwed up.
"I said come here."

I managed to walk up to her, my nerves causing me to swallow hard. "Consider this a strike. For every strike, there's a consequence." She told me.
"Consequence?" All I thought was please let me keep my internship.
"Bend over the desk." She said.

That was when she took me by surprise and grabbed my arm, throwing me forward over the end of her desk.
I tried to get up but I was stopped with a hard smack to my rear. "CJ, what-"
"Don't move!" I froze again.

"You're really having a hard time following instructions." She said. "I can't just let that go unpunished."
"Unpunished? I-"

I was greeted with another several, hard slaps to my ass. And I admit, it did hurt, but my God it turned me on to see CJ being so forceful.
"Are you going to behave yourself?" She asked.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes Ms. Cregg."
I gasped, sure my bottom was red.
"...Yes, ma'am."

At last she let me up, and kissed my glossy lips. Her own reminded me of cherries; sweet, red and irresistible.
She pulled away briskly, knowing that I wanted more.
"Take your panties off."

I obeyed, slipping them down to my ankles and over my heels. They were light purple, her favorite color.
"good girl."

Everything felt so wrong and so right. My biggest fantasy had always been having CJ dominate me in her office. And so far, she was turning it into reality.
"Sit here. I don't want you to cum until you have my permission. You can beg all you like. Is that clear?" She demanded.
"Yes, ma'am."

She positioned herself in front of my legs, which I couldn't open all that wide due to my tight dress. CJ started by caressing my inner thighs. Any single contact from her drove me wild, and this certainly was no different. She began to lick lightly at my lips, pulling them apart with her fingers and teasing the opening of my little pink hole. She had such a skilled tongue I would have came in 30 seconds, but I wouldn't dare disobey her.
She nibble gently at the hood of my clit before rolling her tongue over the sensitive button underneath.

I was trembling slightly from fighting the urge to cum. She continued to work her tongue around and around until my juices were dripping down my ass cheeks.
She suddenly stopped, stood upright and kissed me again. I could taste that I was yummy like a peach, though I knew CJ was yummier. I had to have her.
"You must be dying to cum." She teased.
"Yes! Can I please cum, CJ?" I begged.
"No. Not until I think you deserve it."

Very slowly, she began to rub my slit, making sure that I was nice and wet. She kept this up for a good while. She didn't have a single finger inside of me, yet I felt as though I were about to burst. "Can I PLEASE cum?"
"No." CJ shook her head, a smirk playing lightly on her lips.

Finally, she slid her middle and ring finger inside my cunt. I could barely describe the electric feeling I got when she did. And if I couldn't describe that, I definitely couldn't describe the sensation I was hit with when she started to finger me. She was twisting her hand and bending her fingers every which way.

"Oh God, you make my pussy feel so good. Please, can I cum?"
She simply stuck a third finger inside of me. This may not have sounded like a lot, but I was very tight. I was pretty much full, with a mere three fingers.
She was curling and uncurling her fingers, pressing hard toward the front of my cunt. I was so wet, I thought that I'D be the one to squirt this time.

The motions became harder and much faster.
"Oh fuck! CJ , please! I can't take it anymore!" I pleaded.
She actually grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back. "You can take it and you will take it . Do you know why? Because you're a dirty little slut and you love it."

Never in our few months together had she spoken to me in such a way. I loved every second of it.
"Are you a little slut?" She asked me.
I moaned.
She was fucking me so hard the table was rocking.
"I asked you a question. "
"I'm not A little slut, I'm YOUR little slut and I love it when you treat me this way... Oh, please let me cum!" I was beyond desperate.

I could see how heavily her chest rose and fell, and I realized she must have been incredibly turned on herself. CJ watched me for a few more seconds."...Yes. cum for me now." She ordered.
There was no hesitation.
My legs jerked, nearly ripping my dress as I came, letting out a long, satisfied moan. My eyes were closed when my pussy began to contract in rhythmic waves.

Thank god CJ's office was the only one on this side of the hall because I cried out loudly. I was breathless afterwards, all sexual tension released from my 19 year old body.
"...Thank you CJ."
She slipped her hand out. "You got my fingers all messy. Why don't you be a good girl and clean them?"
Her hand was slicked with my wetness, and I took my time sucking my juices off of each well-manicured finger.

Before she could say anything, I leaned forward and kissed her, tongue dancing with her own. She didn't resist at first but she soon snapped back into her dominant state.
"We're not finished."
Taking her time, she walked behind her desk and sat in her chair. It squeaked as she pivoted around to face me. "You're going to make me cum, and I want you to make me cum hard." She told me.
"Yes ma'am." She didn't need to ask twice.

I went to her and kneeled before her. CJ had pulled up her dress, legs drawn over the arms of the chair. And it dawned on me, that that whole time she wasn't wearing any panties. Fuck, she just got sexier every day.
As I traced my finger tips over the smooth skin of her legs, I could see very faintly through the fabric of her dress that her nipples had grown hard. She was definitely aroused.

Instead of immediately diving in I took my time, tongue skimming over her bare cunt. I was hardly touching her, teasing in return. I continued this until her soft moans grew more and more frequent.

I ran my tongue over her clit before it snaked its way in and out of her wet hole. She was slippery enough that my fingers easily found their place inside of her. I rapidly thrust them in and out of her, in unison with my wildly operating tongue.
"Uh, uh, uhhhhh.... ohhhhhhhh yes." She moaned quietly.

CJ made an 'Mmmm' sound when I felt her hands brushing over my head, moving my hair out of my face. I looked up at her, her lips parted slightly, eyes shut as she grew closer to climax. She had a hand in the top of her dress as she fondled her breasts, pinching and tweaking her hard nipples.
The other was used to pull my face deeper into her cunt. I didn't stop, I just flicked my tongue even quicker.
Her stomach muscles rolled over once as that pre-orgasm shock began to crash down on her.

CJ was panting in between moans before the intensity that had been building up finally erupted. She groaned, holding my head in a certain spot.
Her own head fell back, unable to concentrate on anything.
When it started to pass, she took a deep breath. "Just touch it like that, nice and slow.... oh! Yes, mmmm." She moaned. I was sitting there, rubbing her pussy ever so gently as she consistently ran her fingers through my hair.

CJ lowered her legs and pushed her dress down when there was a knock on the door. I immediately ducked and she stammered, startled from the suddenness.
"C- uh.... come in."
It was the president.
"Mr. President!"

He said that he had been looking for her because he hadn't seen her at all that night and that they needed her back at the Gala.
"What, are you hiding from us?" He joked.
"No sir, I just... came to ..."
He waved it away. "Just meet us down there."

She agreed and when he left, I popped back up. "That was close!" I said.
CJ exhaled in relief. As I rose and faced her, she rested a hand on my neck and pulled me in for a long kiss. She was back to her less-dominant self.

"I think you learned your lesson for now... But that's one strike. Three strikes and your out."
I couldn't help but wonder what fun the third strike would bring...

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