Larry patrols the border

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

She knew if she didn't do it he would turn her over to the border control so she got in his car and went home with him. When they were in his ranch house he demanded.

"Take your clothes off"

She undressed and stood before him naked and ashamed.

"Get on the bed and spread your legs you Mexican whore" he hissed.

She did as he said and soon he was rapeing her. Larry Tate loved to hunt for illegal's and terrorize the women. That is what they deserved in his opinion. This was the first young beautiful girl he found and he was going to keep her for a sex slave. Larry pulled out his prick of her hole and covered her breasts with cum so she wouldn't get pregnant.

"Can I go now?"

He was surprised when she spoke english.

"You're going to stay with me"

"I did what you wanted"

"Yes, but I want more"

The girl started to cry and Larry felt sorry for her. She said she needed money for the coyotes or they would kill her sister.

"Are they holding her for ransom?"

"Yes" she sobbed.


"A house outside Laredo"

My god what luck. Now he could have two women.

"I'll pay them"

Larry drove to Laredo and the Mexican girl showed him where the house was. He paid the money and drove home. The girls told him their names were Rita and Dolores Rojas and they wanted to make enough money in the united states to buy a house for their parents. He knew that Dolores didn't speak English so he told Rita to tell her sister that he was going to fuck her.

"Please don't Mr Tate my sister is a virgin and wants to be a nun" she begged.

Larry smiled to himself, he hadn't had a virgin since he was in grade school. That night he ask Rita to prepare her sister for sex. She complied and soon the girl was on his bed with her lovely legs spread. He rammed his prick in her cunt and broke her cherry. He was surprised at the girl's reaction. She went wild climaxing and moaning like a two dollar whore.

"You love this don't you?"

The girl was silent and smiled at him lovingly. Finally Larry couldn't hold back any longer and filled the girl's hole with sperm. She said something to him in Spanish so he ask her sister what it was.

"She says she wants to marry you and have your baby"

"Tell her she has to pay me back for the money I spent on the coyote"

"How can she do that?" ask Rita.

"I'll sell her ass to my friends"

Rita told her sister what he said. Dolores as so happy she grabbed him and kissed him until his prick got hard. He fucked her again and when he was done he ate her wet cunt until she climaxed. The next morning he called his friends and told them about the girl. Soon his driveway was filled with cars and Dolores was naked ready and waiting. The men took turns fucking the girl and went home to their wives happy and content. Larry counted seven hundred dollars, it was more then he paid for the woman. When Dolores became pregnant Larry didn't care who the father was. He got a priest and married the girl. Rita shared the bed with them and soon became pregnant like her sister. Larry sent their parents money for a house and everybody got what they wanted.

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