Lads night out

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I couldn't wait for a good night out with the lads It had been a month or two.I came in from work on Friday night and stripped off and got into the shower washing away all the days aches and pains,it had been a rough day and if I'm honest a hard week all round I promised myself I would have a good night if I had my way and if I was lucky would find a nice girl to have some fun with.

After about ten mins of getting out the shower and got dressed In some dark jeans and a black shirt my friend Jake turned up with some beers before our evening was going to really start, a few beers later we decided to head of too a local club,it was packed there quite a bit of talent in the club but none I really fancied after a couple of hours and a good few drinks later I spotted this hot looking girl at the bar she looked no more than 21 I was only 23 myself at the time I smiled at her she smiled back and I made my way to her at the bar and introduced myself as Jason she said her name was Jane I asked her what she was drinking I ordered the drinks and we got chatting what seemed like ages making each other laugh she started to talk dirty while rubbing my cock in my jeans at this point we were sat in a quiet spot so no one could see us she was saying things like "I bet you have got a big cock hiding in those pants I wouldn't mind finding out and winked and left me sitting there with a big bulge in my pants as she headed to the ladies beckoning me to join her.

After a few minutes I followed and found her in one of the cubicles she pulled me in and said "lets have a look then! she ripped open my shirt and started kissing my smooth chest until she got down to my jeans and unbuttoned them and got my semi erect cock out she said that is a big one and grabbed it with both hands giving me a slow hand job then put it in her sweet mouth sucking and licking my cock till I was fully hard I bent her over and pulled her damp panties to one side and inserted my big raging cock into her tight pussy It felt so good on my cock pulling me in deeper until I was fully Inside her I started to pump her harder and harder making her scream begging me not too stop then then after a few minutes she exploded all over my cock I kept pumping her not letting up till she had another Powerful orgasm on my big cock this time she took me over the edge and shot a huge load into her tight pussy then pulled out to see my cum dripping out of her there was so much it dripped down her legs onto the floor.

I had certainly got my wish that night I thought I would share it with you.

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