Linda and her cousin

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Eighteen year old Linda and her cousin Jimmy didn't go to church because it was raining. Linda was still in her pajamas.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" ask Jimmy.

"Not yet" she said.

Jimmy could see the outline of her breasts and knew she wasn't wearing a bra. He was getting a hard on looking at the blond beauty. Linda was a tease. She knew her cousin wanted to fuck her.

"I bet you have a lot of girlfriends" she said.

"I used to, but I don't have one now, she left me" said the boy.

"You probably tried to have sex with them and that's why they ran off" she laughed.

"I bet you wouldn't run off" he replied.

"I'm your cousin silly" she giggled.

"I've heard of kissing cousins" said the boy.

"Do you want to kiss me?" she teased.

"Yes" he said.

Linda was excited. Jimmy was handsome!

Linda got off the couch and wrapped her arms around him. Then she kissed him on the lips. Her kiss was intoxicating. He pulled up her pajama top and felt her breasts. She didn't resist. Linda heard her mother's car in the driveway and ran to the bathroom to compose herself. Jimmy sat on the couch and tried to hide the bulge in his pants. "It's raining cats and dogs" said Ida Mae.

"We need the rain" said Jimmy.

Linda came from the bathroom and ask her mom. "Hi mom, how was church?"

"Boring" she laughed.

"Why do you go?" ask her daughter.

"To get moral guidance I suppose" she replied.

Linda went to her room and got dressed.

"Where is uncle Harold?" ask Jimmy.

"The rail road needed him" she sighed.

"He must work a lot of overtime" said the boy.

"We need the money to buy a new house" said his aunt.

"Would you like to go for a drive in my convertible?" ask Jimmy.

"Yes" said Linda.

"In this horrible rain?" gasp Ida Mae.

"Please mom, I haven't ridden in his new car yet"

Ida May said it would be all right, but she thought they were crazy. Jimmy drove to a deserted dirt road by the river and parked. Linda snuggled up to him. They kissed for a while.

"Do you want to feel my breasts again?"

"Oh my god yes!" said Jimmy.

Linda took off her blouse and bra. Jimmy sucked her tits while Linda stroked his hair. The rain pounded furiously on the convertible top.

"Do you want to see the rest of me?" she ask.

"Yes" whispered Jimmy.

Linda took her clothes off and Jimmy stuck his hand between her legs and felt her pussy.

"Oh god!" moaned the girl.

Linda spread her legs and surrendered herself. Jimmy stuck his dick in her and fucked her with all he had. He filled her hole with sperm several times. Finally Linda said.

"We better go home, mom will be worried"

Jimmy started the car and tried to leave. He was stuck in the mud!

"I knew we shouldn't have parked here"

Jimmy got out of the car. It was buried up to the axles. Linda struggled to get her clothes on and joined him. They were drenched with rain.

"What now?" she ask.

A big farm truck came by and stopped.

"Do you want me to pull you out?" ask the stranger.

"Yes please!" said Jimmy.

"I'll do it for thirty bucks" he smiled.

"I don't have any money" said Jimmy.

"I'll take it out in trade" said the stranger.

"What kind of trade?" ask Jimmy.

"I want to fuck your girlfriend" he said.

"She's not my girlfriend, she's my cousin" shouted the boy.

"Ok, if that's the way you want it" he replied.

The stranger put the truck in gear and started to drive away.

"Stop, I'll do it!" cried Linda.

Jimmy was aghast. His cousin was going to fuck a man old enough to be her father. He got in his car and closed the door. Linda climbed in the truck. In half an hour it was over. She got in Jimmy's car and smiled.

"He licked my cunny before he fucked me" she giggled.

"He's a fucking child molesting pervert" snarled Jimmy.

"You were done using my pussy, why are you so mad?" ask Linda.

Jimmy kept his mouth shut. The stranger got a log chain and pulled them out of the mud. When they got home Ida Mae ask why they were wet.

"We got stuck mom and a nice man pulled us out of the mud" said her daughter.

Jimmy clenched his teeth. Evidently his cousin liked being taken advantage of.

"You kids change your clothes before you catch a cold" said Ida Mae.

Linda and Jimmy sat at the kitchen table drinking hot cocoa.

"That was fun" she giggled.

"Having sex with that pervert was fun?" gasp the boy.


Jimmy knew his cousin had turned into a slut. Why should he care? Jimmy looked at her and smiled.

"Next time we'll go to a motel"

"I would like that" she said.

The next morning Linda ask her mother if she wanted some time alone with her dad. Her mother smiled at her and said she would. Linda and Jimmy drove around looking for a motel.

"I saw my dad fuck my mother in her asshole" giggled Linda.

"How do you know his prick was in her butt hole?" ask Jimmy.

"I heard my mother ask for it"

"Did you actually see it?"

"Yes, they woke me up one night with their noisy sex romp and I peeked in the door"

"Was she getting fucked in her ass?" ask Jimmy.

"Was she ever, the slut begged for it"

"Would you like your ass fucked?"

"I want to try it" said Linda.

Jimmy found a motel on the edge of town. When they went into their room Linda undressed and pulled her legs high above her head.

"Spit on my butt hole Jimmy and fuck me" she coaxed.

Jimmy wasted no time undressing. He spit on her hole and slid his prick in with ease.

"Ooooooooooo that's nice" said Linda.

Jimmy fucked his cousin's ass and filled it with cum.

"Now do my pussy" she demanded.

The boy gave it all he had. He lay beside her exhausted.

"I want to do it some more" she pleaded.

"I can't get a hard on" he replied.

"I saw a man next door and he was alone, why don't you ask him to join us?" she said.

Jimmy knocked on the strangers door and explained the situation.

"Too hot to handle is she?" he laughed.

"Yes" admitted Jimmy.

He was an older man and said his name was Frank. Jimmy knew his cousin would like him. When Frank saw Linda's nude body on the bed he got a stiff prick immediately. He always wanted to fuck a young girl. She was a beautiful blond bitch with green eyes and large tits. Frank dropped his pants exposing the biggest prick Linda ever saw. It was huge! She wondered if he could get it in her hole. Frank didn't waste any time. He mounted the girl and shoved all seven inches up her cunt. Linda let out a squeal of pain when it touched her womb. Linda had a climax and then another. She was so excited she squirted pee. Jimmy got another hard on watching Frank fuck her.

"Put it in her ass!" cried the boy.

Linda held her breath. She got on her hands and knees and Frank fucked her asshole. Linda screamed so loud she was afraid someone would hear her. When the big prick reached bottom it exploded with a river of cum and went limp.

"Oh my god!" gasp Linda.

Sperm oozed from her asshole. Jimmy licked it up. Linda had another climax from her cousin's tongue and collapsed on the bed. That was the most exciting thing she ever did. No wonder her mother liked it in the ass. Frank thanked Linda and went back to his room.

"I think we better go home now" said Linda.

It was late when the kids got home. Harold and Ida May were already in bed. Linda sat on the couch and let her cousin finger fuck her.

"Do it faster" she whispered.

Jimmy's fingers became pistons moving back and forth in her cunt. Linda climaxed and said.

"I love you Jimmy" she cooed.

Jimmy stood up and stuck his prick in her mouth. She sucked him off. This prompted a new round of sex. Both of them went to bed before dawn satisfied and tired. Morning came and his aunt Ida Mae woke Jimmy up. He was laying on his back. His prick was hard because he was having a dream about Linda. The woman laughed to herself. It was exciting to see her young nephew in a state of arousal. Ida Mae joined her daughter in the kitchen.

"Did you and daddy have a good time while we were gone?" ask Linda rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

. "Yes, thank you honey for being so understanding" said her mother.

"I hope daddy made you happy" replied the girl.

"Shush!" blushed her mom.

Then Linda spilled the beans. She wanted her mom to know about her and Jimmy.

"Mom, I let Jimmy fuck me" she said nervously.

"I suspected you two were doing it" she replied.

"Then it's all right?" ask the relieved girl.

"Jimmy can sleep with you from now on if he wants to"

"Thank you mom" said Linda.

"Go get my nephew, I want to have a talk with him"

Linda brought back Jimmy.

"My daughter tells me you two have been having sex "

Jimmy's mouth dropped open. He was frightened. How could Linda do this to him.

"Yes we have" stammered the boy.

"It's all right with me Jimmy"

Jimmy was silent. He had to think about this turn of events.

"Mom says we can stay here and sleep together" gushed the girl.

"We can?" gasp the boy.

"You do want me don't you?" ask Linda.

"Yes, of course I do" said the boy.

That's settled then, let's go to the bedroom and fuck" said Linda.

"What will Harold think?" groaned Jimmy.

"He won't care if he can fuck her too" said Ida Mae.

"Oh my god, does daddy wants my pussy?"

Yes, and I want to have sex with Jimmy" said Ida May.

The kids rushed upstairs and hopped in her bed. Harold and Ida May watched them have sex and waited their turn. Linda knew she had the greatest parents ever.

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