Larry looses everything

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"Fuck you bitch" snarled Larry.

"I'm not a bitch" sobbed Rita.

Larry felt bad for his angry words and put his arm around his wife. He kissed her and said he was sorry. Rita knew that her husband loved her and it was silly of her to be jealous. So what if his secretary was young and beautiful but when he had to go back to the office to work late that she became suspicious.

"Will you be back in time for supper?"

"No, it will take a long time" he sighed.

"How long?" she ask.

"Maybe midnight"

Larry knocked on his office door and Doreen opened it.

"I didn't think you were coming"

Larry looked at his secretary and said.

"I had an argument with my wife"

"About what?" she ask.


"Does she know?" ask the nervous woman.

"She's suspicious"

"We've got to be careful I don't want to cause a divorce" said Doreen.

Larry kissed the girl and said.

"I don't care, she is a lousy piece of ass anyway"

"You just love me because I let you have kinky sex with me and she won't"

"That's it" said Larry.

"Let's lock up the office and go to a motel" said Doreen.

"What if my wife calls?"

"Take the phone off the hook and she will think we are busy making calls"

"You are a smart woman" laughed Larry.

"I've had practice" she giggled.

When they got to the motel Doreen undressed and got on the bed. She rubbed her pussy to get it ready for her lover. Larry mounted her and fucked her until he was too tired to continue.

"Don't stop now sweetheart I haven't climaxed yet" gasp Doreen.

"Damn you're hard to please" replied Larry.

He finger fucked her cunt until his prick was hard again and renewed his effort.

"That's it baby, I'm going to uuuuuuunnnnhoh god!"

This time Larry pulled his prick out of her hole and squirted sperm on her face.

"I wish your wife could see this" she giggled.

"Do you want me to divorce her and marry you?"

"No way" said the girl.

"Why not?"

"I like my freedom"

"I don't blame you" said Larry.

When Larry got home he slept on the couch so he didn't have to fuck his wife. When Rita woke up that was the way she found him.

"Why didn't you sleep in the bed?"

"It was late and I didn't want to wake you"

Rita wrinkled up her nose and said.

"Are you trying to avoid having sex with me?"

"No" he stammered.

"You haven't done me for over a week now" she said tearfully.

"I'm sorry honey"

She fixed his breakfast and he hurried to work. He said he and his secretary had to go to a business meeting in Detroit for the weekend. Rita decided she would do something she always wanted to do. She put on her best dress without a bra or panties and took a taxi to a bar. If her husband didn't find her sexy maybe someone else would. She drank until she was drunk and no one made a pass at her. She was almost in tears when a handsome older man sat beside her and ask her if he could buy her a drink. Rita smiled at him and introduced herself. He said his name was Karl. They drank and talked until closing time. Rita told him she was married and he said he was divorced.

"Do you like me Karl?"

"Yes" he replied.

"My husband will be gone for the weekend so if you want you to make love to me now is the time"

"I'd like that" smiled the man.

Rita sat next to him in the car and pulled up her dress so he could finger fuck her while he was driving. She felt wicked and was going to give him the best sex he ever had. As soon as they were in the house she led him to her bedroom. They undressed and Rita lay on the bed and spread her lovely legs. She was pleasantly surprised when Karl ate her pussy before he fucked her. Larry never did that. When he mounted her his prick was so big Rita could feel it touch her womb and Rita had her first climax.

"UUUUnnnnGOD!" she moaned.

His big balls slapped against her ass in steady rhythm and Rita climaxed so much she felt faint. He was fantastic! The man kept fucking her even after he filled her hole with sperm. She didn't take birth control pills because her husband had a vasectomy and Rita knew she was taking a chance of getting pregnant. Finally he was done with her and she snuggled up to him.

"I'll do you again in the morning" he panted.

Rita kissed him and fell asleep in his arms. She woke up about dawn when Karl kissed her pussy. She spread her legs and let him lick her. This was a wonderful man and she wished she were married to him instead of Larry. When he was done having sex with her she ask.

"Why did your wife leave you?"

"She said I was perverted"

"What did you do?"

"I ate her cunt when she had her period"

"Oh my god, that's nasty" she gasp.

"Would you let me do it?"

"Yes" she giggled.

Karl kissed her and fucked her until she climaxed. Rita had tears of joy in her eyes because she knew she had fallen in love with him.

"If I leave my husband can I live with you?"

"I would like that" he whispered.

Rita got dressed and started packing. She took her clothes and personal papers. She left Larry a note telling him their marriage was over. Then she moved in with Karl.


"Can't you get another hard on?" pleaded Doreen.

"Not yet baby" panted Larry.

She grabbed his prick and sucked on it until it was half hard. When she tried to stuff it in her wet hole it went limp again.

"son of a bitch!" she cried.

This weekend thing was not working out as Larry had expected. His secretary wanted to fuck every minute and he was tired of it.

"I think we should go home now" he said.

"You can go to hell you son of a bitch" said Doreen.

"You don't have to curse at me" protested Larry.

"Find another secretary to fuck, I quit" said the angry woman.

"Fine" said Larry.

When Larry saw his wife's note he cried. Now he had lost everything. Maybe he deserved it for being such an ass.

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