Kelli's first time

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(Note : This story is totally fictional)

I went off to college early so when my eighteenth birthday rolled around I packed up my car and headed back to our small town. On the drive there I listen to alot of the CD's my friends had gotten me for my birthday. One of which was an erotica CD. There were alot of stories that got me wet. The next to last track on the CD was about a girl that had a crush on her step-brother. I got to thinking about my own brother then. At first I wondered if he would be down for the weekend. He left home before me and had just turned twenty four. Growing up all my friends had a crush on him. I laughed it off and continued my drive, getting closer to home.

... And the thought of my friends and my brother stayed on my mind. Then , for some reason, I remembered the night my brother called me and asked me to take his girlfriend to the hospital. On the car ride there she told me why. The conversation flashed in my mind, which dampened my panties even more.

"Kelli, it hurts so bad...."

"Amber what the hell happened."

She stopped for a moment and blushed deeply before carefully answering my question. "Your brother ... got a little rough with me..."

I thought about that for a second and looked back at her laying in my back seat. "What the hell do you mean rough?" My eyes fixed on her intently.

She blushed deeper and looked to the floor board. "He ripped my pussy open......"

Just thinking about it made me wet as I turned into town. My small car had a pretty good amount of room and it was mid-day. Pulling up to the house I noticed no one was home. I grabbed my small carrying bag and went up to the front porch. After I pulled out the hidden key behind the cat on the porch I went in. No one was home. I made my way to my old room. Before I got to the end of the hallway I passed my brother's room. I heard soft moaning in the room and curiosity got the best of me, softly pushing the door open I found the room empty with the TV on. He had a porn going of a girl being tied down to a bed and gang banged.

I bit my bottom lip and slipped into his room, pushing the door closed again. My brother's body had been on my mind since thinking about Amber telling me what a massive cock he had. I sat on the edge of his bed and opened the front zipper on my bag. I reached in and found my vibrator. Pulling down my shorts, I pulled my black panties to the side and slowly inserted the large vibrator into my pussy. As soon as it got hilt deep and let out a loud moan and turned it on. For a few moments I squirmed on my brother's bed that still smelled of him. Soon I found myself on my knees roughly fucking my pussy moaning his name aloud.

"Bailey!! Baaaaaailey!!"

I was close to climax when the door swung open. I jumped and hit my head on his headboard. Flipping over and looking at the door way I felt like I could die. Bailey was leaning against the door way, massive dick in hand. It had to be atleast 10 inches long and 4 inches around.

"What are you moaning for? Wouldn't happen to be me would it?"

I couldn't believe what was happening. My sexy brother was standing there, large cock in hand stroking it for me as I lay on his bed, vibrator deep in my pussy. After a few seconds I nodded and moaned as I continued, figuring the worst had already happened.....

Bailey made his way over to me as he slipped off his pants and boxers. Letting go of his cock he reach down with both hands and put me back on my knees. After he had me in postion he used his index finger to tease me by pulling at my panties. I whimpered and wiggled my ass at him. Slowly his finger made it to the crease of my pussy lips. I let out another whimper and looked over my shoulder. My brother stood over me grinning.

"You look like a yummy little bitch right now..."

He raised his hand and slapped my ass as I continued to moan. He was going to be rough. As soon as the word 'bitch' came out of his mouth I wanted to cum that instant. He grabbed my panties and ripped them off me. He then reached between my legs and took the vibrator out of my hand and into his. He started to pound me with the vibrator. I went crazy. Before I knew it I was up against the headboard moaning hard and about to run out of breath as he stood behind me talking shit the hole time... I must have came three times in four mintues.

"Kelli the slut. What?! You can't take that little fucking vibrator being pounded into you? You can't handle this cock..."

He slapped me on the ass with his cock and I wanted to come again. It had been quite a while since I had the breath to say anything. As I stayed pressed against the headboard and wall I looked over my shoulder and screamed..."FUCK ME PLEASE!! OH GOD PLEASE!!!!"

About that time he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me back to his edge of the bed. I let out a yelp and felt myself get wetter. All at once she shoved that huge dick into my tight pussy all at once. I hadn't had a dick in months and I could swear I more than trippled in size as he entered me. With that violent shove I screamed louder than I thought I ever could. He kept me by my hips and drove into me hard deep in fast. I lost count to how many times I covered his dick with my pussy juice. It could have been fifteen mintues or a hour.... I couldn't tell you. I felt his cock start to throb and grinned as he pounded me. Then... yet another surprise. Instead of cumming on my back like I thought he would,he pulled out suddenly and flipped me over. He had me pinned on my back and shoved his cock in my mouth. As soon as he stretched my mouth around his cock, he came in my mouth, choking me with his dick and cum all at once. He fucked my face for a few mintues as he grolwed and continue to shove his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth. After he was done he let me up to breathe. I choked and coughed as he stood up and put his pants back up. Looking down at me he shook his head and opened the door.

"Get your dirty ass out of here before I take that ass."

I quickly gathered my bag and vibrator and pulled my pants up and waddled to my room. I'm going to LOVE being home for a few weeks....

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