Keeping Him

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Celine Beckman felt her blood boiling as she watched her husband dancing with her. Her meaning Nancy Goodwin, a tall petite redhead. It was at Gilbert Kendrick's home, friend of the Beckman's celebrating his new position of District Attorney. Celine's husband, Victor worked as a police officer and often the couple got invited to fancy parties and dances. Nancy was a court reporter and knew a lot of the officials. She was always at the parties as well and that's where she'd met Celine and Victor.

At first, Celine noticed Victor's eyes looking at the pretty young redhead. Nancy seemed to be staring at Victor as well. It was all innocent flirting at first. Celine tried to be open minded thinking that her husband would never cheat on her. Victor had grown up in a loving and respectable family with good morals. Celine did trust her husband but didn't trust the 30-year-old redhead. Nancy was very pretty, Celine had to admit. Any man would probably die to go out with her.

Celine wasn't ugly at all. She was a bit older than Nancy being 38 years old and had shoulder length brown hair and soft brown eyes. Her body was kept very nice by going to the gym almost every day and watching what she ate. Her husband Victor was 41 and very handsome. His hair was jet-black and eyes ice blue. He too kept fit for his job and for himself.

Celine leaned her head against a wall sipping on her third glass of wine. Victor and Nancy were dancing almost cheek to cheek and laughing. She could see Victor whispering things in Nancy's ear making her blush. Celine noticed all the other guests at the party staring at her wondering why in the world she wasn't the one dancing with her own husband.

After dancing with Nancy, Victor looked across the room to see his jealous wife. Her eyes pierced at him. He knew she was angry. He excused himself with Nancy and made his way over to his wife. He had to admit she looked quite stunning in her long red velvet dress that was low cut showing off her nice small cleavage.

"You don't look like you're enjoying yourself," Victor said sarcastically.

"I'm not. If you danced any closer with that woman, I would have thought you'd be fucking her right here in front of everyone."

Victor sighed. "Celine, let's not go through this again. I told you, she's a friend that's all."

"Oh a friend? Yeah I really buy that."

Victor grabbed a glass of wine as a waiter passed by and took a long hard sip. "You have to trust me. You know the way I am with women."

Celine had to admit that it was true. Ever since she'd been married to Victor for over 18 years, she'd seen the way he flirted with other women. She couldn't figure out if it was just his charming ways or if indeed he was not a one-woman man. She'd held on to the marriage because she was in love with him. She was crazy about him. How could she not be? She felt lucky at times knowing he'd chosen her and not some other woman to marry. She knew a lot of married men cheated but yet they still always came home to their wives no matter what.

"I know the way you are and I am getting tired of it. You should have seen the look on everyone's face when you were out there dancing with that... slut."

Victor put his glass down. "She's not a slut Celine. Why do you think every woman that talks to me or is a bit nice to me is a slut?"

"What do you want me to think? I mean would you like it if I were dancing with other men?"

Victor shrugged. "It wouldn't bother me Celine. You know I trust you and you should trust me."

Celine knew it was hopeless talking to her husband.

Heading back home they drove in silence. Celine looked out the window staring into the darkness of the night. She still felt angry with Victor for dancing almost the entire night with Nancy. He'd talked to Nancy more than he did with her.

They pulled up to their driveway and Victor put the car on park still not saying a word. He got off the car not bothering to open Celine's door. Celine walked back into the house trailing her husband. She felt guilty for feeling jealous but then again she had every right to be jealous. Her biggest fear had always been to lose Victor to another woman. She couldn't have that. Throughout the years she began to understand why many women stay with their cheating husbands, to hold on to a marriage.

Once Celine finished locking up, she found Victor drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. He looked at her and nodded his head.

"This night would have been perfect if only you hadn't acted like such a child Celine."

Celine's eyes saddened. "I'm sorry. I just hate seeing other women practically clawing you."

He walked away again leaving her alone in the kitchen. She followed him to the bedroom and he was beginning to get out of his suit. His hard chest and stomach were exposed making Celine aroused. His pants came off next until he was left with his dark blue boxers and nothing else. Celine just stared at her handsome husband. A smile began to form on her lips.

"What?" Victor asked frustrated.

"I want to make love," Celine said softly.

Victor kept his eyes on his wife. He sat down slowly on their king-sized bed. She reached behind and began to unzip her long dress. The dress slowly became loose falling off her shoulders and down her chest moving down to her long slender legs. Victor stared as she stood with her lacey red bra and matching red panties. Red was her color indeed.

"Now that's the way I like you," Victor said playfully.

Celine giggled and slipped out of her red heels letting the dress fall to the floor completely. She walked slowly towards her husband. Victor opened his arms out to her. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her flat belly very gently. Celine watched her husband trail kissed lower and his hands tugged at her panties beginning to pull them down. She eased back a bit letting her husband slip her red panties down her legs. She's shaved that morning, knowing he loved her to be baby smooth. Her panties came off and his hands went to unhook her bra from behind.

"I love you," Celine said softly as her bra slowly came down her shoulders and fell of her chest. Her brown nipples were pert.

"Mmm don't you look delicious? Lay back here baby. Let me fuck you," Victor rasped.

Celine felt her heart flutter and lay on the bed. The feel of the satin sheets made her body tingle. Her husband leaned down and planted a long wet kiss on her lips. Their tongues met slowly gliding against one another. His hands went down to touch her breasts. He began to tug and pinch each nipple as they continued to kiss.

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