Keeping Daddy at Home : Part 2

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 Now that poor Harry was all hooked up, his wife Cindy opened the control panel to program his days activities.
"Hello Cindy" the soft sexy machines voice greeted.

"I detect Harry secured in place, please enter the duration of his presence today"

Cindy thought a moment. She had the pick up the children around 4pm, and it was already almost 8am.
"Let's do 10 hours" she replied.
"Full fluid exchange?" The machine asked.
"Yes, and there will be external deposits later as well" Cindy announced.

"Please program sexual cycles"
"Full cycles" Cindy said.
"An orgasm say, every 30 minutes, semen recycling today, let him eat everything he shoots, and of course urine recycling too."

Cindy then programmed the "titty tickler", mild electrical shocks to his nipples that produced slightly tickling and as they continued, increasing itching to his nipples. She also programmed continuous electrical impulses to the plug and anal probe in his ass. There would start every time a masturbation cycle started, and increase in intensity until he finally came. By that time, every 30 minutes they would be quite intense, and make every orgasm a super orgasm, cramping up his muscles from the inside and absolutely torturing his prostate!

"Would you like post orgasm activity?" the machine asked.
"Oh why not!" Cindy giggled.

This option would give Harry a complete masturbation cycle every 30 minutes, and instead of shutting down for a 5 minute break before beginning a new cycle, the machine would continue non stop after he cums when his cock would be the most sensitive and the new cycle increasingly painful!
Harry, kneeling and strapped to the machine heard every word and was already trembling and whining. He was going to be in place for 10 hours, milked to an orgasm every 30 minutes, and cruelly teased and tortured in between! Cindy just looked around the corner at him and winked.

"Your first cycle begins in about 10 minutes" She said to him.
"I'd suggest you piss now, because once you start cumming, it'll be even more difficult"

Harry closed his eyes and slowly emptied his aching bladder. The machine automatically recognized the difference between cum and piss, and transferred his urine to a 4 gallon re feeding tank. His own piss would be fed back to him throughout the day through the dildo in his mouth. With every drop of his cum milked from him, it was important for him to stay hydrated so his body could continue producing semen.

Within a minute, his piss was trickling into his throat! He choked a moment at the horrible taste, but helplessly swallowed. Moments later, the machine started his first of 30 cycles he would be subjected to today.

His cock, rock hard from the nutrients and sexual supplements he was fed every day, was in a super soft snug sleeve. Around this sleeve was a steel ring with over a dozed ball bearings in it. This ring began moving forwards and back, slowly rolling up and down the length of his cock. The results was the most incredible sexual massage he'd ever felt. In addition to moving back and forth, the ring also rotated and vibrated.

While Cindy prepared some breakfast, she watched her poor husband deliciously masturbated! The electrical shocks inside him began then and Harry was panting and wiggling. Cindy could see him trying to pull back from the tingling electrical pulses on his nipples. All the while, he was still gulping down a cruelly slow trickle of his own piss!

"OH, I almost forgot!" Cindy then announced

From a closet behind her already suffering husband, she rolled out a small stand with a rotating electrical motor on it. Attached to two rotating discs on either side, were 5 flat leather paddles. Cindy placed the machine and locked the wheels, then plugged to automatic ASSWHIP into the wall. The machine hummed to life and the paddles began to rotate upwards, smacking Harry's naked butt every 3 or 4 seconds! Cindy set the paddler to change directions every 40 minutes, from upwards to downwards. Harry was instantly grunting as his butt was smacked over and over and over.

Lastly, Cindy turned on the small 6" video screen inches in front of Harry's face. She programmed several 2 hour sex videos to play for him to watch. As if he wasn't horny and abused enough, watching sex videos while being abused all day would be horribly tormenting to him!

Cindy relaxed at the kitchen counter and watched her beautiful husband's first masturbation cycle. He was panting and grunting wildly as his first orgasm hit him. He erupted over and over, as the machine worked on his cock. When he was done, the real torture began. Instead of stopping to let him rest, the machine continued for his post orgasm torture!

Harry's first load of cum was already being fed back to him while the machine continues rolling over the horribly sensitive head of his cock!! Harry was screaming around the massive dildo in his mouth. He was going to die if the machine didn't stop! The machine didn't and Harry lived on. The machine did give him a one minute break while it reset for the next cycle.

"Cycle completed" it softly announced.
"Re feeding in progress, external recycling receptacle is low, please add external re feeding liquids soon"

Cindy just giggled and stood up. She hadn't peed yet this morning! She removed a one gallon tank from the machine and stood where her husband could watch her pee into it from the corner of his tear filled eyes. She replaced the tank and her nearly full quart of fresh pee was added to the internal 4 gallon tank.
"That should keep you gulping a while" she said to Harry.

"I'll make a few calls to the neighbors and have that big tank full in no time!"

Harry was grunting through his second cycle then. His butt was warming up nicely and was already red and stinging. His cock was so hard, throbbing and still loving the milking it was getting. Before the stimulants he was given, 2 or 3 orgasms a day was about his limit. With the new viagra and the illegal but extremely powerful supplement he was fed created to increase his body's semen output, he would probably be able to produce a full cum load all day long, despite the maddening ache it created in his now overworked balls!

The other problem with being forced to cum 10, 15, even 20 or more times a day, was that his cock, wasn't supposed to cum that much! After several times, his cock began to swell up, his piss tube was so sore he wanted to scream every time a fresh, thick hot load of cum was sucked out of it. His balls hurt as well. They were working triple time, and getting bigger and bigger every day.

Cindy watched his second cycle finish, and the tears roll down her husband slaves face. The whipping machine had changed direction and you could feel the heat from Harry's bright red ass! He was swallowing his cum again, washed down by his wife's piss. Cindy bent down and kissed hid sweaty cheek.

"You have fun today" she teased.

"All you have to do sweetie, is cum 18 more times and we're all done!"

One of the videos he was "forced" to watch, was a 90 minute video of his own wife, Cindy, doing a threesome with two guys she picked up in a club less than a month ago! As she sucked one huge black cock into her throat, she looked at the camera and waved! Even after by that time 4 orgasms, he was horribly horny watching his own wife!

Cindy returned throughout the day to refill his piss tank with contributions from unknown to him male and female neighbors. Cindy told them that their urine was helping her in an experimental plant growing experiment and everyone was very willing to help! They had no idea, her poor husband was drinking it!
Around 3pm, Cindy announced she was going to pick up their grown kids from the airport. They were going to stop for burgers and promised they would get large size drinks so that everyone would be ready to refill his piss tank when they got home!

Cindy turned off the ASSWHIP, and giggled at the welts on Harry's ass.
"Remember now" Cindy added.
"You only have 7 more orgasms left, and every time you cum, but don't produce anything, the machine will increase the impulses in your ass, it will also add more of the supplements to your piss."

She returned to the machine one more time and programmed a special video for him to watch.
"This one will keep you entertained until I get back, it's me and four of the biggest black cocks you've ever seen in a little gang bang at the club a few weeks ago. Sorry you weren't there, but that's the night I came home with all those used condoms I fed you, remember?"

Harry was actually sobbing watching the first almost 11 inch cock slam into his wife's pussy on the video. Seconds later an equally large cock was stuffed into her mouth!
Cindy patted him on the ass, and locked the door behind her as she left.

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