Karen's Breeding

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There has been a lot of debate at my house about a certain situation concerning my wife’s pregnancy. I sat on our bed watching Karen as she undressed for bed one evening. She slipped out of her stretch pants and pulled the maternity top over her head to reveal that huge round pregnant belly.

I was watching the late show as she pulled the blankets back and slipped into bed beside me. About a minute later she took my hand and played it on her belly.

“Do you feel it? He’s moving.”

I felt the little guy kicking just to the right of her belly button. She clicked the light back on and pulled the blanket down to reveal that huge pregnant belly. She held my hand in the same spot until the little guy started kicking again. We both laughed as we watched a tiny lump appear. It was certainly a foot or perhaps his arm.

I was certainly rip for a joke about than when I smiled and pointed at the television and said. “I bet the little guy has a hard on already. He‘s watching paris hilton!”

Needless to say, Karen didn't think that was so amusing as I did. I kept feeling the little guy moving around as Karen said. “It’s nighty-night time Jimmie.”

Karen had his named picked out already. There wasn't any dispute about who the father of that baby growing in my wife’s belly was. After all, I had a vasectomy years ago so it wasn't me!

I watched Paris Hilton being interviewed on the television until the commercial came on. I looked over and saw how my wife had both hands resting on her belly. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I knew she could wait until the delivery date which was almost a month away.

I started to think back to the night Karen told me she was pregnant. I remember holding the video camera that evening as those words came out of her mouth. She told me she was feeling a little sick lately. You know, the typical morning sickness women get when they are knocked up.

You see, it was Friday night and Karen sometimes goes out on a date on Fridays with one of her black boyfriends. I heard her in the bedroom getting changed and got my digital video camera out and ready. We’d sometimes filmed her telling me about her date for the night.

I remember seeing her walk out of the bedroom still wearing that thin satin nightgown. She sat at our dinning room table and I put the camera on her as she sat there thinking. I got this all on video for those of you that never saw Karen’s video called, “Knocked-up.”

I remember started to ask her questions about her date for the night. Karen wasn't smiling. She had something to tell me. The camera kept rolling as we talked and she reminded me of James being in town a few weeks ago.

You see, there was a period of time where Karen wasn't seeing anyone so she stopped taking her birth control pills for awhile. James called one evening and said he was in town for three weeks. Karen couldn't wait to see him so they made a date.

Karen starred at me and the camera and started to say. “Do you remember when James came back into town and we met those two weekends? You know James?”

How could I forget James! He’s six-four and is built like a linebacker for a pro-football team. He has a huge thick long cock that I estimate at around ten or eleven inches in length. The guy lifts weights everyday and I filmed James fucking my wife in mid air a few times as he bounced her up and down that stiff black shaft like she was a rag doll!

Karen hesitated before she continued. “ I'm pregnant!”

Did I just hear what I thought? My wife was starring straight at me and the camera and just told me she was pregnant! I started to mumble.

“Pregnant? Well…..uh…….I had a vasectomy…..and……..well….uh….!”

Those of you that have seen that video know exactly how it went! Karen continued and reminded me how she had gone off birth control for a while. We’d been so busy lately that she wasn't swinging with black guys for a short time until James called her that night.

Karen assured me that night that she wasn't just imagining it as she stood up next and opened that nightgown to reveal her swollen belly. I remember how we laughed as she thought that maybe I was thinking she was gaining weight from eating junk food.

I was in denial! Karen explained everything that night. She knew and her belly had that three month pregnancy roundness to it! Oh my God! Karen was going to have a black baby!

She refreshed my mind about everything as I tried to imagine my wife’s belly growing with a black man’s baby inside it. I came back to present time as the late show was ending. I turned and starred at my wife’s huge belly as she lay there trying to go to sleep.

I thought to myself that I was going to be a Daddy in another four weeks. Wait……Hold on……James would be a Daddy in another four weeks. Where would that leave me?

I started thinking about the famous people having interracial babies. The adoptions and everything else. It wasn't so bad, was it? It was going to be a hard one to explain to the family.

Karen always told me when she thought she got pregnant. We made a couple videos within a two week period. I always thought it happened the night we filmed everything but Karen said it was the second weekend. The second weekend we filmed the video only part of it.

That’s the video we have Karen telling me on video that she was pregnant with a black baby. She told me after little Jimmie was born that she had counted the days when she delivered him that night at the hospital. Let’s not get into the reaction of the nurses and doctors that night. That’s a whole other story to be told by itself!

I started to watch these two videos one evening. I started with the first. Karen was excited to met with James after not seeing him for several months. He got a new job on the West coast. He called Karen just about every other day. They had developed a relationship during the time they dated.

I know what a lot of you guys are thinking out there reading this. You cuckold’s know it differently. I couldn't tell you how many thousands of emails and letters Karen has received about her pregnancy with James. What did your husband think? Are you going to keep the baby? How did you tell your family? That list goes on and on.

After watching the video and listening and watching everything that went on that evening I knew that was the actual night my wife got knocked up! Karen begs it differently but she could very well be right. Babies are know not to arrive on their due date millions of times each year. After all what’s a few days anyway, right?

I have to tell you that my wife screwed James with more passion that night than I’d seen her fuck in sometime. We never really argued about her becoming pregnant from James. The debate we always had was, did she really forget about not taking the pill?

I had the DVD in the player in our bedroom one night and kept watching Karen’s reaction when her and James got started that night. I was watching wide eyed. She couldn't wait to start sucking on that big thick cock of his. Just watching her take that black cock in her hand after not having it for months was exciting alone.

You could see the passion on her face and she lovingly gave him a blow job. James sucked her pussy until she came in his face. Just watching my wife as she arched her hips and pushed that white pussy back against his working tongue made me want to cum myself. I remember reaching down to play with my cock while I held the camera. All I felt was that metal tube I was wearing that night.

You see, we love to play. Karen never forces me to wear that chastity tube. We talked about it for a long time before we went out one day and bought one at an adult novelty shop. It adds to the excitement of watching my wife with her black lovers.

I remember the way James mounted my wife that evening. He was pushing that thick black meat as deep as possible as she squirmed and rotated her hips. Her body was moving all around that bed until she wrapped her long legs around James. Her nails dug into his back as he fucked her deep. She was well aware he was bare backing her and the risk involved in that.

If you ever saw the fuck you know they love to kiss passionately. They were kissing that way now as I walked around the bed with my camera in one hand and my hand on my confined cock. I think his tongue works inside her mouth with the same strokes he does inside her pussy.

Loud wet sounds filled the room as they fucked. He rolled her over and had Karen ride him for awhile. He was messaging her large boobs as she worked her pussy above his cock. A few minutes later he twisted her around and she hung on tight as he screwed her hard into the bed. He was grinding his meat as deep as he could. Showing her no mercy and it was clearly working well as all she could do was make wild animal noises as he went in balls deep.

James grunts like a bear looking for food when he shoots his load. He was grunting and I zoomed in on those big black life giving balls as he pumped that seed deep inside my wife’s open and fertile unprotected womb.

He was spent and slowly pulled away and laid their admiring his work as my wife held her legs up and open for the nice cream pie shot. James dipped his finger inside playing with the thick white puddle of sperm at the entrance of her pussy.

That’s when I stopped the DVD when I heard Karen saying, “Get back in there!”

She was making a joke about getting his seed back inside her fertile white married belly. My confined cock was straining against that curved tube that was locked on me.

James never disappoints me when I want to shoot a good video. He climbed back on my wife and pushed his hard again cock back inside my wife. He was pushing the remaining portion of his sperm back inside my wife. They kissed as she stroked his back than I watched as he pulled back out and went to wash up.

Karen was still laying on the bed when I put the camera on the tripod and got on the bed and started kissing her. I played with her wet gaped open pussy until James came out of the bathroom. That was the first time that Karen didn't mention anything about eating the cum out of her pussy. She just laid in bed when James came back out. They took a break while his sperm must have been working it’s way around inside her womb looking for those eggs.

Karen finally washed up after what seemed like an hour. She came back and grabbed that big black cock and started to suck James again. They got into a sixty-nine position as I walked around the bed with my video camera. Karen mounted him first this time and James fucked her for about twenty minutes playing and sucking on my wife’s large boobs.

He brought Karen to her third orgasm of the night while she pushed her pussy down on his big black cock until he started to grunt again. As soon as Karen felt his hips jerking she pushed back hard at his large black dick and shouted "Put it in my womb". With that he sent another hot fertile load deep inside her married white belly.

They started to laugh about how his sperm was going to leak out all over his legs. Karen quickly rolled off and lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide open. James held her thighs open like she was a trophy.

He looked at the camera while dipping his finger inside her pussy. There wasn't as much as the first load but it was there and still nice and thick and white. He played with her pussy while I took the video. I remember how Karen just flopped back in exhaustion after they fucked.

I really and truly believe that was the night little Jimmie was conceived. I even remember making a note of the room number that evening as we packed up and went home. Karen walked James out to his car. I was putting the camera in the trunk and looked across the parking lot.

There they were, arms wrapped around one another in a deep passionate kiss next to his car. Karen walked back to our car and said she had another date with James next Friday. That’s the one we filmed only part of the evening. Karen still says she got pregnant that night but I believe it was the first and she knows it. They know it!

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