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Hi I am Vishal ,17 and always have a hard on for my dad. It was not long ago when i found out that i was attracted towards the same sex. But the encounter with the CYBER COCK, changed everything. Previously I used to feel strange about it but now life is much more smoother. 

As I said, I always have a hard on for my dad. He is 45, strongly built and manny enough that after having three sons he boasts of having the manhood to bring three more. I remember even today, when i was a child and he used to give me a bath, i felt really nice when he massaged my little pecker. Well now thing have changed alot. Now I am 17. A fully grown man. My tool measures about 7' and i have had a lot of fun with the CYBER COCK, but not any with my dad. 

As for my dad, he likes men as well. It was when i was 12 that i found that he was gay a well. Actually it was he who sort of inspired me. Well, years have passed and I have still not let him know I secretly admire him. But what I am going to tell you happened just last week and has changed everything in our relationship.

It was for the first time that I and my dad were alone in the house as Mom and my brother had gone out of station to attend a wedding. We had our supper and as usual we went to the living room to enjoy some movie on the TV. The first movie was fine, a lot of action sequences, at times we have some bold scenes, I tried not to look but when I saw that my dad was unperturbed about them I decided not to be shy after all we were two fully grown men enjoying some good things on life. It was so much so that I decided to go on with the late night xxx movie. Actually I had got it from a friend.

By the time it started dad was feeling drowsy so he went off to sleep on the carpet it self. I was lying beside him, enjoying my movie. It was summer so we were not fully dressed. Dad wore only his burmuda and I was in my t shirt and burmuda. AS the movie went on and two guys went over the edge with hardcore action, I felt like masturbating. I slid out of my burmuda and lay close to my dad. His back was facing me. Soon I started feeling drowsy and started hugging him as I turned towards him. He never minded this because i was doing it since i was a child. When ever i used to have a bad dream I would come to my dad and hig him tightly. So this time as well, he did not mind and kept sleeping. AS the movie went on I was feeling the erection. I started licking his sweat from his back and playing with his nipples with my hands. He was hard, probably he too was thinking about the bold movie. After sometime, my tool got hard as rock and because of my position it was forcing through my dad's burmuda's into his shit hole. Man what was i doing? But i could not control my self I kept on pushing and pushing. Soon my shorts started getting wet with pre cum. Surprisingly my dad liked it and was pushing his butt into my tool. All of a sudden the eternal link broke and my dad woke up with a shock. As if he was not only surprised that he was doing it but he was shocked he was doing it with me. I turned around quickly but could not hide my tool which was still standing upright trying to get out of the bondage of my shorts. 

He got up and went into the bathroom. I was shocked. No more sleeping I was wishing that my dad would not recall what i was doing with him. When he came out he was only in his underwear. I was still sweating heavily. He did not look at me and went into his room to bring out a box full of CDS. I realized that these were his own collection of gay movies. But I was in no mood to draw an erection for he last one had died out by now. 

He came closer after putting the movie on. He told me that what I had done, he was not mad about it but he liked it. "Son, I did not realise that you had grown up so fast. I wasn't you to help me loose my load. Your mother is not here but what you just gave me turned my tentacles fuckin upright." 
With this he came close and kissed me. I felt nothing but to kiss him back. "You feel scared out of your cock son, come let me help you..." And now he came over me and started licking off the sweat from my face to my naval. He came down slowly and gently as one would lick his ice cream but only this time it was me. Although he was a bit heavy but i didn't mind him. Hey after all he is my dad , and for now he is servicing me. 

Then he came down to my region. He said " I want to see the tool I gave you. I want to familiarize with the manhood of my son.. what had just turned me on. HE slowly slid off the shorts and now I was lying completely naked in front of my dad. My pecker had grown some what hard with he licking and kissing. He told me he wanted to taste me and then he took my 5' semi hard cock in his mouth. It felt like heaven. Dad knew a lot about cock sucking and things like that. He was moving his tongue like hell. Stroking me harder every second. By this time I was pushing his head deep into my cock with m hands on his head. 

Soon I came and what a coming it was, he drank all of it. He came around and kissed me. Now as we were watching some really xxxxx gay action, he started telling me that he knew I was gay. I was shocked to hear it. He told me how he liked my since childhood. I also told him that i admired him. He asked, why didn't i tell him before ? After all he was my dad!. Then he said, "Now I know and Now is your chance, tonight I am your dad . Do what ever you want with me..."

With this I started on his nipples which were really hard by now. The manly sweat which had attracted me so much was all mine to be drank. He had had a bath and his colon was driving me crazy. He used to share his armpits so I wasted no time to dive into them and lick off it. When the licking was done, he asked me.." Son, now I want you to worship the very cause of your birth. I want you to worship my manhood." I was so excited. I had never seen his tool but always admired the buldge in his big underwear's. Now as I bent towards his tool, he said, " Quick son.. don't you want to taste your dad's seamen. " I said ' I sure do dad". 
I quickly slid off his undies to reveal his huge cock. It was 13' and thich as a fist. I tried to take all of it into my mouth but it was hard. My dad pressed my head in. In the heat of this action I could only lick off his tool. Soon I made it painful. I lowered his foreskin and started eating off his pecker, which was now ready to explode. Without a sign he exploded all his juices in my mouth and I found it really hard to drink it. he came all over me an dlicke off his manhood greedily. He then came near me and licked off his own juices from my face and chest. 

He said" I am so happy to find you my son. WE have a lot of time to spend together and I have all planned it out." 
With those words he cam over me and then the rest of the night, we jacked off eachother many times.

If you think that was not enough, your right cause soon dad has this field tour and I am going with him. O boy, us dad and son duo will have some quality time together.

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