Kathy gets pregnant

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

"I feel terrible mom"

"I knew that slut Jenny would dump you" snarled Jessie.

"I miss her so much" sobbed Mike.

"You miss the sex"

"Yes, that too" he admitted.

Jessie felt sorry for her son. His father ran off with a younger woman years ago. She was lonely herself and longed for a man to make love to her.

"You can use me for sex if you want" she cooed.

"Oh my god, really?" said the shocked boy.

"I want sex and you can satisfy my needs" smiled Jessie.

Mike sat beside his mother and kissed her. She stood up and undressed. Jessie was still a good looking woman even if she was forty.

"Let's go to bed and make love" she whispered.

Mike undressed and mounted his mother. He made her climax. When he was done filling her with sperm he kissed her and thanked her.

"Do you feel better now?" she ask.

"Much better"

They slept together that night and when morning came Jessie sucked his prick until it got hard. Then Mike fucked her until he was exhausted.

"Is my pussy as good as Jenny's?" ask Jessie.

"You're a better fuck than she was" panted Mike.

Jessie smiled to herself and got dressed. Her son was now her lover and she was ecstatic. She would do anything he wanted and love it, as long as she could have his hard prick inside her. Jessie fixed breakfast and sent her boy to work. He had a low paying job so she decided to help out. She got dressed and went to find a job. Jessie found one at an insurance company. Her boss was a short fat man named Carl. Kathy the receptionist gave Jessie a work schedule. The day went well and Jessie was proud of herself. After lunch the boss ask the girl to come into his office. She went in and closed the door behind her. When Jessie saw the window shades pulled down she knew what was going on. That fat man was having sex with her. Jessie decided to take that girl home with her so she could meet Mike. She wanted to be a grandmother. Jessie would like to have her son's baby but she was past her menopause. Perhaps Mike could make this girl pregnant. Kathy came out of the office and straitened her skirt. She had a worried look on her face. Her hair was a mess and her blouse was unbuttoned.

"Have a good time?" ask Jessie.

""What do you mean?" stammered Kathy.

"Next time take me with you"

"Ok" giggled the girl.

They became instant friends and Jessie gave Kathy her address and invited her over for drinks. She said she would be there at eight o'clock. When Jessie went home she told Mike that she was going to have company.

"Who is it?" ask the curious boy.

"A young girl for you to fuck"

"I'm satisfied with you" said her son.

"I can't get pregnant and Kathy can"

"Do you think she will let me do her?"

"I know she will, she lets her boss fuck her" replied Jessie.

Kathy came for drinks like she promised. Mike looked her over. She was tall and pretty and about his age. They drank and talked until Kathy said she had to go home.

"You've had too much booze to drive" said Jessie.

"You're right, can I stay here?"

"You can sleep with my son"

Kathy looked at Mike and giggled.

"I don't think we will get much sleep"

Mike took Kathy by the hand and led her to his bedroom and Jessie followed.

"Are you going to watch?" ask Kathy.

"Yes" snorted Jessie.

Kathy took her clothes off and lay on the bed. Jessie kissed her son and said.

"fuck the bitch and make her pregnant"

"How did you know I'm not on birth control?"

"I recognized that worried look on your face after you screwed the boss"

"I'll go to the doctor and get them tomorrow" she sighed.

"Don't do it, Mike wants to be a father"

Kathy spread her lovely legs and giggled. Her pussy was sweet and wet. Mike fucked her for half an hour, and then he did it again. Kathy climaxed so many times she lost count. When they were done Jessie climbed in bed with them. She sucked her son's prick while Kathy watched. Finally they fell asleep. Morning came, Jessie and Kathy dressed for work after Mike fucked them both. The boss was waiting and said.

"You're both late" he snarled.

"You can take us to a motel" smiled Jessie.

"I'll write it off after I have sex with both of you" said Carl.

Jessie kissed the fat man and they went to a motel and took their clothes off. Carl sucked Jessie's breasts while Kathy played with her boss's prick. The fat man was so excited his prick dribbled cum.

"I'm first" said Kathy as she flopped on the bed.

Carl jumped on the girl and fucked her like mad. Then Jessie took her place. Carl tried his best to please both women and finally lay on the bed panting. He was too tired to get a hard on. Carl suddenly smiled and said.

"If you sluts make love to each other I'll give you a raise"

"We're not lesbians" gasp Kathy.

"I don't mind, I need a bigger paycheck" giggled Jessie.

"Oh my god" said Kathy.

Jessie stuck her fingers up Kathy's cunt. She kissed her and sucked her tits. Kathy moaned with pleasure while Carl played with his prick. Then Kathy ate Jessie's pussy and made her climax. Carl couldn't help himself and squirted cum on the girls. Kathy rubbed the cum on her cunt and Jessie licked it off. Carl gave them both a raise. He knew they disserved more money. They would earn it with weekly sex orgy's. That night Jessie told her son what they did in the motel.

"I wish I could have been there to see that" said Mike.

Mike stuck his hand under his mother's dress and finger fucked her. She closed her eyes and spread her legs.

"Do you love me son?" she whispered.

Mike kissed her lips and said yes.

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