Just for a friend's promotion

(Part 1 from 4)

I and my husband's younger brother started off really good.

The first time he saw me naked was 3 weeks after my marriage when my husband travelled out on a tour.
Before that I had given him a few chances to see a lot of cleavage while I served drinks to him (even when my hubby was there).
The desperation to have sex with my husband's brother, Vipin, was so much that I could do anything to have a fuck from him.
During daytime, as soon as my hubby used to go to work, I used to immediately get ready and go to Vipin's house.
Sometimes, I used to go to his office also and have a quickie in his cabin.
A few times, we met at malls of New Delhi and had sex in the parking lot or I gave him blowjobs while watching a movie.
He realized that I am addicted to his body and his dick. He realized that I had to make him ejaculate at least once in a dayeither in my mouth or my pussy, preferably both. Hahaha!!!
Because of this desperation, he made me have sex with a few friends of his as well.

There was this friend of his, called Shilad. Me and Shilad hit off really well and we started meeting regularly to have sex.....sometimes without Vipin also.
Most of the times, I used to have threesomes with me, Vipin and Shilad.
All this while my husband thought that I am a loving, caring and faithful wife. Hahaha!!!

Vipin was very happy that I am getting along well with Shilad. And I was very happy because Shilad used to satisfy me like crazy. He was an expert.
And Vipin and Shilad are colleagues in the same company and best of friends. Though Vipin is a bit senior to him but they report to the same boss.
Anyway, Vipin and Shilad used me and my body for their office.

He made me fuck with his boss because he wanted a promotion.
One evening, it was me and Shilad only in his house. Vipin was busy with someone else in his house. My husband was travelling out of India. And my in-laws and I don't meet very often. We respect each other's privacies very well.

It was me and Shilad only. We went out for dinner date. I wore very sexy clothes and he was looking very handsome too.
We had sex in the car outside the restaurant as while having drinks I had started feeling him up and he was also fingering me.
Then we went for dinner and came back to Shilad's house in Noida. On the drive back, I stripped naked.
When we parked the car in the parking lot, I walked out naked only. It was almost 11pm. Nobody was around.
I walked naked from the car to the elevator (only my high heels) with Shilad laughing and squeezing my tits, sucking them and squeezing my hips.
He was scared but I was not. Hahahaha!!
Luckily no one saw me.

At Shilad's house, we had a couple of more drinks.
Then I talked to my hubby and told him lies as usual.
I told him that I was at home and was about to sleep.
But I was in Shilad's apartment.I was naked.I was lying down on a thick carpet, I was fingering my pussy and I had another naked man in front of me.
And I was telling my hubby that I love him and I am taking care of myself and I will not betray him. Hahaha!!!

Then I kept down the phone. And concentrated on what I wanted to do.
I was lying down sideways and was sucking Shilad's cock. And Shilad was lying sideways too and was fingering my pussy.
I had already cum twice.
We were talking and flirting and I was taking it very slow. I was sucking his cock. I was kissing it. Licking the top.
We carried on for a lot of time.
That's the time he said
'Babes, I wanna introduce you to someone. I want you to be really nice to him.'
I said
'Who? What do you mean by nice?'
He said
'My boss. Nice means that you should make him happy.'
I understood and I said
'What the fuck are you saying, Shilad? Are you pimping me out?'
He laughed and said
'Yes. I need to give my boss something so that he gives me a promotion. What's better than a sexy woman's body.your body.your pussy?'
I said
'No, Shilad. I am not a whore you know.'
He said
'You are a whore. You fuck with so many men. The only difference is that you don't take money.'
I said
'No. I will not do such a thing.'
He said
'Okay. I will call up your hubby right now. Or maybe I should call up his parents.'
I got scared and I said
'This is ridiculous. Who is this guy? How does he look like? When?'
He laughed and changed positions and slowly started fucking me.
'He is my boss. His name is Deepak. He is okay looking. I don't know the size of his dick. You can find out the size and the taste of it.'
And he laughed very cruelly.
Then we fucked. He made me cum and then I sucked and licked his dick clean and we slept.

In the morning, as usual, I gave him a blowjob. Actually, I didn't want to do it, but he made me give him a blowjob and I swallowed huge amounts of his cum.
We slept again.
Then I had a bath and Shilad then fucked me like crazy on bed.
And before leaving for work asked me to come over to his house at 9pm.
I said okay.
I went to my house from Shilad's house.
Vipin came over around 11:00am and while giving him a blow, I told him what Shilad wanted.
He laughed and said that I better do it nicely with his boss.
After Vipin left, I slept as I had to fresh in the evening. I had a massage also.

Then in the evening, I went to Shilad's house.
He was waiting there with some nice clothes for me.
We made love first. It was amazing.
Then we had a bath together.
Then he gave those clothes.
A short sexy skirt and a nice cleavage showing top.
I wore my high heels with those.

I was not wearing any panties as I don't like to wear panties with skirts.
He licked my pussy for some time and then gave me very sexy thongs to wear.
But he didn't let me wear a bra.
I got dressed and I did some make-up.
And I was looking hot.
He then said that we will go to a wonderful diner and his boss is going to join us there.
He has told his boss that he will bring a friend along who he is going to really like as she is amazingly sexy and hot.
I said
'Does he know that he will fuck my pussy tonight or am I supposed to seduce him?'
He said
'No, babes. He doesn't know that you are a fucking slut. You will seduce him but not initially. Just go slow. Let him talk to you and then dance with you. Tempt him to seduce you.'
I said okay and then we went to Taj Man Singh hotel near Khan Market.

I was introduced to his boss. His name was Deepak. A tall guy, not handsome or anything but looked rich.
Then we sat down on couches and I was sitting opposite his boss.
I was sitting properly like a proper lady with legs crossed.
But I deliberately sneakily showed him my thongs during drinks.
I could see that he was eyeing my sexy legs and thighs and as soon as I used to move a bit, he used to stare at my legs waiting for a chance to see under the skirt. Hahaha!!!
We laughed and we talked.
Then he asked me to dance. I said okay.
We danced close.slow dance. He was gently pressing my breasts with his chest.
After sometime, I rested my head on his shoulder and he gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.
I knew that moment that he wanted me.
We kept on dancing for some time.
Then we went back to the couches and he was holding my hand.
We saw that Shilad was not there.
So, he asked me to sit with him. I did and I deliberately sat very close to him.
We talked and he started lightly flirting with me. I also flirted with him.
He again kissed me on the cheek.
The Shilad came back and he said that he would like to leave if it is okay.
He asked would I like to come with him as he can drop me.
I looked at his boss.
He said
'No Shilad. You can carry on. Kareen, would you mind if I drop you?'
I said
'No problem, Deepak.'

Then Shilad left and before leaving Shilad and his boss talked for sometime but a bit far away from me.
Shilad later on told me that he was asking whether she likes to fuck and all. Shilad had said that she can if she likes you and said that me not going back with Shilad means that she wants to spend the night with you.
He came back and then kissed me again.
After some more drinks he kissed me again but closer to the lips.
I went ahead and kissed his lips.
Then we again danced a bit and on the dance floor, we French kissed passionately.
And he started squeezing my hips lightly.
I could feel his hard-on.
Then he asked me
'Kareen, would you like to have coffee in my room upstairs before I drop you home?'
I said
'I would love to. Coffee will be nice.'
And I gave him a wonderful french kiss and I put my entire tongue in his mouth.
Then I picked up my bag and he signed the bill.
I smsed my husband that I am out for a party. He said to take care and all.
I told him that I love him.
Then I went towards his room with Deepak.

As soon as the elevator door closed, we started French kissing.
He went ahead and started feeling my pussy from top of my thongs.
I also started feeling his dick from top of his pants.
When we stopped kissing, I said smilingly and teasingly
'I guess its gonna be a long coffee break.'
And we laughed and started kissing again.
Then we reached his floor and we started walking and he had his arms around my waist.
The corridor was totally empty.

Suddenly, he stopped and started kissing me crazily, passionately..he put his whole tongue in my mouth.
He also started squeezing my breasts.
I loved it.
I also contributed to the kissing and I felt his dick from top of his pants.
He was constantly fondling my breasts. He tried to get his hand inside my shirt but stopped. Maybe he was afraid.
Since I had got turned on and I wanted to get over fucking with this man, I took charge.
I unzipped his pants and reached for his dick while kissing him.
He moaned.
I took it out and started pumping it. His dick was wet from top.
He then reached for my boobs.he put his hand inside my shirt and started squeezing my tits.
I loved it and I kissed him even more.
He pushed me back towards the wall and pulled up my shirt to expose my tits.
I smiled shyly and I pulled him towards my tits.
He started sucking my tits wonderfully.
Then I went aggressive and I turned around and pushed him towards the wall.
I opened up his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to the knees and I started pumping his dick feverishly.
I loved his dick. It was good.
He again turned me around and started sucking my tits again.
I was moaning.
Then he reached for my thongs and tried to pull them..
I moaned again.
He slid off the thongs down and I kicked them away
He came up and started kissing me and then felt my pussy.
I spread my legs slightly wider.

He immediately pushed his finger in and it went inside so smoothly..I was so wet.
I moaned wonderfully and I was being finger humped wonderfully.
Then he opened my shirt. I let him..I also opened the buttons of his shirt.
He immediately took off my shirt.
It was dangerous but it made me horny.
I immediately made him come against the wall and I went down and immediately took his dick in my mouth.
The taste was weird.
I didn't like at all but I didn't have a choice. I started sucking his dick.
He was moaning big time.
I was sucking it and pumping in my mouth.
After some time, he made me get up and then made me stand against the wall.
He went down and made me spread my legs and started licking my pussy.
I loved it.
Then he came up and we kissed so passionately.
I held his dick and tried to guide it towards my pussy.
He immediately moaned and pushed his dick inside my pussy.
He lifted one of my legs higher and started humping me.
It was lovely.
There was a huge mirror in front and I was seeing myself and Deepak in it.
I was in a luxury hotel.
in a corridor on the 6th floor.
.I was toplessmy sexy boobs were exposed.
.I was wearing a short skirt..and it was also pushed up
.my thongs were lying far away
I was wearing my high heels.
.I was wearing my make-up and jewels
and I was fucking with a man in a standing position
.he had his huge dick inside my wet pussy.
.he was constantly sucking my boobsor kissing me.or licking my neck.
All this with a man I had met 2 hours before. And my husband thought that I am at a party.
The thought made me have a blasting orgasm.

We kept on having sex like that.
I was crazily kissing him and I was so wet. I came twice.
He felt it and humped me more.
He moaned loudly when he was about to cum. I started humping him more and made him ejaculate loads of his cum inside my pussy.
Once done, he wanted to take his dick out.
I stopped him and we kept on rocking in a standing position.
Then he took his dick out.

I thought of sucking and licking it, but I didn't do it. It would have been too much to do on the first fuck.
So, I kept on standing there, I covered my tits with my hands. He pulled up his underwear and pants.
I kept on standing against the wall.
I was topless but I was covering my tits with my hands.
My skirt was still pulled up a lil and my pubic hair were visible.
I was wearing my high heels and make-up and jewels.

Then he came to me and picked up my shirt and kissed me and made me wear it but didn't close the buttons. I also didn't.
He said smilingly
'Let's have coffee now, darling.'
I smiled and kissed him back.
Then he opened the door immediately next to where we were.
I said
'What? This is your room. We could have gone inside, Deepak. I thought it was a long way off so that's why I didn't control myself or you.'
I laughed and picked up my thongs.
Then he hugged me and took me inside and said
'I just couldn't control myself. You are so beautiful and so sexy.'
And we kissed passionately.

Then he asked me sit down on the couch. He kissed me again.
I kept on sitting there while he made coffee for us.
There was a huge mirror that I could see myself in.
I was sitting on the couch wearing my short skirt and high heels. I had kept my thongs in my bag.
But I was sitting cross legged. My legs were looking nice.
I was wearing my shirt but I had not closed the buttons.
It was open. My boobs and nipples were not visible but my chest and tummy was.
I was looking amazingly seductive. Any man would get turned on like a rock on seeing me that time.
He brought coffee for us and sat down next to me.
He kept the coffee on the table in front of me and came close to me and kissed me passionately.
We talked for some time. I could see that he was trying to look under my skirt through the mirror.
I asked if I can pour coffee for him. He said yes.
I got up and while I was getting up, my pussy was clearly visible and I saw him looking in the mirror at my pussy.
I smiled and I knelt down near the table.
I poured coffee for him and me.
I picked up the cup and I got up to give it to him.
When I did that my shirt got totally open and my breasts were visible to him.
Then I bent down to the table and I saw in the mirror that he was looking at my naked ass. I am sure my pussy was also visible.
I spent about 20 seconds bending over at the table while putting sugar and milk in the coffee cup.
All this while, Deepak was staring at my hips and pussy.
Then I got up and sat down beside him.
We had our coffee sitting there. And we chatted.
While having coffee, I deliberately crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times so that he can see my pussy.
We spent about an hour chatting and having more coffee.
I smoked also.
We kissed a lot also. We French kissed.
In that one hour, I made him see my pussy a few times.
I made him see my boobs as I had not closed the buttons and the shirt kept on sliding away to expose my sexy tits.
We chatted about our lives.
He told me that he was married but was not satisfied with his sex life.
I told him that I am also married and since my hubby is busy most of the time, my sex life is also empty.
He asked me how do I know Shilad?
I told him that we know each other through a common friend.
He asked me if I had dated Shilad and he winked suggesting if I had sex with him also
I laughed and said
'Yes, we did have some really nice time once.' And I winked back and then I added
'But it was a long time back. Now we are just friends.'

Then we started kissing again, French kissing.
He started fondling my boobs.
I said
'Deepak, I think I should go now.'
He said
'Wait for some more time, darling.'
And he started taking off my shirt. I let him.
He got me topless.
Then he stood up and asked me to stand up too.
While standing I took off his shirt and we kissed passionately..
He kicked off his shoes and I did the same.
Then slowly, while kissing each other, we went to the bed.
There he came on top of me and we started making out.
I was still wearing my short skirt but my pussy was totally exposed.
He took off his pants and underwear and got totally naked.
He pulled up the sheets and we got under the sheets. He dimmed the lights also.
We started heavily making out.
He went down to suck to my boobs and started fingering my pussy.
Then he started licking my pussy and I was moaning.
I also adjusted and took his huge dick in my mouth.
He was oozing his cum.
I hated the taste of his cum but I kept on sucking and licking his cock nevertheless.
He was licking and fingering my pussy very nicely and I had an orgasm.
He laughed as I went so wet, and licked my cum.
Then we changed positions and he came on top of me and pushed his dick inside my wet pussy.
We made love.
It was nothing like what I have with Shilad or vipin when I am being abused like a whore.
It was more like what I have with my husband. But with hubby, it's much better.

He was on top of me and I raised my legs higher to make him push his dick deeper inside my pussy.
He fucked me and we were continuously kissing each other and moaning.
He made me cum again and he climaxed inside my pussy. He filled my wet pussy with his cum.

Then we kept on lying like that for some time and we were kissing passionately.
Then he got up to clean himself.
I also got up and went to the bathroom. I cleaned my pussy and went to pee.
I was washing my face when he entered the bathroom.
I was facing the wash basin and I was topless and still wearing my short skirt. That's it.
He came and hugged me from behind. He was totally naked.
I wiped my face.
He said
'Babes, I think you need to clean your skirt.'
I was surprised and looked and saw that it had stains of his cum and my pussy juice also.
I said
'Shoot!!! What do I do now? I can't go out like that.'
He kissed me and said
'You don't have to, darling. I will send it for laundry and it will be back in the morning. And please, stay with me.'
And he kissed me very passionately.
I said okay.
He left the bathroom.
I got completely naked and I looked around and saw a bathrobe.
I wanted to sleep naked, as always, but I didn't want to do it myself. I wanted him to get me naked in bed.
I wore that bathrobe. It was very short.
My legs were totally visible and so was my cleavage. I could have worn it and covered my cleavage.
But I wore it and tied it in such a way that my cleavage was visible.

I came out of the bathroom and he was waiting.
He was wearing a towel around his waist.
He saw me and came to me and French kissed me very lovingly. I contributed a lot to the kissing.
Then he took my skirt from me and called up laundry services. They said that it was too late but he exerted some influence and they agreed.
We sat down on the couches. He again came close to me and kissed me passionately and started feeling my thighs.
My bathrobe got pushed up a bit.
Then there was a door bell and he got up and then gave my skirt to the man who had come with the instructions that they have to be ready by the morning.
He then locked the door and too me to bed and lied down with me and kissed me and said
'You have no idea how beautiful and sexy you are. Thanks for spending the night with me, baby.'
I laughed and kissed him passionately. I put my whole tongue inside his mouth.

Then we decided to sleep and he switched off the lights.
He was continuously hugging me and softly fondling my breasts from top of the bathrobe.
Then we slept.
Around 3am, he started fondling my tits more and squeezing them.
I knew that he is horny now and I could feel his hard on.
I also wanted a fuck. I am so used to fucking with my guy in the middle of the night.
So, I turned around to face him and kissed him.
He kept on squeezing my tits and my hips from top of the bathrobe but was not putting his hand inside it.
I knew it that he is feeling a bit shy.
So, I went ahead and started feeling his dick from top of his underwear.
Then I pulled it down and held his huge dick in my hands and I slowly started pumping it.
He then opened up my bathrobe a little and exposed my tits and started fondling them.
I pulled down his underwear and got him naked.
After a lot of kissing and feeling around, he took off my bathrobe also.
Both of us were totally naked and making out under the blanket.

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