Just Love!

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Haven't met my woman for the past month. Been extremely busy with my daughter's marriage. We planned for a date, at my niece's apartment. As I undressed myself, I could feel her arms wrapping me in.

"You smell so good!"

I just lay my head back on her shoulder. She trailed her fingers to my boobs, my nipples getting erected. We faced each other she just gently placed a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back, I kissed her on neck with fingers run down to her boobs. She letout a soft moan. As I lay on top of her on bed, I unbuttoned her shirt. Inhaling her perfumes, spreading her legs apart. She stroked my hair.

I never felt so distant to her in all these years we've been together. I always crave making Love to her. As she looked into my eyes, I felt I grew older in just a month. They also told me to let her handle this night. As I lay on my back, she undressed me. I never felt naked infront of her. I just closed my eyes, gently pressing back of her head to let her know she could go ahead. She sniffed my crack, spread my legs apart.

There was a shiver through my spine, as she licked my lips. I apologized to her, I couldn't understand how she could lay so comfortably assuring me when I was eating her off all these days. She began to suck and fuck me. It felt as if we wanted to be in each other in more intimate ways. I moaned so loud. I felt happy she did not take back and was just getting more into it. Though it felt so long may be it just lasted for 5mins, we came together and lay beside each other.

We recalled the past, I donot care if society would judge us to be perverts. We have experienced each other in most ways. As we both had husbands, we wanted to feel how it was when we both were with them. She worked as a director for one of the most prestigious schools. People looking at her and revering her as the one with no stains always made here feel guilty.

We hid our lives from everyone, it was more of a worry making others believe what we were not instead of living as a gay couple. Once she came across a really cute guy named 'Varun', she felt he could really help us through in experiencing each other. She invited him for tea at our apartment. As he stepped into the apartment settled himself and realized what he was there for, he felt really nervous. She promised him alot at school. We also said we wouldn't force him.

As she sat beside him, she just made him lay his head on her shoulder. Rested his hand on one of her thigh. As I unzipped his pants, he let out a soft moan, we smiled to each other. Must say his penis was not more than 3 inches. As I kissed, sniffed, stroked it he shuddered. We held his thighs such that he wouldn't move alot.

She took his shirt off, made love to him on his nipples. We both have sons, it just ran in my mind how would it be if somebody older to them by so many years almost their mother's age made Love to them. By the time he cum-out his penis was 5inches in length. Sathya undressed herself in front of him.

It was getting darker, Sathya went into kitchen for a candle. I was still making love to his penis. He smiled patted my head. As Sathya walked back with the candle lit, her sight was like a Love Goddess.

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