Just Desserts

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Jim Harris pondered the previous eight months from the comfort of his easy chair. Much had changed for him and his wife, Connie, and it was all for the better. He’d never seen her so happy or sexually satisfied. He’d dreamed of this for so long but there was also a tinge of guilt as he watched the scene unfold just a few feet away.

Guilt perhaps that he was so highly aroused by what he had witnessed since his confession in the restaurant…guilt that his desire for Connie to behave as a horny, slut wife had come to fruition…guilt that he loved to watch her with other men. He knew there was no turning back, only a steady progression of watching Connie with more men. He also knew that very soon he would rise from his chair and add his semen to that of other men, deep in Connie’s cum-drenched pussy.

Jim first met Connie 30 years ago, he was 21 and she was barely 18. They married after a year’s courtship and the twins were born sixteen months later. Now, as then, she filled her tight jeans and top very nicely and still turned men’s heads with her lovely legs and ass and ample breasts.

It was after seven or eight years of marriage that Jim first started to fantasize about his wife with other men. When he masturbated or when Connie performed the task he thought of her with 2 or 3 men, dressed and acting like a slut and enjoying every second while he watched and jerked off. She was turned on by being watched and Jim even put faces to her partners – they were friends and acquaintances. He had never told her about these fantasies and she never commented on his quick and powerful ejaculations when she jerked him off.

During the past year Connie’s sex drive had steadily increased while Jim’s had tapered off. She had no chance of pregnancy; the twins no longer required her energy and lived more than a thousand miles away and Jim’s steady promotions had allowed her to retire. She was in the mood for sex every day and Jim was finding it difficult to keep up. She had purchased lots of erotic lingerie and clothing and would entice him in her outfits most days.

He resorted to pleasing her orally or with dildos and vibrators but even though she enjoyed them she said it was no substitute for a real cock. Sometimes she greeted him at the door when he got home from work wearing something sexy and pull him to the floor or sofa. She would wake him early in the morning and weekends left him physically exhausted.

He knew his job was suffering and he had to do something about it. His problem was how to approach Connie with the news that he could no longer keep up with her sexual demands and explain his solution.

He made a reservation at an upscale restaurant for Saturday night and decided to confront her head on with his solution. As usual he spent most of Saturday morning pleasing Connie’s insatiable appetite then left for the afternoon on the pretext that his car needed repair. Experience had taught him that if Connie didn’t have sex in the afternoon she would be very horny that evening and hoped she would be more receptive to his ideas.

They had been to the restaurant before and Jim had requested a quiet table in a corner. He ordered wine and when the waiter left the table Connie leaned forward and whispered, “I’m not wearing any panties and I’m so horny.’

Jim smiled and shook his head just as the waiter returned. All through dinner Connie made references to how horny and wet she was. As they waited for dessert Jim felt the time was right. He started by saying that new software would allow him to work from home, going into the office only for occasional meeting or special circumstances. He saw her eyes sparkle as no doubt she thought he would be readily available for sex more often.

Now comes the difficult bit he thought. He explained that he could no longer keep up with her sexually and that it was affecting his job performance. Working from home would not make his job any easier and she could not demand sex all the time. The sparkle left her eyes and she apologized for being so insensitive and for not realizing the toll her demands were taking on him. She said she didn’t understand it herself; she enjoyed sex more than she ever had and felt the need for it several times every day.

Jim replied that he understood that she, like him, had little control over her sex drive and he wanted her to be happy and sexually satisfied. He then told her about his fantasies and said he didn’t mind if she satisfied her desires with other men provided he was always present. Their desserts arrived and she ate without saying a word. Jim didn’t know where he stood after suggesting such a thing but Connie finished her dessert and pushed the plate away. She stared intently into his eyes for a few moments before asking, ‘You really wouldn’t mind?’

‘I really wouldn’t mind. I think our relationship is strong enough and I want to see you happy and satisfied. I just can’t keep up,’ Jim replied and reached across the table and held her hands in his.

The feel her soft, hands and the idea of them playing with another man’s cock if his fantasies came true brought him a strong erection. It crossed his mind that perhaps watching her with other men would increase his libido.

‘How, who, when?’ She fired questions at him excitedly.

‘Not with strangers, I think it best if we approach people we know,’ Jim whispered. ‘I’ve thought about this for a long while and I think Colin and David would be ideal.’

Jim had been friends with Colin for longer than he cared to remember and Connie knew him well also. He was three years older than Jim, tall and in good shape. David was short and about sixty years old but was also in good shape. Both men had lost their wives to cancer within a few months of one another about two years ago. Jim played golf with Colin frequently and David occasionally but considered both of them good friends.

‘I believe they can be trusted not to gossip and I know you like them. They have no ladies in their lives and I’m sure they would be more than happy to have a crack at you,’ Jim continued.

‘Umm, they are nice men, I’ve always liked them. It’s something to think about, are you sure you wouldn’t mind?’ Connie responded.

I’m sure. I’ve fantasized about you behaving like a horny slut with them for a long time and I do believe you would like two or three men paying attention to you. Besides, they are both retired and could come over anytime. I could carry on working and they could work on you,’ Jim smiled.

Connie laughed then wondered how they would go about asking them. They agreed to invite the men for dinner the following Saturday and work sex into the conversation over the course of the evening.

Colin and David arrived each carrying a bottle of wine and they all settled in the living room while dinner cooked. Connie was a good cook and it was not the first time the men had been invited, although never at the same time. As romantic music played in the background the conversation was light-hearted and covered diverse topics. Jim would briefly introduce something sexual hoping to prepare Colin and David for the ulterior motive.

Connie wore black slacks and a silk blouse in shining silver with no bra. Jim noticed that Colin and David stole glances of her walking away whenever she left the table and caught them staring at her cleavage and aroused nipples forcing against the thin silk.

Connie left the table to prepare dessert and Jim took the opportunity to push forward. He asked the guys if they had ladies in their lives and although though neither man had found anyone he could tell they would like to. They had both been married a long time and were out of touch with the dating game and must be missing sex.

Jim asked in a casual way how they would like to have regular and frequent sex with a very attractive lady, no strings attached. Both men were more than keen on the idea. ‘I’d give my left nut for that,’ David remarked and the men had a good laugh.

‘I’m serious guys and it could happen…here…tonight,’ Jim stated.

Silence fell over the room and Colin and David looked at each and then at Jim. He told them about Connie and himself and finished the explanation just as she returned with dessert. The two men were lost for words; they sat staring at Jim then turned their gaze on Connie.

She smiled and said, ‘Jim’s told you then, what do you think?’

For some time they couldn’t say anything, not sure if Jim and Connie were serious, then Colin said, ‘You’re serious, you really are serious!’

Jim and Connie nodded and Colin and David stared across the table at their hosts. ‘I’m in,’ Colin blurted. ‘Me too,’ David followed quickly.

‘Excellent!’ Connie said and began to eat her dessert. When she had finished she dabbed her mouth with her napkin, rose from her seat and announced, ‘Excuse me gentlemen, I need to change into something more…ah…comfortable and appropriate.’

After she left the awkward silence during dessert was broken and Jim invited his guests into the living room and poured three healthy measures of rye. ‘Sit on the couch, guys; she’ll be down in a minute.’ Jim sat in an easy chair and elaborated on the circumstances that had led to this point in time. ‘She is very sexual,’ he concluded, ’and likes lots of attention so don’t be shy, give it to her good.’

Connie returned and Colin and David could only gape. Her full tits spilled over the top of the red half-cup bra, black stockings were held up by a red garter belt and the tiny red thong only just covered her pussy and her beautiful ass was fully exposed. Bright red stilettos completed her very erotic outfit and showcased her lovely legs. She stood in front of Colin and David with her legs wide apart and hands on her hips.

They leered at her tits then down to that tiny thong; David noticed the beginnings of her bush peeking from the top and the wetness that was starting to darken the material. Jim had a view of her backside and felt his cock harden quickly. His wife, the horny slut, ready to be fucked by other men had his cock throbbing like never before. Connie turned around, smiled at Jim and bent over.

Colin and David were rubbing themselves as Connie wiggled her ass and Jim had to get his cock out. He freed it from the confines of his pants and shook it at Connie who licked her lips. She straightened up and sat between the men on the couch. Immediately they began to maul her body, squeeze her tits and pull on her hard nipples. Tongues probed her mouth and ears and licked her neck.

Hands snaked over her knees to her inner thighs and on to the thong. It was quickly pulled aside and fingers explored her vagina and tweaked her clit, sometimes both men stuffed fingers into her at the same time. Her hands found the bulges in their pants and Jim stroked his pulsing erection before standing and removing his clothes. Connie unzipped Colin’s pants and produced an extremely hard 8” cock.

She gave it a few jerks before turning her attention to David. Jim watched his wife struggle with David’s pants, she seemed very excited and in a rush. She undid his belt and the button and finally exposed David’s cock. Jim saw the reason for her excitement as she stroked his huge, uncut, very thick cock. She pulled the foreskin back, slowly exposing the huge head. ‘Oh my god’, Jim thought, ‘I can’t wait to see David fuck her with that, my slutty wife will love it.’

Colin and David stood and as they removed their shirts Connie jerked both cocks in front of her face then took one then the other into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and saliva ran from her mouth as the men fucked her face. Jim came over, tore her thong off and buried his tongue into her vagina and lapped her clit. He retreated to his chair after a while and Colin and David took charge of her pussy.

They knelt and each man took a leg and spread it wide. David tongued her first and when Colin took over David moved so he could maul Connie’s tits and she could fondle his huge erection. Colin’s tongue and the sight of David’s cock brought her to a shuddering orgasm. When she stopped convulsing, David straddled her and held her legs by the ankles spreading her wide open then pumped his cock into her mouth.

Her pussy was now fully exposed and Jim could see her slightly swollen labia parted in an open invitation for Colin to enter it. Jim felt a rush of excitement as he watched Colin’s cock sink all the way into Carrie’s pussy with ease. She was a virgin when they had met and, until five seconds ago, the only cock that had probed her hot, wet, tight hole was his own.

Colin was giving it to her hard and fast and the noise of his cock driving into her wet twat filled the room along with Connie’s moaning and occasional gagging as David’s dick invaded deep into her throat.

As much as Jim was enjoying this he was anxious to see David’s long, thick dick in his wife’s pussy. He wondered if it or would it be too big for her or would she beg for more and scream to be fucked harder and deeper? He would find out soon enough as Colin withdrew and David moved into position.

Jim knelt on the carpet near the couch to watch from close in. Colin had his cock in Connie’s mouth as David hovered over her gaping pussy. She took hold of it and rubbed it over her labia and clit before pulling the big knob into her vagina. David pushed his huge cock in, stretching her pussy apart. Connie took Colin’s cock out of her mouth and sighed, ‘Oh my god, it’s so big, ooh,’ and the cock went back down her throat.

David moved in and out, his dick penetrating further each time. Connie moaned and cried as David drove deeper and deeper and Colin rammed into her face. Jim was close to ejaculation watching his wife fucked like this. He stood behind David and yelled his intention. David withdrew and Jim fired a huge load of thick sperm all over and into Connie’s cunt.

David’s cock immediately sank back in with Jim’s cum providing extra lubrication. Colin jerked his ejaculation in and around Connie’s mouth and David fired a massive load in her pussy causing her to scream with passion. The men sat on either side of her and she played with their softening dicks, squeezing out any remaining cum. As Jim stood in front of her, Connie spread her legs over Colin and David, looked down to her engorged pussy and said, ‘Eat me.’

He knelt between her legs and fingered her vagina and swollen clit, he had never seen it so aroused and she moaned and writhed at the slightest touch. His tongue flicked her clit and she cried out with pleasure. He probed her vagina, tasting cum and her orgasms and wondered if his semen tasted the same as David’s, he had no way of knowing but it excited him to have his tongue where it was.

After several minutes of fingering, Jim leaned back and saw that David had the beginnings of another hard-on. Colin was still limp and contented himself by fondling and kissing Connie’s tits. She leaned over and mouthed David’s growing cock to a full erection.

‘My, you are a horny boy, you’ve recovered so quickly,’ she said, jerking the large dick.

‘Get on your knees, you need more of this,’ he replied and she got down on all fours on the carpet. Colin and Jim knelt on either side of her and fondled her tits and clit as David entered her from behind. He never ejaculated again but he rode her hard for fifteen minutes before turning her over and fucking her while Colin and Jim held her legs. She lost count of the number of orgasms but when David finally finished with her she lay exhausted on the carpet. Before the evening was over David had straddled Connie’s face and pumped another load down her throat.

Jim was well pleased, Connie had been well and truly fucked and seemed, for the moment, satisfied. She had loved multiple cocks and over four hours of sex and Jim had felt hornier than he had for a long time.

They sat around the kitchen table after freshening up and chatted excitedly about their erotic evening. Jim made it clear to Colin and David that they were welcome anytime. He would be working from home and whenever they wanted Connie all they need do is call and give her a half hour or so to get ready. She had lots of sexy outfits and toys to provide them with interest and diversity.

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