Jury Duty

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I awoke from a wonderful dream to realize I was living a dream. I was face to face with my beautiful wife of eight years. She was sound asleep and I moved to kiss her before getting out of bed when I felt the weight on my stomach. I looked at my midsection and saw the curly head of Becky, one of my wife's best friends.

Becky was a chubby, red head that I never would have been sexually attracted to, however my wife brought her into our sex life over a year ago, and boy was I glad. This heavyset woman with more flab than breast was the best cock sucker I had ever encountered.

Becky had this odd fascination with sucking her thumb, even though she had recently turned forty. It was her comfort mechanism and as I attempted to get out of bed, her mouth was wrapped around my limp dick. She had been sucking it throughout the night in place of her thumb. As I pulled it out, the saliva drooled out of her mouth and their was plenty of residue left on my penis. I thought back to the threesome we had last night. The girls wore me out. I only came once and spent the rest of the time watching them go at it.

My wife and I began to struggle with our marriage around year five. We both had affairs and we're on the verge of splitting, but decided to stick it out. Ironically, it was the affairs that brought us closer. As we reconciled, we spoke of what the people we cheated with offered and that was the blueprint we used to fix our marriage. It led to us discovering we were both more sexual that we let on. With that level of honesty, our relationship reached new depths.

The threesome we had the previous night had become commonplace. My wife was also into watching me with other women so we would attend swinger's clubs and she would watch me fuck other women. I admitted that it was a turn on for me to think of her with other men and she began to have sex with other men as I watched. Our sex life was great!

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to have either of the women in my bed take care of my stiffening cock as I had to attend jury duty. So, I got out of the bed, showered, and made my way downtown. I arrived just in time as when I attempted to give my wife a simple kiss on the lips bye, she turned it into a passionate kiss. She began to caress my balls and got me rock hard. I wanted to jump right back in that bed and fuck her but I was running behind schedule.

This was my first experience with jury duty. After everyone signed in, we all sat in a giant room and watched a video that detailed what we should expect. There were about one hundred and fifty people in the room. As my mind wondered, I looked at the women in the room as sex dominated my thoughts. My wife had made me horny as hell before I left.

The women in the room made up half the applicants and I was surprised that approximately seventy five women randomly selected were all women I found unattractive. There was not one woman with a set of breast to look at. Not one woman wearing a revealing skirt. Not one attractive face. Luckily, I had my phone and began to look at provocative photos my wife had sent to me over the years. That helped me make it through the first hour as my battery began to run low and I left my charger in the car.

I then got out of isolation mode and looked for someone to conversate with. However, all of the buzz I heard centered on conversations I wasn't interested in joining. I looked at the clock and nearly shouted out loud as I realized we still had a couple of hours before lunch break.
I thought I might have grunted aloud until I looked across from me and saw a man shaking his cell phone. He was an older gentleman that I figured modern technology often gave frustrations. Bored, I offered to help. His slow moving phone was having difficulties connecting to the wifi. I tried a few tricks unsuccessfully, before asking if I could check more detailed areas of concern. As I looked at his history, I saw tons of cuckold porn sites among various other items he had never closed, which was the cause of his problem. I fixed it for him and went back to my own world.

However, the cuckold porn invaded my thoughts. My wife had shared with me that she wanted to have another man join us. It was her fantasy to have two men fuck her at once. We had yet to find someone that meet her standards, which pleased me, because I wasn't sure I'd handle some of the positions she described. I could enjoy watching her with another man but male to male contact was something I wasn't into.

As luck was five minutes away, I went to the restroom. The man with the phone problems followed and used the stall next to me. He made small talk as we urinated. Normally I look at the ceiling, but as he spoke, I would look at him. I caught him glancing at my package a couple of times. Instinctively, I glanced at his and when I saw I was larger, I got a tingling sensation down below. I began to stiffening as I finished. As we washed our hands he continued to talk about this not being his first time having jury duty and he knew how to take advantage of the hour and a half lunch break. My plans were to eat, charge my phone and possibly go to the library to get a book to read for the afternoon. He informed me he had a better option if I was willing. Intrigued, I asked him to explain. That's when he suggested we take the stairs and not the crowded elevator for privacy.

"My wife is in the hotel across the street. I m about to go over and thank care of business," he said with a grin. I then thought of the cuckold porn on his phone. "I'm not gay," he continued. "But I know what my wife likes. You re without a doubt her type. And if I could be frank, she would love that piece of meat between your legs.".

I was already planning on joining him before he showed a picture of his wife. She was a few years younger than me, had large breast and lips that screamed I can suck dick. The only thing I thought about was if I should call my wife and get her opinion.
"That is hot as hell," my wife said over the phone. She mentioned she would have come down and joined us if she wasn't hours away taking her friend home. "Do it baby and tell me all about it when you get home.". With that, I hung up and made my was through the lobby with my new friend who had informed his wife he was bringing gang something special for her.

When she answered the door she was wearing a bath rode that flung open and displayed her nude body underneath. Her breast were beautiful with her large nipples. I looked at her pussy and it was nice trimmed. Hairy but styled. She kissed her husband after eyeing me. "You sure know what I like," she said to him as she took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

Her husband sat in a chair and prepared himself for the show. His wife sat me on the bed and unzipped my khaki pants. My dick was rock hard and stood at attention. "That's impressive," she said looking at her husband who had pulled out his substantionally smaller member and began stroking. She then turned her attention back to me and began sucking.

She took me all the way in after initially circling my head with her tongue. She cupped my balls with one hand and worked the base of my cock as she sucked. Being horny all morning, I had to fight the urge to bust a nut too soon. She stopped and told her husband to come kiss her with that mouth that had the taste of my dick in it. He did and kneeled to get a better view of his wife giving me a blow job.

I then thought of my wife and how I could use this as a practice run to giving her what she wanted. "Ride my dick" I told her. She did. Her ass was in the air high enough for her husband to fuck. "Put that dick in her ass," I instructed. He immediately began licking her ass and getting it moist for some anal play. His saliva dripped on my dick. I then thought his tongue would probably brush against my balls. I wondered what it would feel like. I was brought out of that thought as his wife began to try and kiss me in the mouth. I decided to allow it. She was a great kisser. By the time we finished, her husband was fucking her in the butt.

His hairy balls would touch mine and it sort of tickled. However, I had to focus on it to feel it. The juicy pussy of his wife was the main attraction. Her pussy had become so wet that I thought she had cum. I looked in her face and she was in fact having another mini orgasm. She had them silently. Closing her eyes and grimacing were the only signs she gave when climaxing. Her husband on the other hand increased his pumps and began to moan out loud.

He came and pulled out allowing his nut to splash on the back of his wife. As he went to get a towel, his wife stood up. My dick was still rock hard and glistening from her juices. She announced she was going to shower and left the room. He told me I could finish on my own or he would assist. I declined both offers as I wiped myself clean.

My wife would have never left a partner with a rock hard dick. She would have finished him off. I then realized how lucky I was once again. I couldn't wait to get home to tell my wife how the woman didn't come close to being the sexual being that she was.

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