John and Elaine

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My wife Elaine and I would like to share our sexual experiences with your readers. This is a second
marriage for both Elaine and myself and when Elaine and I began dating we were also dating others as
well. Elaine and I began sleeping together on our first date, actually we had returned to her apartment
after a movie, and while I was trying to get up the nerve to try something she started rubbing my cock.
Feeling its swelling she unzipped my trousers and gave me the best blow job I'd ever had. And to make
things even better she is not a spitter and swallowed every drop
of my fluid. I knew that if she would go down on me on our first date that she was also doing the same
for the other men she was dating but we were not as yet in love with each other so it really didn't matter
to me. In fact I found the idea of her screwing other men strangely arousing.
I didn't mention my feelings about this to Elaine and she never talked about what she did with others
until one night when I arrived to pick her up for a date. Just as I turned onto her street I noticed a car
pull out of her drive and turn the opposite way down the street. I didn't think much about this until I rang
the doorbell. Elaine, thinking I was the other man, called from behind the door as she opened it "What's
the matter Jim. Haven't you had enough for one day?". When she saw it was me and not Jim she was as
startled as I. Standing in her open doorway with nothing on she gasped "I. I thought you were someone
else." "Obviously." I replied. "God, I'm sorry John. I guess I lost track of time." I realized that I had become
extremely excited seeing her that way and knowing that another man had just made love to
her. All I could say was "Did you and your friend enjoy yourselves?". I didn't mean this the way it sounded
and Elaine
replied "Don't be angry. Please. You had to know I have been dating other men and we don't really have
anything permanent do we." We were in her apartment now and I said "We could if you wanted." "What
do you mean, We could?" she said. "I mean we can have whatever you want." "I want you to forget about
what just happened and love me." Elaine said. "I do love you." I said "And I don't want to forget about
what just happened. I want you to tell me about what happened while I screw you brains out."
"You mean now?" "Right now." I replied as I picked Elaine up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom.
Elaine's bed was a mess. I could smell the musk from her lovemaking. I noticed a large wet stain on
the sheets and knew that on that spot another man had emptied himself in my beautiful Elaine's cunt. I
knew also that she must have enjoyed it just as much as he had and that only served to make me more
excited. I placed Elaine on the opposite side of the bed from the wetness and said as I began tearing at
my clothes "May as well mess up both side now hadn't we." Elaine said as she was nervously trying to
unbuckle my trousers "I love you John. I really love you." My trousers fell to the floor and as I buried my
face between her legs to kiss her pussy, I said "Just tell me what happened." I noticed Jim's cum was still
seeping from Elaine's pussy. I didn't know how I felt about eating her out with someone else's cum still
inside her. I only knew that I wanted more than anything for her to start talking and for me to start eating.
"Are you serious?" Elaine asked. "100 percent." I said in a muffled voice because by now I had her cunt
lips parted and was trying to reach her depths with my tongue. I could taste Jim's cum on my tongue
and feel
it's almost pleasant burning sensation on the back of my through.
Elaine began. "I have know Jim for about 4 months now. I met him while shopping and he invited
me to join him for a drink. We talked and he told me he was married and that his wife had an affair
with his neighbor. He admitted that he had invited me for drinks hoping to get even with her but didn't
think he could go through with it. I was really attracted to Jim right away and I told him that he shouldn't
encourage something if he couldn't follow through. He asked if I were serious and I told him I was indeed.
He asked where we could go and I told him to follow me. We came here and made love for hours."
"He was good then?" I asked. "The best." Elaine continued. "Since then Jim come over about two or
three times a week. He called this morning and wanted to come today." "What time did he arrive?" I
asked. "About 10. He wanted me to give him head as soon as he got here." "Did you?" "I did and he
shot a load you wouldn't believe. He came so fast I couldn't believe it. He said he hadn't had any since
we had done it together the week before. I know it must have been true from the way he came." "Did
you swallow his load?" I asked. "You know I'm not a spitter. Of course I swallowed it. What I could
anyway. He came so much and it was so thick that some of it squirted out of
my mouth and onto my chin and face. Jim helped me get it off with his fingers and I licked them clean for
him." "He arrived at 10 and left at seven. What happened next?" "Well, after I sucked him off we came
in here and I played with his cock, kissing it and sucking it until he was ready to fuck me. We fucked
then I sucked him hard again and we fucked some more. We fell asleep then and didn't wake up until
five. I woke up with Jim eating my bush just as you are now." "Does he give good head?" I asked.
"Not as good as you. He doesn't take my clit in his mouth the way you do. I
mean I like it when he eats me but you're better." "You must have fucked him again because the bed
is still wet." "I did. First we got into a 69 position and sucked each other. He almost came in my mouth
but this time I wanted him to cum in my pussy so I quit sucking his cock and just licked his balls. He
really enjoys it when I lick the underside of his balls and the area near his ass." "Did you come while
he was eating you?" "Not this time. It's kinda hard for me to come when he eats me but I did come
twice earlier while he ate me." "What next?" "Well, Jim got me on my hands and knees and fucked me
doggy style. He likes that too because he says he can reach deeper inside that way." "Did he come
inside you then?" "No, not then. We changed with me sitting on top and slowly pumping his cock in me.
Then he got on top and really started fucking me hard. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he
pounded me. Just as I started to cum I felt his balls tighten and he unloaded all that he had in me.
It must have been a lot from the wet spot and it was running down me leg when you arrived. Can you
taste Jim's cum in me?" "Not now." I replied. "I think I've cleaned you out pretty good." "I want to
suck your cock." Elaine said. I lay on my back and Elaine got between my legs so we could
look into each others eyes as she sucked my cock. I like to watch as I shoot off and Elaine swallows
my load. Today I told her I wanted her to take my cock out of her mouth and jack me as I came. I
wanted to see the cum shoot into her mouth. Just as I was about to loose my load Elaine opened her
mouth and with a gentle squeezing motion she jacked my load into her mouth. I watched as the thick
white fluid sprang from my cock and found it's way in Elaine's mouth. She lost surprisingly little of my
load as she took my cock into her mouth to drain all she could.
When convinced she had all I could give she moved up and gave me a kiss. At first I was surprised
how wet her lips were but then I realized that she had not swallowed my load as she normally does.
Instead she was sharing it with me. I must say I enjoyed tasting my own cum, Still warm and thick.
We still do this sometimes and it never fails to excite me.
Elaine and I married shortly after this experience. We have been married for almost 18 years now
and she still dates other men. She dated Jim for about three years after we were married and on several
occasions I joined them. I can't explain why I enjoy my beautiful wife having sex with other men. I just do.
I love to watch as she enjoys herself while pleasing another man. I have encouraged Elaine to date other
men she find attractive and to tell me the details later.
Just last tuesday she met a guy. His name is Bill and he's a salesman that travels this area. He is in town
tonight and invited Elaine to dinner and drinks. Elaine is here dressing for her date with Bill tonight and
I noticed she douched herself and put on some really sexy panties and bra. I think she is going to wear
the red dress I bought her. I hope she does because she looks great in it and it drives men wild.
Well Elaine just drove off to meet Bill. Before she left she read this letter and has approved of my
sending it. She also told me that she planned to stay the entire night with Bill at his hotel. They'll be up
all night fucking and sucking. Elaine really hates quickies.
Well I think I'll go watch one of the movies Elaine and I made with an Italian guy we met on vacation
this past summer.

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