Japanese Exchange Student

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It all started quite innocently, with a phone call, from the head teacher at the local school.
“Debby, would you be able to help me out, I’ve got a small emergency on my hands and I need some one I can trust.
This was Mrs. Ashley, a very nice middle-aged woman, who had devoted most of her life to her school and students. Mid 40s looked after her self, some one who was in charge, always looked ready for any thing, the students loved her, all bark and no bite.
I would give the School donations from time to time, and help with any fund rising in the city if they needed it. As far as Mrs. Ashley was concerned, I was a respectable Broker with my own firm, which was partly true. If there is one thing I am good at, it is picking stocks. I did well, started my own company, and got rich.
As time went on, I found I liked dirty sex, and I mean a good slave, who I can use and abuse, drink my piss, and shit in there mouth, and love it.

I have always believed that the quickest way to get what you need is to go and get it. I started to advertise in the under ground news papers, (lovers of the dark and dirty side of sex) and was surprised with the response, one thing led to another and I stated a porn film company just into light S and M Bandage and of course golden showers and brown showers. This was my secret life; I had a small flat and studio in the city, which I used when I was Miss Q. All the money I made from the films I gave to the crew and actors, this was a way of indulging in my fantasies, with a group of loyal fans, to be honest we didn’t make any money, that was worth talking about. We where all like minded and we all had our day jobs, but when we filmed or went out on a party I paid, with nothing left out, we had a great time, Hell I could afford it 10 times over.
In my day job, only my loyal secretary new of the film company. (She came for an interview, from one of the newspaper ads).

I was completely surprised when she turned up, different name of course, and once we got over the shock, and I got a few drinks in to her, she told me of all her fantasies. She has turned out to be a real slut, great body big tits, big nipples that I have had pierced, and loves to drink piss and eat shit, usually mine. Her office dress is very formal and you would never know what she is when you look at her. I sometimes have her insert a dido up her ass in the morning, and get her to lick it clean for lunch. A real jackal and Hide. That is a different story.
So I have a big house out side the city about an hrs drive in a fast car, that is in a small quite town, and a place I can hide in, I like to edit my films in a studio next to my bedroom, it used to be another bedroom but I converted it. The only person that knows of my double life is Patricia my secretary, who comes to visit from time to time.
Back to the story.
“Mrs. Ashley what can I do for you?” I asked.
“Well dear, as you know we are having some exchange students over from Japan, but one of the families father has just had a major hart attack, so you can under stand that the family is very up set and unable to look after the poor girl. Now I remember that on her interview papers she said she liked to work with money, and as that is in your line of work, I was wondering if you could look after her for to day and the week end, until I can get this sorted out. Would that be ok?”
“Well if it’s just for Friday and the week end, and it’s a girl you said?”
Yes dear, her name is Myoko, 18 years, needs to polish her English, before she goes on to finance” Mrs. Ashley replied.
“Well that should be ok, I was planning to stay at home this week end and sort out some stuff from the office, any way, so that should work out well” I replied.
“O- Thank you so much I was really worried that I was going to have problems. She arrives this afternoon with some of the other students, I will drop her off first, then the others There are a few things that have to be done, but ill tell you about that when I drop her off. Now let me see, I should be back about 1 o’clock if all goes well and there are no delays with the flight and traffic, so ill see you then, Replied Mrs. Ashley.
“Ok” I said, “ill see you then”.

I had a house cleaner that kept the house clean and generally looked after me, Mary, a very nice old girl who loved to cook, and fuss, and also under stood that I liked my privacy.
I gave her a quick call to let her know that we would be having a guest over for the weekend.
She said she would come over straight away and get the rooms sorted out.
To her word Mary came over got everything sorted. I went out and did some grocery shopping. In addition, odds and sods, by the time I got back Mary had finished, got the room ready opposite mine and was on her way out.
I had just finished putting every thing away when the doorbell rang.
“Hello my Dear” said a happy Mrs. Ashley “let me introduce you to Myoko.”
Myoko was about 5ft4, slight build and had on an over sized jumper and long coat,
I didn’t think it was that cold, Long hair, black of course, with a big smile, big eyes, and a very pretty face, not a stunner but very nice to look at.
“Myoko” I said, “it is very nice to meet you and welcome to my house” Myoko gave me a deep bow and said thank you.

When she came back up, she had a very good look at my Breasts. I have a good body even though I say it my self, the house has a gym, and I like to stay fit. Also I have large boobs, that I don’t wont to see sag. I keep the upper part of my body in top form, with a nice tight butt. To day I was wearing a zip up the front tight jumper, that may have been a bit lower than it should have been, showing a lot of cleverage, I like to dress for shopping, that I had just finished, and had not had time to change back.
Come in and let us get your bags. She had two medium size bags, which after walking in put down at the bottom of the stares. As she walked in her eyes got very round.
“This is your house”
Yes I nodded”
“It is so big, I have never been in such a big house, she said.
Well I replied I would have great pleasure in showing you round, I just hope you do not get bored, when you are here.
“Hold on a second” Mrs. Ashley, said“, I will come back in about 30 minuets, we have to get the students registered at the local police station, international protocol ect, just incase any thing happens. Ill pick you up Myoko, and bring you back. Ok Debby. That will give you enough time to show her the house.
With a quick wave, Mrs. Ashley was out the door and back to the small Mini bus.
As the mini bus drove away, I turned to Myoko
“Right” I said, “let’s get your coat off, and ill show you around the house and your room. Are you cold?” She took off her coat and passed it over to me.
“O no I um don’t like to where tight clothes as I find all the boys stair at me, so I like to hide under big clothes”, She had turned a little red in the face from embarrassment, “But I see that you also have the same”
At first, I did not know what she was talking about, but as she was looking at my tits, the penny soon dropped
She still had her over sized jumper on, but on closer look I could see that she was possibly larger then me, on a very thin frame. Yep she would certainly have the boys drawling over her. I would love to see them my self.
Stop it I said to my self this is just a young innocent girl.
“Don’t worry, about it, you and I are the only two here so if you wont to walk around naked, no one is going to care, lest of all me”
What am I saying I can not believe I just said that.

She gave a small giggle “thank you Miss Debby I hate this jumper would you mind if I take it off.
“No of course not I replied.
With no more encouragement, she had the jumper off and started to fold it up. She had on a tight white T-shirt on underneath, and she had the most fantastic boobs I had ever seen, no bra, just big and round with big pointy nipples, she must be exited about the house I thought to my self, because her nipples where certainly pointy and hard.
Whether she did it on purpose or not I do not know, but she made it a point to be looking down and concentrating on folding the jumper, she then bent down in front of me and put on the top of the suitcase.
I had a good look at her tits right in front of me, and it was all I could do from not reaching out and slapping her breast and pinching a nipple. God did I wont to twist that nipple, and get her begging me to stop.
With a deep breath, I forced my self to look away, and get control.
“Now let me show you around the house, before Mrs. Ashley gets back.” I still had her coat in my hand.
Do you wont to use your coat again when you go out I said
Yes yes, I prefer to, thanks
Right ill leave it on the banister so you can grab it on the way out, other wise it can go in this cupboard. You can leave your shoes by the door”
I then proceeded to show her around the house, I was in control now and put on my directing face. Look but do not get aroused, this is a job, and it was tough. However, every now and again I would catch her looking at my tits or bum, I couldn’t help my self, I pulled the zipper down another inch or so, just to keep her looking. It worked.

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