Janice mind controlled : Part 1

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Stephen had gone to work and David had only 5 minutes ago set off for work experience at Department of Work and Pensions. When I received the message from Elaine that Ginger wanted me. My mind seemed to separate from my body and the body took control. I was in just my nightie. I walked downstairs and out of the front door. I shut the door leaving it unlocked, my mind tried to make me fetch the keys but body was in control. I walked to the street as a car pulled up I climbed in and sat there I felt as though I was sat inside something looking out and had no control over what happened just watching. 

The car took me to the Holiday Inn hotel. My body left the car and walked into reception. Ginger was waiting for me by the reception desk. There was no love lost between the two of us. He indicated with his finger that I should follow him. I did, we entered a room, no ordinary hotel room, it was bigger than normal at one end there was a television with several chairs arranged around it and a small bar fridge, at the other end was a double bed with wrought iron headboard and foot board. Both the headboard and foot board had chains and handcuffs fastened to them. Between the bed and television was a big open space with a table.

From the ceiling hung a thick chain, on the table there were ropes, handcuffs and blindfolds. Off the room was a bathroom. Ginger said “In the bathroom is what I want you to wear. My body walked in to the room and took my nightie off the only piece of clothing was a white short wrap over skirt I emerged from the hotel bathroom and with a slight lift of my arms and hands I said, "Well? What do you think?" But instead of answering me, he held up an index finger and made a little circular motion, indicating that I should turn in a little circle. Smiling on the outside, but cringing inside I did my best little turn in a sexy a slow, provocative turn I was  rewarded with something I did not expect. Before I had reached the "front" again, I felt a hand smack, hard on my bottom. He kissed my cheek and smoothed my hair he whispered, "My good girl you are going to give us fun today and you are to meet an old acquaintance”. 

“Hold your hands out,” he ordered. He placed handcuffs on my wrists and locked them shut and then pulling my arms stretched up out straight above my head he fastened them to the chain so they were held above my head. He clamped my ankles into leg spreaders that kept my ankles about 3 feet apart I could now not close my legs. He slid his hand up the inside of my thigh and very barely touching me he let his fingertips glide over my fanny that I could feel was wet, body was enjoying itself, mind was not. A knock sounded at the hotel room door. With a kiss to both of my eyelids and a lingering kiss on my lips he slipped a blindfold over my eyes.

As he tied it snugly, he whispered in my ear, there is nothing you can do to stop what is about to happen to you. I heard the open and close of the hotel room door. “Hello” said a voice. The next thing I felt was a hand, just the fingertips drifting around my waist as if he was walking around me in a circle and had to maintain contact with my skin the entire time. I could tell that he had started in front of me and then walked around behind me. The brush of fingertips over my skin, making me shiver slightly this evoked a little laughter from them. “Don't you worry a bit,” crooned Ginger “we are going to enjoy you, but you'll love every minute of it!" and with a smack on my bottom, I felt him walk away and heard the two of them opening drink cans. 

I heard another knock on the door and not just one but several voices. I heard the door open and I heard someone say, "and the rest of the gang arrives all at once!” I knew that voice Brian Chaney! I had worked for him once and we did not get on, he blamed me and Wayne for everything that went wrong. My mind panicked what was I to do what could I do, I knew from the experiences of a friend that he was a real pervert and I was helpless. There was a lot of good-natured joking at that point with all of them crowding around me. I found myself gasping with each fingertip that touched me or each little kiss bestowed on my cheek or each large, warm male hand that caressed my breasts. 

I could hear them moving away from me and soon could hear cans of beer popping as they were opened and someone switched the television on to a sports channel. From their conversation I gathered that this was a mans day out to be spent drinking, watching sport and I was part of the entertainment. I could hear at least five different voices talking. Someone moved very close to me and Brian Chaney's voice whispered in my ear "Well its Janice Goodall what an unexpected delight meeting you like this, I wonder what Wayne would say if he could see you now? Wayne always thought so much of you and you spent so much time at the college disliking me, disagreeing with me and trying to put me down as you though I was not up to his standards? Well you bitch you seem to be a bit tied up at the moment what good luck for me and bad luck for you, I think that I am about to get the last laugh!". 

"I told you I had a surprise for you" called Gingers voice from across the room you have control of her for six days and then you are not allowed near her again. My mind was worried about what he would do and I was angry I wanted to reach out and hit him, but my body was eager. His hand went on to my hip, ran down the skirt and to my bare leg, then it moved to the inside of my leg and up between them, I was wet with excitement and as soon as his finger reach my v I tried lower myself down on to it eager to feel it stimulate me. He moved his hand away. “Are you that eager with Wayne?” he asked "is that what he does to you?". 

"Let’s see you fully naked" he whispered in my ear. He undid the two buttons that held my skirt in place and it unwrapped and dropped to the floor. There was a loud cheer from the others in the others in the room. Even through my blindfold I could sense him looking at me. His hand went on to my stomach "you have put some weight on since you worked for me," he said. His mouth touched mine in a gentle kiss, I leant forward and responded. Brian moved away and I was left alone. For several minutes there was just talk and the television playing, then there was another knock at the door Ginger answered saying "hello" there were several new voices talking in welcome. 

There were steps in front of me and I could smell beer on someone’s breath as his face was put close to mine. Brian said “now is the moment I have waited for”. I felt the touch of glass on my Breast. “I do interesting things to women with a bottle!” he whispered. He drew the bottle very slowly over my breasts stimulating each nipple with it, taking several minutes he moved it across my side and ran it up and down my spine causing a tingling. The bottle moved down across my bottom. He moved the bottle across my stomach and up my body to my mouth, across my lips and then straight down into my pubic hair.

He lingered there with it. The bottle moved down my left leg to my knee, to the inside of the knee and gradually up to between my legs, it touched my wetness and I felt it at the entrance to my body. “Not that” said Ginger from close by “we need her good for all of us to have” Brian stood very close to me I could feel his shirt against my breast. “That was an escape for you” he hissed in my ear. I heard the zip of his trousers unfastening. He moved close again and could feel him pushing his trousers down. As his trousers went down I could feel his erection fall against my lower stomach, my body moved its self forward for it. “You are desperate” he whispered.

He moved away, I could hear him undressing. Then he was back and kissed me. I responded. I could feel his erection pressing against my pubic hairs. Brian bent his knees to lower himself and his huge cock was between my legs. He held himself there and growled into my ear “when we used to argue at college I dreamt of doing this to shut you up!” He moved and entered into me. My mind was whirling with the humiliation and also anger at him. My body had the opposite reaction, it was enjoying itself. As Brian moved into me I immediately climaxed. “Oh yes” he exclaimed “will you be telling Wayne about this, how eager and desperate you are to fuck me”.

“Well you bitch” he continued “this is my dream come true, I am fucking you and you are enjoying every moment of it, this completes my full set for your family, before I was stopped I had had Laura, Susan, Nina, Christine Jo and Samantha and now you, and do you know I have one advantage over Wayne I am still fertile and can get you pregnant, you are not too old for it to happen.” His hands were gripping my buttocks hard and as he talked he moved up and down in me and I was responding moving my hips in time to him. My body felt and enjoyed every moment of it. “The big moment is coming” he panted in my ear “the moment when you are really mine” and he gasped as he came.

He came out of me and there was a cheer from across the room. I heard Ginger’s voice whisper something to me and everything changed. My mind and body were back in tune with each other. I was excited, had just had wonderful unprotected sex with Brian and I was in a room full of men that I could not see for them to do what they willed with me. All I wanted was sex and plenty of it. There was a step behind me a pair of hands went round me and grasped my breasts. I could feel an erection pressed against my bottom. “Bend forward,” said a voice, I leant forward as far as I could tied as I was.

He stood behind me moved a hand between my legs, I was still wet from Brian, and guided himself in to my v this cock had a condom on His hands went back to my breasts and my nipples hardened. He moved making me come but not coming himself. I was left alone the men were talking sport my guess was there were nine of them. I was frustrated I need one of them to come and have me. I felt two mouths one on each breast and two hands for each breast. They were touching my breasts, caressing me, suckling and nibbling and licking and biting on my nipples. then there was a mouth on mine. 

I could feel two cocks pressing against me, two mouths and four hands. I needed them I wanted one of them between my legs I actually moaned in frustration this just wasn’t like me but it was me. Suddenly I felt, two more pair of hands on my back curving around my neck, wrapping around my neck and a voice telling me to just be quiet and stop moaning. I could feel my hips pressing forward, embarrassingly arched out and there were two more mouths on my shoulder blades. Oh my I had a mouth on each nipple hands on the curves of each breast and I had a mouth at the nape of my neck on the left and on the right. I climaxed like never before.

Then a cock was in me and I climaxed again, then another one entered me I was in extercy as a third man entered me all of them in minutes. Ginger unhooked my hands from the chain, unfastened my handcuffs and leg spreaders and led me the bed with by blindfold still on. I felt two men grabbed me one at each side and moved me into a sitting position and then still in that position picked me up two hands parted my legs and two more were supporting me under my arms. I felt them lower me and felt an erection touch me, they were lowering me on to someone, I was so wet it slid into me with no resistance.

The support of the hands disappeared an I slid further on to the erection. Hands grabbed my waist bouncing me up and down on it. A hand grabbed my hair pulling my head back I opened my mouth with a gasp at the force of the pull and a cock entered into my mouth. The cock was pushed to the back of my throat. The cock was moved backwards and forwards in my mouth I was having two men at once. A spurt hit the back of my throat, making me choke and second landed on my tongue I swallowed it tasted good. I was laid back on the bed and the voices and footsteps moved to the other end of the room after a few minutes the bed moved as someone knelt on the edge of it and then the weight of a body lay on me I opened my legs and another cock entered me.

“Ginger’s voice sounded close to my ear “come on babe perform for me,” I kissed him hard on the mouth and his tongue was in my mouth touching mine. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him as close as I could then he withdrew from me “kneel on all fours” he told me I did and he placed his hands on my hips and moved his cock into me I came again as he had me. I laid back on the bed relaxed and satisfied. “Well bitch” said Brians’ voice “I think it is time for you to taste my cock. I was now not bothered who it was all I wanted was sex. “Kneel down” I did as I was told.

His erection touched my lips and I opened my mouth I licked the tip of his cock I took him into my mouth licking it up and down it as I began to suck on him as I sucked I felt him grow I sucked quicker on him and felt his hips moving and his hands on my head he came I felt his cum sliding down the back of my throat. “Well you are a slut after all,” he said After that the party fizzled out as people left. Before I left Ginger gave me instructions about enjoying Brian though I cannot remember them.

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