Janet and Me

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18 year old girl home from college for the Summer finds her Summer love in the arms of an older woman.

Single and living in a new town without your usual network of friends and relatives to lean on can be difficult to adjust to at first but my new neighbor helped change all that. My name is Jessica and I'm an independent IT specialist working from my home office. I moved from Detroit to a rural county subdivision near Nashville with my fiance but shortly after the move he got cold feet about the whole marriage thing and we went our separate ways. I remained in in the area and purchased a small house with an in ground pool in a very quiet rural subdivision. Not far from the major stores but a car is must to get anywhere. I'm still living single and surviving, that was 6 months ago.

I'm 35 years old and never been married and no kids. Financially I am doing well with a nice little business going and I enjoy my work. I'm 5'8, slim and average looking. I don't turn heads when walking in a crowd and am pretty average looking. My body is in good shape however I always wished my breasts were bigger and socially I guess, I have no social life and am pretty much of a loner. I really think this was one of the reasons why my fiance got cold feet, he was an extrovert and I am defiantly an introvert. We were actually very different in that way. I suppose I am more comfortable around computers than I am with people. Anyway my next door neighbor Ann is a single parent maybe 40ish, with an 18 year old daughter and we have recently struck up a casual friendship ever since I've moved in. Ann has been over to my house several times for coffee and for someone to vent with. She is very outgoing, almost opposite of me but our friendship seems to work. Ann holds two jobs to make ends meet and I know things are hectic for her.

Since I work out of my house I try to help out when I can by accepting deliveries for her, checking up on her daughter when needed, and just being there if something comes up. It seems like Ann is always working and she does her best to be all she can be for her daughter. When she's not working at her waitress job at the local Denny's, Ann is a part time receptionist in a doctor's office. She doesn't date at all due to her work schedules and she has this uncanny ability to bash men which is always amusing for me to listen to her during our conversations. She is pretty much of a home body when she's not working and on her days off she looks after the house and choirs, and spends as much time as she can with her daughter Janet.

As much as I admire Ann for her strength and courage to survive as a single parent, this story is not about her. It's about her 18 year old daughter Janet and over the past few months I've come to know Janet quiet well. She attends the local community college and she likes to hang out with me whenever she's not in school. I've assisted her with some of her course work from time to time but now with summer break, she was home and usually over at my place just hanging around, playing video games, and helping me out with some of my choirs. Janet is a little on the shy side and socially introverted like myself so it was no surprise that we hit it off so well together and became fast friends right away.

Despite our age difference I actually got along better with Janet than I did with her Mother. Janet is not a very pretty girl but she is pretty well endowed. In the breast department she was certainly much larger than my meager 34a and Janet was slightly overweight and was self conscious of it. Being on the shy side she wasn't one of the "popular" girls at school and as a result she didn't have any really close friends other than the many online chat friends she flirts with almost constantly. I guess I was the closest thing to a true best friend she had and I was OK with that. In the short time I had known Janet she had considered me like a big sister and her confidant. Janet confided in me, and told me things she would never be able to discuss with her Mom.

I was always working from home and since she didn't drive, she had plenty of opportunity to come over and just hang out. Usually she'd do her homework at my kitchen table during the school semester I think just to have some company around but now with school out Janet liked to play my Xbox and watch TV. On several occasions I would be in the pool when she came over but she was usually not interested in going in for a swim but would prefer to just lay out on the deck and soak up some Sun. I'm sure she was a little self conscious of her weight but I never asked.

Anyway, by the time summer break came around, Janet felt right at home at my place and on one very hot and humid afternoon she surprised me when she came over wearing her swimsuit. She had on a two piece that didn't really fit her at all but I didn't comment on it. It was about two sizes too small and everything was practically falling out of it. At least she started using the pool and swimming a few laps and keeping active. I thought that was cool and I certainly didn't mind her coming over at all. I actually found myself looking forward to it. She was company for me and I enjoyed having someone to talk to. It had dawned on me that since my breakup I had sunk myself into my work with little social outlet and in reality I was a pretty lonely woman, so it was pleasant to have someone around from time to time. Even her Mother Ann commented that it was good for her piece of mind knowing that Janet would be safe till she got home and especially now that school was out.

So as it went, when I wasn't handling customer calls on the phone or online, Janet and I would talk all day long about everything. Sometimes we'd play Xbox together, float around in the pool, or just watch movies. Janet always wanted to talk about some of the guys at school and tell me all about what some of classmates were doing. I asked her if she ever had a boyfriend since she never mentioned one and I assumed she's kissed a boy. Janet was a little shy about that subject and blushed but she told me no.

'No, no boyfriend and I did kiss a few boys but nothing serious. Guess I need to find a boyfriend' she said. 'I think about it a lot lately".

'Well I wasn't dating at all till I got into college so I'm sure you'll find some guy. Make sure sure he has a car!' I said kidding her.

'Ya no kidding!' she laughed, 'a car would be nice'.

'Well not to worry, I was a little bit of a late bloomer myself' I told her. I guess I had my first real boyfriend when I was 18. Up until then just friends and friends of friends'.

So we just stood there in an awkward moment just facing each other and Janet realizing that she wasn't alone in the nerd department. I eyed and admired her head to toe for a few awkward moments and without hesitation or thought, I gave her a hug pulled her tight into me to reassure her that we were friends and that she could trust me.

It was then that I first felt the firmness of her hard solid breasts against my chest. They felt large and firm and I had that familiar feeling deep in my pussy. The same tingles I feel when I get sexually excited and I assumed I probably had a wet spot on my panties. Then, for some strange reason at that moment I didn't want to release her from our hug. Janet put her arms around my shoulders and our embrace lingered for a few moments longer than normal as I continued to rub and pat her back.

I held her out at arms length and noticed she was shaking like a leaf.

"What's wrong Janet?' I asked her.

'Nothing really, I guess I've never known anyone I can confide in and trust to discuss things with. It's like a relief that I met you'.

"Awhhh that's so nice of you to say Janet, I'm really glad we met,' I assured her, 'and I can tell you that I'm really glad we're friends!' Janet nodded in agreement.

'Friends enough to trust each other with our secrets?' I asked her.

'Uh ya I think so, I mean, yes I can keep secrets, just don't tell my Mom anything.' Janet responded.

'What? I thought you guys share everything? Haha no way, I'd never do that!' I assured her.

We laughed about that for a few moments and I asked her why she would ask me that anyway? 'Do you have some secrets you don't want your Mom to know?'

'Awww maaaaaybeee' Janet said nervously and then just hugged me again as if to reassure herself that she had finally met someone she might actually be able to confide in and call her friend. At least that was the feeling I got from the exchange.

Still in our brief hug I assured her I was cool with whatever she didn't want to tell her Mother, and laughed about it dismissing it as silly as we broke our embrace.

'Wow!' I said, 'That's weird, I sort of liked how you felt close against me when we hugged you didn't you?'

'Uh yea, I guess so, .yes I really liked being hugged, no one ever hugs me,' she told me.

'Really? Your Mom never hugs you? I asked in genuine surprise. 'Wow I think a hug is one of the best remedies when you're feeling down.' I told her.

'My Mom is amazing but she's not the touchy feely type in case you hadn't noticed' Janet clarified to me.

'Ya, I guess you're right now that I think about it!' As I agreed.

'Well Ok hugs are us anytime you need one then!'

So in between customer calls and some online support work, we chit chatted about nothing really but I wanted to know whats up with her and her Mother? They seem to be close and I was surprised Janet wasn't sharing mother daughter stuff as I think she shares with me.

There was something different about Janet today. The atmosphere around her was different for the first time, her aura if there is such a thing, felt different and I realized I was looking at her in a sexual way. Maybe the closeness of our longer than usual hug or maybe it was my loneliness catching up to me. Or maybe the fact that I was just too damn horny and sexually pent up. Whatever it was, it felt electric at that moment. I realized I was admiring Janet sexually and not as a big sister as it had been the case. Today Janet was wearing a short denim skirt and a T-shirt and her breasts were certainly her best features. I again remembered how nice they felt against mine when we hugged. I was pretty much done with my work for the day and could sense there was something Janet needed to talk about so I reassured her that she could come to me for anything and I would do my best to be there for her.

Since her Mom was working a later shift tonight I suggested asked if she wanted to stay and have dinner with me.

'It's the same effort to cook for two than it is for just one so if you don't mind shrimp scampi and pasta, and maybe some white wine, then start setting the table.' I commanded jokingly.

Janet went about setting the table as I prepared a previously frozen delight, and poured some chilled white wine. Now I know Janet is not of legal drinking age and I know she's had a few beers on occasion so I poured her a glass as well. She is not a drinker, she's just not like that but tonight she expressed that she would like to try some wine if I didn't mind.

'Of course I don't mind,' I assured her. 'A glass of wine with a meal is very nice as long as a glass doesn't turn into a bottle!"

So Janet had never drank wine before and she really liked the flavor of the fruity sweet Moscatto we were having. One glass turned into two, then three, and next thing I know I'm in the fridge uncorking another bottle. Our meal was excellent, thank goodness for prepared frozen foods! Hahah. We had some cheese cake for desert and Janet asked for another glass of wine.

'Well I guess it's OK, it's not like you have to drive home or anything!' I told her jokingly.

We laughed about that for a moment and I knew then she was feeling a little buzzed. I had two glasses myself and felt pretty relaxed. It felt nice, it was relaxing, and I know Janet was feeling the same.

She helped me clean up and did more than her fair share but I could tell she was defiantly feeling a little tipsy. She accidentally bumped into me as we went back and forth from table to dishwasher and she apologized and giggled. I was laughing my ass off since I had never seen her in this state before. She was actually pretty funny and unusually out going a side of her I had never seen. I made a mental note to load up on more wine next shopping trip. I turned on some music and lit some scented candles and went back to finish cleaning up.

Janet started singing to the tunes and I confirmed to her that she was buzzed. Either that or she couldn't hold a tune worth a hoot! She admitted she might be a little buzzed and I told her I didn't mind her like that at all, as long as she was enjoying herself.

Janet was acting totally out of character from her usual shy and introverted self and she was defiantly enjoying herself. I had a small buzz going on myself and felt a nice warm comfort just being around her.

'I'm feeling perfectly fine!' she told me. 'I really like that wine is there any more?'

Rolling my eyes and smirking, I told I had one more Moscatto left and the rest was red Chianti.

'Yes, there is one more but you have to share it with me!' I teased.

I poured us each another glass and made my way to the sofa to set the glasses down on the end table. I jokingly suggested that she sit down before she fell down or I might have to cut her off. Janet laughed and seated herself right beside me as she reached across me for her glass.

Up until today I had not considered Janet in a sexual way, even though I had been toying with the idea of girl on girl sex for some time since my break up. I regularly read erotic lesbian stories online that surprisingly turn me on and I guess I'm just horny all the time. But to think of Janet in that way was a bit of a surprise for me. I remember I did some kissing and feeling up with another girl once in college on a drunken dare at a party. It only lasted a few minutes and I never saw that girl again after that night but the experience lingered in my thoughts for years after. I always remember the unusual feeling of her soft lips and her hard breasts against me. That was so out of character for me at the time and so long ago but I never forgot about thrill I felt at that moment, and the emotions I was feeling now as those thoughts were resurfacing again.

'Whew I needed to sit down for a minute,' I told her.

I was at a brief loss of words for a few moments so I just sat there and watched a candle burning while sipping my wine noticing that Janet had sat unusually close to me on the sofa. I don't think she realized in her condition that she was in my personal space nor that she even gave it a thought but I could feel her presence and it felt warm. I felt goose bumps on my arms, and that familiar tingling feeling in my pussy that gives me a wet spot every time. Damn I thought to myself, I've had too much wine.

Janet mentioned that we should turn up the air conditioner and I laughed and told her the only one that feels hot is her drunken ass! We both laughed our asses off about that to the point where Janet had to lean over me to place her glass down on the end table before she spilled it. I enjoyed the feeling of her tank top clad body as she brushed up against me and her short skirt riding high on her thighs as she sank down low on the sofa cushions. Every feeling and emotion seemed to be enhanced at that moment and I admitted I was feeling a little buzzed myself and Janet just kept laughing.

I don't know what got into me but out of impulse I started tickling her and Janet started to wrestle me. She being stronger and bigger than me, we landed on the carpeted floor still laughing so hard I felt like I had to pee! She had my back pinned down as I squirmed but I couldn't get away. My stomach was sore from all the laughing and Jane was almost in tears she was laughing so hard. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt so I tried to wrap my legs around her waist and flip her over. That didn't work but when I used my free hand to grab her panties exposed ass, that surprised her and I managed to wrestle her to her side. My hand was still firmly holding the cheek of her ass and I threatened to give her a severe wedgy with her string panties if she didn't give up.

We were killing ourselves laughing, our hair was a mess, our make up was all smudged and we were both out of breath. We just both gave up and found ourselves catching our breath and laying there side by side still laughing at ourselves. I'm not sure what Janet was thinking about at the moment but I realized my my right arm was firmly around her neck and my left hand was up her skirt holding her bare ass cheek. Her left arm was trapped under my body but she managed to be able to hold me off with her right hand.

'So Janet, I'm going to wedgy your ass if you don't give up!' I told her.

She realized where my hand was and what I was talking about and told me if I do that that she would snap my bra strap till it hurt!

'Oh ya!' I challenged.

'Ya!' she replied, and with that she reached across my body with her right arm and grabbed a hold of my bra strap. We were practically breast to breast and our facing were basically cheek to cheek still out of breath and half halfheartedly still wrestling each other.

I was about to tell her to just try it but before I could finish saying it, she planted her mouth firmly on mine and mumbled something like, 'this should keep you quite!'

I wrestled and squirmed at first but then succumbed to her kiss. Our initial rough touching of our lips turned into a soft and passionate touch and interchange of tongues. Oh my God how awesome I thought. I wasn't sure who was enjoying this moment more, me or Janet?

My question was answered when I heard her moan and melt into my arms. We kissed with passion and emotion for what seemed to be hours. Just laying beside each other and touching and feeling each up with our hands, legs, arms, mouths, and our hearts and emotions.

It wasn't long before we were frantically removing each others clothes and realized where this was going.

'Is this what what you want Janet? I asked.

'Yes Jessica, yes, this is exactly what I want,' she moaned.

I worked to get her short skirt off of her and exposing her string panties was such a feeling of power I was turned on. I removed her tank top and bra and there they were, in their full glory. Beautiful firm breasts that I wish I had.

Janet worked to remove my t-shirt and jeans. I helped her remove my bra and we could both instantly feel the cool air conditioned air against our breasts. I could have never imagined being in this situation with Janet. Yes I had hoped to explore my lesbian fantasies someday but I could have never imagined it with someone like Janet. So young and my friend's daughter at that!

Janet instinctively moved her mouth to breasts and began sucking and tonging my now hard stiff nipples. Her hand was now cupping my pussy and her fingers were edging their way into my wet slit and I mirrored everything she was doing to me.

'So Janet' I asked in between breaths, 'You know what you're doing, have you done this before with other girls?'

'No, no I haven't. You are the first' she assured me in between bated breaths.

Janet was no doubt horny as hell. She was all over me as if all of her pent up sexual frustration finally found an avenue to escape from. As for me I was just as bad. I couldn't help but giggle and laugh just realizing that finally after all those times of watching lesbian videos and fantasizing about what it might be like to be with another girl? Well it's actually happening. Oh my God I think I love this girl!

'Aaaahhhhhh I'm cummminggggg, I'm cummmmingggg,' I screamed as I arched up higher to meet her amazing fingers as I squirted my passion all over them.

'Oh my God' I screamed. 'You are amazzzzzing!' was all I could say.

It took me awhile to calm down after the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. Incredible how amazing it was at the hands of this girl!. If this was her first time satisfying a woman, then wow! She is a natural.My first instinct was to settle in her arms and just relish the moment but I realized that she needed what I wanted and I quickly started sucking on her breasts and worked her wet pussy with my fingers. It wasn't long before Janet was thrashing around trying to make her orgasm the most explosive she has ever had and make it last as long as she could. As she subsided and lay there with eyes closed and a satisfied smirk on her face I wanted to wow her and instinctively moved my mouth to her pussy and began to lick her clit. Janet didn't protest at all. She moaned and squirmed and I lapped her juices up as if I was a pro at this.

She came with a vengeance and screamed with ecstasy! And I came again right after her. I was more turned on at the idea that I could dominate her and the power I had over her to make her cum more than the pussy fingering I had just received. I was feeling rather smug with myself knowing how well I had done on my first woman to woman sex.

We lay there for a long time while we regained our energy and our wits about us. The room had grown dim as the Sun was setting and we both giggled and laughed at the thoughts of what had just happened. We were both memorized with each others naked bodies and didn't want to ever end this moment.;

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