It-Stinks Of Fish

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"You're always talking about life lessons. I'm nineteen now. Spending the summer on my own would be a huge life lesson, dad!" Wendy vehemently protested in a vain effort to turn the tables on her father.

He looked at her with deep love and admiration; the beautiful face that currently frowned, those sparkling eyes, and the same long red hair that her mother had.

"That's a life lesson my only daughter isn't ready for," he responded and in so doing flatly denied her last bid. "Uncle Ted is looking forward to having you. And I couldn't possibly concentrate on the school I'm taking if I didn't know you were safe and being cared for."

Wendy missed her mom more than anything. She swept back her long red hair as she recalled the last memories, and was saddened when the images were denied her. In a fit of anger less about the lost summer she had longed for and more about the mother she had lost, she stormed from the kitchen, raced to her bedroom, and slammed the door closed with a satisfying thump. Hot tears flowed from her deep blue eyes as she fell upon her bed.

Her father's voice spoke outside the closed door moments later. "I know you're nineteen, and in a few months you'll be heading off for college and starting a life all of your own. You have no idea how sorry I am that we can't be spending this time together, and I'll probably regret it for the rest of my life. But I have to attend this training to better myself and the people that rely upon me. Please, try to understand the position I'm in. 

"If Danny was here it would be different, but he's married to Tracy now and with a baby on the way…" his voice trailed off as he tried to explain his position and ran out of ideas.

"You're my baby girl, the one your mom and I so desperately wanted," he revealed in a choked voice. "I'm so sorry she's gone, sweetie. I know it's hard, especially now, when you need her most. I need her too…" 

It was more than he could bear. The heartache of her loss, even 18 years after, was still painfully evident. Tears formed in his eyes and he shamefully sobbed at the closed door. On the verge of losing control he stepped away and walked to the bedroom that he and Sheila had shared for so many wonderful years. 

He glanced at the dresser, upon which still lay her untouched hairbrush and plastic hair clips that adorned her beautiful head. Dust continued to settle upon them, dust which revealed the length of her departure, dust that he refused to wipe away, dust that tormented his soul. He collapsed on the bed and cried, cried as never before. It was for the loss of Sheila, the loss of Danny, and now the loss of his precious daughter. He couldn't bear the thought of a life alone.

Arms embraced him. He wasn't aware Wendy had entered the room and lay beside him. She embraced his lying form and held him tightly. She was at a loss for words, shamed by her reaction to his decision. In a darkened room denied the afternoon sunlight by closed vertical shades they hugged one another tightly and mourned yet again for the wife and mother that life had wickedly taken from them.

"I'll go, daddy," she whispered through rapidly flowing tears. "I like Ted. He's funny and…"

"...and old, and crude," her father completed the sentence. "He's everything you're not. I know that, baby-girl."

Normally Wendy hated when he called her that, but this time it was comforting. Her arms tightened around his shoulders and her hot tears flowed again. Her heart burst with love for the incredible father fate had given her, and she silently rejoiced.

Minutes passed, and when the flow of her tears stopped she wiped them away with the edge of the blanket. Her father's sobs continued, and she felt inadequate to help him until an idea formed.

"I'm easy, but I'm not cheap," she announced, which triggered a laugh they both shared. "If I'm to spend the summer with Ted, probably mostly on his boat, I'm going to need a new bikini, a portable DVD player, and an extensive library of new movies."

"Six movies," he counter-offered as he wiped away his own tears. "One for every week I'm away."

"Dad, hello, movies last like two hours at most. But I could probably get by with, oh, one a day."

"You'll be so entranced by his salty stories of his Navy days that you'll barely have time to watch any movies."

Wendy laughed. Ted was always launching into one of his adventurous stories laden with whores of one nationality or another. He had a dirty mind and mouth, and it often embarrassed Wendy but at the same time aroused her.

He wasn't actually her uncle, but rather a close family friend on her mom's side that became a part of their family and remained so even after her loss. Wendy's grandfather on her mom's side of the family grew up with Ted and both served thirty years in the Navy. They weren't always stationed at the same place, but their paths crossed repeatedly, and he was a common sight in their home.

Tears welled up in her eyes as the words formed in her mind and were released from her large cherry lips. "I love you, daddy."

He rolled over so that they faced one another. He wiped away the tears that continued to stream from his reddened eyes and proudly viewed the girl that had so quickly grown into a gorgeous young woman. "You have my heart, and always will. I love you more than you could ever know."

Wendy sat up on the bed. "Yeah, well, don't be surprised if I come back home and start cursing like a sailor and telling stories about all my sexual exploits."

Anthony sat up and leaned his back against the headboard. Several moments passed as he fought back the tears, stopped the persistent flow, and wiped his face with a tissue. "I forgot to tell you. I bought a chastity belt…"

"Daddy!" Wendy exclaimed as she raced from the room. 

"It's studded with diamonds…" he shouted after her.

When she was in the privacy of her own room, Wendy shrieked with excitement. She was going to spend the summer with Ted! Yes!

She gave the matter serious thought and couldn't think of any point in time when she hadn't loved him with all her heart. When she reached the age of change and sexual stirrings began, she dressed intentionally sexy and hung all over him during his intermittent visits. After her father grew tired of watching he'd shoo her away with a stern look and a pointed finger, but it rarely stopped her for long.

This time, daddy wouldn't be there. She'd be all alone with Ted. The possibilities already rattled through her mind. She was a grown woman and a free spirit, no longer chained into place. All of the fantasies that played inside of her mind at night could now come true, and she had every intention of making sure that they did.

Wendy felt guilty that she always lied and said she hated Ted. She did it only because she feared someone would find out how deeply she felt for him. He was a terrific man, and when she compared all her boyfriends to Ted they never measured up. That was why she always knew who her first time would be with.

* * * * *

The trip to Ted's took almost three hours by car. She tried to talk her father into letting her make the trip alone, but he refused. Besides, it was nice spending the time together, she decided.

"A penny for your thoughts," he said as he attempted to get a conversation going.

A naughty smile formed on Wendy's lips that she hid from him. There was no way she could be honest. How could a girl tell her dad that she was thinking of Ted and she together on the boat, his strong hands smearing sun block all over her bare breasts and simultaneously squeezing on her fully erect nipples? She quickly erased the arousing image from her mind and thought of something else, something she could reveal.

"I guess it won't be so bad," she replied. "Don't feel bad about doing this to me. I like Ted, he's nice."

He smiled, reached a hand over, and squeezed her left upper thigh. "When you were younger I could hardly keep you from crawling all over him. It was pretty obvious you had a big crush on him. It was almost…well, no, it was embarrassing; for me, anyway. He seemed to take it in stride."

Wendy turned her head away and flushed red with embarrassment. How could he bring that up now? And does he think she still might feelings for him? A car horn honked and the car abruptly slowed. She welcomed the interruption and hoped that the subject wouldn't be restarted. 

When they passed a large transport truck she glanced up and noticed the driver's tanned, muscular arm that extended from the open window. The sight of a tattoo triggered another memory of Ted, whose arms bore a variety of similar markings. She hadn't seen him in almost two years, but that small fact hadn't slowed her vivid fantasy life. 

Her stomach knotted with nervous excitement. Her thighs subconsciously started squeezing tightly together and releasing in a steady rhythm as she thought again of Ted, the boat, and the sun block. Warm tingling filled her aroused loins as she imagined his strong calloused fingers sneaking beneath her skimpy bikini top and touching her…

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. It's the traffic. What were we talking about?"

"I was thanking you for agreeing to send me off to college in the fall with a new Lexus convertible," she teased.

"It won't be a Lexus, but I have been thinking that you will need a new…"

Her mind found no interest in the conversation and quickly drifted. She couldn't wait to get there. She was excited as she thought of her freshly shaven pussy and the new skimpy string bikini that waited in her luggage to be worn for the first time. 

It was so revealing Wendy wasn't sure she would have the courage to wear it in public, but on the boat alone with Ted was a different story entirely. The thought moistened her virgin pussy with a small surge of nectar as she anticipated the event.

* * * * *

Wendy quivered excitedly as they walked from the parking lot and to the far end of the marina. Her left hand clutched an overnight bag that she used to carry her personal DVD player, some movies, and sun block with a tropical scent. This was her first trip to the boat, but Ted's third. He had urged her to relax and enjoy the scenery while he lugged the heavy stuff, and she took him up on the offer.

The closer they got, the more nervous she grew. Her body absolutely trembled as she thought of the skimpy yellow bikini she wore underneath her denim shorts and T-shirt. It was so skimpy that Wendy didn't dare wear it in public, but she so looked forward to showing it to Ted once they were out of the harbor.

"Oh, that's disgusting! It stinks of fish!" Wendy complained as they approached the boat. 

"Yeah, ain't it grand?" Ted said as he breathed in deeply and truly savored the aroma. He thought longingly of his Navy days. "Smells like a dozen Chinese whores."

Wendy shook her head in genuine revulsion as she tentatively stepped from the dock onto the boat. Ted offered a hand but she refused, and as the boat shifted beneath her weight she lost balance and fell onto the deck along with her belongings. She rolled over onto her back, propped herself up with her elbows, and looked up. Her legs were parted, which was no coincidence.

Ted may have been sixty six years old by the calendar, but a physically challenging life at sea had left him looking better than her dad. His once brown hair was white, but retained its full volume. His skin was tanned and leathery, his forehead and eyes creased with deep wrinkles. He had the most amazing eyes that Wendy had ever seen. They were filled with energy, kindness, adventure, and an unbridled love of life. When her eyes drifted lower, she saw the bulge that she longed for.

He was a little short but his legs and arms bristled with finely etched muscles. All he wore was shorts, and she noticed that he definitely had nice abs. She admired him in much the same manner as he did her.

She didn't get up immediately, and that suited Ted just fine. He stood on the dock and accepted the gift her awkward position offered with a devilish grin on his face. His eyes admired her smooth soft legs, and visually observed them from the ankles all the way up to the crotch. Her white shorts tightly hugged her pussy, and the folds were temptingly evident. His gaze lingered there for several moments.

It was the stench of fish emanating from the wood planks that roused her. Otherwise she would have given him a longer display. With a disgusted look on her face Wendy arose. 

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