Into my Heart : Part 2

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I closed the door behind me and walked down the hall dragging my feet. I couldn't help but think about what had just happened, she was so close to me. I could smell her hair, it smelt like a fresh ocean breeze with a hint of mint mixed in. She had stared at me with those eyes that seemed so deep and unknown. I couldn't turn away I couldn't even blink I just sat there waiting for her to take me under. But I didn't, I jumped back and ran away. I mean I didn't want that, I don't want Emily. I think...

Later that night I was doing homework, ugh high school is the only place they give homework on the first day. "So tired.." I said as I tossed my pencil aside and laid back. I looked at the clock, 12 a.m already. I got up n flicked off my light yelling goodnight to my mom in the process. Sliding under my covers I slowly side my hand into my pajama pants.

I'll admit it I'm a horny girl I have to bring myself to an orgasm at least once every few days. Usually I fantasize about a guy and his hands working over my body and him deep inside me. But this time it was different. I started off thinking about a guy slowly undressing me as his lips wrapped around my nipple sucking on it roughly. Then suddenly it felt gentle but at the same time hard and this made me more hot. As the lips traveled slowly down I imagined them softer then a man's and then I could almost smell this familiar sent like an ocean breeze. It was Emily's shampoo I was smelling. I was fantasizing about Emily! I stopped for a second and looking up at they ceiling bewildered. "What the hell was that?" I cursed into the darkness.

I just laid there thinking, but I noticed the burning that still lingered between my legs. With a sigh I went back to it, fingering myself furiously. The fantasy started off the same but then slowly shifted back to Emily. Flashes of her flicking her tongue quickly over my clit fed my ambition. I'd never been this hot before, I continued pumping my fingers in and out while muffling my erotic screams with my other hand. Everything I did I wished it was her, I've never wanted someone so bad. I. Could almost feel her tongue sliding up and down my slit tempting me. Then suddenly her tongue slide in and out as deeply as she could force it into my tight pussy as her thumb rubbed against my clit fastly. Suddenly my body shook uncontrollably as an orgasm ripped through me. Damn I've never had an orgasm so strong. I laid there again breathing heavily with a goofy grin on my face. Then got up and wobbled my way to the bathroom to shower.

I walked into class the next day and sat down. I looked around the classroom for Ashley but she wasn't there. I probably scared her away. "Hey Emily, you lookin' good today," said Brian. I shot a glare at him then looked away. Brian and I have 6 classes together all of which I'm forced to sit by him. He's so annoying and always hits on me. I feel that I should write the words "I'm a lesbian" in big black letters on my forehead for him to catch a hint. But then again he's too much of a meat head to even know how to read.

"Oooo you look cute when you're mad babe, do it again and let me get a picture of it," he said fumbling for his cell phone. I looked up again and right before he took the picture I snatched his phone and chucked it across the room into the trashcan.
"Daaaamn!" Someone yell and everyone busted up laughing. Brian just had a huge dumbfounded look all across his face.
I looked up at him again and said, "look I'm not interested in guys sorry." Again he had that dumb ass look on his face. But I guess it finally registered 'cause he turned and went to retrieve his cell phone then sat in the front row.

I was late to class again. As I walked in I noticed Brian was in my seat. I sighed and looked at him, he just shrugged and looked back at Emily. I quickly survayed the room for a seat, but with my luck every seat was filled except for the one next to Emily. You've got to be kidding me. I slowly walked back and sat down. She was looking down at her cellphone so she didn't notice. Finally she looked up and her eyes widened slightly,"h-hi Ashley, how are you?"
"Uhm I'm fine, you?" I replied.
"Good, I'm good. I didn't except to see you today," she said quickly.
"Just 'cause of yesterday and uh ya sorry."
"Oh." I said adverting my eyes away from her, "it's ok."
"You sure?" She asked with a worried pitch in her voice.
"Ya," I tried to sound as happy as I could. She was probably asking because I refused to look at her. Every time I did I thought back to last night.

Class seemed to drag on, Emily and I continued to talk but it wasn't like yesterday in the car. It was awkward, as I tried not to look at her but also carry on the conversation. The bell rang and I hurried out the door walking to my next class. "Wait up Ashley, what's your next class?" Emily yelled as she cought up to me.
"Uh art," I said as I continued to look down while walking.
I could feel her getting mad her energy surged right through me. Suddenly she yanked at my shoulder making me face her, "damnit, Ashley will you look at me?!" I just looked at her shocked as my shoulder throbbed with pain.
"Sorry I just... I uh well-"
"Well what is it then? If you don't like me tell me and I'll go away!" She cut me off, sounding so angry but when I looked her in the eye she look hurt.
"No that's not it at all, I do like you, you're cool." I tried to sound sorry.
"What is it then?" Her tone sounded less furious.
"Well last night I-" suddenly the bell rang and cut me off. "I'll tell you later!" As I turned and ran off to class. I could feel her reaching for me but I kept running.

I'm still ticked off about earlier. She couldn't even look in the eye, but still she promised a reason which means another ride in my car.

I was leaning against the hood of my car when I saw her walking up to me. I didn't say anything I just got in my car and started it. I still felt angry. She slid into the car, "uh hey."
"Hi," I said clenching the steering wheel. We drove in silence. Every time I glanced over she looked nervous. "So are you gonna tell me?" I asked as I looking at Her.
"Ya, uhm last night I was doing stuff and I thought about you." She mumbled squirming uncomfortably in her seat. Shit! I almost drove off the rode!
"No way," I laughed slightly, "I did too, I mean I uh thought about you." She just stared at me with disbelief.
"Wow." She smiled "I thought I was weird, at least I know even straight girls think about other girls sometimes." Then my smile faded. She thinks I'm straight? Is it not obvious that I like girls? I'm really am debating on writing "I'm a lesbian" on my forehead now.

As I pulled to a stoplight I said, "uh I'm not straight I only like girls." She just kinda stared at me but oddly enough her face look frightened and she started to point. I finally turned around and saw a car speeding towards me. I frantically stepped on the gas but the other car managed to clip my bumper and sent us spiraling out if control.

All I could hear was the unison of our screams that filled my ears. Then everything went black and the last things I heard were the faint sounds of sirons and crying.

To be contuined....

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