Internet Chat - My daughter and I

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100% fiction!

In a little less than 24 hours, Jim Talbot would be celebrating his 36th birthday and he had big plans. At the moment, Jim was having his second cup of coffee on his outside deck and in very deep thought. Conflicting emotions on more than one level filled his mind. Jim struggled to sort it all out.

When he was 18, he got a cheerleader pregnant and she didn’t want the baby, so Jim’s sister raised her from birth. The cheerleader didn’t want anything to do with their daughter from the moment she was born. Ashley stayed with her aunt until she was 7, and then moved in with her dad. Jim took his role as dad seriously and raised “Ash” by himself and with the same strict values he was raised with. Now at almost 19, she was a beautiful young woman who was extremely smart and mature beyond her years. Jim was proud of how good a job he’d done – until now.
“Until now!” Muttered Jim aloud as he refilled his cup.

Jim’s problem was complicated. Shortly after his 36th birthday, he’d gone online and met a woman. They struck up an immediate friendship and chatted often. Her name was Ann; she was 29 and said she worked for an accounting firm in a nearby county. Over the next 11 months they talked about everything. Ann said she’d quit dating because her dates only wanted sex where she wanted a meaningful relationship that included sex. Jim said he’d dated for awhile but was convinced that women were “scary” and “crazy”. He’d taken a break from dating as well. They both had quite a few laughs over their current opinions.

Jim suggested they meet somewhere after chatting online for over six months, Ann’s reply was to keep chatting online for awhile longer. She wanted to know more of his deepest beliefs and everything about him. Jim thought that maybe she was married and thought her answer was very strange, but Ann assured him otherwise.

Their chats became much more personal: How would you make love to a woman such as I? What would you expect a woman to do and act in bed with you? Her questions were very direct and deep. She wanted to know his every though and she responded with her own thoughts as well. Most of their chats from then on were sexual, steamy, very detailed and explicit. Triple X at the minimum. Both were very aroused and turned on many times over. Two days before Jim’s 37th birthday, he had told Ann he wanted to take her out to dinner on his big day. Her reply was yes-if you book us a room at a nice resort so we can make love after dinner. Jim was thrilled and set it all up quickly. The date and place was set and ready. Jim had never been happier.

Then the unthinkable happened! Jim was thrown into a mental tailspin.

Two nights earlier after getting Ann’s reply, Jim set up the reservation and emailed Ann. The next morning after Ash left for school, Jim was in her room putting away laundry when he noticed her computer still on. Curious as any dad would be, Jim checked her computer to see what was there. Thanks to the saved password function, Jim got into everything she had on her hard drive.
What he found were copies of just about every email, every chat session, and some notes, all from Jim to Ann!!!

Every explicit word he’d said to Ann was there. One file named “Notes on Jim” revealed that Ash had kept notes on their chat sessions where she posed as Ann! It was his daughter who he’d chatted with for almost a year. It was his daughter who wanted to make love to him!.
Jim had read Ash’s last note entry several times over:

I know he’s my dad and I love him so very much for raising me the way he has. He’s the best dad any girl could ever have! He’s never said or touched me the wrong way and he’s always been very proper. When I first met him online as Ann, it was fun talking to him like one adult to another. I’ve learned so much more about him! He’s such a wonderful and loving man! I’ve grown to love Jim –not dad- as a beautiful person!

I know it’s incest, but is it? Truly? I’m almost 17 and still a virgin. Why? Because my dad taught me to save myself for the right guy. I’ve met the right guy and his name is Jim and I want him to make love to me and for me to make love to him. No, not have sex! Make love! Physical, mental emotional and spiritual love making between two loving human beings. That’s not incest.
I know I’m way more mature than my age, like maybe 25? Besides, my IQ is 192 so I know I’m smart or very very smart.

I really hope Dad will understand when we meet for dinner. I hope he’ll stay as Jim and we consummate our relationship. I love you Jim with all my heart.
So now it’s the day before the dinner. Jim was crushed at first when he found out it was Ash posing as Ann. He’d spent a good deal of the night before re-reading Ann’s emails and some chats he’d saved. Ann would certainly be his perfect match. But Ann was Ashley, his daughter. Reading again many of the latest emails knowing they were from Ash, he still found himself longing to hold her, touch her, make love to her.
“Stop!” He’d command himself, “Don’t think like that”!

He spent the night in fitful sleep, dreaming of being with Ashley. Over and over again, holding her, making love to her, loving her as only he could do.
He fought back and forth all day in his head. NO followed by yes, over and over.

Ash left for high school at the usual time this day, smiling and friendly as usual. She acted without any hint of being Ann online. Jim never let on he knew either.
Since Jim worked from home in his own business, the day was quiet. He decided that he’d not say anything to Ash when she came home. He wanted more time to think.
Ash arrived at 4 as usual, did some homework and started getting dinner ready, again, as usual.

Jim and Ash sat and had their usual dinner talk about the day’s events, news items, etc. The only difference tonight was that Jim paid special notice to Ashley’s cute shape. Her 36” breasts, 29” waist, 34” hips. Jim guessed her weight at about 130 pounds. Her long light brown hair flowed over her shoulders giving her an added sex appeal. Standing 5’7” tall put her just a couple of inches below her dad. Jim imagined her naked and in his arms. Then he thought of how wonderful it would be to have his mouth kissing her soft mound of hair between her legs.
Jim shook his head to clear his mind. He loved his daughter with all his heart. He’d raised her as best he knew. Now the possibility of incest was real – and scarey. Until now, he’d have said any guy looking at their daughter the way he was at the moment was a sick pervert! Until now, until it was him and Ash. Untill he’d met her as Ann and they shared every secret and every desire. Now it’s different. Now it’s love – not a nasty word like incest. Now everything has changed and Jim had to decide his future and the future of his beautiful loving daughter by his actions.

Yes, he’d read her last entry in her computer many times over. Yes she’s smart, very smart, as was he. Yes, she was beautiful, but…
And he knew he loved her more than any man could ever love a woman.
Jim decided at that moment he knew what was going to happen the following night. The issue was settled. Time will tell.

Then it was Jim’s birthday. The day started as usual. After breakfast, he told her he’d be out for the night, but he’d see her tomorrow. She wished him a happy birthday and gave him a long and warm hug. He told her to sleep in since the next day was Saturday. Ash smiled and simply said, “I plan to sleep in very late.”

Jim spent the day on pins and needles. He showered and dressed, packed an overnight bag and was gone by 3:45. He wanted to not be home when Ash arrived at 4.
Just a 30 minute drive to one of the most lavish resorts in the area, Jim took his time and checked in at 4:30PM. He’d told “Ann” they should meet in the restaurant at 5.
Jim sat in a high backed booth that was secluded in a back corner. He and “Ann” would be able to talk freely without being overheard. His plan was to act surprised, shocked, then succumb to her way of thinking. He knew she’d have a lot to say in her defense rapid fire once she arrived.

Jim sipped a drink slowly, waiting for “Ann” to arrive. Precisely at 5PM, “Ann” approached his booth.
Wearing a low cut evening dress, heels and a bit of makeup, she looked ravishing as she approached. She smiled as she reached the booth and offered a hand for Jim to shake.
“Hello Jim” She cooed, “I’m Ann”. Then she kissed him on the lips.
“Hello Ann” He replied as he held a chair for her to seat herself.

The waiter appeared and “Ann” ordered a rum and coke.
Then they faced each other. Ashley was smiling.
“So we finally get to meet in person, Jim.” She said coily.
“Indeed we do Ann. I must say you’re in excellent shape for being 29, I’d guessed a bit younger.” Jim replied just as coily.
The waiter returned with her drink and Jim asked to not be disturbed for about 20 minutes. The waiter nodded and left.
“We have much to talk about honey” Ash stated quietly.
“Yes Ann, I believe we do” Jim replied.
“So far you’ve taken my surprise well, so let me say something before you rip me apart, OK? She stated.
Jim nodded without smiling, without frowning.

“Eleven months ago, I went online as Ann so I could just have some fun. When I saw JIMB35, I knew it was you because your name is Jim and the last three digits on your license plate are B35. I thought I’d have some innocent fun then tell you it was me.” Ash explained. “But then as we talked online, I liked you talking to me as an adult. I liked learning so much more about you as a man. We talked like two adults sharing our intimate self to each other.” She continued, “That’s when I fell in love with you as a man, as Jim and not as Dad.”
She paused for a moment, tears rolling down her cheeks. Ash regained her composure, wiped her eyes, then continued, “ I know you’re going to start out with the incest stuff, but before you do, how do you explain everything we’ve shared from our hearts to each other? We may be dad and daughter, but we’re also Jim and Ann. Everything you said you feel for Ann you feel for me, how can we both ignore that?” She asked.

Jim got up from the table and walked to Ash, he took her hands in his and kissed them both. Then he reached forward and gave Ash a deep, long wet kiss. Ash responded and kissed him back. Then Jim smiled and said “It’s OK Ash, I discovered you were Ann two days ago when I did the laundry and saw your computer on. The Dad in me made me snoop and wow, what I found! I’ve had two days to think about all of this.” Jim paused.
“So Ann, shall we have dinner then make love or make love then have dinner? He asked smiling.

Ash threw her arms around him, then kissed him, then hugged him again, all the while crying. Then she said, “Jim, please, please lets go make love! I love you so much!”
Jim left $20 on the table and they left arm in arm for their room.

Once in their room, Jim and Ash kissed several times. Then Jim undressed his beautiful daughter, and she undressed him.
They held each other tightly for several minutes, drinking in the feeling of skin on skin. They enjoyed each others nakedness. then they laid on the bed and continued to hold each other in a loving embrace.
Then they kissed a deep, long, sensual and very wet kiss. Then another.

Jim moved his hand to Ash’s breast and cupped it, then held it firmly, finally he twirled her nipple in his fingers ever so gently.

Moving lower, Jim’s hand found Ash’s soft mound of hair and her pussy. As they kissed, Jim’s hand rubbed and touched her womanhood. Ash quivered and moaned softly.
His finger found her wet lips and slowly entered her pussy, Ash groaned and trembled with anticipation. Jim broke the kiss and slowly moved down Ash’s body with kisses and stopped at her wet pussy.

Then Jim licked the clit and then he stuck his tongue inside her wet vagina. Each lick and touch of his warm wet tongue sent shivers through his daughter’s body. Jim devoured her pussy like the best meal he’d ever eaten. Ash moaned, groaned and quivered until her climax started. Wave after wave shook her body, Ash cried out in ecstasy she’d never known, by the third wave, she was exhausted and finished.
Jim finished licking as much of her sweet juices, wiped his face with the bed covers and lay beside Ash, holding her close.

After several minutes of glowing silence, Jim said, “I love you Ashley”
His daughter replied, “I love you too Dad.”
They fell asleep in each other’s arms in total bliss.
Tomorrow they would plan their future…

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