Inspirational Stimulation-Weekend : Part 2

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I gathered John, Ed, Jim, Ann, Judy, Elsie, and May together and told them, "Today you are going to beg for sex but it will be long in coming to you. You will be strapped to the sex racks and gurneys and made to beg for what you want. I have just recieved some new racks and gurneys so there are enough to go around. Disrobe here in the locker room. Do not touch anyone and do exactly as I say."

None of them wanted to get whipped with the razor strop so they did exactly as I had told them. They knew that they would get stropped a few times any way and did not want to add to it. I love to whip people and see their ass turn red. It makes my dick hard!

I set up my lap top in the middle of the entertainment center and as they entered I led each man to a rack and strapped him in, turning them all face up initially. I had the cook, his wife, their two sons and four daughters come in and strip as well as my six personal man servants. I have ten of the sex/torture racks and twenty of the special gurneys plus several whipping posts and hanging ropes and other miscellaneous devices such as special dildos and electronic probes. Up on one of the five huge screens I put up a show with about fifty people who were fucking and sucking each other in a dozen different scenarios. I lowered the lighting to a dull dark blue with subtle green tinges around the edge with variable colored spotlights aimed at strategic locations. All of this I can adjust as the scene demands. I put cooks family and the man servants on gurneys face up and the arms and legs spread eagle fashion. I positioned each gurney in a forty five degree angle and the same with the racks and shoved them all around until everyone could see most of the others and also the big screen. The other four screens would be split into four screen with a different video feed to each division. Some of the men were getting hard and the women were hunching their asses up from the machines.

As I was doing all this I was stroking my cock and rubbing it in each ones face. Some were already begging for it!
"In a few moments the rest of the house servants and the stable hands will come in. They will not be nude at first but instead very provocatively dressed. They will disrobe when I tell them to. They will perform acts as directed to by me!"

I went over to the cook and said,"Are you getting horny watching your daughters? Iknow you fuck them all the time. You want them now, don't you? I am going to make them horny as well. Tell me how you feel. Confess all your feelings to me." As I talked to him I was gently stroking his large penis and rubbing mine against the side of his face.
"Ohh please, master!I love watching you fuck all of my family! I want them all! I need them to suck my dick! We are all your whores to do with as you please! Oh my God please take care of us! We worship your dick! We are your slaves! Please bring my daughters and make them fuck me! Please!Please!Please!"
"Beg loudly, Cook. I want all the rest to hear you begging!"

He began to beg loudly for me to fuck him and his sons in the ass and to fuck his wife and daughters and to make them fuck him. His wife joined in and was begging for my dick as were the girls. For now the boys who were the youngest at eighteen years were being silent.
When the rest of the servants arrived there were eight females and six males and three stable hands who were male and two that were female. All the males had on skin tight shorts and v neck T shirts. All their clothes were black as were the high leg Apache mocassins they wore. Each had on a black pull over hood type mask and tight fitting black kid gloves.The females wore black tight shorts with tops that showed most but not all of their breasts They also had on form fitting masks, black long sleeve kid gloves and high black boots. I spread them around randomly and told them,"Put your hands all over their body. Touch them! Masturbate them but do not let them climax! If they climax before I say so you will be spanked! Violate their rectums with your fingers at first then with the green vibrators. Get them close but not done. Suck their dicks and pussies! Make them beg for sex!

One of the male stable hands and his sister, also a stable hand at once started sucking the two cooks boys. I knew at once that they would bring them to climax because they are both masochists and love to be spanked. As they continued to suck them I sat at my laptop and wrote about the happenings and my feelings. Around me I could hear first one and then another begin to beg me for climax.

I went over and led the stable hand to a pair of whipping posts with a rack between them. I told him,"You have disobeyed me! You will be punished! Disrobe yourself immediately!"
I called to the others, "All of you gather here to watch punishment being rendered. You and you secure him to the rack and posts."

He was secured to the rack with his stomach against it and a strap holding him around his middle. His arms were stretched to the posts which caused him to bend forward slightly. His legs were spread and secured to other posts, thereby making totally imobile.
"How say you, guilty or innocent?" I asked him.

"Oh Master I am guilty! I beg of you to punish me for my transgressions."
The boy's cum was still dripping from his mouth. He sobbed in anticipation of what was to come. I asked those assembled, "How say you? Thumbs up to free him and down to punish him."
All thumbs were down.

I began by rubbing the strop over his buttocks and back. I tickled his rectum with the penis shaped handle. I directed water to poured over him. His penis was getting hard and I directed another stable hand to masturbate him. Before he got close I said,"Stop!Fetch a cup to catch his semen!" I knew that as I whipped him he would ejaculate.
"You will be given ten lashes with the razor strop. Three to your back, four to your butt, and three to your legs. Will you transgress again?"
"Oh yes Master. I am a masochist! I love your punishment!"
"Very well then. I shall increase your punishment to include at least twenty penis invasions of your rectum today."
"Oh thank you Master! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!"

As he was speaking I lashed his back swiftly with three hard licks. He screamed! I lashed his legs with three hard licks and again he screamed. His dick was getting harder and precum was leaking into the cup held by another stable hand. I landed four strong blows to his buttocks and the stable hand took his penis in his hand and guided the shooing liquid into the cup. I rammed my now hard dick up his ass and he screamed and begged for more, "OHH YESS MASTER! YOU ARE SO BIG! MORE!MORE!MORE!OH PLEASE MORE DICK IN MY ASS!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!"

The hand with the cup stood and asked what to do with it.
"He will drink it, followed by a triple shot of tequila," I told him as I pounded my dick up his ass.
"Yes you will be drunk and begging for more dick to suck and up your ass. I know you are a queer and don't like women but you will suck their pussies as well. Bring another triple shot!"

A bench had been pulled over and some of the men were standing on it and shoving their dicks in his mouth. I left that scene and returned to my computer just as his sister finished off the other cooks boy. He screamed,"OH YOU bitch YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM!YOU SLUT I WANTED TO SAVE IT FOR MY SISTER!OH JESUS I AM CUMMMMINNNGG!CUMMMMINNNGG!CUMMMMINNNGG!PUNISH THIS whore, MASTER! OHHHH FUCK I CAN'T STOP!SUCK IT ALL UP YOU SLUT!"

To be continued...

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