Inspirational Stimulation-Weekend Part

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Sometimes in the course of writing a story there comes a time of total lack of inspiration for the topic at hand. For instance I have a book about some pirates and their ship and when I got to a certain point it was like I had never even heard of some of the things I was writing about though I had done my research diligently and have sailed aboard sailing ships and seen many of the restored sailing ships around the world. It was like staring at a blank wall. So I put that story aside and went to work on some sex stories. At first I had no problems but then I began to see that I needed some sort of stimulus or things would just kind of fade away.

Now when I am writing sex stories I have a number of ways to get stimulated. Some days I will have one of my lady friends over and she will handle the stimulation. At other times it will be more than one or maybe a couple or even a couple of men. At other times a little work with my hand or a dildo works fine.

On this particular Saturday I was typing with one hand and sort of idly masturbating with the other. There was a knock on the door and when I answered there stood John and Ed with four women and another man I did not know. John said, "We thought we might come out and have us a four couple party. This is Jim. He just got divorced and has never had group sex or even seen another couple getting it on."

"I have a better idea, John. You know how you and Ed love being my slaves, and Ann and Judy as well. Maybe you should all be my slaves for a few days. I will mix and match you and we will blend Jim and these other two ladies right in."
Ed said, "Oh that is a fine idea. Will you put us on the racks? Will you whip us or strap us to the gurneys? Oh God I am getting hard just thinking of it!"

"I don't know yet. Maybe I will start out by making each of you suck my dick. Ya'll get on out to the entertainment center and wait. Don't get undressed yet. For new people that is an important phase of their education."
John said quietly for my ears only, "Jim has never sucked a dick or had a dick in his ass. We told him some but not all. Be gentle with him. He really wants to become one of us."

I saved what I was working on to a thumb drive then copied it to my laptop which I took with me to the EC. I lowered the lighting and changed the lighting scheme to one of black and red which made the walls become really dark gray. Up on one of the big screens I started a disc about four women who had enslaved several young men and were doing all sorts of things to them. The theme of that story was that the men had to do whatever they could to cause the women to orgasm several times a day and do so without pleasue to themselves. Pleasure for the women was paramount to the story. If one of the men got a hard on he was whipped unmercifully and sometimes even killed or castrated and left hanging to bleed out into a bucket which the women then poured into glasses with some sort of liquor and drank in front of the rest. The only time a man could get hard was when one of the women wanted him and then he better be quick about it! The women were all dominant and had huge tits and slim bodies that the men must pray to five times a day and also each man must beg and plead for his life each day. It seemed that the women could dream up some extraordinary sexual tortures for the men and pleasures for themselves. When I re-entered the room the movie was at a point where the thirty or so men were all lined along a wall holding tin cups and masturbating, the chains on their wrists jangling in time to their strokes. They each had to catch their semen in the cup and bring it to the women. The last ten feet they had to crawl on their hands and knees. One man spilled his cup and they forced him to lick all of it from the floor then they strung him up to a rack and whipped him horribly, until his back and legs were bleeding. It is a really horrible movie with no good actors and a ridiculous plot but it has some visuals that are pretty good stimuli.

I killed the sound and told them all to stand up and face me. "For the rest of this weekend you will all be my slaves. Nothing will happen to you that will injure you but there will be some pain.If you don't want to stay, there is the door."
Nobody left but I noticed Jim, Ellie, and May, the newcomers, were looking kind of pale. John said, "Believe me you are going to love this. The first time with Tex I was trembling I was so scared. I still tremble but it is with anticipation."
I said, "Jim, you stand in front of John and Ed and strip their clothes from them and put them in these individual plastic boxes, then strip and place your clothes in a box as well. Ellie and May, you strip Ann and Judy then yourselves. Here are your boxes."
I had put the video feeds up on the other four big screens and split the screens so there were actually four videos per screen running. They could look at the monitors and see themselves and each other from a dozen different angles.
I made Jim kneel in front of John and Ed and told him,"Suck their dicks! Get them close and then jack them off so they shoot their cum in your face!"

I was standing behind him with my hands on his head and rubbing my big dick around on his neck and the sises of his face. He was trembling and moaning, "OHH!OHH!OHH!OHH!", then his mouth was filled with John's dick. John and Ed were holding hands and when JIm would switch from one to the other they would stroke them selves and rub their dick on his face.

I strapped Ann and Judy to a couple of the racks and turned them face down. I put Ellie and May on a couple of the gurneys face up. I shoved the gurneys in under the girls on the rack and lowered the rack and raised the head end of the gurney so that their face was shoved into the girls on the racks pussy. "Suck their pussy! put your tongue in them! Make them scream and cum in your face!"

I went back over to the men and John and Ed were lieing on their backs with Jim kneeling with his knees between their feet and sucking on their dicks. John and Ed were kissing. I knelt behind Jim and KY'd a finger and started shoving it in his ass. With my other hand I stroked my dick and he could see me on the monitor. Every now and again I would stroke his hard dick Which was not huge but big enough. He was getting hard as well. I put a little KY on my dick and began to insert the head of my dick in his ass."OH GOD I AM SO SCARED!IT'S GOING TO HURT, ISN'T IT?"
"Maybe a little. Suck their dicks, Slave!"

I kept shoving a little deeper with each thrust. At first he was drawing away but as I got in deeper and deeper he began to shove back on me. Ed and John suddenly erupted in his face and he was licking the cum off their dicks. I stood him up and we stood over them with him impaled on my dick and screaming, "EEEEEEEAAAIIIIGGHHG!EEEEEEEAAAIIIIGGHHG!EEEEEEEAAAIIIIGGHHG!OH MY GOD THAT IS SO GOOD!I HAVE NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN THE ASS!OHHH! PLEASE DON'T STOP!"
I told him,"Jack off and cum all over them!"

He complied and as he neared his climax Ed and John were sitting up with their faces close to his dick in great anticipation. He screamed,"YESS!YESS!YESS!I AM CUMMMMINNNGGG!CUMMMMINNNGGG!CUMMMMINNNGGG!AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!"
He was shooting a huge load out all over the other two men's faces and they were licking the cum off his dick and each others face and then they started kissing him and licking his face. He was hunching back on me and working his ass like a dancer. I was getting close and told him, "COME ON YOU BITCH!FUCK ME!YOU ARE MY SLUT!MY WHORE!MY BITCH!MY ass pussy!YOU ARE MINE TO DO WITH AS I WISH!FUCK ME CUNT!MAKE ME CUM IN YOUR ASS!FEEL MY BIG DICK UP YOUR ASS!YOU LOVE IT!LATER I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU JACK ME OFF AND SUCK MY DICK!MAKE ME CUM BITCH!NOW!YOU LOVE IT! YOU KNOW YOU DO!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!COME ON DO IT!"

I asked him, "Are either one of those women over there your ex wife?"
"Yes, both. Ex one and Ex two. I was jealous when they flirted with other men."
"How are you going to feel when I go over there and fuck them right in front of you?"
"I don't care anymore. John said we might doule fuck them. That would be great! And they would love it!"
I told John, "Go over and turn those bitches loose and bring them here. Tell them I want them to rub their bodies all over us and lick our balls and suck our dicks."

As we talked I was getting closer and closer. I was hunching him like a dog and his hips were responding to the rythem. I was janking his dick and he was moaning,"I LOVE IT!I LOVE IT!I LOVE IT!I AM YOUR PERSONAL PUSSY!YOUR DICK IS SO BIG!I LOVE BEING FUCKED BY YOU!I WANT TO SUCK YOUR DICK!I AM YOUR SLAVE!OHH!YOUR PUSSY!PUSSY!PUSSY!"
Very soon I shot my whole load up his ass. He said, "Oh that was so wonderful!"
I told them, "You all are on your own for a little while. I am going to write this up right after I shower.
More of this weekend to follow.

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