Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac

(Part 1 from 1)

*** Note : This story is completely fictional!

Sophia sat up in the hospital bed wondering how she got there and spotted her father through the window of her room. He was talking to a doctor, at least that’s what it looked like. When he spotted her sitting up he entered the room.

“Ah, awake at last,” he said, crossing the room to sit next to her bed.

“What happened?” Why am I here? Where’s mum?” said Sophia, trying to understand what had happened.

“Okay, calm down. First of all lay back and I’ll answer your questions,” said her father, fluffing up the pillow and laying her head down gently. “You had a fall, it’s not too serious but the doctor wants to keep you in over night. Apparently you’ve suffered a concussion. Your mum’s on the way and should be here anytime now,” he added.

After a few hours Sophia had seen all the family and was starting to feel tired, so her four brothers and parents decided to leave for the night and pick her up first thing in the morning.

Sophia awoke the next day feeling totally exhausted but was happy to see her father coming to pick her up. Pretty soon she was thanking the nurses and leaving the hospital. The drive home was quiet as Sophia fell asleep and before she knew it her father was waking her up.

“Come on gal, I think you need to get into your own bed and sleep this off,” he said, helping her out of the car.

Sophia did as she was told and soon found her self-lying down in her own bed. Brian was the first son to get home from work that day followed shortly by Steve, Brad and Colin. There father told them that Sophia was home and not to be disturbed before he took his wife out for the weekly groceries.

Brian looked in on Sophia once his parents had gone and found her sound asleep. Deciding to leave her that way, he went to his room and played a few tracks of his latest album. Making sure it wasn’t too loud.

He was shocked after ten minutes when he turned and found Sophia standing before him completely naked.

“What’s wrong Sophie?” he said, noticing her glazed expression.

Sophia never spoke she just reached for Brian’s pants and stroked his thigh.

Until this moment Sophia had always just been Brian’s big sis. He’d always known she had a good body but it had never affected him in a sexual manner before. Now though, he found him self getting aroused by his own sister and not quite knowing what to do about it. When her hand brushed his semi-hard cock he flinched and drew back but as he stood back he couldn’t help but notice her entire perfect figure and felt his cock twitch.

“Sophie! What’s wrong? Speak to me will you,” he said watching her move towards him again.

Sophia seemed to not even be aware of his presence as she once again stroked his now hardened cock through his pants. Brian was the oldest of the boys, having just turned twenty and physically he was in perfect shape. As he looked down and watched his sister unzipping his pants he couldn’t help not wanting to stop her.

When Sophia reached in a hand and gripped his member Brian gasped and watched her expertly bring it out into the open. At first all she did was stroke it with both hands and then she suddenly got to her knees and took the tip into her mouth. Brian closed his eyes, loving the sensation of his sister’s tongue licking the tip of his cock. He felt his cock slipping into her mouth as her hand helped to keep it straight.

Opening his eyes and looking down he saw the last inch of his cock passing her lips and felt the end brushing her throat. Until now he’d never known how good his sister was for it never crossed his mind. Now though, he envied her boyfriends. It was at that moment that Sophia picked up the speed and Brian could feel the intensity of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

He knew he was about to cum but he didn’t care anymore, all that mattered was that moment. As his seed exploded from the tip of his shaft he felt Sophia sucking harder and his knees almost wanted to buckle beneath him. Her little groans of pleasure as she sucked him dry were making him cum with an intensity he’d never felt before.

He was shocked once he’d finished coming because Sophia stood up so quickly and pushed him back onto his own bed. Getting astride him Sophia guided his still hard cock into her wet pussy and eased her self down. Brian watched her riding him and felt the first pangs of guilt as her perfect breasts bobbed up and down with the rhythm of her movements.

It was at that moment that he spotted Colin out of the corner of his eye standing at the door, and masturbating to what he was witnessing. This was all too much for Brian and he felt that he should stop his sister right now but, god help him, he was enjoying the moment way too much.

Sophia was now extremely wet and he could feel her juices running over his balls and loved how she kept falling down onto his cock. After another five minutes Brian heard his brother letting out a little whimper knowing that he had cum. This was enough to trigger his own ejaculation and once again the intensity of his orgasm made him arch his back and thrust his cock upwards until he stopped coming.

Sophia was also in the middle of her own climax and he could feel her muscles gripping his cock for every last drop of his semen. When he finished coming Sophia just got off the bed and returned to her room.

Brian sat on the end of his bed looking down at his now semi-hard cock and wondering what he was going to do. After getting dressed he returned to Sophia’s room to find her fast asleep. Colin came out of the toilet when Brian closed her door quietly.

“Bro…that was amazing!” he said, smiling.

“You’ve got to keep this to yourself Colin, Sophia didn’t know what she was doing in there and I was too weak to stop her,” replied Brian.

“Well, we’ll have to keep an eye on her. It must have something to do with the fall,” said Colin.

“Agreed…but how do we get her help without revealing what she’s doing?” replied Brian.

The two brothers pondered that question for a while and waited for Sophia to wake up. When she did nothing was mentioned of the day’s events and she never brought it up. Brian figured it must be a sleep disorder and wondered how to keep her safe without revealing any of this to his parents.

Sophia once again complained of being extremely tired and this was bothering her mother.

“I think we ought to take her to see the doctor again tomorrow,” she whispered to her husband as they left her tucked up in bed once more.

That night Colin was awoken by Brian and told to follow him. Rubbing his eyes and stepping out of bed Colin followed Brian downstairs to find there sister completely naked once again and looking for something.

“What’s she doing?” said Colin.

“Looking for something, but I don’t know what,” replied Brian, making sure she didn’t hurt her self.

At that point Sophia seemed to notice her brother’s presence and walked over to Colin with that same glazed look in her eyes. Colin was only wearing pajama bottoms and she made him jump when she grabbed his crotch. She seemed to know what she was holding because her hands were caressing his stiffening cock as it grew. When she felt Brian touching both her shoulders from behind Sophia bent down and took Colin’s pajama bottoms with her.

Before he knew it she was sucking his cock and opening her pussy lips with one hand reaching behind her. Brian wasn’t sure whether to wake her up or not, but he couldn’t deny that she was turning him on. His mind was made up when he felt the tips of her fingers rubbing his already hardened cock through his underwear.

Pulling his briefs off, he got into position and pushed his cock deep into her soft wet pussy. He then started to slam his cock in and out watching his brother’s face as Sophia sucked mercilessly on his shaft. Her moans of joy as each of the brothers fucked her were getting louder and more excited. Colin was now experiencing something he’d never done before; he was actually fucking her mouth like he would a pussy and he could feel the back of her throat with each new thrust. When he came he felt it shooting out the end more forcefully than ever before and held her head as she sucked him dry.

Brian came moments later and held her ass in place as the last of his seed exploded from the tip of his cock. Sophia turned around at that point and sucked Brian’s cock until he too stopped coming. After which she once again behaved like nothing had happened by returning to bed. Both Colin and Brian remained down stairs eager to discuss these events and plan on what to do next.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 02

The next day Sophia sat listening to her mother and the doctor. Her mother was very concerned that her daughter was always feeling tired, and asked the doctor whether there could have been something missed in her x-rays.

“No, I’ve checked them again after our conversation on the phone this morning, and I found nothing abnormal. I think she needs to rest whenever she feels tired, and just take it easy. If she’s still feeling this way in another week, by all means bring her back, but I think it’s the body’s way of getting over the trauma,” said the doctor, reassuringly.

Five minutes later they were leaving the hospital, and on the way home. Once their Sophia’s mother had to wake her daughter up, and helped her upstairs to her room.

“You rest all you want darling, I’ll be down stairs if you need me,” said Sophia’s mother, as she tucked her in.

Brad came in shortly after that shouting for his mom, and being told off for being too loud.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t know Sophia was in bed,” he said, as he threw his backpack onto a chair.

Quietly walking up the stairs Brad got a quick shower, and then dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Coming out of his room he was just passing his sisters when he heard a soft moaning noise coming from within. Thinking she was in distress he knocked softly upon her door before opening it and popping his head around the corner.

His sister was completely naked and lying on top of her bed. Brad could see her pushing what looked like a hairbrush between her legs, and realized that she was in the middle of masturbating. She’d turned the hairbrush around and was using the handle as she would a vibrator.

Brad suddenly realized that he hadn’t left her in peace, and knew exactly why. Her performance was turning him on and although he told himself to leave mentally, his cock was telling him differently. He also realized that she was completely unaware of his presence, and decided to stand at the foot of the bed after closing the door.

Standing there for a minute, Brad could now see her wet pussy lips being parted by the hairbrush. His cock was straining to be released, and after unzipping his jeans and pulling them down he gripped his hardened shaft and slowly masturbated to the show in front of him. Sophia had opened her legs a little wider now, and was really plunging the handle into her body vigorously, so vigorously in fact, Brad thought, she’d make herself sore doing that.

Before he knew it he was coming and didn’t stop to think where his cock was pointing. As he came it arched in the air and landed on Sophia’s leg. Ejaculating a second or two later he couldn’t help letting out a soft moan of pleasure as it left the tip of his cock.

Sophia was almost certainly coming herself as her cries of pleasure were becoming more pronounced, and Brad could visibly see her fist glistening with the moisture that her orgasm was producing.

After pulling his jeans back up he quietly left the room, and only then did he feel any kind of guilt. Although after ten minutes his mind had rationalized that no harm had been done.

Later that night Sophia’s mother and father decided to have an early night, and he fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. His wife decided to take a bath before she retired.

Once she’d taken her bath she dried herself and placed her nightgown on. She was feeling a little randy as she walked towards the bedroom and thought she’d see if her husband was up for it when she got to bed. To her surprise however, when she opened her bedroom door she found her daughter sucking her husband’s cock while he slept.

At first she was deeply shocked and let out a gasp of horror as her daughters head bobbed up and down. This shock was quickly replaced however with a feeling of morbid curiosity. She found that this was turning her on, and yet she knew it was wrong.

Her husband was moaning in his sleep, and started to wake. Realizing that his cock was deep inside someone’s throat he looked down expecting to find his wife. With a blur of movement he pulled his cock out of his daughter’s throat and called out her name. His wife entered the room, making her presence known.

“What the hell’s she doing?” he said, beginning to get off the bed.

“I think she’s sleep walking. If you’ll notice, she hasn’t said a word and she’s trying to get your cock back into her mouth,” replied his wife, stopping him from getting up.

“What are you doing?” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

He then felt his daughter’s hand getting hold of his cock again, and watched as his wife let her nightgown slip to the floor. At first he was stunned, but the sight of his wife’s body and the fact that a mouth was now covering his erection made him falter. The feeling of guilt as the tip of his cock brushed his daughter’s throat was almost unbearable, but when his wife straddled his face after pushing him down he knew there was no way back.

The sensations that coursed through his body were alien to him. He’d always fantasized about taking on two women at once, but never imagined that one of them would be his daughter. He found himself licking his wife’s wet pussy lips with great pleasure, and moaned out loud as his cock slipped in and out of his daughter’s mouth.

When he felt his daughter gripping his cock with both hands he couldn’t hold it back anymore, and felt the first surge of cum exploding from the tip of his cock. His moans were turning his wife on as never before and she too climaxed at that moment. He just carried on licking and losing himself in the moment, totally aware that his daughter hadn’t let a single drop of his cum escape her lips.

When Sophia suddenly got up from the bed and returned to her room, both her parents followed her.

“What are we going to do?” said her mother.

“If she’s just sleep walking we could put a lock on her door. At least that way she’ll not be able to come to any harm,” replied her husband, closing the door quietly.

After returning to their room they discussed the night’s events further, and found that both of them were still feeling as randy as teenagers. Before long they were fucking one another like they were back at high school, and loving every minute of it.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 03

Sophia awoke to find her mother tidying the room. Sophia had had a fall a few days earlier and was recuperating, but something was bothering her.

It was the look on her daughter's face that made Sophia's mother ask the question.

"Is something wrong my dear?" she said, fussing around her daughter's pillow.

"I've always been able to talk with you about my problems mom, but I feel embarrassed about this particular one," replied Sophia.

"There's no need to be my dear, whatever you tell me will remain for my ears only, and you know what they say, 'a problem shared is a problem no longer,'" said her mother.

"Well, I keep having these extremely erotic dreams, and not only am I dreaming these events but whenever I wake up I'm nearly always wet down below," confided Sophia.

Sophia's mother felt a twinge of guilt as her daughter spoke, but reassured her that having wet dreams was a natural thing and she shouldn't worry unduly. After deciding to get up and not worry about the dreams Sophia put on a short skirt and thin tee shirt. It wasn't until she was walking down the stairs that she realized she hadn't put her panties on.

Thinking about it briefly she decided that she wasn't going anywhere anyway so why bother going back up stairs, and proceeded into the kitchen. Brad, Colin and Brian were sitting around the kitchen table, and all of them greeted her with a smile and a good morning.

"I hope you're feeling a bit better today sis?" said Brad.

"I do feel a lot better thanks, although I'm still feeling a little tired," replied Sophia.

After making a cup of coffee Sophia sat down on the bar stool that her father liked to sit on. She completely forgot she wasn't wearing any panties and as she raised her legs to place her feet on the metal bar below her, the boys could clearly see her pussy lips.

Colin was only wearing pajama bottoms and had to sit closer to the table as his cock was trying to escape, or so it seemed. Brad had the urge to reach out and touch her beautiful cunt, but managed to fight it. As for Brian he'd always loved women that shaved their pubic hair, and he could clearly see his sister was as bare as the day she was born.

They all tried not to stare, but it was very difficult. In fact Brad wondered if his sister knew what she was doing, because she opened her legs a bit more as if to tease them all. It was Brad that noticed Sophia wasn't looking too good, and quickly reached out for her as she threatened to fall off of the stool.

"Oh wow, I feel so tired again," she said, acknowledging Brad's help.

"I think you'd better go and lay down sis, you don't look well at all," said Brad, helping her out of the kitchen.

Sophia took his advice, and started to walk up the stairs. As she reached her room her mother asked if everything was all right. Sophia just nodded, and told her she was going back to bed.

Two hours later and the guys were saying goodbye to their mother who was on her way to work. Once she had driven away the guys all filed up the stairs and into Sophia's room.

"Brad! I don't feel comfortable spying on our sister like this," said Colin.

"You can't tell me she doesn't turn you on, because I know differently," replied Brad.

"Yeah, she turns me on, but it's wrong and you know it."

Brad agreed without saying anything by nodding his head, and then all attention was given to Sophia as she slept peacefully. Brian was the first to move, as both Brad and Colin watched him pulling the sheets down to reveal there sisters beautiful body. She was muttering something under her breath, and Brad noticed her REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state. She was clearly dreaming about something, and by the way her tongue rolled around her lips it was something of a sexual nature.

None of them had a plan as to what to do next, until Sophia suddenly placed one hand onto her left breast and the other onto her pussy. They watched as she ran one finger slowly past the beautiful folds of skin and murmured quietly as she pinched her erect nipple.

Brad felt his cock springing into action and found him self rubbing it through his tight jeans. Colin couldn't hide the fact that his sister was really turning him on, and allowed his pajama bottoms to fall around his ankles. Gripping his hardened cock and not taking his eyes off of the show before him, he gently started to stroke his member. Brian couldn't contain him self any longer, for suddenly he bent down and started to lick his sister’s wet pussy lips.

"I fucking love her cunt," he said, as the tip of his tongue darted in and out.

Colin had never felt this hard before, his cock felt like a solid pole as his hand glided back and forth. Brad decided to get in on the deal and knelt on the bed next to the headboard. Slowly he moved his hardened cock around Sophia's lips and watched her suddenly suck it into her mouth.

Sophia was dreaming that her dream date had her kneeling on the floor and was pushing his cock deep into her throat. She felt the first orgasm approach and moaned out loud as the tongue in her pussy lapped at her juices, for a moment the boys thought she was going to wake up and just watched her writhing on the bed.

By now, Colin had seen enough; he just had to get in on the action.

"Guys lift her up, I'm going to fuck her ass," he said, watching his brothers do just that.

Quickly throwing his pajama bottoms over the other side of the room, Colin got onto his back on the bed, and under his sister. The guys then lay her down onto his waiting cock; at first he had trouble positioning his cock at her anal passage, but once he felt the opening with the tip of his shaft he pushed slowly but with force, and found the entrance giving way.

Brian decided he too was going to get in on this action and got him self into position on top of his sister. As he probed his sister's pussy she opened her legs a little wider and he felt his cock sinking into her body. She now dreamt that her man was fucking her from behind and that he was using his fingers to rub her swollen clit.

Brad was now almost fucking her mouth, and knew that he was close to coming. Her throat seemed to open up and allow his cock deep inside, and with each new thrust he knew that the inevitable was about to happen.

Unbeknown to all of them Steve had gotten back and was curious as to what all the noises were about in his sister's room. When he quietly pushed the door half open he couldn't believe what he was witnessing. He saw Brad coming all over his sister's face, and watched as she licked and sucked his cum off of both her cheek and Brad's cock.

Steve's hard on was immediate, and although he knew what he was watching was wrong, he couldn't help but reach for his cock and rub it through his tight jeans. He saw Colin fucking her ass, and Brian stretching her pussy and then felt his pants getting wet as he started to ejaculate inside them. Pulling his jeans down around his ankles he grabbed a load of his semen and used it to lubricate his still hardened cock.

Gliding his hand back and forth he watched as Sophia started to scream out loud with pleasure as both Colin and Brian started to cum all over her body. Steve had never been so excited and felt he was going to cum again, only this time he wasn't about to waste it. Stepping into the room made the other guys stop, but after seeing there brother’s condition both Colin and Brian allowed him to get in on the action.

After opening her legs and holding them up Steve pulled his sister to the end of the bed, and plunged his cock into her wet pussy. The other three were now masturbating over their sister's glistening cum covered body, and watching her writhe on the bed as Steve fucked her harder.

Sophia opened her eyes at that point and yelled out that she was coming again. Her brothers almost came together, for suddenly spurts of cum were spraying her used body and she started to rub the creamy substance around and into her skin. Once Steve started to cum she closed her eyes and murmured something about her cunt feeling so good.

It wasn't until Steve withdrew his now limp cock that anyone felt any guilt, and as they got dressed not one of them could take their eyes from Sophia's cum soaked body. None of them were sure if she'd actually awoken, for she now seemed to curl up in a ball as if her dream was now over and she could once again go to sleep.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 04

Sophia heard her brothers laughing in the sitting room, and felt like joining them. She’d had a bad fall a few days previously, and was going through some very strange events.

“Hi guys,” she said, as she walked over to the recliner chair.

“Hi sis,” they all said together.

“Are you feeling any better sis?” asked Brad.

“I do feel better today, but I’ve been having some very strange dreams since my accident,” she replied, sitting back in the chair.

“Oh, what kind of dreams?” said Colin, innocently.

“You were all in my last dream, and although it felt like a nightmare it was actually quite erotic,” she confessed.

“Oh yes, so what exactly did this dream entail?” asked Brian.

At that point Sophia was clearly embarrassed by the memory, for she suddenly went quiet, that is, until Steve egged her on to spill the beans.

“Don’t laugh…but I dreamt you all took advantage of me while I was asleep,” she confessed.

Just then their mother and father walked in. “Who took advantage of you?” asked her father, not quite hearing the entire conversation.

“Oh, no one dad, I was just telling them about a dream I had,” replied Sophia.

Brad looked down at his feet and the others seemed to be ignoring the conversation.

“Well, I hope you’re feeling better darling, because we’ve been concerned about your health these last few days,” replied her father.

“I’m feeling a lot better now dad, I think I’ll just stay down stairs tonight and watch TV with the rest of you.”

A few hours later and everyone were in the sitting room and watching an erotic movie. It was being shown on the adult channel, and no one felt the least bit embarrassed to watch it in the company of their family. It was half way through the film when they heard little moans of pleasure coming from Sophia’s chair.

Upon putting the light on, they all found her still sleeping but with a couple of fingers buried inside her pussy. She was pulling her panties to one side with her other hand.

“She’s at it again,” blurted out Colin.

“What do you mean she’s at it again? When have you seen this before?” said his father.

The other guys just gave Colin a dirty look, and ignored him. The conversation was brought to a close however as Sophia started to scream out with the pleasure she was feeling. For a moment everyone in that room watched her performance, and no one could take their eyes from the moist fingers eagerly plunging in and out of her damp pussy.

“It seems clear to me that everyone here knows what is happening to Sophia, the question is what are we going to do about it?” said her father, abruptly turning to face his wife.

Sophia’s mother was lost in thought and her eyes seemed to be transfixed on her daughter’s pussy, and active fingers. Her husband realized straight away that his wife was again being turned on and looked around at the faces of his sons. Not one of them could look him in the eye, and all were clearly getting aroused at what their own sibling was doing.

It was the head of the house that came to a decision. As Sophia’s dad got up to close the curtains, his wife wondered what he was about to do.

“I feel you’re all old enough to know right from wrong, but as long as it’s kept in the family I see no harm in it,” he said, as he walked over to his daughter.

To there surprise he then started to undress his daughter, and as if in complete agreement everyone there began to get undressed. In a few moments not one person had any clothes on, and the boy’s mother was enjoying the view. The sexual tension in that room at that moment could’ve been cut with a knife.

Brad had always known his mother had a good figure for forty-two years of age, but he now found him self staring at her lovely pert breasts. Every one of the men was hard, including Sophia’s father. They all waited to see what he would do next, and to their delight he picked his daughter up out of the chair, and placed her gently onto the soft carpet.

They stood over and around her at that point, and then the fun began. Brad was delighted to feel his mother holding his cock and watched as she grabbed Brian’s as well. With expert moves of her hands she felt their cocks stiffen, and gripped them harder.

The other three got down onto their knees and started to caress Sophia’s body all over. Fingers were probing, pushing and fondling her body with a softness that only someone who cared would show. Turning to face his wife and seeing her being taken from behind by one of his sons made him push a finger into his daughter’s wet pussy. Being a man of experience he knew where the ‘G’ spot was located and immediately went to work on it.

Sophia started to moan out loud and could be seen reaching for any cock that became available. Colin was the quickest and guided her hand onto his now throbbing member. Sophia seemed to know what to do even though she wasn’t awake. In this seemingly sleep induced fantasy she was in full control of her body, but forgot everything that transpired when she awoke. To her this would all be a pleasant dream, and one in which she would cum several times.

By now Brad had bent his mother over and was fucking her from behind, while she leaned forward and took Brian’s cock into her mouth. Their mother had not known how big her sons were, but envied their future wives as Brad plunged the full length of his hardened cock deep into her wet pussy. She loved the feel of it hitting her uterus and pushing her mouth onto the cock before her.

Sophia was now in the throes of an orgasm, as her father had made her cum with just a single finger stroking her ‘G’ spot. Her mouth was now being used as the boys knelt down beside her head and took turns in feeding her their erect cocks. Sophia’s father opened her legs and lay down between her thighs so that he could lick her pussy lips. He so enjoyed the taste of a young woman’s juices, and deliberately kept flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Just then the boys in Sophia’s mouth started to cum, and with each new ejaculation came an eagerness to swallow their loads from Sophia. Her mother had witnessed that, and was now in the throes of her own climax. She moaned out loud with the pleasure her son was giving her and almost forgot the cock in her mouth, until he too started to cum and she nearly choked from the sudden gush of his seed. The feel of his cum on her tongue made her orgasm that much stronger, and she found her self being held up by Brad who had a firm grip of her ass as he kept slamming his cock into her soaked cunt.

The smell of sex pervaded the entire room, and everyone felt charged. Sophia’s father was now kneeling between his daughter’s legs and thrusting his hot stiff cock past her wet pussy lips, and loving the feeling of her tight cunt. He may have been forty-five, but he felt like a nineteen year old as her screams of pleasure echoed throughout the room. His sons were now masturbating over her body, and enjoying the show from both their mother and father.

At that moment Brad started to cum inside his mother’s pussy and thrust his cock a little bit faster as his seed exploded out of the end. His mother let out a scream of her own, and felt totally exhausted as Brad started to slow down. All attention then suddenly went over to Sophia who was now coming once more, and to her father who was compelled to yell out that he was coming to.

This in turn triggered his two sons into action for as the screams of pleasure filled the room they both ejaculated over Sophia’s breasts. With Sophia’s body visibly glistening with cum juices, her father lay on top of her and rolled over, taking his daughter with him. Her wet pussy seemed to find his cock with ease and he started to thrust upwards. Just then he felt Colin entering Sophia’s ass and loved the feeling of his cock being moved by her muscles as they both fucked her two tight holes.

He could see Steve’s cock being fed to Sophia’s mouth, and wondered what his wife was doing. He could hear her moans in the background, but couldn’t see her. What he didn’t know was that she was copying him, but in a slightly different position. She’d sat on Brad’s cock while he sat in a chair, and helped him penetrate her ass, as Brian leaned forward and was fucking her cunt. Her nipples felt like they were going to burst she was so turned on, and when her second orgasm started she wasn’t sure how long it would continue.

All she could feel was being stretched like never before and never wanting it to end. The orgasm itself was a first, because although she’d heard of women gushing before she’d never believed it possible. Now she felt her juices covering her son’s cock and running out and down the crack of her ass. It felt strange and seemed to be lubricating her anal passage, which in turn made Brad’s cock slip in even further.

As both Sophia and her mother climaxed, all the men were coming together. Sophia’s body was covered in sperm and her mother was feeling decidedly weak from the joy her sons were giving her. By the time it was all over the room reeked of sperm and sex, and not one person complained.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 05

Sophia awoke the next morning feeling sticky, and tried to remember the dream she’d had the night before. Once again she knew it was an erotic one, but the details were very fuzzy. When she tried to get up she found her pussy was a bit sore, and decided to take a bath before going down stairs.


Sophia’s mother was washing the dishes in the sink when Brian grabbed her from behind. He playfully patted her butt with one hand, and squeezed her waist with the other.

“Morning son, you look wide awake,” she said, as he sat down.

“I was awake most of the night. I just couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday,” he replied.

His mother smiled as the memory returned, and knew exactly what he meant. This family had always been close, but now thanks mainly to Sophia’s accident there was an intimacy that transcended close. Brian’s mother turned to ask if he wanted a cup of coffee, and smiled when she saw Brian holding his huge cock, and stroking it suggestively.


Sophia felt much better after that soak, and decided to make her self some breakfast. When she approached the kitchen however, she could hear groans of pleasure coming from inside. Opening the door just enough to peek, Sophia was both shocked and surprisingly turned on by what she was witnessing.

Her mother was bending over the kitchen table, and her brother was fucking her ass. Sophia wasn’t sure what to do until she felt her juices running down her thighs; this was really turning her on. In a moment she’d decided that she would have some fun, and immediately pulled down her panties, before starting to finger fuck herself.

She was mostly turned on by the size of her brother, and how he managed to get his whole cock into his mother’s ass. Sophia’s fingers were deep inside her when she heard her mother cry out with pleasure, and witnessed Brian withdrawing and squirting his jism onto her back. He then placed it at the entrance to her wet pussy, and pushed firmly.

Sophia’s mother let out a groan, and held onto the table as her son impaled her once again. Sophia was now coming in streams, and for the first time in her life she started to gush. It was almost like seeing a man coming, but with far more juices. Sophia almost collapsed on the floor it was so intense, but managed to keep her feet. Her mother’s cries of joy were penetrating her mind as she felt the flow of her womanhood, and for a moment she didn’t hear Colin coming up behind her.

When she did see him it made her jump, but as she turned around to face him she saw he was already playing with him self. He must have been standing on the stairs watching her watching them. She knew she should be repulsed by her brother’s casual attitude, as he stroked his cock before her. Yet she was neither shocked nor embarrassed, and immediately got to her knees and started to suck on his cock. Colin looked down, watching as her lips engulfed his shaft, and could hear the other two in the kitchen. Sophia had always been good at giving head, and today was no exception. She loved the feel of a man’s cock brushing against her throat, and found Colin quite easy to accommodate. Colin however wasn’t all that experienced, and was finding it hard to hold back.

Suddenly he couldn’t hold it anymore, and Sophia could feel his hard cock pulse as he started to ejaculate into her mouth. She held it with one hand, and kept sucking until she was sure he had finished coming. After that they were suddenly discovered by their mother, and were asked to join them in the kitchen.

It was now that Sophia’s mother decided to tell her what she’d been doing for the last few days. Sophia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and yet she somehow knew it was true. It was as if a cloud had been lifted, and she was able to see through. She remembered going into her parent’s room and sucking her fathers cock and she remembered her brothers taking her in the bedroom.

She suddenly remembered something else as well, and she felt her mother should know about it. It turned out that these events weren’t the first time Sophia had lost control of herself. She could vividly remember the night she spent in hospital, and what some of the staff did to her. The worst part was that they’d filmed the entire event, and she had no say in it. No wonder she felt exhausted the day she left hospital.

Sophia’s family was told, and the decision was made to do something about it. Fortunately, Sophia could remember the staff involved, and also who was recording the moment. They’d been at the hospital for over an hour when Sophia spotted the guy they were looking for. The four brothers decided to intercept this guy, and pinned him against a fence.

“We believe you have a certain tape recording of our sister, and we’d like it back round about now,” said Brian, politely but menacingly.

“Let me smack him one,” said Colin, feeling angry.

“Its okay guys, the tape’s in the car. You’re welcome to it,” said the porter.

Soon they’d recovered the tape, and were going home. Once they were back the boys decided to see what the tape contained, and they all sat back to watch. It started rather abruptly, with a shot of Sophia sucking some guy’s dick. It wasn’t until that scene was over that the enormity of what Sophia had gone through was revealed, for as the camera panned around there were another five guys waiting to be serviced.

The brothers watched as the men on the video all started to strip and caress Sophia’s body. There were hands everywhere, and clothes being discarded from them all. At one point she was picked up and made to sit on this guys cock. It was clearly up her ass, and as he lay back taking Sophia with him another guy climbed on top and started to fuck her cunt. Two others were masturbating and the final guy stuck his cock into Sophia’s throat.

Sophia turned around at that point and noticed some of her brothers playing with them selves as they watched the tape. Standing up she got hold of the remote control, and turned off the tape. Before anyone could protest Sophia stood up in front of everyone.

“Why watch, when you can have the real thing,” she said, slowly striping off her clothes.

By now her father had joined them all and was eager to watch the show. The boys all stood up and stripped off, and their mother did likewise. When Brian moved forward and got hold of his mother she didn’t object as he lay her down on the rug, and immediately got between her legs. Sophia stood over her mother’s head and lowered her pussy onto her face.

“Oh yes, you sweet child. Bring that sweet cunt a bit nearer darling,” said Sophia’s mother.

Sophia felt her mothers tongue penetrating her pussy, and leaned forward to lick the cock now entering her wet cunt. Brad decided to get in on the action at that point and came up behind Sophia. Placing his cock at the entrance to her ass he searched for the opening with the tip of his cock. With her legs spread and being held up by Brian, and Sophia licking both the cock and her flowing pussy Brian’s mother was starting to moan out loud.

Brad was now inside Sophia’s ass and was able to fill and stretch her with each stroke. Her mother loved her daughters taste, and enjoyed watching her sons cock penetrating her tight ass.

“Mom, take this into your mouth,” said Colin, as he lay down beside her head.

She turned her head and felt her sons cock passing her lips, and then her daughter started to cum over her mothers face and neck. The other guys were just content to masturbate to the action before them, as was there father.

“That’s it mom, suck it hard. I’m going to cum in your throat, don’t stop,” shouted Colin, noticing her lips tightening around his engorged cock as he came.

“Oh fuck yes, you want my jism slut, take it all,” he shouted out.

His words were turning her on even more, and she felt his seed running down her throat as he came yet again. Just then Brian came inside his mother’s damp pussy, and he too started to groan out loud. Brian pulled his cock out just as the second stream of jism exploded from the tip of his cock, and splashed onto Sophia’s face. Sophia tried to catch it with her mouth wide open, but most of it hit her cheek and ran down her face.

“Oh Brian, that tastes so fucking good, give me more from that gorgeous cock of yours,” shouted Sophia, as he shot his next load over her hair.

Just then Sophia could feel something hard touching the back of her head and turned to find Steve stroking his cock, and was clearly about to cum. Opening her mouth once more she attempted to catch the first load of cum that vacated his throbbing cock and managed to get her tongue onto the first stream as he threw his head back and moaned out loud.

Sophia’s father was also about to cum, but he elected to cover his wife’s tits. His wife was now in the throes of the best orgasm of her life, and loved the smell of sex that filled the air. By the time she’d finished everyone had cum at least once, and once again Sophia was covered with the seed of her family, and loving every minute of it.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 06

Sophia now knew what she was doing when she left her bed at night, and it bothered her that she had no control over her lustful desires. Her family had promised to take care of her, and not to let her get out of the house. It was after an accident that she started to behave like a wanton slut, but she only remembered the events when someone informed her. It was like thinking she had dream, but in reality it was real.

On this particular night, she was going to do something for the first time. It was hot when she went to bed, so she decided to wear her panties only, for she didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night sweating. After just fifteen minutes she was asleep, and wondering what kind of mischief she’d get into tonight.

At three in the morning she could be seen getting out of bed, and wandering out into the hall. She headed straight for her mother’s room, and once there she could be seen going through her mother’s private sex toy collection. Her mother and father were sound asleep, and had no idea she was in there room. Once she found what she was looking for, she began to fasten it around her waist.

It was her mother’s favorite toy, a strap on that was twelve inches long, and very stiff. Turning towards the bed she pulled the sheets gently down on her mother’s side of the bed, revealing her mother’s naked body. Opening her mother’s legs she climbed onto the bed and got into position. Her mother was still asleep until she felt the strap on entering her pussy.

She awoke to find her daughter fucking her, and looking down she realized what she was using. Looking up into her daughter’s glazed expression, she wondered if she should wake her, but the feelings her daughter was giving her made her wait. The strap on was now glistening with her juices, as it slid in and out with ease. Just then Sophia’s father woke up as the bed was rocking, and witnessed what was going on.

“She’s at it again I see?” he said, looking down the sheets.

His wife turned her head in the middle of a climax and just smiled, she was too far-gone to care anymore. Sophia enjoyed the feeling the strap on gave her whenever she plunged into her mother’s pussy, for it had a unique end that fitted snugly into her own pussy. Her father wanted in on this action and asked his wife to turn around so that Sophia could take her doggy fashion.

Her mother waited as her second orgasm approached, and then she turned around as quickly as possible so that she didn’t break her daughter’s rhythm. Sophia got it back in from behind, and could then feel a hard cock pressing against her butt-hole. Her father let her do the work, for as soon as he was inside her body he tried to keep in rhythm with what she was doing to his wife.

As Sophia would come out of her mother’s pussy, her father would enter her ass. In a short while they were in perfect sink with one another. Sophia’s mother was now starting to cum again only this time because of the depth her daughter was fucking her at she felt it was going to be a big one. She was right, for as it approached she almost collapsed onto the bed. Her juices were gushing again, and that was only the third time in her life that this had happened. She could feel it spraying back onto her daughter’s stomach, and she felt wonderful. When she came again she could hear her husband moaning with pleasure, and that just spurred her on for one more orgasm.

Sophia’s father came inside her with a yell of satisfaction, and buried his cock as far into her ass as possible whilst blowing his load. When they’d finally come down from the cloud they were on, Sophia left the room as if nothing had happened. Her father watched her go back to her room, and then deciding she was all right he went back to his.

Half an hour later Sophia was once again on the move. She was still wearing the strap on as she entered Brian’s room, and crossed over to his bed. Pulling the sheets down, and finding him facing the wall, she proceeded to get onto the bed with him, and searched for his butt with one finger. He awoke to find her poking his butt-hole with a finger, and getting strangely aroused by it. She then positioned her strap on, and pushed it in. Brian yelled out at first but then he pushed back, and quite enjoyed the sensation it was giving his butt as his sis started to rock back and forth.

He could then feel her hand passing over his stomach and reaching for his now hardened cock. Her hips were beginning to rock faster and her hand began to stroke his cock with every inward movement. Brian had never felt these sensations before, and knew that it wouldn’t be long before he started to cum. When Sophia felt his cock throbbing she suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned him over.

He then felt her mouth covering his shaft, and almost immediately he started to ejaculate. He could feel her tongue spooning his jism out, and felt the second burst hit the back of her throat. She then sucked him dry, and kept sucking until his cock went limp once more. She then got out of the bed, and returned to her own.

An hour later and something hard pressed against her lips. Sucking it in she found her mouth full of cock, and reached up a hand to steady it. It was Brad who had felt randy, and he hoped that his sis was up for a good blowjob. Brad wasn’t a small person in the meat and two veg department, so it was quite a surprise for him to see his entire cock going down his sister’s throat.

She was soon rocking him back and forth in her mouth, and to him it felt like he was fucking. Each time the tip of his cock scraped the back of her throat he groaned with pleasure.

“Oh sis, you fucking little slut, you love this don’t you…

The only sound she made was slurping noises as she sucked him back in on the downward stroke.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum…take it all you cum slut,” he said, feeling it surge out of the end.

Sophia murmured with the pleasure she was feeling, as his salty seed came pouring out onto her tongue. His knees felt weak, as he stood over the bed watching his sister suck him dry. She sucked him with relish, and was quite disappointed when he pulled it free and left the room, and once again she fell asleep.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 07

Sophia awoke to the sounds of moaning, and at first thought that someone was in distress, but upon investigating the sounds she found her two brothers pleasuring her mother in the bathroom. She peeked around the door, and found Colin fucking her mother from behind, and Steve receiving a blowjob.

Sophia was only wearing panties, and could feel her loins becoming moist as she watched Colin sliding his cock in and out of her mother’s sweet pussy. Sophia placed her right hand down her panties, and slowly started to finger her wet cunt. She was particularly turned on by the moans of pleasure coming from Steve, whose cock seemed to glisten with her mother’s spittle as it glided in and out of her mouth.

She also admired her mother’s body, which it seemed, after having five kids, was still in pretty good shape. Her sex drive was still intact at any rate, for the sounds and moans of pleasure coming from her mouth were very audible. Sophia pushed her finger deeper as her mother let out another cry of lust, and she was aware that her nipples were extremely hard as she stood watching this erotic scene.

She wanted to step into the bathroom, and join them, but there was something very naughty about spying on a sex act, and it turned her on even more. Her finger was frantically rubbing her clit now, and the moistness of her cunt was soaking her hand. Watching Colin’s cock plunging into her mother was making her feel that she needed something hard inserted into her pussy.

Noticing the door handle, Sophia stood up on tiptoes and slid the end of the handle along her wet pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure were quiet, but her intense need to cum was unbearable. She felt the handle sliding into her cunt, and loved how hard it felt against her skin. It was when she saw and heard Colin pulling his cock out and spurting all over his mother’s back that Sophia had her first orgasm. Her desire to walk in and lick her brother’s cock dry spurred her on to a climax that covered the door handle with her juices.

She was rubbing her hardened nipples against the wood of the door, and felt a weakness in her knees as Steve started to cum inside his mother’s mouth. He pulled it free, and Sophia witnessed her mother catching another spurt of his seed on the end of her tongue. It was at that moment that Colin heard and spotted Sophia, for she couldn’t help crying out with the pleasure that was coursing through her body.

Beckoning her to enter the room, Sophia disengaged her self from the door handle and stepped inside. Colin was rubbing his cock in her direction to keep it hard, and Sophia’s tongue slipped around her lips in anticipation of tasting his dripping jism. Bending down as she reached the shower, Sophia reached out for the cock in front of her and ran her tongue over the tip. You could see a drop of Colin’s sperm sliding around her lips, as she tasted him.

“Oh sis, that feels good,” he said, noticing her erect nipples and getting harder.

Sophia’s mother then turned around and was being pleasured from behind as Steve pushed his cock in as deep as it would go. She joined Sophia in sucking Colin’s cock, and Sophia was happy to share. Both their tongues glided along his shaft and touched one another’s as they reached the tip. Sophia could taste Steve’s jism on her mother’s tongue, and allowed her tongue to lick her lips as her mother sucked Colin’s cock past them.

As his shaft past into his mother’s mouth, Sophia licked it along the entire length, and gently held his balls to massage. Colin was looking down at the action and feeling incredibly hot as Sophia rubbed him gently and his cock slid into his mother’s throat. Sophia indicated that she wanted to taste him, and her mother slid her mouth from the end and held his cock straight so that Sophia’s lips could get around it.

The hardness of his cock, as it rubbed her lips on entry, was very evident. Sophia loved the feeling of it, as it brushed the back of her throat, and enjoyed the touch of her mother’s tongue on her lips as she too slurped at the sides of his hardness. Just then Sophia’s mother cried out, and closed her eyes as Steve began to explode inside her.

At the same time Colin couldn’t hold back any more, and started to cum for the second time that day. Sophia could feel it coming, and wanted to share the moment with her mother, so she quickly held onto his shaft, and carried on rubbing it, as his seed shot out the end. His mother caught the first blast as Sophia was holding it in her direction, and then she covered his pulsing cock with her lips to catch the second explosive exit of his seed.

Allowing it to dribble from her lips, and letting Colin cum over their faces for the last five spurts, Sophia began to lick the sperm from her mother’s cheek, and her mother did likewise. Their tongues met each other’s, and the salty taste of semen was making Sophia very wet. Steve got out of the shower at that moment, and knelt down behind Sophia, so that he could part her legs and lick her dripping cunt. Sophia groaned out loud as Steve’s tongue hit her clit, and started to grind her pelvis into his face.

Steve poked a finger into her, and scooped out her flowing juices. He loved the taste of his sister, and wanted to please her in every way possible. Sophia could feel her-self coming once more as both the hot and wet cock in her hands dribbled its seed one last time, and Steve’s tongue managed to hit the spot at just the right moment. Her legs suddenly felt weak, and her pussy tingled as she gushed into Steve’s mouth. He moaned out loud, egging her on to cum again and cover his tongue.

Sophia’s mother made her orgasm that much better by squeezing both her nipples, and licking the last bit of jism from her cheek. Steve had to hold Sophia up as her orgasm made her scream, and the moistness that was running down her thighs made him put his hand in to stop the flow. She could feel his closed fist passing by her protruding pussy lips, and adored how tight it felt as another orgasm engulfed it.

When Steve started to move his hand around inside her stretched cunt, Sophia felt another wave of pleasure coursing through her body. Her mother had to hold her up as the experience threatened to make her faint. Moments later, she was coming down from the most intense experience of her life. She felt so exhausted after that episode that she simply had to get back into bed after thanking her brother’s and mother for such a memorable morning. This event must have triggered her sex drive off though, as an hour after lying down, she was on the move again. Sophia suffered from a type of nymphomania that produced some wild adventures, but she was unaware that these urges were happening, unless someone informed her the next day.

Going out onto the landing she turned, and entered her brother’s bedroom. Brad wasn’t there so she sat down on his bed, and for a few minutes she didn’t move. She then lay down on his bed and placed her hand between her legs so that she could run a finger between her pussy lips.

“I think she’s gone into Brad’s room,” said a voice from the landing.

Just then Brad’s bedroom door opened, and in walked Steve and his father. They both saw Sophia rubbing her finger over her clit and arching her back as she moaned gently. Her father crossed over the room and sat down next to her on the bed.

“Poor girl, she wants to cum again. Let daddy help,” he said, pushing a finger gently into her womanhood.

Steve also sat down on the bed and started to suck the nipple nearest to him. Sophia cried out, and then the door opened again. Her mother and her other three brother’s had heard her cries and came to investigate.

“Christ, she’s insatiable,” said her mother.

“I know, but she needs the release. So, come on you lot let’s give it to her,” replied her father.

The boys and her mother took that as a challenge and immediately they all got undressed. Once ready, they picked Sophia up off of the bed and laid her on the soft carpet in the middle of the room. Surrounding her and kneeling down they all started to kiss and lick her body. Her legs were opened wide and several hands tweaked her nipples. Sophia writhed on the floor as several fingers penetrated her wet pussy, and she felt hot hard cocks touching every part of her body.

Steve held his cock out, and fed it past her lips. Sophia sucked it in as two fingers rubbed her clit making her feel the lust that pervaded the room. Her nipples were rock hard as Colin suckled on one of them, and Brad pinched the other. Her mother’s tongue licked at her lips as the cock in her mouth glided in and out of her throat. She then felt a cock being stuck into her wet pussy as two fingers still played with her clit.

Her cries of joy as this treatment continued were echoing around the room, and her body felt the intense climax approaching by writhing on the bed. Her father was slamming his cock in as far as it would go, and became aware that he could no longer feel the sides of her pussy, it was so wet. Steve then let out a moan of pleasure as he felt the seed shooting out the end of his cock, and into Sophia’s mouth.

The other brother’s were masturbating over her face, and one by one they started to cum onto her cheeks, eyes, neck and breasts. Sophia’s mother caught several spurts as she tried to lick it from Sophia’s face and neck. When Sophia’s father came he wanted to feel it hitting her inner pussy walls, and made sure he was as deep as he could go. Sophia now lost control as her pussy gushed for the second time that day, and couldn’t hold back the screams of joy. Her back arched and her tongue licked around her lips and onto her mother’s cheek as she swallowed every last drop of jism that she could reach.

After that the brother’s started to fuck her damp cunt one after the other until finally her body shone and glistened with there seed. She came another five times before returning to her bed and sleeping for the next ten hours.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 08

Sophia was waiting with her parents in the waiting room of her family’s Psychiatrist. Her mother had suggested it in order to get Sophia some help for her problem. Since her fall, Sophia kept getting these sexual urges, and she wasn’t in control of them.

“Mrs. Stride,” said a nurse behind them.

“Yes,” replied Sophia’s mother.

“The doctor will see you now,” she said, opening the door.

Sophia and her parents entered the room, and found the Psychiatrist waiting for them.

“Hello Mrs. Stride! What can I do for you today?” he said, ushering them into the room.

“It’s not for me this time Doctor, it’s my daughter. You see, since her nasty fall she’s been getting these sexual urges during her sleep, and I wondered if you could help her,” said Sophia’s mother.

“Well, let’s see shall we! It’s Sophia isn’t it?” he replied, looking at Sophia.

“Yes sir,” replied Sophia.

“That’s a lovely name my dear. Right, I think we should try some hypnosis first, and see if we can’t get to the root of the problem,” said the Doctor, moving around to the front of the desk and guiding Sophia to the sofa. “Now my dear, I’m going to turn on this light,” he added, reaching over to a spot light that was attached to a chain. “I need you to watch the light by moving your eyes only, and not moving your head,” he said, turning the light on and setting the movement going. “Now listen to my voice, and relax.”

Sophia followed the light with her eyes, and listened to the Doctor’s voice.

“In a few moments Sophia, you will start to feel tired and totally relaxed. You can feel your eyes getting heavier, and you want to rest them. You must listen to my voice though and answer my questions. You’re feeling drowsy now, and your eyes are closing.”

Sophia felt her eyelids getting heavier, and before she knew it she was under the Doctor’s influence.

“Ok, now I’m going to take you back to the day after your accident, and I want you to describe what you are feeling when you’re asleep,” he said, holding her hand.

“Mmm…I want a cock, I need to feel a long hard cock in my cunt,” she mumbled, taking him by surprise.

“Do you know why you feel this need?” he said, noticing her legs start to fidget.

Sophia opened her legs, and before the Doctor could react she pulled down her panties.

“I just want to feel something hard pushing past these wet lips,” she replied, running her finger over her clit.

Her mother apologized for what her daughter was doing, but the Doctor told her not to worry, and turned back to witness Sophia’s finger plunging into her pussy frantically. Suddenly Sophia reached for the Doctor’s crotch, making him jump.

“Why did you do that Sophia?” he said, allowing her to run her hand over his developing hardness.

“Your cock wants to play, and I need to feel it stretching my pussy lips,” she replied, opening her cunt wider with three fingers.

Both Sophia’s mother and father were getting turned on by their daughter’s behavior, but tried to keep quiet. The Doctor was starting to feel hot under the collar though, as Sophia ran her hand along the full length of his now hardened cock. It was starting to feel uncomfortable as his hard-on pushed against his tight briefs.

In a way he was glad when she expertly unzipped his trousers and allowed his cock to spring from his briefs. The relief was overwhelming.

“What do you want to do with that?” he said, adoring the feel of her hand gliding up and down his shaft.

“Mmm…I want to suck it into my mouth, and taste your seed as it fills me up,” she replied, suddenly leaning over and taking it into her throat with apparent ease.

“Oh…Sophia, this is naughty. You should ask before you do such things,” he said, not quite believing how far his cock was going down her throat.

Sophia’s mother couldn’t help her self; she just had to rub her clit as this continued. Her husband was feeling the exact same thing, and was rubbing the length of his cock as it strained against his pants.

The Doctor was feeling a little too distracted as his hard cock hit the back of Sophia’s throat for the umpteenth time. He turned to see her parents and understood completely when he witnessed their own pleasuring.

“Ok, Sophia, I want you to stop sucking my cock,” he said.

“Mmm…no I need to feel it hitting the back of my throat,” she said, working it even harder.

“Oh…Sophia, please stop, I’m going to cum ah…

Sophia felt the burst of the Doctor’s seed as it pulsed up his shaft, and sucked it harder as he shot a wad of his cum deep inside her throat. Sophia’s mother made a groaning noise as she witnessed small streaks of semen coming from her daughter’s lips. She found it impossible not to climax, and at the time she didn’t care who knew.

Her husband also came inside his trousers as the Doctor pulled his own cock free, and spurted another load onto Sophia’s tongue. Sophia managed to catch any of his cum that threatened to escape, by holding his cock and licking the sperm up from her closed fist, as it streamed from the end of the Doctor’s cock.

Sophia was making slurping noises as she licked, sucked and swallowed the Doctor’s jism. The Doctor had never cum in such an intense way before, and could feel another burst of semen coming up his shaft and splashing onto Sophia’s face. Her mother was unable to stop her orgasms as she moaned out loud once more. That was all her husband could take, for suddenly he got between his wife’s legs, and pulling her panties to one side he began licking her ever-increasing dampness.

After the Doctor witnessed this, he lost all control, for the next thing he knew he was pulling up Sophia’s blouse and forcing his hand under her bra. He could feel how hard her nipples were as his hand cupped her gorgeous breasts. He then called out his assistant’s name, and they all watched as the nurse came back into the room.

“Rebecca, could you get the special aid I have in the cupboard and insert it into Sophia,” he said, trying to keep Sophia from sitting up.

After closing the door Rebecca crossed the room and opened up a large cupboard, inside were whips, chains and various sex aids. Bringing out a large double headed and floppy dildo she walked over to the foot of the couch and inserted one end into Sophia. Sophia’s mother was crying out again as her husband kept flicking her clit around with the tip of his tongue.

Rebecca pushed in more than half the dildo, and found Sophia wanting to feel more, as she was holding Rebecca’s hand and shoving it further. Rebecca moved Sophia’s hand away and proceeded to bend the dildo in half so that she could insert both ends and hold it in the middle. Sophia cried out with ecstasy, especially as the Doctor had leaned forward and was now sucking her nearest nipple while pinching the other one between two fingers.

By now Sophia’s father had discarded his trousers revealing the mess he’d made in his pants, and his wife was trying to clean him up by licking and sucking any of the jism she found covering his cock. This in turn was turning the nurse on, and she couldn’t help rubbing her pussy through her uniform. The Doctor noticed that, and stood up with another hard on at the head of the couch. Holding it straight and feeding the end into Sophia’s mouth once more, he slid it down her throat.

Rebecca enjoyed witnessing that, and quickly pulled her uniform buttons apart revealing her suspenders, panties and a small bra with one hand. The Doctor stared at Rebecca’s breasts as he started to fuck Sophia’s mouth, and asked her to remove her bra. Rebecca thrust her chest out and unclipped the stud at the front making her breasts spring out into the open. This made the Doctor thrust his cock harder into Sophia’s throat feeling his balls slapping her face as he buried it as deep as it would go. Looking around the Doctor found Sophia’s parents in a 69 position, which only made him, want to fuck Sophia’s mouth even harder. Her left hand was caressing his balls as her tongue kept travelling the full length of his thrusting cock.

Rebecca couldn’t believe how much of the dildo Sophia could take, and was trying desperately to satisfy her lust. She then had an idea, and proceeded to lean forward and lick Sophia’s clit as she wriggled the dildo around. The Doctor couldn’t take anymore of this, and could feel his jism about to burst forth into Sophia’s mouth and throat. When he ejaculated the tip of his cock was touching the back of her throat, and she was managing to take every single drop.

Sophia’s cries of joy as she felt her self coming were making it hard to keep her on the couch for her body was writhing, and thrusting up with each pass of Rebecca’s tongue. Sophia’s father then shouted out with excitement as he started to explode inside his wife’s mouth.

Suddenly Sophia gushed from her pussy and the nurse found her face being sprayed with her juices. The Doctor pulled his cock out of Sophia’s mouth, and allowed the last three spurts to hit her face. Shortly after that Sophia was starting to calm down, and the nurse was dismissed having done up her uniform. With everyone under control again the Doctor woke Sophia up, to talk with her.

“I’m going to count to three backwards Sophia, when I reach one I want you to wake up and remember everything that happened today,” he said, “three, two, one.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that to you Doctor,” she said, as her eyes opened.

“It’s not important Sophia, what is important however is that you receive the best care. Now with that in mind I’m going to suggest a few things that might help. The first of which is plenty of sex aids, so that you can fulfill your desires without risk or harm to anyone. Secondly, I’m going to make you an appointment to see a couple of my colleagues next week. We’ll try to get to the root of the problem and hopefully cure you of this need to satisfy yourself, ok?” he said, helping her off the couch.

“Yes sir,” she replied, smiling at her mother.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 09

Sophia was in the kitchen when her father came in. He'd been to the store in the city to fetch some much-needed things. First from his bag of goodies was a ceiling harness, which he promised he would fit up later that night. The next was a couple of dildo's including a strap on, so that Sophia could satisfy others as well as her self. The last item was a sexy item he'd brought for his wife. It was a skimpy nurse’s outfit. It caught his eye while he was in the store, and he longed to see his wife wearing it.

Sophia thanked him for the toys, and decided to take them up stairs. Whilst she was up there she decided to play some music, and just relax. As she lay back, her father knocked on the door, and popped his head around the frame.

"Sophia, would you possibly put this uniform on for me, I'd like to see how it looks before I give it to your mom," he said, stepping into the room holding the nurse uniform.

"Yes, of course I will," she replied taking it from him.

Going into the bathroom she quickly took her clothes off, and replaced them with the uniform. It was tight across her bust, and left nothing to the imagination. It was also short with lace frills that just covered her pussy, but it felt very light and was made of a silky material that felt good on her skin.

"Ok, daddy, close your eyes, I'm coming back in," she said walking back to her room.

Her father had his hand over his eyes when she walked in, and only removed it when she told him to.

"Oh wow, you make it look so fucking sexy," he said. "Give me a twirl darling?" he added.

Sophia spun around and the hem rose up, revealing her shaven pussy lips, and cute ass. Just then her mother came in, and was shown her gift as Sophia modeled it.

"I've always wanted one of those, thank you," she said, noticing how short it was on her daughter.

She also noticed the bulge in her husband's pants, and stroked him as he walked towards her.

"I can see it does the trick for you," she said, gripping his cock.

"Oh yes, it's a particular fantasy of mine, I've always thought uniforms were sexy."

His wife felt his cock throb as her daughter bent down in front of them both to pick up a ribbon that had fallen on the floor. Her gorgeous slightly bulging pussy lips could clearly be seen, which made her mother's tongue roll around her lips. The cock in her hand twitched again as her husband couldn't take his eyes from the sight in front of him. Sophia's mother stopped her from straightening up by running a finger just inside her protruding pussy lips. Sophia looked around as her mother's finger touched her clit, sending a shock wave of lust coursing through her body.

"Why don't you two play for a while, and I'll watch," said Mr. Stride.

His wife then immediately got to her knees behind her daughter, and started to lick her open crack. Mr. Stride sat in the chair after pulling his pants down, and began to stroke his pulsating cock. Sophia meanwhile produced the strap on that her daddy had bought, and handed it to her mother.

"Oh yes, darling, fuck her with that," said Mr. Stride, as he stroked his cock a little faster.

His wife quickly put it on, and noticed straight away that it was bigger than her own. It stuck way out in front, and she had to guide it with one hand while opening her daughter's pussy lips with the other. Slowly she began to work the stiff dildo into her daughter's very wet cunt, and began to fuck her. The uniform, rose up Sophia's back, revealing her breasts, which were moving back and forth, because of the fucking her mother was giving her.

Mr. Stride knew his cock couldn't take anymore, and moaned with pleasure as a stream of jism shot out the end, and landed on the carpet. His wife now had the dildo buried as deep as it would go inside Sophia, and loved watching it sliding in and out as it glistened with Sophia's juices sticking to every inch of it. She also enjoyed hearing her daughter's cries of passion as her orgasm approached.

Looking around she could see her husband still stroking his cock, and bringing it back to life. His wife decided to turn her daughter around at that point, and pointed out the hard cock moving through her husband's hand. Sophia didn't need anymore prompting, as she moved forward slowly, in order to keep her mother inside her.

Once she reached her father she leaned forward, and took his cock into her mouth. She could still taste a little of his jism from the previous ejaculation, and enjoyed the salty bittersweet taste. Her father started to thrust his hips up, and fuck her mouth as his wife picked up the pace with the strap on. Sophia cried out with the lust she was feeling in every pour of her body, and found her throat filled as her father thrust up again.

Just then her brothers walked in, and asked if they could join in. Their mother was happy to let them in on the action, and indicated that she could use a good stiff cock up her cunt. Brian was the first to get there, and was keen to fill her hole with his meat. Pretty soon all the boys were naked, and caressing either their mother or Sophia. Sophia couldn't take anymore of this, and when she felt two mouths covering each nipple she screamed that she was coming.

Her mother pulled out at that moment and bent over so that Brian could get a better entrance, and she could suck and lick her daughter's dripping cunt. As soon as her tongue touched Sophia's clit she cried out again, and her juices gushed over her mother's tongue. Her cries as this was happening made her father cum for the second time, and she adored feeling his pulsating cock as it exploded inside her mouth. Her mother was also crying out as Brian had picked up the pace, and was brutally slamming his cock into her very wet cunt.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard slut," he shouted, as he slammed it in again.

Those words made her husband shoot another load deep into Sophia's throat, and watch as some of it escaped her mouth and started to slide down her cheek. She then felt a couple of hot hard dicks pressing against her cheek and someone else bending down to lick her dripping cunt along side her mother. Turning her head, and feeling her dad coming one last time on her neck, she was presented with two hard cocks and decided to take them both on.

Colin was now sucking her nipples on his own and handling her breasts roughly, which is how she liked it. Steve and brad were trying to get both of there cocks into her mouth, but because neither one of them was small; Sophia had trouble accommodating them both. She could feel her mouth being stretched to the limit as one of the cocks managed to slide down her throat and the other one scraped along her upper pallet.

Her mother was crying out now, as her son started to cum inside her pulsating cunt.

"Can you feel that slut, I'm not stopping until I fill you up," said Brian, continuing to slam his cock as deep into her cunt as possible.

Meanwhile, Sophia could feel the two cock in her mouth trying to fight to get down her throat and for a brief second her mouth was stretched so much that both of them slid down, making her choke. Colin was now nibbling Sophia's clit as her mother kept pushing hers in and past her moist lips. As the boys began to throb, and Sophia knew how close they were to getting, she began to lose control and once again she gushed just as the boys came into her mouth simultaneously.

Both Colin and her mother moaned out loud as they caught the stream of her womanhood on their tongues. At that moment Sophia was struggling to keep the jism that was pouring into her mouth contained, as it seemed to fill her cheeks out and escape at each of the corners of her mouth. Her mother stopped licking her at that moment because she was in the middle of her own orgasm, and was finding it hard to concentrate.

Brian was still slamming his cock in, and her cunt was literally flowing with her juices, making her legs and thighs extremely wet.

"I'm going to cum again mother, I'm filling you up tonight," said Brain, making her cum with as much intensity as her daughter.

Sophia was now being fucked by Colin as she licked her lips dry, and wiped the boys cocks clean with her tongue. Soon Colin too was coming inside her and everyone collapsed on or around the bed.

"That was so fucking good," said Brian, as he sat up.

Everyone else just smiled, and looked forward to the next time.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 10

Sophia was in the Doctor's office once again, only this time she was alone. He'd wanted to consult with his fellow colleagues before making any kind of diagnostic comments on her condition.

"Right my dear, as before I'm going to put you under hypnosis, only this time I have a plan on how we might fight the lust you feel. I need your permission to go ahead before subjecting you to anything else; I'll also be blindfolding you, if that's all right. It's crucial to the experiment," said the Doctor, producing the blindfold.

"Yes, that's fine, if you think it might help," replied Sophia.

"Thank you my dear, now before I put you under I just want to tell you what's about to happen. We're going to stimulate you in such an extreme fashion, that I'm hoping it corrects the imbalance your body seems to be producing," he replied.

A few minutes later, and Sophia was under the Doctor's influence once again.

"Now when I count to three Sophia you will wake up, and you will be blindfolded. I want you to leave the blindfold alone, and allow your emotions to fly when we start to stimulate you, is that understood?" said the Doctor.

"Yes sir, I understand," replied Sophia.

"Ok, one...two...three," he said, slipping the blindfold on.

Sophia relaxed on the couch, and could hear the side door opening. She then heard the shuffling of feet, but wasn't sure how many. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, with panties and a bra. Suddenly she could feel hands beginning to touch her and remove her clothing. She counted at least ten hands, and felt strangely excited, as she was finally laid bare. She could then hear the people in the room discarding there own clothing, as they dropped various items to the floor.

After a pause of about two minutes, Sophia could then feel their hands touching her again. There didn't seem to be anywhere on her body that someone wasn't caressing, and then she felt a cock sliding over her cheek and pressing her lips. Allowing the cock into her mouth she began to suck it in. Who ever the cock belonged to, he had a huge weapon and knew exactly what to do with it. She felt him pushing it into her throat and bringing it out again and loved how smoothly he achieved it.

She then felt her legs being parted as she was lifted up. Someone slid underneath her and she was lowered onto another hard cock. Her butt muscles seemed to grip it and suck it in as it slid into her ass. She then felt someone else climbing onto the couch, and feeling yet another hard cock between her pussy lips, and pushing forward. She now had three cocks servicing three different holes as well as two other guys sucking a nipple each.

Once they were all ready they started to fuck, bite, lick and suck her body. The men filling her holes with their shafts, only matched her moans of pleasure, they didn't surpass it. Her mouth was being stretched as the cock gliding in and out went deeper, and began to hit the back of her throat. You could see a bulge in her neck whenever he thrust forward, and she loved it. Her pussy was now flowing with her juices and her ass was feeling full. When she started to cum her body writhed and bucked up and down. The intensity of her orgasm soaked the cock in her cunt, and yet none of them had cum yet.

No one slowed down or stopped just because she'd cum, instead the pace was picked up and she could feel even more hands touching her body. She then felt another hard cock touching her lips, and allowed the tip to squeeze in next to the first one. Her mouth was stretched further as he too tried to go deep, and as before she started to choke until she felt the bigger one of the two coming inside her mouth. It seemed to lubricate her throat, for suddenly both cocks were slipping into her gullet.

When she felt the other cocks coming together, she had a massive climax that made her body shudder. Her mouth was spewing out cum, which was running down her throat and neck. Her thighs felt sticky from both her own juices, and the semen, streaming out of her two pleasure holes. The taste and smell of the air was one of sex, and her body felt so used. The heat was making her faint, and the relentless pounding of the two cocks in her ass and cunt kept her juices flowing.

She was still sucking and licking the two cocks, making sure they had no more cum to offer. Every now and again she felt the bigger one of the two hit the back of her throat, and wanted to reach up and stroke it. Her nipples felt so hard they were hurting, and her orgasms were coming back to back. She was also feeling splashes of cum covering her skin, so she knew they were masturbating over her used body.

She wondered how many people were using her, but her orgasms were not allowing her to think too clearly. Her body felt soaked as she sucked another load of cum into her mouth. He pulled out as he started to cum though, and she felt a spurt of his seed hitting her face. She then felt another load of sperm hit her stomach as the guy fucking her pulled his cock free. When she came again she gushed all over the new guy replacing the ejaculator.

This time however she did faint, it was all too much. When she came around seconds later they were still pounding her various holes. Her dampness wouldn't allow her to get sore, and her thirst for man seed was insatiable. When her body had been used one more time they all stopped, and began to get dressed once again. Sophia lay still, unable to move or say anything. She was then sat up, and her blindfold was removed.

Before her, stood her entire family, and another six guys that she didn't know. Looking down she saw the mess her body was in, and felt her-self coming again. She smiled at her father, whom she found out later had confessed to the Doctor what she'd been doing. So the Doctor had suggested the family help him, to purge this over abundant sex drive from her body, by over stimulating her. Only time, would tell whether or not it worked.

Sophia was helped off the couch, and also helped to dress, having little or no strength left. When they left the Doctor's office she turned and thanked him for the help.

"You're welcome my dear, but remember to take one day at a time, and come and see me again in a month from now," he said, with a smile.

On the drive home Sophia fell asleep, and had to be carried into the house. Her day had been a huge one, and she needed to rest and recuperate.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 11

Sophia had been shopping, and upon returning home she found her father hanging something from her ceiling. She’d recently had a fall, and banged her head severely. This in turn had caused her to want sex at every opportunity, and after getting some treatment she was hopeful that it was all behind her. The only good thing to come from it all was the fact that her family was now closer than ever, in more ways than one.

“What’re you doing dad?” she said, placing a shopping bag onto her bed.

“I’m just fitting that ceiling harness I bought you the other day; it needs to go into a beam so that it can take your weight. So that’s why I’ve positioned it right here, there’s a strong beam holding it up,” he replied, fastening the last bolt into the ceiling.

“How does it work?” replied Sophia.

“Well, the woman gets into it…no, I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you,” he said, finishing up. “Ok, now if you stand there I’ll place the swing onto your waist, and buttocks. That’s it, just there. Now when I pull this rope you will swing free of the floor and be suspended. Are you ready?” he said, holding the rope.

“Yes,” she replied, feeling the pressure on her waist as her father pulled on the rope.

Suddenly her legs were swinging free of the floor, and she was lying on her back in mid air. Her father steadied her, and then opened her legs a bit.

“Now then…the man can stand here and fuck you with ease, or he can turn you over and let you suck his cock. If you sit up straight in it, you’ll find the seat leaves a gap so that your pussy and ass are exposed. In fact I dare say you could take two people on at once in the sitting position,” said her father, undoing the straps once again.

“I can’t wait to try it out daddy,” she said, checking the strength of the fitting.

“Well, maybe later then, because I’m sure the lads will want to help out,” replied her father, with a wink.

It’d been two days since Sophia had visited the Doctor’s surgery, and she hadn’t had one sleepwalking incident since then. Still, she did keep feeling tired, so that part hadn’t changed. In fact at around eight o’ clock that night she told everyone she was having an early night, and proceeded up stairs.

Five hours later, and Sophia could be seen getting out of bed. She walked to the landing, and could hear the TV coming from down stairs. Walking quietly down the stairs, she crept into the sitting room, and found her brother Brian fast asleep in front of the TV. Kneeling down between his legs she unfastened his belt, and unzipped his trousers. His cock was limp, but she held it up gently, and passed it past her lips.

Brian moaned as she sucked but never woke up. He must have been getting stimulated however, for his cock started to grow in Sophia’s mouth. Brian had a fair sized cock, and pretty soon Sophia was able to place a hand around it to keep it straight. By now his cock was fully erect, and she could feel it touching the back of her throat each time she slid down its length. She tried to place her tongue around the circumference of his shaft whenever she went up or down.

Brian began to fidget after a while, and suddenly he was moaning in his sleep. Sophia’s hand was now wet with her own saliva, and was slipping up and down his hard cock stimulating him further. When he cried out, and his eyes opened he looked down to see Sophia’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. Just then he came forcefully, and pushed his cock deep into her throat.

She sucked even harder, and enjoyed the taste of his seed as it gushed over her tongue and down her throat. When he stopped coming, and she was sure he’d finished she got up, and proceeded back up the stairs. Brian quickly pulled up his pants and followed her. He saw her get back into bed, and was about to go to bed him self when Steve and Brad caught him leaving her room.

“She’s at it again guys!” he said, smiling.

“Oh good, I just feel like a good fuck now,” said Brad, opening her door.

The three of them entered, and noticed the ceiling harness.

“That looks like fun,” commented Steve.

“Let’s see if we can’t get her into it, by suggesting it,” said Brian, walking over to the bed. “Sis, I want you to get out of bed, and get into the ceiling harness,” he whispered, hoping a suggestion was all that was needed to set her off.

As they all watched, it seemed to work, for suddenly she was getting out of bed, and walking over to the ceiling harness. Striping her nightgown and panties off she fastened the harness around her waist and buttocks, and sat down taking her feet off the floor. Brian then pulled the rope, and hoisted her to around crotch height. He then opened her legs and kicked off his trousers and briefs.

After opening her legs a little wider he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed up. His hard cock glided in with ease, and he started to rhythmically fuck her cunt. Steve then came up behind her, and whilst stroking his cock to keep it hard he guided it to her butt and pushed gently but firmly until her butt cheeks gave way and he was sliding in.

Her soft cries of pleasure were more than enough to keep them going, and then Brad decided to get in on the action. He brought the chair over to the harness and stood on it while he lowered his trousers. Touching her cheek with his hard cock he rubbed it against her lips, and watched her suck it in. Brad then started to swing his hips back and forth as he began to fuck her mouth.

Her moans were getting louder, and the sounds had awoken Colin who came into the room and sat on the bed to watch the show. He pulled down his pajama bottoms, and began to masturbate to the scene being played out before him. He particularly enjoyed watching Sophia’s breasts as they swung too and fro, and got a kick out of the sounds her throat was making as Brad continued to violate her throat. In fact Brad was getting a little too rough, as he was almost slamming his cock into her mouth.

Sophia’s pussy was by now dripping with her juices, and unintentionally lubricating her butt-hole as Steve was finding it easier to slide his cock all the way in. Colin was excited to see both holes being filled at once, and how much she was now moaning with ecstasy. Brian could feel her vaginal muscles gripping his cock, and was suddenly having to push harder to get in as deep as before. He also knew that it was a sign she was close to coming.

Just at that moment Colin came on the bed, and allowed his cock to spurt over Sophia’s pillow. The thought that she might lay in his jism later on tonight made him do it again, only this time it hit the headboard as well. Sophia then yelled she was coming, and suddenly the floodgates were opened as she gushed all over Brain’s pulsating cock. He kept slamming it in, and heard his Brother Steve coming inside her ass.

He then saw Brad’s jism leaking out of Sophia’s mouth, and watched her try to lick it all back in. This was all too much, and he knew he was about to cum once more. When he did shoot his wad, he left it up her cunt as his seed pumped its load inside her. They all stood still for a while, with each of them buried inside their sister’s body somewhere or other. Slowly, reality came back to them, and they all pulled out.

Brian was about to suggest to Sophia that she get back into bed when she spoke.

“Thanks guys, I really enjoyed that,” she said, placing her feet on the floor and undoing the harness.

“You mean you were awake all that time?” said Brian, surprised.

“Yes, of course silly! You don’t really think that the power of suggestion got me into it do you?” she replied, laughing as she got back into bed.

Brian was glad that she had done it because she wanted to, and not because they took advantage of her, but he also remembered her giving him head down stairs. Was she over it all or not?

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 12

The guys were all sitting around the kitchen table when their father, walked into the room. He looked tired, and Brian commented on that fact.

"Yes, well you can blame your sister for that," he said, making a hot drink.

"Is she at it again?" replied Brian.

"Yes, what she started with your mother and I last night was, well, let's just say I won't soon forget it," he said, smiling.

"I think she believes she's over it, I wish there was something we could do," said Colin.

"Well, if she believes that? Who are we to break the bad news, I think as long as we all look out for her, she'll come to no harm," replied their father.

Sophia had had a fall recently, and was suffering from a chemical imbalance, or so the Doctor thought. She would get up out of bed at night, or whenever she slept, and do things that she wouldn't normally do while awake. Her sex drive seemed to be off the scale, and as yet nothing had helped her overcome this disorder.

"So, are you going to tell us what she did last night?" said Brad, with a wink.

Their father came over to the table and sat down, before looking up again, and with a smile, he started to narrate a sexual tale from the previous night.

"When I came in last night, I had a couple of work buddies with me Alan and Mark, and you lot had already gone to bed. Anyway, we were just discussing something or other with my wife when Sophia walked into the room wearing only her nightshirt and sat down in the recliner.

I spoke to her and realized that she was in her sleepwalking mode when I didn't receive a response. I thought I'd better mention it to the guys before she showed any weird behavior. They were both fascinated, and couldn't keep their eyes from her. Truth be told I think it freaked them out, but nothing happened, at least for a while.

It wasn't until I got up to make myself a drink that your sister stood in the middle of the room and striped her clothes off. Had I seen her I would've stopped her but I had my back to her, so the guys are watching her every move, and your mother walks in.

I think it was your mother that triggered the night's events, for suddenly Sophia was running a finger through her pussy lips and moaning for attention. I could see that both Alan and Mark had boners, and as they watched her perform in the middle of the room I too started to get hard.

When Sophia walked over to Alan, and preceded to unzip his trousers, I thought, here we go. I think your mother was turned on as well, but she walked over to your sister and pulled her to her feet, as by now she'd gotten to her knees between Alan's legs. It wasn't until she stood up that your mother noticed Alan's cock, it was huge. It made mine look small, and I'm eight inches long. Anyway, it must have really turned your mother on, because the next thing I know she's reaching for it, and starts to stroke his impressive cock.

That's when the fun started really, because then Sophia went over to Mark and unzipped his trousers as well. The next thing I knew, they were both giving my work mates head. I didn't know what to do, but seeing your mother trying to get Alan's cock into her throat was quite a turn on.

She admired it at first, looking at it closely as her tongue rolled around her lips. She barely managed to get her hand around the circumference, as she lowered her head and parted her lips. She deliberately glided her lips very slowly down his shaft, and I think she was putting on a show for me.

Anyway, her mouth was open as wide as it would go. Yet she couldn't take it all in, which must have really turned her on, because she suddenly started to finger herself while sucking his joint. My cock was rock hard, and I had to undo my pants to get relief. Especially, when I looked over at your sister, and saw her taking Mark's cock down her throat.

He was also bigger than me, which pissed me off, but what the hell! So, I'm staring at Sophia, and can hardly believe I keep seeing this bulge in her neck whenever Mark's cock hits the back of her throat. Because he's never received head that good before, and before he knows it he's crying out that he's going to cum. Sophia pulls his cock out of her mouth at that point, and continues to masturbate his cock with both hands.

By now I'm rubbing my cock inside my pants, and almost lose my wad when I see a blast of Mark's jism exploding onto Sophia's face. I tell you guys, I thought I came a fair bit, but this guy didn't seem to stop. As I said his first stream hit her face, but his second, third, forth and fifth shot straight into her mouth. It looked so god damn horny as the creamy looking substance was running down her face and out of the corners of her mouth.

I think that must have triggered off Alan as well, because he too started to cum in my wife's mouth. Your mother loves the taste of a man's seed, but she couldn't handle the amount of jism pouring out of this guy. In fact by the time he'd finished coming she was covered in it, from her forehead to her neck and breasts. I had my cock in hand when I saw that, and I knew I couldn't hold back anymore.

Fortunately, your mother saw me, and quickly crawled over between my legs to take the first blast. My jism mixed with Alan's as well as going into her mouth, it felt so intense. Sophia wasn't finished there though, for the next thing we know she's straddling Alan's lap and sitting on his huge cock.

He really stretched her as she let it all sink in, and I don't think he could believe his luck. Your mother decided to do the same with Mark, and before I knew it they were at it again. I don't think I've ever seen anything so erotic in my life though, as the sight of Sophia's cunt being stretched to the max by Alan's enormous shaft. It glistened whenever you saw her pulling it out, and her juices seemed be pouring down his cock. I had another hard on as I watched, and your mother then took Mark's cock and allowed him to enter her ass. I thought my god woman; you're never going to be able to accommodate that. You know your mother though, once she sets her mind on something, she gets it.

At first it's a struggle, and I'm thinking you're never going to get that thing in your butt. I was wrong though, cause the next thing I know your mother's taking a handful of her own juices and passing it onto his shaft, and suddenly his stretching her beyond the limit and she's screaming out how big he is. I couldn't believe it when I saw his cock completely buried inside my wife's anal passage.

My cock is now rock hard, and as I watch and listen to groans coming from both your mother and sister I know I'm going to cum again, soon. It was when Sophia climaxed that triggered Mark's explosive exit in your mother's butt. He was watching her gush, and scream out how fucking big Alan was. Her juices were pouring out of her, which was making it easier for Alan to keep sliding it deeper.

Then your mother shouted out that she was coming, and that was enough for Mark, he shot his load deep inside her ass, and then sprayed her back. I couldn't stop my self at that point; I came all over my shirt as I watched both of them grinding the cocks to finish them off. Half an hour later, and my friends had gone home, after thanking me for a great night. That wasn't the end of it all though, because then Sophia came over to me, and started sucking my cock back to life.

Plus your mother sat astride my face so I had two pussies to service, and I loved every second of it. The room stank of sex by the time we'd finished, but what a night."

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 13

Sophia awoke to find her self covered in a sticky substance, her hair was matted, and her thighs felt sore. She immediately got into the shower, and gave her self a thorough washing. She knew she’d done something naughty, as usual, but she couldn’t remember what it was. All she kept seeing in her minds eye was a round table, and she had no clue as to where she’d seen it before.

She’d been suffering from these memory loses ever since her accident, and her sexual appetite was quite ferocious. When she was reminded of something she’d done, it all came flooding back to her. It was all a bit disturbing, but her family had helped her to recover as best they could, and were very supportive.

After getting dressed she decided to go out into the back garden, and lounge around in the sun. She did think of sun bathing, but didn’t want to risk falling asleep. That could be disastrous, in her present condition. Once she was outside, she could hear her neighbor watering his flowers, and walked over to the fence to say hi.

“Hi Sophia, I hope you enjoyed last night,” he said, smiling.

“Last night! What happened last night?” she replied, trying hard to remember.

“Oh come off it, no one could forget that night, you were unbelievable, especially when the guys got you onto that round table of ours,” he replied, giving her a wink.

Suddenly her memories started to flood back, and she felt a twinge between her legs. It was the memory that did it, she was feeling wet below, and all because she knew what she’d been up to. She entered the house after saying goodbye to the next-door neighbor. Sophia sat down on the couch, and began to think of the night before.

She’d just finished giving her brother a blowjob, when her sleep was again interrupted by a noise coming from next-door. Now that she remembered it, she knew she wasn’t sleepwalking. Her mind just blocked out any of the details, until someone reminded her. She could picture herself going outside and entering the neighbor’s house, dressed only in a short nightdress.

She remembered going into there sitting room, and finding it full of men. Apparently, her neighbor was throwing a bachelor party, and he had a stripper lined up for later that night. She knew this because she remembered hearing one of the guys say, I think your strippers here Ken.

Ken of course was Sophia’s neighbor, and when he spotted her he offered her a drink. Looking at what she was wearing Ken asked if she was all right, but not once did she answer him. Thinking back now, she could hear everything that was going on around her, but for whatever reason, she couldn’t communicate with them. It all felt very strange, and a little scary.

So anyway, with a room full of men Sophia decides to strip off her clothes, and is getting egged on and cheered by the crowd of men surrounding her. Of course none of them knew she was sleepwalking, to them she was just a tease. She remembers suddenly being lifted up, and placed on a round table, so that everyone could see her.

She then remembers at which point the story became interesting, because she can picture her self lying on the table, and spreading her legs. Some of the guys are pushing in to get a better view, as she opens her legs, and starts to run a finger over her clit. Some are openly rubbing themselves as they see her pussy lips parting and a finger poking the outer delicate folds of skin, which surrounds her cunt.

It’s not too long before some of the men begin to touch her body, and that’s when it starts to get crude, rude and dirty. Suddenly, a room full of guys that were trying to get a piece of her began to strip off, and join her on the table or at least around it. Sophia wasn’t sure how many men there were, but she’d never had so many hands touching her body all at once. Then the cocks started to appear, and she found herself surrounded by men poking their cocks in her direction.

The reason she got wet earlier now becomes clear as she remembers what happens next. Her breasts are fondled by at least four people, and inquisitive fingers probe her pussy and ass. Her first cock of the day touches her cheek, and she turns to find a large one near enough to reach. Placing her lips around the end she started to suck and the room exploded with cheers from the guys.

She’s then pulled around as if she’s a rag doll, and can feel cocks trying to enter her cunt. The first one to succeed has a very large cock, and she chokes on the cock in her mouth, as this guy enters her body. Her orgasms start there, and she remembers never stopping from coming, as one by one they violate her body. At one time she has one underneath her, fucking her ass, with another on top and two more trying to get into her mouth.

She can see men everywhere masturbating over her naked, and used body. Soon she’s getting covered from head to toe in great globs of man seed. Someone is filling up her ass, and she can tell he’s quite big. Her pussy is gushing with her cum as the largest man their starts to pound and slam into her cunt. She can hear the voices of some of the men, saying things like, ‘I want the slut next,’ or ‘I’m going to cum in her mouth, I bet the tart likes that,’ and things of that nature.

All of these things are working her mind up into a frenzy and she clearly remembers the multi-orgasms. As she’s moved around on the table her body picks up more man seed and her hair is smothered in the stuff. She can feel it leaking from her cunt and ass, and runs her hand down to taste the mass of stringy cum that’s oozing out of every hole. She loses count of how many times she’s fucked, and as she returns to the present she realizes how wet she is.

Opening her legs after pulling down her panties, she starts to finger fuck her self. Her body is quivering as she remembers more of the night before, and she knows she’s going to cum pretty quickly. Just then her mother comes into the room and catches her playing with her self.

“Here child, let me give you a hand with that,” her mother says, going down on her knees and spreading her daughter’s legs.

Soon her mother is licking her dry, and as she lays back she allows her self to remember the orgasms she received the night before. She suddenly shudders as her mother hits the right spot, and her juices start to flow over her mother’s tongue. She’s remembered it all now, and although it makes her feel like a slut, she only has warm sexual feelings of what took place.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 14

Sophia caught Brad crying on the landing, and immediately felt sorry for him even though she didn’t know what he was crying for.

“What’s wrong Brad?” she said, putting her arm around him to cuddle up close.

“Oh, Jackie’s left me, she said she wants room to think about her future,” replied Brad, sniffling.

“Come in here a minute, and we’ll talk,” said Sophia.

Brad took her hand, and followed her into her bedroom.

“Sit on my bed Brad, and I’ll massage your back while you tell me all about it,” she said, closing the door behind her.

Brad took a seat, and began to spill the beans on why Jackie had left. Unfortunately, he’d been in love with her, and within a minute or two he was unable to talk any further because of the tears. Sophia held his head close to her chest as she comforted him. Brad could feel her breasts heaving with her breathing, and felt a stir in his pants. Letting go of his sister, he felt ashamed that he should feel lust at a time like this.

Sophia wasn’t going to let him go so easy though, and soon she had his head in her lap and was stroking his hair. Brad could smell her perfume, and he could see her bare legs as she continued to stroke his hair. He realized he was getting an erection again, only this time he tried to ignore it. Sophia was stroking his hair for so long that Brad soon fell asleep, and for a time he forgot his troubles.

Sophia Lay his head back onto her pillow, and as she started to rise from the bed she noticed his hard cock pushing his trousers outwards. Sophia ran her hand over the lump gently, making him sigh out loud. She then looked at his face, and felt he needed something to distract him, so leaning forward Sophia slowly and very gently unzipped his pants. Once down his cock sprang forward in his boxer shorts, and Sophia slid her hand up one side of them. Holding his cock, she then started to stroke him as he slept.

He moaned a few times, and rolled his head, but he didn’t wake up. Sophia was starting to feel horny now, and decided to pull his boxer shorts down and off, which she did. Still he slept, her luck was holding she thought as she unfastened his shirt, and then slipped that off as well. He was now naked, and his cock still stood to attention as Sophia rolled him onto his back.

Once in position, she leaned over and gently started to suck the end of his cock. It was then that he woke up and looked down the bed.

“Oh, Sophia, go a bit faster,” he said, arching his back.

He then placed both his hands on the back of Sophia’s head, and began to push her head down onto his cock. He could feel the end of his cock hitting the back of her throat, and it felt wonderful. He then indicated that he wanted to taste her at the same time, so she moved her body, and was soon in the 69 position. Brad decided to play and tease her clit when she lowered her sweet pussy onto his face.

Sophia felt his tongue flicking her hood, which made her open her mouth a little wider. She wanted to feel his cock scrapping her throat, and to taste his manhood. Brad was making Sophia squirm as he kept darting in and out with his tongue, and occasionally sucking in parts of her pussy lips. He then started to run a finger over her clit, until he was sure her juices were flowing.

He adored the taste of her nectar, and relished each drop that touched his tongue. Sophia could feel his cock pulsating, and knew he was about to cum. It made her go faster, and grip him harder. She then started to suck his balls as well, and she could feel them tightening. Placing her mouth over the end of his cock, she found it was perfect timing, for here it comes.

His first load splashed onto her tongue, followed closely by his second. She swallowed each drop that came out, and sucked the end for several minutes until she was sure he was finished ejaculating. She now felt him finger fucking her with two fingers, while he was still licking her clit and outer lips. She could feel she was close to coming, and loved the extra effort Brad seemed to be going for. When she came, she could hear him moaning with the pleasure of slurping it all up.

After a few minutes Sophia was sitting up on the bed, and holding Brad again to comfort him. Brad got off the bed, and thanked her for being there. After leaving the room, Sophia heard her father calling her from down stairs. When she went to investigate he was standing at the bottom of the stairs, and wanted to know if she wanted to come for a drive, as he had to pick up some groceries.

After saying yes, Sophia got her shoes on and ran down the stairs. Once she was in the car, they were off. It was a pretty uneventful trip to the store, but that was to change on the way back. Sophia fell asleep when her father pulled out of the store car park, and a few minutes had passed before she suddenly sat up and began to unzip her father’s trousers. Of course he knew what was going on, and had no intentions of stopping her.

Once she’d freed his cock, which by now was as hard as granite, she leaned forward and engulfed his meat. Her father looked around him to make sure no one was watching, and then sighed as he looked down to see her head bobbing up and down in his lap. He adored the way she gave head, for it didn’t seem to matter how big the guy was, it always went down her throat.

He swerved a few times as she made him lose concentration, and just five miles from home he felt his seed start to shoot up the centre of his cock. Sophia never flinched; she took the lot, and carried on sucking until he wasn’t producing anymore. When she’d finished, she simply went back to sleeping as if nothing had happened.

Pulling into the drive Sophia’s father woke her up, and got her to help take the groceries indoors. She felt so tired after that, and after kissing her daddies cheek good night she went up the stairs and prepared for a nights sleep. At least that was the plan until her mother, who simply had to talk with her, woke her up.

“I’m feeling lonely, your father doesn’t fancy any company tonight, if you know what I mean,” she said, sitting on the edge of Sophia’s bed.

“Get in my bed with me mommy, we can have a little fun together,” replied Sophia, moving over a little.

Her mother allowed her gown to fall onto the floor, revealing a naked body underneath, and climbed in next to her. After picking something up off the floor beneath her bed, Sophia turned her mother so that her back was facing her, and then put her hands down the covers. Her mother then felt the double-ended dildo running along her pussy wall, until finally Sophia inserted it. Once she was sure it was well inside her mother, she inserted the other end into her self, and began to rock back and forth.

Sophia cradled her mother, and fondled her breasts while she was at it. Her mother kept pushing backward, and hearing her daughter moan out loud was enough to know she was feeling just as good as her. When they came they came together, and held each other for ages before both of them fell asleep with the double-sided dildo still inside the pair of them.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 15

Sophia was dreaming of her hero, he wore a red body hugging suit, and black boots. He always saved the day, and best of all he was hung like a fucking stallion. The dream always ended the same though; she’d wake up just when it started to get interesting. Today was to be no different, for just as her hero was about to take her over the hood of his super car, Sophia awoke.

“Damn it, why can’t I get that far into a stupid dream,” she muttered to her self, as she got out of bed.

Laughing as she went into the bathroom to wash, she suddenly remembered what day it was.

“It’s my birthday,” she said, giggling, for she knew the family had a few surprises for her.

Sophia had had an accident not long before, and it somehow increased her sex drive when she slept. She only knew if others told her what she’d done, even though she seemed in perfect control. After getting dressed, Sophia almost skipped down the stairs she felt so happy.

“SURPRISE…” shouted out her family as she entered the sitting room.

“Oh, you made me jump,” she replied, placing her hand on her chest dramatically.

They all laughed, and handed her several presents. Sophia always felt like a little child where presents were concerned, which is why Christmas was her favorite time of the year. Birthdays were a close second though.

Her presents were mostly clothes, and a pair of new shoes, which she badly needed. She hugged her family one after the other, and thanked them for making it a wonderful start to a day. They had one more present that they hadn’t given to her yet, because it was a surprise. Her father produced it from behind his back. It looked fairly big so Sophia was intrigued.

Unwrapping it quickly she opened the box inside, and found a beautiful gown.

“It’s for the fancy dress ball we’re all going to tonight, it’s supposed to be a Cinderella dress,” said her father, as she took it out of the box.

“Its beautiful dad, I love the silky feel of the fabric,” she said, holding it next to her cheek.

The day passed quite quickly, as days do when you’re enjoying them.

“Is everyone ready?” shouted Sophia’s mother, up the stairs.

A chorus of yes’s could be heard coming from several rooms, including Sophia’s. The guys came down first, to see their mother dressed as the fairy godmother, with a wand. Her husband had elected to go as a coachman, which seemed fitting as he was driving them all. Steve came down dressed as an ugly sister along with Brad as the other one. Even they laughed at the way they looked, and thought it should be a good night. Then Colin came down dressed as a footman followed closely by Brian who was prince charming. It was when Sophia made her entrance that everyone stopped talking, for she looked stunning. Her dress fit her ample bosom perfectly, and the waist, made her look a proper lady as did the way the dress tapered outward, into a perfect circle of silk fabric.

She simply shined that night, and it was an honor for Brian to hold his arm out and escort her to the car. Making sure her dress came to no harm they all got into the people carrier and their father slid the doors shut. It was only twenty minutes later when they pulled up outside the ballroom, and all followed Sophia and Brian into the building.

The cast of characters inside was amazing; there were star wars characters, vampires, and various other Hollywood special effects people. Their father had gone out of his way for the costumes they wore, knowing that the best of the night got a special prize. He also didn’t want everyone going as something unrelated, at least this way they could be given marks for originality.

Sophia noticed a lot of people staring at them when they walked through the hall, and into the ballroom. It was spectacular inside this place, thought Sophia trying to take in the domed roof and the crystal chandeliers. They were quickly ushered to their own table number forty-four, and the night began.

After a wonderful meal, and a few drinks Brian asked his sister to dance. She held out her hand, and he pulled her gently but firmly out of the chair. Crossing to the dance area, the music was perfect for a waltz, or at least a smooch in the middle of the dance floor. As they danced round the floor, people were paying their compliments to how good they both looked. It quite made Sophia light headed, it was such a perfect night.

At around ten thirty, someone official grabbed the mike, and told everyone that the winners of the most original costumes would be announced in five minutes. None of the Stride family was sure who would win, for the costumes were all good, throughout the room. Just then an elderly gentleman took the stage, and first tested the mike by tapping it, before speaking into it.

“We have two runners up this year, because we couldn’t separate them. But we have a clear winner, first the runners up are, table twenty-four. I believe they’re dressed in old Edwardian style clothing, depicting the English aristocracy. And also table thirty three, who I believe are the Adams family.”

A big cheer and a lot of applause followed their introduction, and they claimed the runners up prizes of a case of champagne and a family-sized hamper each.

“Next, we have the winners, and clearly the most stunning and truly class act, table forty-four. They are dressed as Cinderella, and the cast from that story.”

The applause was unbelievable, as Brian took Sophia’s hand and escorted her to the stage, followed closely by their family. They looked breath taking, and stood around the old man holding the mike.

“The prize for the Stride family is a two week holiday in London,” he announced quickly, to make sure he got it in before the crowd erupted again.

Turning to Mr. Stride he handed him the plane tickets, and shook his hand. Every one of them was smiling, and looking forward to the trip of a lifetime. It was a perfect evening that sadly had to come to an end, but one which none of them would ever forget. As they drove home the mood was one of singing, and having a good laugh. Up until, their car suddenly produced a large banging sound, and started to swerve from one side of the road to the other.

Getting it quickly under control again, and thankful that the traffic was light Mr. Stride pulled over to the hard shoulder. There he found the back left tire had a puncture, and the worst part was, he hadn’t gotten around to replacing the old tire. He was determined not to let this spoil the mood though, and rang the auto club on his mobile.

“It’s going to be an hour and a half before they get here, so let’s see if we can’t just amuse ourselves while we wait,” said there father, as he climbed back into the car.

Just then a big ford custom built van pulled up in front of them, and the driver came over to the window.

“Need any help?” he said, as Mr. Stride unwound the window.

“Got a puncture with no back-up,” he replied.

“Where were you heading?” said the young man.

“The next junction.”

“Well look I have room for the ladies, and I’m heading that way,” he said.

At first Mr. Stride was hesitant, until his wife said yes it’s all right. So pretty soon the lady’s were changing vehicles, and telling the guys they’d see them back home. After kissing her husband goodbye, Mrs. Stride and Sophia climbed into the fur-covered interior of the van, and waved goodbye as the door slid shut.

Inside there were three other young guys, all with musical instruments. Clearly a band of some type and on their way home from a gig, thought Sophia. They introduced them selves, and it turned out they were a rock band, coming back from a festival. It was quiet for a while after that, until Sophia noticed them passing a joint around the van.

“We couldn’t have a drag, could we?” she said, surprising her mother.

“Sure doll face, you’re welcome to partake,” said the one holding it, and taking one last drag and holding it back.

Sophia reached out for it, and took a big tug. Holding it for a few seconds she then let it out, and passed it to her mother. Her mother wasn’t sure, but what the hell, she thought, as she took it back and held it in the same way. After it had gone around the van three more times the girls were starting to feel the effects.

“Wow, that’s pretty good shit,” said Sophia, taking another lungful. “Is it hot in here or is it me?” she added, passing it to her mother one last time.

“It is hot…but it’s how you’re dressed. We’re only wearing tee shirts,” replied Christopher, who it turned out owned the van.

“You’re right, I need to get out of this thing,” said Sophia, pulling the gown up and over her head.

She sat there now wearing a tight fitting bra, panties and suspenders with stockings.

“Fuck gal, you’re one put together babe,” said Mike, the lead singer of the band.

“She is isn’t she? You ought to see her breasts,” said her mother, reaching over and unclipping Sophia’s bra.

The bra fell to the floor, and all eyes were transfixed to the most perfect breasts they’d ever seen.

“Fuck Chris, they’re perfect, I wish I could touch them,” said Mike, taking another smoke.

“What’s stopping you?” said Sophia.

Mike leaned forward, and cupped her left breast. He could feel her erect nipple in the palm of his hand, before he let go again.

“Amazing,” he said, looking bleary eyed.

Just then the van pulled over, and the driver got out the drivers seat and joined them in the back.

“Let’s have a pull on that Mike,” he said, reaching over and giving it a good old tug a couple of times before handing it back.

Sophia’s mother was now feeling hot, and she too decided to get out of the dress. When she did, Mike said that explains it.

“What’s that?” she said.

“I know now where your daughter gets her figure from,” he replied, taking the joint from the driver.

“She’s got lovely breasts too guys, you have a look,” said Sophia, reaching over and unclipping her mother’s bra.

Her breasts fell free from their restraints, and all eyes were once again staring. Suddenly Sophia was feeling tired, and before her mother could stop her she was asleep. Whether it was the joint that triggered it early or the fact she was exhausted, she never the less suddenly moved over to the lead singer and began to unzip his trousers.

“Oh shit, here we go again,” said her mother, to her self.

Sophia was now sucking the lead singers cock, and all the other guys were getting undressed. Soon everyone was naked, and hands started to reach for both Sophia and her mother. One of the bands members was amazed at how far Sophia could get her friends cock down her throat, and said so. Sophia ignored him, and continued to service the cock in her mouth. She simply had to get it down her throat as far as possible, and wanted to feel his seed in her mouth.

Her mother was now placing her mouth around Christopher’s cock, and showing him what she could do. Then the other two band members took them both from behind. Sophia, loved the feel of the young mans cock entering her pussy, as she bobbed up and down on her prize. The young man behind her was slamming his cock in as hard as he could, and feeling how moist she was.

Her mother mean while had made her cock cum in her mouth, and was in the process of sucking him dry.

“Oh god lady, leave my balls in tact,” he joked, as his knees threatened to buckle.

It was all too much for the guy behind her, and when he came he groaned out loud as it exploded deep inside her body. Mrs. Stride turned around at that point to clean him up, and he came a second time in her mouth. Sophia was now feeling the familiar throbbing that came before the rush of seed did, and kept sucking as her pussy was being pounded still.

When she felt the first surge of hot jism hitting her tongue, she moaned and swallowed his load, and then sucked the next one in. Mike shot his head back, and thrust his cock forward and up as the next spurt hit the back of Sophia’s throat. It was her turn then, for she knew her orgasm was approaching, and she could feel it was going to be a big one.

When she came, the guy inside her could no longer feel the sides she was so wet, but he was at a point of no return and started to cum as Sophia grinded his cock by pushing her vaginal muscles together, and gripping it tightly. He cried out and held onto her butt as he pumped his seed into her damp cunt. By now they were all exhausted, and everyone got dressed feeling really happy to be alive.

Soon they were on the move again, and Sophia was asleep once more. Her mother dressed her, while they were on the move, and told the boys where to drop them. Before long they were saying and waving goodbye, as they walked up there drive way.

“What happened mother? Did we get home?” said Sophia, completely out of it.

“Yes dear,” replied her mother putting the key in the door, and seeing her daughter safely to bed. “Sleep well sweet heart,” she said as she turned out the light.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 16

"Come on Sophia, we're going to miss the plane at this rate," said Mr. Stride, as Sophia tried to gather all her bags together.

"Sorry dad, I'm just feeling a bit tired," she replied, trying to catch up with the rest of the family.

That comment made her father stop for a second, and he realized that he'd forgotten Sophia's condition.

"Right, the rest of you help your sis," he said, smiling at his daughter and giving her a wink.

Sophia had suffered from a fall, and banged her head, which led to her sex drive increasing dramatically. She was aware that she did things in her sleep that she couldn't remember (unless reminded about the following day) and that the family had promised to keep an eye on her. Now though, they were in the queue to board their plane to London. They'd recently won a trip at a fancy-dress ball, and were understandably excited about seeing all the sights London had to offer.

It wasn't long before they were being ushered to their seats on the plane, and sitting back to relax. Mr. Stride was particularly impressed with the fact that they were being treated as first class passengers. Although, he was less impressed with how the family was spread out in the first class section, he’d assumed they'd all be sitting together. Sophia, it turned out, was at the back and sitting between two guys who were total strangers.

He did try to change this, but Sophia told him not to fuss, and just relax. So they were off, and Sophia introduced herself to the passengers either side of her. On her right was a guy from Texas who was a rep, and his name was Gary. On her left and nearest the window sat the biggest guy she'd ever seen, in fact he was at least two foot taller than she was, and his name was Claude. They all chatted for a while, mainly to blank out the take off, as not one of them felt comfortable flying.

In fact, Claude could be seen gripping the armrest, and his knuckles whitened as the plane lifted from the runway. Sophia felt sorry for him, and held his hand. Claude smiled, and visibly relaxed after that. Soon though, they were all doing their own thing. Claude was watching a movie, whilst Gary was listening to music and Sophia fell asleep.


Sophia’s mother was sitting between her two sons, Brian and Colin, and they were both teasing her.

"Mom that skirt's a bit short isn't it?" said Brian, lightly touching the top of her thigh and brushing her panties with the back of his hand.

"Yeah mom, modesty was never a strong point with you, was it?" said Colin.

"If you've got the package, flaunt it, that's what I say," replied their mother, suddenly gripping both their cocks through their trousers, which made both of them jump and laugh.


An hour into the flight, and Gary was sleeping peacefully next to Sophia. Sophia, however, was mumbling something in her sleep, which Claude couldn't quite make out. He was shocked after checking her again though, to find she'd unfastened her blouse, and that her breasts were exposed. He couldn't help looking, for as she slept her breasts heaved slightly, as she inhaled and exhaled the air. He could tell she was dreaming of something sexy, as her nipples were hard.

Claude had to shift his-self in the seat as his erection was getting uncomfortable, but he was glad Sophia couldn't see his predicament, as his cock was proportionate to the rest of his body. It looked like he had a pole down his pants, as he kept sneaking a peak at Sophia's nipples rubbing against her open blouse. He was feeling decidedly hot at that moment, but it was nothing compared to what he witnessed next.

Sophia was pulling her skirt up around her waist, and then pulled her panties aside with one hand as she stroked her wet lips with the other. Claude simply had to release his cock from the confines of his jeans by unfastening the buckle, and unzipping them. After doing that the end of his cock could be seen poking out of the top of his briefs. As he watched Sophia running the tip of her finger over her erect clit, he rubbed his cock slowly.

He then checked Gary to see if he was witnessing any of this, but found he was still asleep. Looking at Sophia's face he saw the expression of lust as she carried on stroking her self, and felt his cock throb with the excitement he was feeling. He spotted the stewardess a few times as she came back and forth down the aisle, but she never once came to their seats.

As he rubbed his cock, he knew that he couldn't last much longer, and slowed down. Suddenly Sophia stopped what she was doing and leaned over to grip his cock. He was taken totally by surprise, and made a loud pleasurable sound from the back of his throat as she lowered her mouth onto his engorged cock. The sheer excitement he felt from hitting the back of her throat with the tip of his shaft, made him explode inside her mouth.

He'd never experienced anything this intense, and closed his eyes as he came a second time. Her ability to engulf his entire cock was quite impressive, and made Claude ejaculate a third and forth time before sitting back and enjoying the way Sophia sucked him dry. When he'd finished coming, she sat back as if nothing had happened and continued to sleep. Claude fastened his jean up after that, and closed his own eyes to rest from his experience.


Sophia's mother was feeling horny as well, but she wanted to feel a cock inside her. Looking at her sons on either side of her, and finding them both sleeping, she stared at the bulges in their pants and ran a tongue around her lips. At that moment she decided to have a little fun of her own, and gently rested both hands onto her son’s laps. After stroking them for a minute or so, she felt their cocks growing underneath her hands.

Little murmuring sounds of joy were passing both boys lips, as she slowly carried on rubbing them. She then quickly unfastened their pants and allowed their cocks to come out and play. Colin woke up at that point, and looked down to see her hand stroking his length.

"Ah, I guess you feel horny, don't you my little slut?" he said, feeling her grip him harder now that he was awake.

Colin reached over with the hand nearest to her, and slowly rubbed her cunt through her wet panties. She let out a sigh, as he forced her panties between her lips with one finger, and rubbed her clit with every upward stroke. Upon opening her legs a little wider, Colin slipped his finger underneath her panties, and felt how damp she was down there.

Colin then had an urge to do something very daring, and looked up and down the aisle to see if anyone was coming. When he saw there was no one, he got down on his knees and crawled between her legs, forcing them open wider before running his tongue over her slit. She pulled the back of his head into her thigh, and felt his nose pushing through her pubic hair. As his tongue darted over her clit, and his lips sucked in her soft folds of skin she started to climax over his tongue.

She then felt Brian placing a hand between the buttons on her blouse, and squeezing her breast. She turned around in the throes of ecstasy, to smile at him and rubbed his cock harder, especially around the tip where she knew he was more sensitive. Her orgasm had made her more vocal than she'd care to be, and suddenly a stewardess was walking towards them.

Their mother saw her first, and quickly made the boys aware of it. Brian zipped his jeans back up while Colin got out a sweet in his pocket.

"Is everything all right here," said the stewardess, when she reached them.

"Oh yes, said Colin standing up, I just dropped a sweet under the chair and got down to recover it, thanks for asking though," said Colin, sitting back down again and smiling.

They all laughed when the stewardess walked away, and decided that that was a little too close for comfort, so refrained from carrying on. Besides, their mother could still feel the juices from her orgasm seeping into her panties, and sat back with a smile on her face.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 17

When Sophia and her family finally reached London, Sophia was too excited to sleep, even though she felt completely exhausted. Her entire family had recently won a trip to England, and this was the first day. Sophia had had an accident not so long ago, and was still recuperating. Her family had to keep an eye on her, because when she slept, she sometimes experienced sexual urges that she couldn't fight.

At the moment they'd just booked into a classy hotel in South Kensington, and were admiring the architecture, as the porter showed them to their rooms. Sophia wanted to go shopping, as did her mother, and the guys wanted to experience their first draught bitter. So it was decided to split up, and meet back at the hotel in one hour.

Sophia and her mother had discussed this earlier, and they'd decided to choose a shop each. The first one was Sophia's choice, and was located in Oxford Street. It was a little boutique, which catered for the tourist, and one that she'd found an advert for in a magazine back home. The first thing they noticed as they browsed around the store was the prices. Nothing was cheap here, but Sophia's mother had to agree there were some very nice items. They also discovered a down stairs section, and upon investigating found it run exclusively by men.

It was rather strange to find a ladies store run by men, but it never bothered them. Sophia, wanted to try on a short gown that had a rather daring neckline, and it was in her price range, so she asked an assistant where she could try it on.

"If you care to follow me Madame, I'll show you where you can look at the fit," he said, in a very posh accent.

Sophia was led to a booth tucked away in the corner, which looked smaller on the outside than it did on the inside. In fact once through the curtain covering the entrance, she found ten small cubicles, each with a full sized mirror attached to the wall.

"If Madame needs any help, I'll be right outside," said the polite assistant.

"Thank you," she said, pulling the curtain across.

Sophia didn't think she'd need any help getting dressed, but found that the back of the dress looked exactly like the front, and there were no labels to indicate which was which. She hadn't discovered this until she was standing in her panties and bra, but called out for the assistant anyway.

"Yes Madame, can I help," he said, appearing at the curtain.

"This is going to sound silly, but which way is the front and which the back," she said, opening the curtain and showing him the dress.

He was quick to point out the front, and didn't even look embarrassed to see Sophia almost naked.

"May I?" he said, walking into the booth.

"Yes, of course," she said, stepping back.

"I think you'd be better off going braless with this item Madame," he said, and before she could agree or disagree he was unclipping her bra and dropping it to the floor.

He didn't seem to bat an eyelid as he came around to the front, and threw the dress over her head with consummate skill and professionalism. In fact he didn't seem to notice that she had erect nipples, just from thinking naughty things about this guy. When he stepped back, she took a look in the mirror, and fell in love with the dress immediately. The neckline was a little daring though, and never left much to the imagination.

Just then the assistant fussed around with her neckline, making sure the folds of material were even on each side of her breasts. She found the experience quite erotic, as his hands were brushing against her tits. She then heard her mother shouting for her, and immediately called out where she was. Her mother entered the booth to find her looking in the mirror, and liked what she saw.

"You look stunning it that Sophia," she said, unfastening her dress, so that she could try on something her self.

Sophia's mother was not in the least bit shy, and handed her own dress to the assistant in order to hold so that she could try on the new one. She wasn't wearing a bra, yet didn't seem to care. At that point, Sophia noticed the rather large bulge coming from the assistant's pants, which made her realize that this guy was into older women. This in turn gave her a very naughty idea, and one, which she'd have to talk to her mother about.

Her mother actually gave her an opening when she asked the assistant to be a dear, and fetch her coat through from the main store. Once he'd gone, Sophia explained her idea, and was not surprised to find her mother agreeing to it. When he came back, her mother had decided to buy the dress and was standing naked when the assistant returned. Without batting an eyelid she asked him if he had anything a bit daring, to which he responded with a yes, and returned to the store.

Sophia had noticed the red flush in his cheeks, and was laughing with her mother when she mentioned the rather noticeable bulge in his pants. Her mother's nipples were noticeably hard at that point, which told Sophia that this was turning her on. When he returned he was holding several items that looked very daring, and even Sophia liked them.

Her mother took hold of one, which she liked the look of, and immediately tried it on. When she stood looking in the mirror, it was very clear that no part of this dress was non transparent. The assistant was asked if it was all right at the back, and was too busy staring to pay attention.

"Um…sorry, yes it looks absolutely stunning on you Madame," he said eventually, still staring at her figure.

Sophia was now topless and trying on a string vest and her nipples could clearly be seen sticking through the holes. The guys jaw seemed to drop after that, and Sophia deliberately stuck her chest out to emphasize her beautiful rounded breasts. It was when her mother upped the stakes that things really started to happen, for as she took off the dress, she got between the assistant and the curtain and placed one leg on a chair in the booth. She then deliberately ran her hand over his hard cock.

For a moment he froze, and Sophia took that opportunity to kneel down in front of her mother and lick her pussy lips, whilst stroking her clit with one finger.

"Oh god," he said, as a skilful hand unzipped his trousers and pulled out his now rock hard cock.

Sophia crawled over to him, and covered his cock with her mouth. Meanwhile, her mother had grabbed one of his hands, and placed it onto her cunt. Sophia allowed his cock to touch the back of her throat, and held it with one hand to stroke whenever it came back out. The assistant now joined in, after the initial shock of it all, and inserted a finger past the mother's delicate folds of skin, which covered her pussy.

His finger glided with ease, and found her thrusting out to meet his penetration. The sounds coming from his cock, as Sophia slurped the end whenever she reached it were turning her mother on. As his finger attempted to go deeper she grabbed hold of it, and began to insert two more. Her juices were quickly running over his entire hand, and the wetter she got the easier he found to bring in another finger to join the fun.

Soon he attempted to put his hand in, and she opened her legs wider to allow it. She always enjoyed a good fisting, and as he had small hands she knew he wouldn't have any trouble. As it slipped past her outer defenses, he grunted with the excitement and started to cum. Sophia caught the first blast, and murmured with pleasure as she felt his seed running down her throat. She then brought his cock out into the open and allowed his next spurt of man juice to hit her face and fall onto the string vest she was still wearing. It seemed to catch hold in the various holes, and slide over her breasts slowly.

Her mother had pulled his fist out at that point and was bending over to try and catch his next gush of jism, but ended up catching it on her cheek. For a couple of minutes after that the girls swapped his cock from one mouth to the other, making sure he didn't have anything else to offer. When they'd finished they ended up with a fantastic deal on their selections of clothing and proceeded to rejoin their family.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 18

The Stride family had decided to take one of the more popular tours, on their second day in London. Unfortunately it was a very busy day, so the double-decker bus that was showing them the many sights of London was packed. In fact the Stride family had to stand up at the back of the bus.

Sophia was in the middle of them, and thoroughly enjoying her vacation. She had recently taken a knock on the head, and was suffering from a sex drive that was out of control. It only kicked in when she was asleep, and she had to be told the next day or she wouldn’t remember the incident.

The sound of the tour guide as he pointed out various landmarks was quite loud, and the way they seemed to be stuffed into that bus was appalling. All this made Sophia feel a little claustrophobic, until she felt someone’s finger lightly brushing her inner thigh. Turning her head she discovered it was Brian, he smiled and gave her a wink. In return she opened her legs slightly, and was rewarded with a finger brushing her pussy through her panties.

Looking around she saw that her body was completely obscured from the rest of the passengers, as her entire family were standing around her very closely. Even those pressed up against them wouldn’t be able to see anything, unless they physically moved people out of the way. She then felt a hardened cock rubbing her thigh from behind, and couldn’t believe Brian was going to fuck her there and then.

Her juices were flowing now, and the excitement was growing, for suddenly she felt another hand going up her skirt from the front. This time it was Colin, who was wedged between his mother and older brother. Sophia felt Brian’s cock rubbing against her butt cheeks and managed to place her hand in just the right place to push him in.

Brian found he had to bend his knees a little, but enjoyed the sensation as his cock slowly slid into his sister’s ass. Sophia had decided to hold the strap that was above her head at that point, and helped Brian by pulling her self up on her toes, and holding her position. Suddenly and without warning Colin slid his cock into her wet cunt, and she was coming for the first time that day. Her body was being moved slightly up and down as both brothers continued this delightful onslaught of her over sexed hormones.

She knew her family was aware of what was going on, but didn’t care anymore as her ass was sending messages of shear delight to her pussy, which in turn was getting extremely wet in response. Brian then leaned near to her ear, and told her what he was going to do.

“I’m going to cum in your ass slut, and then I want to fuck your cunt,” he said, pushing his cock up harder.

“Ah…ok, I want to feel all your jism sliding about inside me,” she replied, getting onto her very tiptoes.

Colin then said something to get her attention.

“I’m going to cum too, and I want you to feel it running down your thighs like the naughty girl you are,” he said, pushing his cock in as far as it would go.

Sophia let out a cry that was muffled by the tour guides rambling narration, and something he must have said a thousand times in the past. Suddenly, both Brian and Colin were coming inside her, and she was experiencing a most intense orgasm of her own. Her own juices matched the man seed running down her legs, as it gushed over Colin’s throbbing cock.

Brian never seemed to stop fucking her, even though he’d cum a great deal. Her ass was starting to feel raw as he pounded away, and then she had another orgasm as someone was caressing her breasts. She looked down and saw her mother’s hand slipping between the buttons on her blouse, and under her bra. Her nipples felt like stones on the palms of her mother’s hand, as she rolled them around and squeezed them gently but firmly.

Her mother gave her a smile, and then slipped a hand between her legs feeling Colin’s cock still fucking Sophia’s cunt as her finger entered the game. Sophia was finding all this hard to take, and the sensations were just getting better for suddenly Brian’s cock slipped out of her ass and joined his brothers in fucking her very wet pussy. She came so hard that Colin had to hold her up, and she felt herself gripping the strap above her head as tight as she could.

Her cunt was feeling so stretched as both brothers’ fucked her and her mother rolled her clit between two fingers. She gushed again as the bus came to a halt near traffic lights, and spotted the final bus stop just across the road.

“Cum for me one last time guys, this rides nearly over,” she whispered, feeling their extra effort as the bus jerked off.

As they were crossing the busy cross roads, Colin started to cum, followed closely by his brother. Their mother’s hand was getting covered in their sperm, and she loved every second of it. Sophia came again, as the bus came to a stop. She had to be helped off the bus as people wanted to get off. She could feel her brother’s juices running down her thigh, as she stepped off. She also felt decidedly weak, as they walked away from the bus. Her family gathered around her as her mother helped her to clean her self up.

“That was the most intense fucking I’ve ever witnessed,” said Sophia’s father, taking a tissue from his wife and cleaning the jism from the inside of his pants.

His wife laughed, and so did the rest of them. It was now dinnertime, and the Stride family had to get back to the hotel at a certain time. It was Brian that remembered the way, and soon they were entering their hotel again. Once there, they discovered they had a good half an hour before dinner, so they decided to take a quick dip in the hotel pool.

“The last one ins a rotten egg,” said their father, as they all converged at the side of the pool.

Finding them selves alone in the pool was a bonus, and Mr. Stride sure as hell wasn’t going to complain, especially as his wife was sucking his cock under water. He stood waist high in water, and wondered how long she’d be able to suck on his meat before coming up for air.

When she did they kissed and she dove back down again, not wishing to let him get away before she tasted his seed. The boys and Sophia were clowning around, and Brad managed to get Sophia to the side and spread her legs up over his shoulders. He then pulled her costume bottoms to one side and started to eat her pussy. Her soft moan as his tongue penetrated her outer defenses was all the encouragement he needed.

He was now engulfing her cunt with his mouth, and sucking her tender pussy past his lips. She writhed in the water, and spotted her mother coming up for air with man seed seeping out the corner of her mouth. This made Sophia cum again, and felt wonderful as her juices ran over Brad’s tongue. He lapped at her for what seemed forever, and finally allowed her to place her feet on the floor.

After that they got ready for dinner, and were all very happy.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 19

The vacation was going well, and Sophia was having the time of her life. The stride family was in London on their fifth day, after winning the trip at a fancy dress ball. It had been a pretty hectic five days, what with all the sight seeing. So it wasn't a surprise for Mr. Stride when everyone elected to have a relaxing day for a change. Although, he personally wanted to see the changing of the guard, so with that in mind, he left the family to eat breakfast and left the hotel by himself.

Sophia was wide-awake for a change, but she didn't feel like going out today. Besides, it looked like it might rain later, and no one felt like trampling miles along massive roads just to see buildings. Her mother and brother's, all fancied a morning swim, but Sophia decided to take advantage of the masseur that was available at the hotel.

She waited for the guys to go, and rang room service. Soon she was lying on her bed, while a muscular guy began to rub oils into her back. Sophia loved the attention as he gently worked his hands along her back, and shoulders. It must have been too relaxing though, because before she knew it she was falling asleep.

She awoke in what seemed like a minute later to find two pairs of hands rubbing her back and thighs. She didn't bother turning her head, as the massage was making her feel a little horny. She made a deep sounding sigh, as the guy on her thighs kept getting nearer and nearer to her pussy as he stroked her inner thigh. The one on her back was also turning her on, as he kept massaging her neck gently and would then move under and brush the part of her breasts that she were exposed.

When she felt another pair of hands, slip both thumbs into the rim of her panties and pull them down in one swift movement, she almost purred it felt so erotic. The same hands then massaged her buttocks, and the fingers were deliberately touching both her butt-hole and her pussy lips each time they past over. She was starting to feel aroused now, and was feeling her loins getting wet. Then she felt a thumb entering her butt as a finger entered her pussy. She made a soft whimpering sound as he rubbed both digits around.

Her bra was then removed leaving her naked on the bed, and she turned over. There before her were her three brother's Steve, Brad and Colin, all smiling and touching her body. The real masseur must have finished, and the guys took over after he'd gone. Just then Brian and her mother entered the room, and they were both naked. Brian picked up her legs and parted them while pulling her to the edge of the bed. Her mother got onto the bed next and moved her thighs into position over Sophia's head.

Her mother's pussy was then lowered slowly over Sophia's mouth, and Sophia greeted it with her tongue. Her mother opened up her womanhood with one hand and felt the tip of Sophia's tongue penetrating her cunt. Her mother then rocked back and forth, passing her slit over the tongue that was lapping at her open and exposed pussy. Brian pushed his cock into her dampness, and was rewarded with a yelp of pleasure as he started to thrust his member in and out.

Her mother was then asked to turn to her right, and was presented with a cock from Brad, who was standing on a chair next to the bed. His mother kept on swinging her hips, and allowed the cock to pass her open lips surrounding her son's engorged member. Sophia could feel another two pairs of hands pulling at her breasts and nipples, and started to cum. She then tasted her mother's bittersweet juices, as she arched her back from the climax that approached.

Her mother was making a lot of noise, as the cock in her mouth was slurping to and fro. She was then rewarded, as Brad started to cum, and filled her mouth with jism. Her attempt to swallow his load was a good one, but some started to escape the corners of her mouth as he massaged the remaining out with his hand gripping the end of his ejaculating cock. Brian started to cum next, and pulled his meat out just as the first spurt hit the end and ricocheted over her pelvis, splashing onto her stomach.

Sophia's mother then turned around, and after leaning forward, she began to lick the white creamy substance from her daughter's belly button with the tip of her tongue. As she licked the entire length of her stomach she felt another spurt hitting the side of her face and immediately tried to surround the offending cock with her lips. Brian pulled back, not allowing her to suck him as he came a forth and final time. Some of it landed on her tongue, but most went into her hair.

Sophia was then placed in a 69 position by her mother, and could feel her mother's tongue licking her swollen slit as she came to rest on her face. Almost immediately they were both turned around together by four strong hands until each of there heads were on the opposite sides of the bed. A hard cock was then placed into Sophia's ass as her mother licked both the clit and the penetrating shaft.

Her mother's ass was also penetrated, making her cry out as Sophia's tongue rolled her clit around with the tip. Sophia then felt her right hand being moved onto another hard cock, as Brad stood by the edge of the bed. She began to run her hand along its length, knowing that her mother would be doing the same with Steve on the opposite side.

Sophia cried out as her next orgasm approached, and could feel both the cock and her mother going faster. She tried really hard to keep the strokes of her brother's cock in her hand moving in a rhythmic fashion, but as she came, she couldn't seem to concentrate on anything else. Her hips bucked, and she seemed to be grinding her pussy into her mother's face as the cock in her ass began to throb.

Sophia felt the first spurt of man seed hitting her insides, but then she felt him pull out, and heard her mother trying to catch his next load with her mouth. Her mother then began to lick the jism from Sophia's crack as it started to leak out onto the bed. At just that moment Sophia's mother started to press her pussy harder onto Sophia's mouth, and moan out loud with the impending orgasm.

Sophia lapped and sucked harder and faster as her mother gushed over her face, and the cock in her mother's ass began to cum. He'd pulled it free after the initial burst, and was now resting it on Sophia's head as he came a second, third and forth time. His cream was running down her face and neck, as her mother cried out with pleasure of feeling Sophia's tongue doing an amazing job of licking her dry.

When everyone had finished coming, the girls looked to be in a sticky mess, and laughed as they ran to the shower together. When they'd finished freshening up, Sophia's father returned, and asked what they'd been up to.

"Oh, not a lot," said Sophia, "we just entertained each other," she added, laughing.

Her father could guess how, and just smiled as he told them what he'd been doing.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 20

Sophia was at the store that her mother picked, and she was alone. She'd wanted to buy something special for her mother, and she was feeling in a generous mood. She also noticed she was in a rather horny mood as well, not that there was anything new in that, but the slightest things were making her wet. At one point someone innocently brushing past her had made her wet, and it was bothering her.

She'd had an accident not so long ago, and it'd left her chemically unbalanced, or so the Doctor said. This is turn made her do things in her sleep, which she wouldn't normally do. What bothered her most about it was that she couldn't remember doing these things unless someone told her the next day. It was kind of like sleep walking, only she was in full control, it's just that her mind blocked it out.

Now, she was in a London store picking out a present for her mother, and wondering why she was getting these sexual urges. She didn't know whether it was her imagination or not, but she was sure that the two female assistants were watching her very closely. She even imagined they were admiring her figure, but she couldn't trust her feelings at the moment, so she chose to ignore them.

She then spotted a beautiful silk blouse with a colorful pattern printed on it, that she knew her mother would like. The price was also reasonable, so she took it off the hanger and asked to try it on. The assistants showed her the way to the changing room and were stood outside it ready to assist. Sophia started to change and then over heard the girl's conversation, outside the cubicle.

"God she's hot, I'd give anything to find a woman like that to share my life with," said one to the other.

This turned Sophia on, so when she tried on the blouse she deliberately left her bra off, and a couple of buttons undone. She then called the girls for there advice.

"Do you think this does anything for me?" she said, turning to the side, and knowing they could both see her breasts.

"You look stunning Madame, if I may say so," said the younger of the two.

"Absolutely, you look perfect," said the other one.

"I don't know, I like the feel of it and the color, I'm just not sure it's me," said Sophia, undoing the buttons and taking it off in front of them.

Sophia knew that both girls' eyes were glued to her breasts, and this made her nipples harden. She looked at the blouse, pretending to study it, and asked the girls if they had anything daring. She'd tried this ploy a day earlier on a man that her mother and Sophia had taken in a very similar store as this one, only there it was run by men.

"Yes, we have something that would make women wet, just seeing you in it!" said the younger of the two, quite boldly.

Sophia handed the blouse to her, and told her to wrap it up, as she fully intended on buying it for her mother. She also told her to fetch this other outfit she'd referred to, and let her see it. For a moment the young lady was hypnotized by Sophia's breasts, and didn't react quickly enough to the request until her friend poked her.

"Oh yes, of course Madame," she said, regaining her composure.

When she returned she held a long dress that had an opening at the front down to the navel, and a slit up the side, which allowed movement in the legs. Sophia looked at it, and decided to treat these girls to a bit of fun.

"Why don't you both help me, try it on?" she said, unfastening her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

The girls moved forward, and watched Sophia place her arms in the air. They then placed the dress over her arms, and took that moment to admire Sophia's body, as she was temporally blind. The youngest, deliberately pulled the dress down past her breasts and brushed them with the back of her hand. That made Sophia wetter, and she was now determined to make the pair of them cum.

Once the dress was on, she looked in the mirror, and asked the taller one of the two if she would model it for her, as it always looked distorted in a mirror. At first the assistant was reluctant, but after looking into Sophia's pleading eyes she relented.

Sophia quickly took the dress off, and watched the assistant take off her clothes. She seemed very nervous as her skirt dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. She also had the loveliest small pair of perfect breasts Sophia had ever seen, with large nipples that begged to be sucked.

"You have incredible breasts my dear," she said, reaching up and gently cupping one in the palm of her hand.

"Oh...thank you," she said, clearly excited.

"In fact, come closer, let's have a good look at you," said Sophia, eyeing her with lustful movements of her tongue over her lips.

The assistant swallowed hard, and stepped forward. Sophia wasted no more time; she suddenly leaned forward, and started to suck her left nipple. The other assistant was spellbound, and watched as Sophia quickly placed a hand down her friend's panties, and inserted a finger into her wet cunt. Her nipples suddenly sprang to life as Sophia toyed with her clit, and poked another finger past her moist lips.

Sophia then took her own panties off, with her free hand, and turned to the other girl.

"Take your clothes off as well, I want to make you both cum all over me," she said, poking a finger in harder.

The young girl started to strip as well, and before long she was naked and suckling on Sophia's breast. One thing Sophia liked about these two was the fact that they both shaved below. It always turned her on to feel the soft delicate skin of a woman, especially in the never regions. She then inserted a finger in her friend's pussy, and kissed the first one full on the lips.

The response was immediate, and quite erotic, for suddenly Sophia could feel her tongue entering her mouth and two hands reaching down to run fingers over her pussy lips. Their kiss was, and felt, heated, as there mouths interlocked and their fingers thrust deeper. Sophia was the first to break free, and immediately went down on her knees and spread the assistant's legs, and then held up her left foot and placed it on the chair.

Before the assistant could react, Sophia had her tongue buried inside her wet cunt, and was lapping her juices up as well as sucking the delicate folds of soft white skin into her mouth. Her other prey was still rocking back and forth on Sophia's fingers, and enjoying the show as her friend started to moan out loud from her first orgasm. Sophia went wild at that moment, and started to lick harder and faster, whilst crying out for her to cum all over her tongue.

When the orgasm hit the assistant, her legs wobbled, and Sophia had to hold her steady as her pussy's nectar flowed over her hungry tongue. The sounds coming from her friend suddenly made the young girl climax, and Sophia wasn't about to let her waste it. Letting go of the pussy in her mouth and replacing it with a finger to keep it wet, Sophia quickly darted over to the other assistant and spread her legs.

When she felt Sophia's tongue flicking her clit she came again, and held Sophia's head as her own body shuddered from the sudden thrill of it all. Sophia loved having someone pressing her face against a shaven pussy, and it made her nibble at the clit she was still servicing. This made her victim scream out with pleasure, and also made the girl still being fingered cum again.

Suddenly they were all taken by surprise as Sophia's brother; Brian came into the cubicle completely naked.

"I came looking for you gal, and found you having such fun I thought I'd join you," he said, stroking his large cock.

The assistant nearest to him licked her lips, and disengaged her self from Sophia's fingers to bend down and take Brian's cock into her mouth. He gave out a moan of pleasure as his cock sank into her throat, and throbbed as he witnessed his sister eating the other woman's cunt with some vigor. When Sophia's tongue darted inside the dampness, and started to roll around the entrance, the girl shuddered again, and started to cum in her mouth once more.

When she finally came down, they both decided to join the other assistant by passing Brian's cock to each in turn. Brian was in heaven, as he looked down and watched their mouths battling to take possession. A minute later, and he started to explode onto Sophia's face, before throwing some more out over the other two girls. They all then started to lick one another clean, and it all ended with Sophia kissing the first one she'd seduced and passing a small collection of sperm over into her sticky mouth.

Once again when buying the items she had picked out, she got a great deal, and left them both with a smile on their faces.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 21

Sophia’s mother was lying flat on her back and naked when she woke up, and noticed she couldn’t move her wrists. Opening her bleary eyes, she realized she was blind folded and that her hands were spread out and tied to the bed. Her legs were also spread apart, and they too were strapped to the bed. She said hello, quietly, expecting her husband to respond, but instead two sets of hands started to stroke her body.

She then felt two mouths licking her pussy lips, and felt strangely aroused by the anonymity of her torturers. One of her teasers opened up her pussy with both hands, allowing the other one to run their tongue around the exposed and wet inner walls of her lips. She then felt the same tongue darting in and out of her sex, and moaned out loud as a finger ran over her clit several times.

Her nipples were the next on their list of tortures, as someone started to suck, nibble and tug on them, one after the other. Her mind tried to picture who it might be, but her fantasies kept getting in the way. She pictured George Clooney being one of her assailants, and Brad Pitt the other, but guessed it was two of her sons, as the one licking her clit suddenly stopped and entered her cunt forcefully.

She grunted with the surprise, and felt herself coming to a climax, just as the other person placed a finger into her pussy along side the cock that was pounding her pleasure zone. Her orgasm became more intense, as her clit was stroked while the cock poked merrily away. She was starting to moan out loud now, and the heavy breathing of her assailants gave one of them away.

She recognized her husband’s deep voice, but couldn’t place the other one. She then felt them changing places, and suddenly the biggest cock of her life, was passing her outer defenses and plunging deep into her cunt. This threw her, for she knew no one this big in her family. With each thrust, she started to feel full, and loved it when she felt a hard cock touching her lips. She licked it, and instantly recognized it as her husbands when it glided into her mouth.

Her pussy was so wet at that moment, yet still the large cock inside her kept pounding away. She sucked the cock in her mouth, with a great deal of passion as her second orgasm approached. She then felt the cock in her mouth begin to throb, and recognized the imminent signs of ejaculation. When it came she was ready, and sucked thirstily at the man seed oozing into her mouth. She heard her husband groaning, as she kept flicking the hole at the end of his cock with the tip of her tongue.

When he’d finished coming, she kept on sucking to keep him hard, and only when she was sure he would stay that way for a while did she let him withdraw. Her pussy was now sending messages to her brain that her next orgasm was going to be a monster. For the cock inside her was deeper than she’d ever thought possible, with no signs of stopping? When it struck, she cried out with pleasure, and blasphemed to whoever was listening that she was about to explode.

Suddenly she gushed, and tried to double up into a ball, because the sensations were so intense. Someone else, someone who’d just joined the fray, then replaced her husband. Taking this new cock into her mouth, she tried to guess whom it belonged to, and lost her concentration, when, whoever it was, pushed his cock into her throat. Her thighs were now so wet, it felt like she was lying in a puddle.

She was then taken by surprise as strong hands lifted her off the bed, and someone got underneath her. She knew what was coming, and waited with baited breath as this new body poked her ass with another raging hard on. When he started to penetrate her anal passage, she cried out once again. She then felt another cock pressing her lips, and wanting to join the other one in her mouth. She suddenly found herself sucking two bell ends while yet another cock got between her legs and entered her cunt.

In unison the two cocks between her legs, began to pump her one at a time. She could feel the guy in her ass pushing it all the way in, and estimated him to be at least eight inches long. Meanwhile, her pussy was feeling stretched, and she guessed it was probably Brian as he was the biggest of her sons.

She was feeling faint now, and could feel two mouths covering her nipples. They sucked her roughly, and stroked her body as the cocks in her ass and pussy began to really speed up. Her cries now were for them to stop, it was too much, but they ignored her and watched as her cunt once again gushed with her juices. Her orgasm was alien to her this time, she’d never known this sort of intensity, and suddenly she was gushing again and again.

Her mind raced at the feelings she was experiencing, and when the two cocks in her mouth came almost together, she deliberately allowed there jism to leak from the corners of her mouth. She felt dirty, and wanted to feel the sticky ooze of man seed covering her body, as it ran from her mouth and down her neck and breasts. This was all too much for those in her ass and pussy, for they too started to cum all over her.

She’d lost all track of who was who now, and reveled in the feelings of the sticky mass covering her naked frame. Her husband then removed her blindfold, and she found her daughter wearing a strap on standing next to the bed. Her orgasms seemed to last forever, and her smile spread from ear to ear, as her daughter kissed her to finish her off.

For a few minutes after being untied, she never spoke. Her body needed to recover, before she could thank them all for a marvelous wake up call. Getting off the bed, as her orgasm began to fade, she turned to them all.

“That was unbelievable, thank you,” she said, hugging her husband.

“You’re most welcome my dear. Now, it’s the end of the first week in London, so what do you want to do today?” replied her husband, whilst getting dressed.

“I thought we’d all go to the zoo today, in Hyde Park. It’s supposed to be quite a good day out, and we could take a picnic with us,” she suggested, getting dressed herself.

“Well, it sounds like a good idea to me,” replied Sophia, with everyone nodding.

Shortly after that conversation they were on the way to the zoo, and perhaps there next sexual adventure.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 22

Sophia awoke in a sweat; she was burning up with the need to fuck. After thrusting her hand down her panties, and finger fucking her self for half an hour, she still felt that she needed a man to thrust a cock inside her or she’d burst. Getting out of bed she went out into the hall of the hotel, looking for anyone who had a cock.

Her dream like state could be considered abnormal, but her desires were real. If she didn’t get laid pretty soon, she was going to be ill, and her body was telling her that. She could be seen trying all the doors along the corridor, without any success. She then got into the lift, and pressed the button for the basement.

When it stopped she wandered down the long corridor, and was picked up on camera by the hotel’s security staff. It wasn’t the fact she was walking in the basement that drew the officers attention, but what she was wearing. Her nightshirt barely covered her panties, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra stood out for anyone to see.

After radioing a couple of his colleagues to meet him at sub-section 4b, Michael took his torch out of the desk, and after fixing it to his belt, proceeded down the stairs to the basement. There he met up with his work mates, and told them the score. He needn’t have bothered for directly in front of them walked Sophia, looking lost and in a daze.

“Can I help you miss?” said Michael, touching her arm.

She ignored him, and seemed to be looking for something.

“Um, excuse me miss, is everything all right?” he said, thinking maybe she was in some sort of distress.

When he still didn’t get a response, he and the others guided her to the lift, with the intention of finding out which room she came from. Once the doors had closed, Sophia pressed the emergency stop button, and swiftly took off her nightshirt. The security officers didn’t quite know what to do, nymphomaniacs never came up in training. Michael laughed at that thought, but couldn’t help being turned on by Sophia’s incredible breasts.

She reached for Michael’s pants, and stroked his hardening cock. The other two watched, curious as to how far this young lady would go. Michael tried to talk with her, but the more her hand stroked the hardening shape of his cock through his pants the harder it became to concentrate. Looking down, and seeing her erect nipples, and knowing she only wore panties wasn’t helping.

When Sophia suddenly managed to get her hand inside his trousers, and grip his cock, he stopped trying anything. Before he could react any further, Sophia was on her knees sucking his shaft, and turning the other two on by how far she was letting his cock enter her mouth. They both watched as her mouth engulfed Michael, and couldn’t help being hypnotized as her breasts swung seductively to and fro.

Suddenly the heat in that lift was too much, and the guys started to take off their clothes. Straightening Sophia’s legs so that she still had Michael’s cock in her mouth, Philip pulled down her panties, and spread her legs a little. After rubbing the end of his stiff joint around her ever-increasing wetness, he attempted to push his cock in. At first the lips of her pussy stopped him, until she reached around and held her cheeks apart. He then seemed to slide in with ease, and began to fuck her gorgeous body.

Sophia began to get audible at that point, moaning out loud as Philip slammed his cock into her cunt. She was so enjoying the feeling of Michael’s hardness scraping the back of her throat with lust, and how wet she was getting from the guy inside her. She wasn’t aware that the third security guard was now masturbating over the show before him, and felt very close to ejaculating.

“Oh guys, this slut is fucking good,” said Michael, as he watched his cock disappearing for the umpteenth time, into her throat.

Philip just nodded in agreement as he slammed his cock into her cunt again, and felt how wet she was. Their friend, by now had cum his load, and was watching it running down Sophia’s back, as he carried on rubbing himself.

Sophia felt her first orgasm approaching, and deliberately backed onto her assailant a little bit harder. She needed to feel herself being violated, as it made her urges subside. She then felt Michael exploding in the roof of her mouth, and tasted his sweet jism as it smothered her tongue. As she swallowed, her pussy began to fill with cock seed, and it was seeping out and running down her legs.

Michael’s knees threatened to give way, as Sophia sucked the last drops of his semen from the tip of his still hard cock. Philip smacked her ass, as his last drops pumped out of him, and then it was over, and the guys watched her pressing the floor she needed to get off of. When it arrived they were all tided up, and they escorted Sophia safely back to her room.

Sophia entered her room, not aware that her mother and brother were concerned with where she’d gone. As they couldn’t get anything from her though, they waited until she lay down.

“She’s been at it again, look at the jism on her legs,” said her mother, as Sophia got into bed.

“Hey mom, how about us getting it on together, I could do with a good fuck,” said Brian, as he rubbed his cock through his jeans.

“The thought of your sister getting it on, really turns you on, doesn’t?” replied his mother, leaning over and stroking the lump in his pants.

“Yeah slut…you know you want my big cock in your cunt, so don’t deny it,” he said, unzipping his jeans.

“I love it when you talk to me like that, it makes me want to feel that cock, rubbing the back of my throat,” she replied, bending down as his jeans fell around his feet.

With both hands, his mother swiftly removed his briefs, and grabbed his shaft. He felt her running her tongue around the tip, as he watched his sisters exposed breasts while she slept.

“I’m going to fuck your throat slut, and feed my seed to you,” he said, pushing his cock into the back of her mouth.

“Mmm…oh yes,” replied his mother, as she allowed her skirt to fall to the floor, and rubbed her panties wet mark.

She then felt a tongue licking her butt cheeks, and realized that Sophia was joining in. Brian was fucking his mother’s throat, and watching what his sister was doing. Sophia pulled her mother’s panties to one side, and licked the outer soft skin of her pussy. Her mother moaned with the pleasure this caused, and began to move her hips to and fro as Sophia’s tongue darted inside her womanhood.

“I’m going to cum, take it all SLUT,” said Brian, tensing as the first spurt hit her throat.

His mother gorged herself with his seed, sucking and swallowing each and every drop that past her lips. Sophia was now making her mother climax, as she’d started to finger fuck her as well as tease her clit.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” said Sophia’s mother, and had to hold onto Brian.

Sophia went back to bed after that, and the other two decided to leave her alone.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 23

By now Sophia was well aware that she had a major problem, her sex drive was abnormally high. She'd been to see her Doctor, but he'd never come across an actual Nymphomaniac before, so was little, if any help. He did explain, as he knew it though, just what happens when you become a Nymphomaniac. Apparently, your body produces something called endorphins, which only appear when the body is excited or over stimulated. In Sophia's case these endorphins were being produced all the time, as opposed to now and again.

So her body expected to feel good. As for not being aware she's acting in the manner she described to her Doctor during sleep. He simply thought that one part of her brain was rejecting her needs, and blocking her memory. Which was all well and good, but it didn't really help her in any constructive fashion. She was feeling low at that particular moment, as her brother's had left her in a café across the road from an arcade.

They wanted to play the slot and games machines, but knew that it bored Sophia. Sophia sat staring out the window, and noticed several things. Firstly, whenever someone attractive came along the street, she would get excited and could feel her pussy getting wet. This in turn told her why she desired so much, yet couldn't deal with those thoughts in a more constructive manner. Her body was informing her that it expected to be stimulated, and when it didn't happen, she would be so bombarded with messages of lust in which she'd lose control, and have to fuck someone.

Thinking about it, she realized for herself, why this was happening during her sleeping state. She was being over stimulated, and being told to act upon it by her brain. Of course the brain is a marvelous machine, in that it can cope with just about any minor ailment, like a headache, but when it came to things like stimulation, it didn't know it wasn't supposed to over stimulate, only that it must produce more endorphins.

After sitting there for nearly an hour, Sophia was starting to get a little agitated, and decided to go for a walk. Being in London, was a big deal for Sophia, she'd always wanted to see this city, but she didn't know her way around. So when she ended up in Soho, she didn't know it was the red light district. She spotted the clubs, with their bigger than life posters, advertising the many girls within, but didn't really pay that much attention.

It was when she felt thirsty that her day really started, for she picked a small club that was giving out free admission tickets at the front door. Once inside, she was too thirsty to notice all the action on the stage and just ordered herself a drink from the bar. Once her thirst was quenched however, she turned around and spotted the simulated sex being performed on stage.

They might not being having sex, but it looked so erotic to Sophia, as the guy tore the woman's clothing off in a seductive dance. She decided to watch this for a while, and sat up near the front. The club was only half full, but the acts were all pretty good. In the second act she saw that day, a male Adonis was stripping and teasing the only two women there, and Sophia happened to be one of them. What he couldn't know, was that his butt thrusts and pelvic maneuvers were making Sophia very wet, and once or twice she nearly lost control and reached for the bulge between his legs. She very nearly left after that act, feeling frustrated by the lack of anyone touching her.

The next act however, called for a volunteer, and it had to be a woman. Sophia didn't hesitate, and got up onto the stage without much prompting. This act called for a woman being danced around in a seductive manner by two men, as they striped their clothes in front of her. She could touch their upper parts, but wasn't allowed to touch their genitalia.

It was during the last five minutes of this act that Sophia suddenly started to lose control, and began to disrobe herself. The guys loved this, and even helped her remove her blouse as they got down to their tight briefs. Sophia was soon dancing around on stage wearing only her panties and bra. Needless to say the crowd was enjoying this twist in the performance, and had been cheering Sophia whenever she removed an item of clothing.

The manager was also enjoying it, so much so in fact that he closed and locked the front door, in case Sophia went too far. He knew all the regulars, so he wasn't concerned that they might squeal, and besides it's their word against his. Coming back to the foot of the stage the manager watched as Sophia removed her bra and threw it out into the crowd. She actually got applauded for that, as her breasts were simply perfect in everyway.

The manager, who by now was getting quite an erection, wondered how far this young lady would go, and was about to find out. Sophia suddenly started to tease the men, by pulling her panties down just enough to notice she'd shaved, and wouldn't go any further until they removed their briefs. One of them checked with the manager with a glance and found him nodding, as if to say it's all right. He then pulled his tight briefs off, and danced nearer to Sophia with a semi hard cock dangling between his legs.

Sophia ran her hand over it seductively, and watched it start to grow. The crowd was now dead quiet, and was watching every move Sophia made. The other guy now removed his briefs, and she could see he was already hard. After running his cock up her butt cheeks, and pretending to fuck her, he found her hand coming around the back and guiding the tip of his cock onto her pussy. She still wore panties as his cock kept darting along her panty line, and appearing through her legs at the front.

Just then, in one swift movement Sophia removed her panties, revealing a beautifully shaved pussy that glistened with excitement. The cock between her legs was now touching her pussy lips, which in turn was driving her wild. The guy in front was now fully hard as well, and Sophia licked her lips just looking at this specimen. He had at least ten inches of rock hard cock in his hands, and was teasing her with it as she felt the tip of the guys cock behind her rubbing her clit.

Suddenly she opened her legs and bent down, and in that moment the guy behind her entered her sopping wet cunt. She moaned out loud, and reached for the large cock in front of her. Once she held it in both hands she guided it to her mouth and the act began. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as the guy behind her began to plunge his meat into her moist cunt, and her throat was tingling, as the cock scrapping it kept withdrawing slowly but surely. Her soft moans of pleasure were echoing around the club, thanks to the mike sitting on the stage near to where she was bending over. And she could feel her first orgasm approaching, as the cock inside her began to go faster.

When she did cum, her screams filled the room, and she noticed some of the men in the audience masturbating to the show on stage. This in turn made her orgasm that much stronger, and she could feel her pelvic muscles tightening around the cock as her juices started to flow over it. As she came her body shuddered, and she once again concentrated on the cock in her mouth.

As yet neither one of the guys had cum, but that was about to change as Sophia was now deep throating the guy in front, and was making him groan with pleasure. When he did start to cum, Sophia wasn't ready for the amount of man seed he was about to deposit in her mouth, for it fairly exploded into her throat making her choke a little. Recovering quickly, she allowed the excess to seep from her mouth onto her chin, but when swallowing his first load, she used her fingers to scoop it back into her mouth.

The guy behind her was now groaning, and she could feel his cock twitching inside her. Knowing he was about to cum, Sophia began to grind her butt up against his lower stomach, and then felt the first surge of cum hitting the back of her pussy. There were a couple of soft moans coming from the audience at that moment, and Sophia knew at least one other person had just reached the peak of excitement.

Once both the guys withdrew from her body, Sophia jumped onto the guy in front of her, impaling her wet cunt onto his still hard cock. She then gripped his neck, and pulled her hips up, and then dropped onto him again, as he struggled to keep her there. Then the other guy helped to take her weight by inserting his cock into her ass, and they both began to grind their cocks into both pleasure holes.

The crowd were now clapping Sophia's efforts, and couldn't believe what they were witnessing. Each time the guy in front withdrew, the guy behind penetrated her ass and she loved every single minute of this raw hard sex. Her body was sending messages to her brain, that she was about to experience the ultimate in orgasms, and knew that she would soon be sated.

When she did cum, she'd timed it to perfection, for as her juices gushed over the hard cock inside her cunt, she felt him explode as well, followed shortly by the cock in her ass. Her cries of joy as her pussy released seemingly vast quantities of her womanhood, over and on her assailants cock, were enough to make any man shoot his load. Their bodies glistened with sweat, and you could both hear and see the juices coming from all three naked bodies dripping onto the floor.

When they finally placed her feet back onto the ground, the crowd cheered her efforts, and some of them helped to gather her clothes together. The manager came over, as she was putting her skirt back on, to thank her for such an entertaining performance and that if she were ever in town, to look them up again. Sophia smiled and thanked him for his offer, but she knew she had to get back now, or her brother's would start to panic.

When she reached the café, her brothers were waiting outside. As they'd only been there for twenty minutes, they never said much, and they all proceeded back to the hotel.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 24

Sophia was dreaming she was being punished for all her wicked ways, in the very pits of hell. Her tormentors had her chained to the ceiling, and floor. With her legs wide open, and her arms outstretched. Tongues were licking her nipples, and feathers were being used to tease her inner thighs, but the longer the dream went on, the more frustrated she would feel. Until, that is, her mind told her to seek help from those around her, but more importantly, get laid.

Getting out of bed, Sophia opened her bedroom door, and stepped out into the hallway. Turning left she proceeded into her brother's hotel room, and sat down next to his sleeping form. After gently pulling the bedclothes down, Sophia reached into Brad's briefs and held onto his semi-hard cock. He murmured, and turned his head on the pillow, but he stayed asleep. In his mind a beautiful woman was stroking his cock, and he was laying back looking into her eyes.

Sophia could feel his cock stiffening in the palm of her hand, as she stroked him slowly. When he was completely hard, she leaned over and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Brad was now dreaming he was making love, and felt very warm in the heat of the day. Sophia ran the tip of her tongue around the rim of his penis, and poked the tiny slit at the end. Brad moaned, and opened his eyes.

"Oh sis, that feels so good," he said, looking down the bed.

Sophia never replied, even though she heard every word. For some reason her mind wouldn't acknowledge that it was receiving input, and therefore couldn't form a response. The only thing that was important to her, was getting off, and using others to achieve this goal. Brad knew none of this however, and gasped as his cock suddenly sank deep into Sophia's throat.

Her throat muscles seemed to squeeze the head, as the cock ran by, and Sophia muttered sounds of pleasure. Her ability to take a man's cock to extreme depths was only matched by her ferocious sexual prowess. This craving for man seed was more an addiction, than anything else, and one, only she could fight. Brad watched her head bobbing up and down, and felt quite close to ejaculating.

When he did, he stroked her hair, and gently held her head in place. Not that that was necessary, for Sophia's only goal was satisfying this need deep inside her sub- conscious. Brad felt his jism shooting into the back of her throat, and made a grunting sound and little murmurs of joy as the second one approached. By now her tongue was licking the entire length of his hardness, and swallowing every drop of his seed, until finally he stopped ejaculating.

Once it was over Sophia got off the bed, and left the room. Brad watched her, and when he was happy she'd gone back to bed, he retired for the second time that night. An hour later though, and she was on the prowl once again. This time she opened a hotel door along the corridor that didn't belong to any of her family. She moved around in the dark, once she'd entered the room, and promptly stubbed her big toe on the corner of a coffee table leg.

In that instant she came around, and was aware of her surroundings, and also the light went on. The perfect stranger sitting up in bed, opened his mouth to speak, but upon witnessing how little Sophia was wearing he wasn't sure just what to say.

"I'm so sorry, I've been sleepwalking, and when I banged my big toe on your table, it woke me up," she said, sitting on the floor with one leg bent towards her in order that she might hold her toe.

" okay then," he said, clumsily as he spotted she wasn't wearing any panties.

After standing up Sophia hobbled to the end of the bed, and sat down holding her foot.

"So tell me, how often does this happen?" said the stranger, in an attempt to start a conversation.

"Oh, ever since I had a fall back home, but it's been getting worse over the last two weeks," she replied, "oh, I'm Sophia by the way," she added, as she offered him her hand.

"I'm Conrad, but my friends call me Rad," he replied, taking a grip of her delicate hand, and shaking it, "so, do you meet all new men like this, or am I special?" he said, trying to make her smile.

Sophia did smile, and apologized once more before attempting to stand again.

"Wait, don't go…I can't tell them back home, a beautiful woman came into my room in the middle of the night, woke me up and just left. They wouldn't believe it," he said, with a broad grin on his face.

Sophia had always been a good judge of character, and could sense something about Rad that she liked. It was enough to make her pause, and want to sit a bit nearer.

"So, how would you like this story to develop then?" she said, sitting on his side of the double bed.

"Well, at the very least, how this gorgeous young woman seduced me, and made me do all kinds of naughty things."

At that moment Sophia laughed, and Rad joined in. She liked him, and she sensed he liked her. For a moment there was one of those awkward silences, where neither one of them could think of a thing to say. Then Rad offered her a drink, and was pleased when she accepted it. Getting up from the bed, Rad crossed over to the sideboard and poured a couple of brandies.

"Cheers," he said, "Here's to the next lucky guy who gets an evening visit from a vision such as your self," he said, touching her glass with his own.

She smiled and sipped her drink, and she also noticed his eyes for the first time. He had the most amazing deep blue eyes, she'd ever seen, and was fairly good looking as well. She estimated his age at around thirty-five, and wondered (in her horny mind) what he was like in bed. Rad could tell she was getting nearer to him, and enjoyed the glimpses of her legs as she shuffled up the side of the bed.

"Rad, would you mind if I kissed you?" she said, suddenly.

Rad was taken by surprise, but liked the idea never the less.

"I wish you would," he replied, sitting straight and watching her every move.

Sophia leaned forward, and kissed him tenderly upon the lips. Brad responded by kissing back and suddenly they were swapping tongues. When the kiss was finished, Sophia leaned back with her eyes still closed. She'd enjoyed that, and wished it had gone on a little longer.

"You're a funny girl," he said, making her eyes re-open.

"Why's that?" she replied, looking into his eyes.

"Well, you stub your toe in someone else's room, and then surprise him by asking for a kiss, and the only thing I know about you, is that your name is Sophia and you sleepwalk," he said, with a broad grin on his face.

"Hey, how else are you going to meet people," she responded, and suddenly they were kissing again.

Words no longer seemed important after that, for they both knew what they wanted. Rad placed his right hand onto Sophia's soft cheek as they kissed, and let his other hand unfasten her nightshirt buttons. She didn't resist, and as he freed her breasts, he bent over and sucked a nipple into his mouth gently.

Sophia held the back of his head, and then decided to take charge. Pushing him backwards, she stroked his inner thigh over his pajama bottoms, and when she reached his hard cock she placed a hand down them. He let out a deep sigh, and lay back on the bed. Suddenly he could feel the tip of his cock passing her lips, and entering her mouth. He couldn't believe how far his cock was going in, as she commenced in giving him the best blowjob he'd ever known.

He watched her hair bobbing back and forth, totally amazed at how proficient she was at giving head. His cock pulsed as this delightful torment continued, and he knew at this rate he wouldn't last too long. He caressed her back as she continued, and loved the little murmurs coming from her mouth. He then warned her that his seed was about to make an appearance, but she kept on going.

When he came the first time, he hadn't been expecting it to exit so forcefully, yet he was shocked that Sophia could take it all and not even flinch. When his second spurt came, he closed his eyes, and wallowed in the feelings her tongue was sending through his cock. Still she carried on, until she was sure he had stopped coming, and that he remained hard. When she was sure, she lifted her head up and smiled. Rad kissed her again, only this time he took charge, and turned her over onto her back. Quickly getting between her legs, Rad then guided his cock to her pussy and pushed it gently but firmly in. She now closed her eyes, as his beautiful cock penetrated her inner sanctum.

Her tongue rolled around her lips, and she enjoyed how much he stretched her pussy as he began to bring it out again. Rad looked down between their legs, to see his cock glistening with her juices as he slid it back in. She let out a moan of pleasure, and placed her arms over his back, in an effort to bring him closer to her.

Rad began to speed up at that moment, and Sophia began to moan louder. He was making her feel like a woman, a real woman. This wasn't just lust, this was making love. When she started to climax, she was looking into his eyes, and wishing that this could go on forever. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and when they had both climaxed for the second time, they lay in bed next to one another, just holding on and not thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac Ch. 25

The Stride family had just four days left of their vacation in London, and everyone was making the best of them. Sophia had plans to go to one of the many nightclubs, and looked forward to dancing the night away. Mr. Stride and his wife wanted to see the history museum, and the planetarium. While the four brother's were thinking of going on a pub crawl, in order to sample the many different ales, and check out the old style taverns that are dotted around London's streets.

Sophia wasn't sure what to wear, until she asked the receptionist in their hotel. It turned out she was a regular on the club scene, and knew all the best places. She also knew what to wear, and how to get noticed. She even offered to show Sophia around, if she was serious about going. When she confirmed that she was indeed serious about it all, the receptionist, who's name was Clair, told her to meet in the reception at eight o' clock that night, and to be ready to hit the town.

Later on that day, Sophia's mother asked if she'd be okay, and after telling her that everything was fine, her mother and father said their goodbyes, and went out into the city to see the sights. Sophia's brother's left next, after trying to entice her to join them, but she was adamant that she was going clubbing tonight, and so they left her alone. Sophia took the rest of the afternoon to get ready, and paid special attention to her make-up.

By the time she was standing at the reception waiting for Clair, she was dressed in a wrap around cotton dress that buttoned up at the side, stockings and high heel shoes. She looked quite stunning, and her low cut dress was guaranteed to turn heads.

"Oh wow," said Clair, when she was ready, "you look incredible."

"Thank you, you look pretty hot yourself," replied Sophia.

Clair suggested that they hit a couple of pubs first, in order to get into the dancing mood and loosen up with a few drinks. Sophia agreed, and so they were off. Two hours and three strong drinks later, Clair was taking her to the Ritz, which was a well-known nightspot.

"Let me warn you before we go in Sophia, once the men see you, they'll be like bees around honey, so if you need rescuing, just give me a nod and I'll come running," said Clair, when they arrived.

There was a queue to get in, with two bouncers checking people before allowing them entrance. When Clair and Sophia got to the door, they were passed through without any fuss. They headed straight for the bar, and Sophia admired the décor inside the club itself. The lighting alone was spectacular, but the many varied pictures of scantily clad models (both male and female) adorning the walls were quite an eye opener.

It wasn't long before the first of many men approached Sophia, asking her for a dance. She was only too glad to oblige, as she was there to have fun. Towards the later half of the evening the club was getting notably crowded, and the men were out numbering the women two to one. On more than one occasion, Sophia found herself dancing among half a dozen men, and all interacting with her in one way or another. It was the last hour of the night that things started to get really interesting though, for as Clair and Sophia danced together provocatively all the men gathered round to join them.

With no one on the dance floor who'd had more than their fair share of alcohol, it was becoming a tease fest as Sophia rubbed herself up against the men that danced around her. At one point Clair unfastened a couple of Sophia's buttons, and watched as the men all tried to get an eyeful. It was during this period when one of the guys began to get a little more adventurous, by taking hold of Sophia and dancing real close. So close in fact, that Sophia could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh.

With each new move on the dance floor, Sophia managed to rub herself up against his shaft, and loved how risky it was all becoming. In the heat of one particular track being played, the guy she'd been teasing suddenly kissed her passionately, and unfastened a couple more buttons. Sophia responded by unfastening the rest and opening her dress up for all to see.

Her breasts were the first things anyone noticed, as they were struggling to stay inside the tight bra she was wearing. After a minute or so, she suddenly felt hands removing her bra, and the crowd around them got bigger. From the bar, it looked like the floor was packed, and no one could see what was going on in the middle of the dance area. Sophia dropped her dress, and continued dancing topless wearing just her panties, stockings and high heels.

At that point, several men were fondling her breasts, and Clair had decided to join Sophia, by removing her top. The heat was rising within the men dancing around, and some of them started to take off their shirts. Before long, the touching became more serious, and Sophia found herself dancing with someone who had their hands down her panties and was fingering her as they danced. She, in turn was rubbing his hardened cock, and could feel how excited this guy was.

In a daring move, Sophia suddenly unzipped his trousers, and quickly reached into his pants to grab his cock. When it came into view, with Sophia's hand gripping it, she knelt down and took it into her mouth. Clair couldn't believe what she was seeing, but felt turned on by the show. By now, the dance floor was packed, and hands were caressing both girls' breasts as Sophia continued to suck her partner's cock.

Two guys were now paying Clair more attention, and as they started to undress her Sophia could feel the cock in her mouth throbbing. She knew he was close, and sucked a little harder. When he did cum, she had his cock at the back of her throat, and enjoyed the feeling of his jism spewing out the end. When Sophia heard Clair moaning with pleasure, she looked around and found her being taken by two men.

Sophia was then laid down on the dance floor, as several men gathered around her. She felt tongues licking her nipples and hands parting her legs, while another cock was inserted into her mouth. Whilst sucking a cock, her pussy was suddenly stretched to its limit as another guy had gotten between her legs, and without much warning pushed his large cock straight in. She had to take a deep breathe as he glided straight up to the hilt of his shaft, and then started to pound away like he'd never had sex. Sophia loved this treatment, and immediately found her juices running freely.

The cock in her mouth was an average size, so she had no trouble engulfing it. Looking over at Clair, Sophia saw her face covered in man seed, and was being asked to take on another one. Sophia just smiled, as her next orgasm approached. Looking around her, she could see at least a dozen guys wanting in on the act, all in some kind of undress.

When Sophia felt the surge from the guy fucking her, she came again and used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock as he slowly emptied his balls into her sex. Some of the guys were now masturbating over the show, and Sophia caught more than one blast as she continued servicing the next guy. None of this was going totally unnoticed, as a bouncer was curious as to why the dance floor was so packed. He came nearer only to be blocked by the many dancers, who knew if he found out what was going on, it would be stopped.

Clair was feeling really sluttish, but the more cocks she handled, and the more she felt the weaker she became to stop it all. It was like an addictive drug, having it once just wasn't enough. In fact as she came for the third time that night, she heard herself shouting out whose next, and couldn't believe it came from her own lips. With the sight of the next guy in line however, she couldn't wait to feel him inside her. He was huge.

Sophia now tasted her forth guy as he exploded in her mouth, and milked him with her right hand as he emptied his jism into her throat. She could then hear shouting that the dance floor should be cleared, and thought they'd better move. Quickly getting to her feet, and telling Clair to do the same, Sophia put her dress back on, well aware that she was covering a body that was smothered in man seed.

In just thirty seconds they were both dressed again, and the bouncers were allowed onto the dance floor. There wasn't much evidence that anything untoward had taken place, except maybe the various damp patches. Taking hold of Clair's hand Sophia decided to bring the night to a close, and they both marched out laughing. Once outside Clair couldn't contain herself.

"That was incredible Sophia, I don't think I've ever felt so alive and more like a woman than I did tonight," she said, as they hailed a taxi.

Sophia didn't say anything; she just smiled and opened the taxi door as it pulled up.

"The night's not over yet," said Sophia, as they both sat back in the seat.

After giving the taxi driver directions, Sophia looked at Clair and her disheveled hair. Without saying a word, Sophia got down onto the taxi floor and parted Clair's legs. Before Clair could say anything, she suddenly felt her panties being pulled to one side and a tongue being inserted into her still moist pussy. Sophia could taste the semen that was still trapped between Clair's soft folds of skin, and moaned as she pushed her tongue in and around as far as she could. Clair placed her hands onto Sophia's head, and pulled her into her sex. She was going to orgasm again, and she wanted to feel Sophia's tongue lapping at her juices. The taxi driver adjusted his mirror, and couldn't believe what he was seeing. As he drove he placed a hand onto his shaft, rubbing himself through his trousers as Clair started to moan out loud.

When she did cum, the car veered to one side as he'd shot his bolt as well, and could feel his seed running down his crotch and his thigh? When they reached their destination, the driver thanked them, and let them off the fair. The girls just laughed, and entered the hotel arm in arm, with fond memories of their adventure.

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