In the depths

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Before I get to this story, I want to preface it by asking: ladies, is it supposed to take this long?

This was a Hungarian girl who I was involved with some time ago, when I lived in Hungary. We were in her house, in Budapest. We were getting hot and heavy in her bedroom when I checked my pockets and realized I'd forgotten to bring a condom. I told her don't worry, I would please her in another way. She giggled. So I moved down her body to her bush and began my work. Let's say it was 1:15.

1:19: I've been fingering and licking her for about four minutes and I'm kind of sick of it, kind of wondering if she can just give me a blowjob. She lightly pushes me back down south saying, "Okay, but I haven't come yet." I ask: "Almost?" She says; "Yeah, almost." I think; woman, are you seriously doing this? She's actually taking me up on my offer to please her in another way. I resolve to eat her out until she orgasms. Long road ahead.

1:22: I've been swishing my tongue back and forth for a few minutes. I pull back for air and keep two fingers working on the lower part of her clit. I go back at it, licking sucking, sometimes just slobbering up and down. She's getting wet, so I know it must be soon.
1:26: I pull back. Her pussy is red and glaring. My jaw is starting to ache. This is a real workout. With my free hand, I massage her tits and stomach. I dive back in, this time trying to dip my tongue in and out really quickly. She coos and moans, shifts around a little. When I look up at her, her face is looking down at me.

1:28: She cups both hands on my head and bobs me up and down. I assume this means she wants me draw my tongue up and down the strip of her clit, so I do so. My fingers are getting increasingly wet and stiff.
1:29:30: Hair on my tongue. Gross. I let it slide off on to the sheet beneath her crotch with some substance that I'm not sure is my saliva or from her vag.

1:32: I'm on a roll. She's wetter than a fucking slip and slide at Sea World. She arches her back upwards, as if to push herself further in to my mouth. I start to think "C'mon, just squirt in my mouth'I can take it. Or scream that you're cumming. Or SOMETHING. This is exhausting." I soldier on.

1:33:51 (ish?): How do girls talk about getting eaten amongst each other? Oh my god Charlene, so X was licking my clit and I was sooo wet but I refused to come until he gave me like the biggest orgasm ever? 'Oh my god, me too, ooh look at those shoes.'
1:35: I briefly pull back, knowing she's almost there. She's been breathing heavily for the past few minutes. My fingers finally start rubbing up against her swelled g-spot. I keep them there and flick my tongue back and forth in rapid succession.

1:35-1:36: She sighs. I feel her soft legs close over my head, rewarding my ultra-stiff jaw with a sort of spasmodic massage. I keep fingering her just because I'm so used to it at this point. She signals that I can stop. I pull myself up. I want to kiss her, but first I have to wipe off my face and my hand. She apologizes for taking so long. I'll say! It took a century. I wonder if maybe she did have an initial orgasm and was selfish and wouldn't let me go until I'd given her a g-spot. Well, no big deal. She gave me head in return.

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