Imprisoned for Sex

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100% fiction!

In the cells below the court, Tony stood shuffling his bare feet, nervously waiting to go up to the dock, in the Regional Sex Court above. His young 18 year old naked body would be available for all to see. His scanty clothes which in the main was usually a loin cloth, or a pair of football shorts, had been taken from him when he had been arrested by the sex police. But now his naked cock was being fondled and tormented, by Amy the sexy scantily clad probationary policewomen, who had him in custody.

When Tony had complained bitterly about his lack of clothes, he had been told “As a convicted sex offender you are not entitled to any clothes.“ The very sexy female police sergeant had told him, anyway, you will not need them where you are going.”

That brought a laugh from the two sexy blonde constables Amy and Roxy standing with him, waiting for his case to be heard, and taking their turn at keeping his cock erect without letting him cum, just to pass the time, and causing him to have an enormous erection. Amy the 18 year probationary constable, had even knelt down and given it a little suck, egged on by the sergeant, when it looked like wilting during the waiting period.

“Please don’t do that.” he asked.
“Silence prisoner you have no rights, and I will not prevent any girl constable here to stop playing with your cock if they so wish. That is one of the perks of their job. The Sergeant told him
“But I have not been convicted of anything.”
“You will be.” The sergeant said. “I can promise you that. The sex court has never found anyone ‘not guilty’ ever yet.”

Actually for Tony it was not hard to keep his cock erect, as the Sex Police dressed very sexily in uniform mini-skirts, and scanty blouses. Bra’s were never worn. Just looking at them, and their provocative bodies kept him hard. But at the moment he was concerned about being here in a court on a strange planet. He knew that all women on this planet once they reached the age of sixteen, and before they reached the age of twenty five, had to get pregnant three times. If two of the pregnancies were boys that was OK, otherwise they had to keep on getting pregnant until they produced two boy babies, a failure to get pregnant the required number of times could lead to severe punishments.

The court largely dealt with women who failed to get the right number of pregnancies in the time specified by the law. The law was severe, and that was why the Sergeant maintained no-one had ever been found “not guilty.” the number of males on the planet had diminished to such an extent, that many women complained they could not find a man to get pregnant with.

It had all started some ten months before on his birthday. He had been in a bar in Newcastle on Tyne, England after a football match having a quiet drink to celebrate a good win in the Premier League, when two very scanty clad blonde young ladies had approached him. After a few drinks, and a lot of intimate questions, and a few laughs they had then taken him to a motel, where they entertained him in a long but highly enjoyable sexual interlude, then they made him an offer which no red- blooded young man could refuse. He was told that if he took the offer he would be returned to planet Earth after five years, a very rich young man.

The next day together with five other young men about his own age, he had found himself being welcomed aboard a space craft, and shooting off out into outer space, accompanied by a number of blonde bombshells, who delighted in starting them on their very practical training, and a new protein diet especially for breeding studs to increase their stamina.. The training was very practical, and highly enjoyable to the young men, and the only thing strange, was the high protein diet which they were continually fed. They soon found that the diet had hidden effects, their stamina increased, and so did the size of their cocks, obviously due the stimulants in their food. .

On arrival at the planet ten days later Tony had said goodbye to his travelling colleagues, and he had been taken to a small stud farm at a local township. The other young men had disappeared to stud farms at different locations on the planet. His life from then on was one of sex, sex and more sex, and his body had been conditioned to the point where he had excessive stamina. He had been well looked after, exercised and had thoroughly enjoyed the life not dissimilar from being a favourite pet.

He had been so deliriously happy here on the planet Tyros for the ten months he had been here, with lots and lots of eager sexy young blonde women wanting to spend time with him at the stud farm.. His job he had been told, was to help make up for the decreasing numbers of active male studs on the planet, by making all the girls brought to him pregnant, and to introduce a new blood line into the population. Apparently, large numbers of males had been killed, and continued to be killed in the prevailing star wars, so that the population of breeding males, and subsequent births, had declined dramatically, and was at a critical stage, also he learned that there was a problem of interbreeding which also had to be contained...

His job was to impregnate as many pre-selected breeding females, between the ages of fifteen to twenty five as possible to help boost the diminishing population, due to the alarming decline in the birth rate.

But now he had been caught in bed with a black female slave, from the adjoining planet Zircon, who was apparently a prisoner of war on parole. Prisoners of war, he was now told were not allowed to breed, and not allowed any type of sexual privileges with males, but he had not known she was in one of the prohibited groups, as he did not get involved in politics . Although, like most females on the planet, she was very beautiful. She had arrived with a forged permit, and the usual female eagerness to be impregnated.

“Stud Nash to the court” A voice shouted from above, and the lady Sergeant took him and led him by his cock up to the dock above . He was greeted by a chorus of “Ooo’s and Aaas’as he appeared in the glass fronted dock. His nine inch cock sticking out prominently in front of him. The young lady judge wiped her glasses, which somehow kept steaming up as she gazed down at his enlarged cock, weeping pre-cum due to the fondling it had received, and banged her gavel on the desk to demand silence.. As she looked down at him she smiled happily to herself as she reflected that only she knew how he had been framed.

“Silence in court”

The charge was read out “Your honor the accused was found fucking a prohibited female namely a Black Prisoner of War”. The charge was greeted with a large number of boos and muttering.
“What is his defence.”

A lady lawyer stood up and said. ”Your honor the accused is from Planet Earth, and he is a volunteer stud, who assures me that he was not aware of the law relating to prisoners. In fact, he had no idea she was a prisoner of war at all. When she was sent to his room, with what he thought was a real valid permit, he assumed that she had been allocated by the Principal as was the normal custom at the farm. He has an unblemished record your honor, and so far since coming to the Planet he has been credited with 64 confirmed pregnancies, which is almost an all time record, with 40 confirmed healthy male pregnancies. The Principal of the stud farm has asked the court to be lenient in these circumstances, as he is a their prime stud, and without him productivity will drop alarmingly.”

The judge consulted with a colleague, and then said “Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I must sentence you“, and then she stopped as she read a piece of paper that had been passed to her by a court official..

“I have just been notified that the Starburst School of female correction, is asking the court for a stud to be assigned to fill a vacancy as a matter of urgency. I am therefore provisionally sentencing you to be sent to the School for a time to be determined later subject to a final assessment by an appointee of the court.” After a brief pause she went on. “I have just appointed myself to carry out the assessment.”

Tony was led down to the cells below, and the Sergeant said “The judge has decided that she will have you sent to her to be sexually assessed, so you had better be in good form. She is very demanding, but until you leave here, I am assigning Constable Nettie to be your custodian.

The young blonde teenage constable was like most women on the planet slightly smaller than Earth women on average, but when they were due for their mating they were fed a food supplement which enhanced their sex drive, and helped them become pregnant. Nettie was all smiles and happily led him into his cell, where she stripped off her scanty uniform while she ordered him to lie on the bed.

The cell itself was unusual, it had a nice comfortable bed and was more like a hotel room than a prison cell. He knew what was coming, and so as usual his cock was hard, and waiting for her to climb on board. Tony lay there watching her, enjoying the strip tease which made his cock even harder .

Everything had came off except her garter belt and stockings, which stayed in place. She had a lovely slim body, and she had a completely shaven pussy.

When she was completely naked she climbed on the bed with him, and started rubbing her young naked body up against him provocatively, while one hand reaching down to fondle his balls, and gently fondle his enlarged cock. The result of her tender fondling, and the fact that he was due to go to court that morning, the sergeant had restricted his mating time to one female jailer, resulting in Tony being extremely horny.

"Hurry up !" he grunted.

She took his hand and put it between her legs to rest on her young pussy. She was very wet. and obviously very ready for him. Tony let his fingers do the talking, and he quickly found her clit His finger probed it gently and she made little moaning noises and as he probed deeper and deeper into her young pussy, as her moans got even louder

“Come on Nettie.” Tony asked frightened that he would cum too soon and get into trouble I will Tony dear, but I want to get on top as you are so big. OK?"
"Yeah, yeah, but let's fuck."
"Oh, yes we'll fuck darling, my pussy is just dying to get to know you better "

She carefully straddled him taking his cock, and gently rubbed it along the lips of her wet hungry pussy . Tony watched as her body slowly relaxed down on to swallow his cock. Her hungry young body swallowed his cock like a tiger with a piece of fresh meat

At first her face was a study of concentration, but as he felt his cock push upwards gently into her hot wet pussy, he saw her relax and it was obvious she was enjoying the feel of his cock inside her. As her hymen burst, he knew that this was her first ever mating. Tony desperately wanted to make it last, but he suspected that she was so cock hungry that she was going to make the running.

He was quite happy for her to control the situation, and he relaxed and resigned himself to enjoying himself Her pussy had by now started working away vigorously on his cock, producing a myriad series of sensations running through his body like a bolt of electricity.

Her buttocks came down on his groin, and then she rose up again almost so the tip of his cock was nearly out of her pussy, and he could see his cock connecting their two bodies, while she rotated her pussy around on the very tip of his cock before dropping her weight down, and swallowing it up again into her lovely sexy body. Then she stopped moving, and kept his cock buried deep inside her, while her pussy twitched and vibrated around him. She spread her legs wider and he could feel more of her body weight on him and Tony felt his cock seem to plumb new deep depths of her pussy.

Tony knew from her actions, that she had recently qualified at the senior school in sexual studies, where she would have learned how to make the best use of the few mating’s that would come her way, and how to use a man to the best ability to make herself pregnant.

She was sitting up straight, her hands resting on her hips and her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, as she let out a series of soft moans of satisfaction. Suddenly she gave a short sharp yelp, her body tensed and he knew then that she was a woman in full climax. Now she looked down at where his cock would have been had it not been embedded inside her pussy.

She rested her hands on each of his upper thighs and she tried to push herself up and away on his cock that was the cause of her excruciating ecstasy.. He felt her fingernails digging into his thighs and he saw a length of his cock come into view as her pussy gradually disgorged his cock, But then she gave a deep sigh of contentment as once again she settled happily back down on his cock again, in search of more orgasms.

She sighed happily as she resumed her slow rotation, her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips, as once again Tony’s cock filled her deep, hot, succulent pussy. And then she stopped her movements for a few seconds, as she held his cock deep inside her young body. She was enjoying the exotic feeling of her first ever fuck.

Tony could feel all of her weight rest completely on him. His cock seemed to go even deeper as her body rested, and her pussy relaxed, wrapping every sensitive centimeter of his cock in her wet warm pussy flesh. After a few moments of relaxation, during which his cock soaked in the warm environment of her young exotic love tunnel, she again began her erotic games. Without lifting her weight from him or moving her body, she reached down and gently lifted his balls in her hand. She caressed, tickled, scratched and rotated them. .

His cock pulsed like a heartbeat, and her pussy responded with a series of rippling vibrations, that were completely mind blowing. She worked a hand under his balls and began exploring the valley of his buttocks. As her finger teased his anus, Tony started to buck spasmodically, lifting their combined weight up from the bed whenever she touched certain spots. She remembered these spots and touched them often. She heard him moan, and she must have been able to feel his cock react. She worked her finger deep into his anus and rotated it around and around and deeper and deeper, and with her other hand, she fondled his balls.

Relentlessly she probed and rotated. Tony was almost screaming himself now and bucking like a wild horse, rarely before had he experienced anything like this sensation. Then, she jerked her finger away from his anus, and with a hoarse cry, Tony arched up from the bed carrying her with him as he came, shooting torrents of his baby seed deep insides of her sucking pussy.

As they came to a stop she flopped forward on to his body, her lips found his and she whispered. ”That was bloody good Tony, with practice we could get even better. The sergeant says I can stop with you until its time for you to go - lets just hope that you can cope.”

It was later that evening when Nettie was called away by the Sergeant, and over the next few hours he was left lying alone and becoming very frustrated, as he had been given all the vitamins, but he had only had the few hours with Nettie not been able to have sex with anyone since she had left.. He felt so randy he would have masturbated had he dared. But that was an offence as well on the planet, and he was sure that he was being observed on camera.

He felt relief when Sergeant Jane the night Sergeant joined him in his cell, Jane quickly removed her scanty uniform clothes and joined him on the bed “Tony you are going to have the pleasure of me for the rest of the night, The judge has a meeting and so your assessment has been put back a few hours..“ She said straight-faced, as he stared in amazed delight at the firmness of her stomach, and. at her shaved pussy.

Tony said nothing, and Jane was a bit perplexed at the look of amazement on his face. “I told you that you would possibly have the pleasure of my company tonight, are you not pleased? .” As she spoke she leaned forward and she pressed her hands to his chest, and Tony responded as he moved his hands to fondle the rich expanses of her tits, gently fondling the shallow tips of her nipples, now erect. “Of course I am pleased Sergeant dear ”

Her long blonde hair now unpinned was spilling around her face, her dazzling white teeth showing, as she smiled in anticipation of the mating to follow, she smiled happily, as his hands started moving over her stomach to her waist.

He inhaled deeply, catching the subtle aroma of her fragrance, while her fingers moved down from his chest to his stomach. Her eyes holding his, she turned her face, and their lips lightly brushed. His hands moved to her full hips, and then to her pussy as their mouths pressed together. She put one knee on the bed between his thighs, and their mouths widened around the swirling of their tongues. He spread his hands over the lush curves of her buttock cheeks, and he murmured happily, as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. her curled fingers shifting against the hardness of his cock.

Their tastes filling each other's mouth, as his hands moved up and down over her smooth breasts. His breath caught, as her fingers slid down against the outsides of his abdomen, to explore his hardened cock .

His stomach tightened as she caressed it, and his flesh burned against her caresses. His hands moved down the outsides of her thighs, feeling her smooth flesh with one hand. His balls shifted against one another, and her fingers were curving down under them, lifting them against the underside of his burning cock..

Her fingers deftly explored his balls, her thumbs pressed against the base of his cock, rubbing it and his hair as she licked his tongue. His thoughts swimming, he lifted his hands to cup her face, moving his tongue deeper. Her fingers came forward, and slipped from under his sac as her thumbs worked against the top of his cock

Her fingers curled around his cock tightly, and her other hand curved down under his balls again to roll his balls in her palm. Their lips twisted together around the lashings of their tongue. One hand cupping her face, he moved the other down over the ripe globes of her tits, along her stomach, and between her opened legs. Her knee locked between his thighs twisted against the couch, his hand moving over her rich hairless mound.

Jane straightened, and looked down, seeing her own fingers moving over his bulbous cock, and his fingertips probing against her pulsing pussy lips.. She raised her eyes, and smiled up at him, her knee slipping from the bed. She took a step back, and murmured as her pussy moved back from his touch He watched her tits rise and fall, and then she was easing down to one knee, her pussy lips just visible through her muff as they shifted with the movement.

She slid her hands along his legs, her eyes on the length of his cock. His breathing labored, he looked down at her beautiful face, her long lashes veiling her eyes, her succulent lips parted.

His body was aching with his need for a woman., It had been too long since Nettie had departed, much earlier than he had expected, The Sergeant was obviously savoring the idea of having a man all to herself ,and her hands moved gently up over his legs to his hips, and Tony watched through blurred eyes as she lowered her face, as he felt her breath flutter against his swollen knob, and her lips just touched it in a light kiss almost as light as the touch of her breath. Her hands curved to his hips. He moistened his lips, her mouth remaining just above his cock's head momentarily as her mouth moved back toward his throbbing cock.

Her hands and forearms moved out to the sides of his thighs, and her head turned to the side so that she could kiss and lick his legs. Her soft lips moved over his fevered flesh, the silkiness of her hair shifting against it. One nipple and then the other pressed against the inside of one thigh and then the other. He groaned softly, his fingers sliding through the her unpinned hair as it tickled his legs.

She touched the tip of her pink tongue to the seam of his sac, and eased it down, her tongue curving under and pushing up between his balls until the tip pressed against his root at the base of his sac. Tony was so frustrated he bit his lower lip to avoid screaming in frustration as his hands moved down and held her head,

His shoulders pushing back, he let his head drop atop the back of the bed , his eyes closing to the surges of pleasure coursing through his body. Her lips were pressed to the base of his cock in a wet kiss, her lips flexing against him as her chin shifted against his balls . Her hands gripped the tops of his thighs, the outsides of her tits moving against the insides of them.

Holding his cock in both hands , she held his cock she started kissing the end of his cock Tony’s body tensed as her lips moved up over his cock's head, and around it, the softness of her mouth sending waves of heat down through his length. Her tongue started to lick and suck

Tony gasped, and his head lifted from the pillow as her mouth encased his cock, her tongue flowing over it. His eyes squinted, he looked down as she sucked at his head, her hands rolling his cock between them. Jane's lips tightened and loosened around the top of his cock, her tongue working against the cleft of his knob, and her lips. began to shift downward.

He positioned himself between her outspread legs and put the tip of his cock to her sopping wet pussy. His long thick cock was now so hard and hurting after the treatment she had given it, and was flowing with copious quantities of pre-cum. He pressed his cock against her pussy lips, and felt them part as he pressed forward and pushed gently into Jane’s love tunnel. Her labia spread until they were stretched around his large cock.

"Oh gawd Tony!!! You're so BIG! Oh yes, Tonee, stretch my little pussy good.

At last he was in heaven as he began thrusting into her with shallow thrusts, working his way deeper and deeper into the Sergeants wanton pussy, before starting to penetrate her with long full strokes. The rim of his cock crown gently scraped the lining of her vagina, as it worked back and forth, the friction stimulating her clit causing it to swell and increasing the friction even more. He fucked her quite roughly, treating her like the nympho-slut that she was, after the unbearable teasing that she had given him

The cell was quiet, with just the noise of their mating as their bodies met with every thrust he made filling the cell with their heavy breathing . She started to moan as she neared her impending climax. Her pussy clutched his penis like a vise as hot, churning liquid raced the full length of her pussy.

"Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss!" as together they came in a long lasting mad climax. Just as a constable came into the cell and told Jane that the Judge was on the phone, and demanding to know why Tony was not there on time with her as she had ruled.

There was a mad race to shower, and to get Tony cleaned up ready for the waiting space car..

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