Impregnating his Secretary

(Part 1 from 1)

It was late at the office. Only the boss and the secretary were left. They sat alone in his office. Allison, the secretary, loved to show cleavage and drape her straight, raven hair over it. She had kissable lips, thick eyebrows, olive skin, and a cutely thin face. He was standing over her by the file cabinet. She was on her knees there beside him.

He looked down at her breasts. They looked like they'd be soft. She glanced and caught him looking at her breasts. She smiled and looked silently at his pants. Her face there in front of his cock made it rise. She giggled as his cock started to crease his pants. She licked her lips as she looked into his eyes.

"Were you staring at my pants," he asked.
"It's only fair," she giggled softly, "You were inspecting my cleavage."
He didn't answer.

She continued, "I need to ask you something?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"I'm going to ask, but I need you to promise me you'll seriously consider it."
"Sure, I can consider it just fine. Let me hear it."
"I need you to get me pregnant," she blurted out.
"Consider it. You promised!"
"Why would I get you pregnant?"
"My boyfriend can't, and we've been trying, and you're so smart and handsome that I want my baby to be like you."
"That's very sweet. I just--"
"Shh." She unzipped his pants. He didn't stop her. It hung long in front of her face. She breathed hot air on it before gently playing her lips against the tip. It paralyzed him. She worked it back into her throat and face fucked him. Once, he was rock hard, she stood up and hiked up her skirt. Her ass looked amazing: fat and round, glowing and smooth. She had a black thong with a tiny red ribbon on the back. He reached out and slid it down by the straps, down her lean legs. He could already see how wet she was. In just another moment, he was pressing his cock into her pussy lips. She moaned as he eased in.

"And my son will have a big cock, too. Won't he."
"Fuck yeah," said the boss.

He worked into her. She went on, "Our baby is going to be perfect. Our baby. You just need to cum right in my pussy. Cum right there, okay?"

The boss grunted and started pounding into her pussy. The way she talked to him drove him wild. She was all his. He slammed his hips against her ass with a thwack, over and over. It jiggled. He went harder and felt her quiver.

"Just like that. Use me. Shoot your cum right inside me. Use my body with your big cock, with your strong hands. Squeeze my tits if you're going to cum in this pussy. Squeeze me and watch my ass jiggle. You like that? Yeah, cum right inside that pussy, baby. Cum with me, baby. Cum. Cum!"

He thrust his cock deep insider her and exploded cum into her pussy. She purred and worked her ass back against him. He knew she's be back for more.

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