I'm Pissed and He'll Pay : Chapter II

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Mommy just sat, impaled on my 18yo cock.

“Halle, touch me, fondle my breasts.”

I took one of her sumptuous breasts in each hand, I rolled her nipples, gently twisting and pulling, she started to ride me, slowly she raised herself then lowered then rose.

The slow upward and downward strokes, my balls were crying for release, no, no, not ‘til Mommy tells me I can.

“Honey, put your fingers under me.”

I slip a hand between her thighs and rub her clitoris.

“Aaah, yes, that’s right Baby,” she says as her become faster and more violent.

Mommy’s body was trembling, she was riding my fingers and my cock, I felt her vagina contract.

“Cum for me Halle, cum in mommy, aaah, oooh, fill me with your cum.”

I did, I shot into her, I pulsed and pulsed, doing what Mommy wanted, cumming in her, I arched my back giving her every millimeter of me as jet after jet entered her.

Her climax was magnificent to behold, she slammed down on me, she was contracting, squeezing me, I saw the taut muscles of her tummy ripple as her climax washed through her, she threw her head back and wailed, “Yessssss, yessssss, yessssss.”

She sat for several minutes, I was still in her but I was softening; she took a deep breath,

“Was it good for you Baby? It was good for Mommy, it was really, really good for Mommy.”

She dismounted and lay beside me on her back.

“Clean Mommy, don’t suck just lick along my slit.”

I bent to the task, my tongue slithered along her vulva, cleaning her own fluids and mine that had oozed out of her.

“Come kiss me,” she asked when I’d finished.

I kissed her and climbed on her lap, she gave me my breast.

She slid down the bed carrying me with her; I was still on her breast when I went to sleep.

I woke to her patting my bottom, “Come on sleepyhead there’s chores to do.”

After my bathroom break I put on white panties and a Tee-shirt and sorted the laundry. Breakfast was cooking when I got downstairs I started the washer then came back to the kitchen where I set the table.

Scrambles eggs, bacon, toast and coffee were set out, I poured to glasses of orange juice and we ate.

“Baby when were done I want you to finish your chores then I need you to do a little shopping. Just put on your breasts and a pair of shorts, casual’s ok for the supermarket.

I cleaned the table, vacuumed downstairs, put another load in the washer then went upstairs, I swept those rooms and scoured the bathroom and tub.

Back downstairs I emptied the dryer, refilled it from the washer and started the final load to wash.

When the clothes were all done and folded or hung, I put my bra on and slipped on a pair of shorts for the trip to the store.

“Mommy, I’m ready to go to the store,” I told her, she gave me my list.

In the store I took out the list and looked it over, pretty simple, cantaloupe, whole grain bread, that kind of stuff or, it was simple ‘til I got to the bottom.

The last item, 10 douches, that meant 10 Fleet enemas; Halle was going to get some serious potty training from Mommy, she’d taken my anal virginity last night now I could expect an encore.

“Put the things away then come in here,” she called from the living room.

I stowed the groceries, took my douches upstairs, put them under the sink and took off my shorts, panties and a top were my required attire.

Downstairs I went to her, “Yes Mommy?”

She ran her hand up and down my legs and checked my underarms, “Pull your panties down and bend over.”

She checked my scrotum, perineum, separated my cheeks and looked there, I was smooth as a baby, one of her rules was that I had to be clean shaven, she’d spanked me once when I wasn’t, I’d not make that mistake again. She pulled my panties back up.

“Just checking,” she said.

I thought she looked disappointed that she hadn’t found anything; I believed she was looking for a reason to spank me. If she was she’d find something before the day was over.

I went into my office to get a little work caught up; I’d worked for a couple of hours. Then I took a break, Mommy wasn’t around, she hadn’t given me a rule about it but I didn’t think she’d approve, I wanted to check out some porn websites.

I’d found one just a week or so before she’d caught me in her panties, I went to it again, eroticxxxstories, they’ve got some great stories and some really hot pictures in their photo gallery, you need to check it out, I give it a ten out of ten.

Anyhow, that’s where I was, I read several stories that I found hugely arousing, my panties were tented and my breathing was getting a little raspy.

Then Mommy called down from upstairs, “Halle honey, would you come up here please.”

I quick time shut down my browser, cleared the history and cookies and trotted upstairs.

Mommy was in the bathroom, she had her strap-on on the sink, she wanted to show me how to load the reservoir in the balls so it could shoot like it was cumming.

We got it loaded, I put it away, she walked out and sat on the side of the bed.

“So what are you up to this afternoon?” She asked.

“Ah nothing, just catching up on some work,” I answered, I cut my eyes down, I can’t lie to her worth a damned.

“Anything else,” she questioned me.

I had to tell the truth, “Mommy I looked at some pornography, too.”

She scowled a little, “I thought so, but we don’t have a rule against it and I won’t make one if that’s how you want to get aroused, I’d hoped Mommy was arousing enough but I see that isn’t the case.”

“But we do have some other rules, don’t we Halle?”

She was looking directly at my panties, I had a little fright and I guess it showed on my face.

She got up and walked over to her dresser, her hair brush, the brush she uses to groom her luxuriant blonde tresses, she picked it and came back to sit on the bed.

She laid the brush beside her, “Come over here in front of me Halle.”

“The other rules, we don’t leave cum stains in our underwear and you don’t cum unless I say you may, aren’t those two of our rules?”

I couldn’t look down to check, I was afraid of what I might see.

I stood before her fidgeting, like a child caught doing a bad thing, “Yes Mommy,” I answered in a voice so choked with trepidation it was nearly inaudible.

My belly was doing flip flops, my asshole was clenching and I felt like I had to pee when she reached out and touch my panties.

“What’s this Halle, is it what I think it is, take your panties off and let me check.”

I dropped my panties, stepped out of them, picked them up and handed them to Mommy.

I could see the wet spot on the front, pre-cum, I’d gotten aroused and I’d leaked. I hadn’t realized it but that would be no excuse, I didn’t even try. I thought she’d been looking for a reason now, I’d given her two; I knew I was in for a severe spanking. I stood mutely waiting her verdict.

She felt the front of then turned them inside out, my cum was more evident there, there was a big spot, white cum on white cotton.

She looked up at me, “Halle, tell me what this is.”

“Cum Mommy, it’s cum.” I couldn’t have sounded any sadder and sorrier if I was dying.

“I’m so disappointed, you were doing so well. Honey, I’m not going to let you cum for two days.”

I thought for a moment that she’d decided not cumming was to be my punishment; of course I was mistaken.

She circled my hips and pulled me face down across her lap.

“For soiling our panties, I’m going to give you ten,” she said as she began to spank.

Slap, thwack, slap, thwack, it continued ten of her very, very best, my seat was burning and I was squirming, tears had flooded my eyes. After ten she stopped.

I waited for her to help me off her lap, she didn’t, instead she said,

“Those were for staining our panties, Halle, that’s bad enough but you wasted sperm, my sperm. That’s unconscionable, its mine, you wasted my sperm and this is for that,”

And I saw her pick up the hairbrush.

It wasn’t a thwack, it was a slapping thud, she hit me so hard she nearly scooted me off her lap.

I wailed, “Nooo, Mommy nooo, please nooo.”

She hit me again and then a third time.

‘I was sobbing and sniveling, “No more, oh God please no more, Lori, your killing me, Ooooh.”

She wasn’t done; she delivered all ten, hot, burning and viscous. I wasn’t wailing any more I was lying limply across her lap, my sounds were unintelligible, just gags and groans.

“We won’t waste Mommy’s sperm anymore, will we,” she asked, she was rubbing my back trying to calm me.

“No Mommy,” I choked out.

She turned so she was sitting completely on the bed and pulled me onto her lap. She lifted her top and put me on a breast, I nursed her like I was her baby.

She let me suck for about forty minutes alternating breasts every ten minutes or so, she petted my head and rubbed back, crooning to me, nonsensical soft sounds, letting me take comfort from her voice.

“Honey, take my panties off, please.”

I moved to where I could roll them down, she lifted her hips and I pulled them off.

She laid back and spread her legs, “Please Honey, take care of Mommy.”

She wasn’t mad at me, she was disappointed but she was giving me the things I like, her breasts and now I get to taste her, her way of letting me know that I was forgiven.

I opened her and inhaled, the heady scent I craved, I took her outer labia between my lips, tugged a little and licked along it, then I did the other. Her moist pink inner labia, more tongue here, then to her vulva, I snaked along her clear to the top, to her clit then started back down, laving her. At her vagina I pumped my tongue into her, teasing, then on down, to the terminus of her vulva, over her perineum to her anus, I gave it a little press and swirl of my tongue. Mommy shivered, then I worked my way back up. With one finger I slid the hood of her clitoris back, her blood engorged shaft with its pearly tip popped into view. I licked it then took it into my mouth, I sucked the clit while I batted its tip with the tip of my tongue, teasing and tickling her.

Mommy started to moan, I glanced up she was squeezing her fantastic breasts, she began to work her hips against me, I sucked and teased harder.

It started with her face, her eyes glazed, then her breasts, they were swollen, her nipples rocks that she was pinching, I watched as her tummy rippled, my free hand was on her abdomen, I felt the contractions of her uterus and then she started, “unh, unh, unh, oooh, oooh.”

She was panting, the orgasms came in waves, she was in full flood, cascade after cascade of her nectar gushed from her, I sucked her clit ‘til she begged me to stop. I started to lick, to clean her but she asked me to come up into her arms.

She wanted to snuggle a little, which was alright with me, I held her.

“I’d like to have you in me right now, you can if you want but because of earlier you can’t cum, do you want to?”

Oh how I wanted to but the way I felt I knew I’d fill her, I had to defer, I’d wait.

She had her head against my chest, a reversal from normal; I was usually the one seeking comfort at her breasts.

“Honey, you can clean me now.”

I slid back down; I licked her vulva and sucked at her vagina, getting all of her sweet nectar. She asked me to make room and she rolled over onto her tummy.

“Finish me, Baby, please finish Mommy.”

Just several months ago I’d have puked at the suggestion; she wanted me to lick her anus. I’d never even seen her rosebud before, I spread her cheeks, she was muscular, not flabby at all, her brown eye was tightly closed, she was pink in keeping with her fair complexion, I breathed her in, it was an earthy musky scent, reminiscent of a mossy forest glen, several months ago I would have puked; now I fell on her like a starving man on a Porterhouse, I licked her then circled her tight ring, pressing against it with my tongue. Mommy was shivering and cooing, she let me go on for about five minutes then she said,

“I think I’m clean enough.”

‘Let’s start dinner, you make the salad, pour the wine and set the table.”

“By the way Halle, put on fresh clothes, I don’t want to see the panties you were wearing until they’ve been laundered.”

She put a robe on and went downstairs.

I thought, why not, I put on a cute teddy, one of hers of course, it didn’t fit me snugly but that was ok, I put on a robe, my satin slippers and followed Mommy.

Chop, chop, hack, hack, I was getting’ pretty darn good at this. Mommy wanted a tossed salad. I tore lettuce into small pieces, butter head and red then added a few slices of Vidalia sweet onion, some slices of cucumber, pared and seeded and finally some vine ripened tomatoes that I cut into eighths. I dressed it with vinaigrette, a little extra virgin olive oil, some balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, a bit of fresh ground black pepper and just a skosh of Dijon mustard; I tossed my salad, set the table and poured the wine, a crisp, cold sauvignon blanc, Mommy was serving grilled salmon on a bed of couscous and steamed broccoli.

While we ate we talked, Baby she said, “I didn’t want to spank you today but you just can’t waste your sperm, I want it, I want all of it.”

I took a sip of my wine, I waited for her to go on, there was obviously more that she wanted to say.

“Halle, Mommy wants a baby, a little baby; I need your sperm to get our baby.”

I was in shock, we’d never discussed children in our former life, I said, “Lori, I don…

She cut me off with a raised eyebrow, following with, “You don’t want to give Mommy a baby?”

Children had always been an abstract thought with me, I mean, the gene must move on and all that, I suppose I thought they’d come in time but, I guess Mommy was telling me that it was the time.

What could I answer, what could I say, “Mommy, more than anything I want to give a baby, our baby.”

She beamed at me, a smile that lit up the room.

“Honey we’ve got to work on this, I want to start a chart, you can keep it for us, we need to identify when I’m most fertile, it may take a couple of months, you’ll need to take my temperature every morning, first thing, even before I get up, you’re gonna have to check me and enter that number on our chart, in just a few months we’ll know when it’s that time.”

“Halle, see if you can find a rectal basal thermometer someplace, I trust rectal readings more than any other but I don’t know if we can find what I want, but try and I want you to make up a chart, cold days, cool days warm days and really hot days, don’t cheat sweetheart but on those really hot days I want you between my legs letting that little clit do its thing.”

Mommy went upstairs after our meal; I cleaned up and went to my computer to do a little research. I had no idea where to find a rectal basal thermometer.

I Googled “rectal basal thermometer” and found more information that I could imagine.

I learned all about basal temperatures and when they should be taken, found a downloadable fertility chart and how to use it and learned how to check cervical mucus and position. I needed to start Mommy’s chart on the first day of her period and begin recording her temperature on the fifth day.

I shut down the computer and went upstairs to tell Mommy what I’d found. We talked, I needed some information, was her cycle 28 days, did she feel her body change when she ovulated; breast tenderness, bloating, cramping, that sort of thing.

She told me she cycle was 28 days, you could set a clock by it, she felt some tenderness in her breasts and that her period would start in three days.

Something I hadn’t done in some time, I gave her instructions.

“Mommy, we’ll start taking your temperature on the fifth day after your period starts, I’ll take it at six o’clock every morning when you wake up; she could sleep a little longer since she didn’t have to fix breakfast anymore, I don’t want you to even move before I get that done. You can get up then, the bathroom and all, but then I need you back on the bed, I’ll need to check your cervical mucus and the position of your cervix; I won’t start that until your period is over.”

“And how do you check my cervix?” She asked.

“With my fingers, Mommy, of course you’ll need to have your panties off. You’ll have to get on all fours on the bed,” I kinda smiled at her as I answered.

“That smile, you’re looking forward to that aren’t you, getting Mommy up on all fours and getting to feel her.”

I couldn’t deny it, “Unhuh,” I said.

“Ok, I guess we get started in three days, then you’ll get to look at all of me but, tonight, I want to look at you.”

I hadn’t noticed, in my excitement about finding out everything I’d told Mommy, I hadn’t noticed, the top of the night stand was loaded, her equipment was there. She took my hand and guided me over her lap.

“Honey, do you remember what you said while you were getting your spanking?”

“No Mommy, I don’t remember,” in truth all I remembered was the pain.

“You said, “Lori your killing me,” we’re at home, I’m not Lori unless we’re outside our home.

She raised my teddy and gave me five whacks, not too hard and at least it was on my panties, not on the bare.

She lowered my panties over my bottom, “I’m sure you remember what you said during our dinner discussion.”

I did, I’d called her Lori again.

“Yes Mommy, I remember.”

These five were on my bare bottom; she pulled my panties further down and off.

“You won’t need these anymore tonight, Baby,” as she tossed them on the seat of our big overstuffed bedroom chair.

“Time for Halle’s douche,” she said. She dabbed me with a little lubricant and inserted the nozzle.

I lay on her lap waiting for it to work, she was rubbing my back. I felt the fizz, jumped up and headed for the bathroom.

I came back and she repeated the process.

When I returned Mommy had changed into her robe, enough of her breasts were exposed that I could see that she had nothing on underneath, I climbed back on her lap.

I could feel her bulge under me, she inserted one of these Astroglide things, the gel was cool going in, then she squeezed in the other one and rubbed some of the KY Jelly over my hole.

I started to roll over on the bed, to get ready for her to put my hips on a pillow, instead she got up and, taking my hand, pulled me to my feet and led me over to the chair.

“I want you differently tonight,” she said as she bent me over the arm.

She lifted the hem of my teddy and flipped it over my back.

I felt the tip of her strap-on press against me, she whispered,

“Halle I was gentle with you the first time but I’m gonna be a bit more aggressive this time.”

She pushed into me, there was no hesitation, no waiting for me to accept her, she continued to push until she was completely buried.

“Unnnnh,” I groaned, and I knew I was in for a reaming.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” I grunted with every powerful stroke.

God, she was way up in my guts, my rectum was full and my sphincter was being stretched, and I started to cry.

It wasn’t just the pain, even worse was the humiliation, she was fucking me like I was her bitch, riding me hard, she was gripping me by the hips and pounding me, she had to know I was crying, my sobs were audible.

“Does Baby like getting fucked by Mommy, does Baby want more just like this,” she uttered in a voice low and threatening, “Baby won’t waste any more of Mommy’s sperm, will she.”

Oh God, I thought, this was further punishment for my transgressions, last night she’d been gentle and loving, tonight brought pain and humiliation, she could use her tool either way.

Her cock, her rubber cock didn’t cum unless she wanted it to, she could fuck me all night if she wanted and I was hurting. My stretched anus burned but way up in my bowels I was aching, I just hoped she hadn’t torn me inside, and she only ratcheted up her pace.

I felt her quiver start, it was transmitted through her dildoe, she thrust into me, I felt her cum in me, she’d used evaporated milk, she wanted me to ooze white just like the real thing.

“Aaaaaah yessssss,” she wailed as she climaxed.

I gave thanks to that nub that rubbed her clit while she was fucking me, it had worked, she came.

She pulled out, I continued to lie over the chair arm, still quietly sobbing, she rubbed my back.

“Baby has a nice tight bottom, Mommy likes it,” she said, then she told me to clean her toy and come to bed.

My bottom didn’t feel very tight right now, bent over and limping I took her tool to the bathroom, cleaned it and put it away.

She’d put on sleepwear by the time I came back, I crawled on the bed.

She pulled me onto her lap, raised her top and gave me my breast, I suckled.

“Did Mommy hurt you,” she crooned to me.

I didn’t want to leave my nipple, I just nodded yes.

“If Halle’s a good girl Mommy won’t have to hurt her, you’ll be a good girl for Mommy, won’t you.”

Again I just nodded yes.

Between the violent spanking and the extreme sodomization I was whipped, I went to sleep on Mommy’s lap.

Regular as clockwork, Mommy started three days later, for the next four days, Mommy’s menses lasted four days, she’d ride her Tampax and I’d ride mine.

She figured if she had to use one I did too, mine was a little vibrating butt plug, about as big around as her Tampax and maybe six inches long, I had to have it in all the time except for bowel movements and cleaning. She took great delight in firing it up at the most inopportune times, like sitting in a restaurant and a buzzing starts against the prostate or as a morning wake-up call, she had her fun.

I started her chart from the first day of her period, for the first four days I just noted information about her period, on the fifth, her basal readings started.

“Mommy when you wake up tomorrow I don’t want you to move, don’t do anything, don’t even talk to me until I can get your basal temperature, ok?”

I woke up before she did the next morning, her thermometer was on my night stand, I wasn’t going to use any lube, the foreign substance could skew the reading. When she started to stir, I put a hand on her shoulder,

“Just lie still Mommy, I need to get your temperature before you move, I’m not gonna use any lubricant so it may pull a little.” I explained why.

I got the thermometer, raised her nightie to her hips and lowered the back of her panties. I parted the cheeks of her cute ass and slid the tip in. It only took one minute to get a reading, 98.5.1 degrees; a basal thermometer reads out to hundredths of a degree, I marked my chart.

Patting her bottom I said, “Mommy your temperature is 98.5.1 and you can move now.”

She got up and went to the bathroom, when I heard the shower start I called, “Don’t bathe yet, we still have a couple of things to do, I need you back here.”

She was naked, she had stripped in preparation for her shower, I put a pillow in the middle of the bed,

“Come on Mommy, rest your chest on the pillow and get up on your knees, I need to check your cervix.”

She climbed on the bed and assumed the position then, over her shoulder, “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you.”

I patted her bottom and with a chuckle I said, “Yeah, I am, ready?”

I didn’t use a lubricant for the same reason I didn’t lube the thermometer, I slipped two fingers up through her vagina until I could feel her cervix, it was low, the little ring was tightly closed and it was firm, I took a pinch of the mucus, there was almost none, she was dry, the above was normal for this time of the month.

“All done, everything looks fine,” I told her.

“We need to do all this every morning,” she asked.

“Yea Mommy,” I answered.

So starts each morning, her basal temp has been as low as 97.6.2, it went up a bit for several days then dipped to 97.7.7, Mommy complained about a little soreness in her breasts, the next day her reading shot up to 99.0.3, she was ovulating.

Her cervix had shifted upwards and felt a little more open and softer just before she ovulated but it became lower and softer for several days; her mucus had gone through several phases, it had become sticky, tacky then it was creamy white and felt like body lotion then, for two days before she ovulated the mucus looked and felt like an egg white, it could be stretched for over an inch between thumb and forefinger. There’s even an abbreviation for this, EWCM, egg white cervical mucus, and it’s critical for conception, it lowers the acidity of the vagina and helps them little swimmers swim.

When her period came the next month I started a new chart, one month didn’t really give us a pattern but if it repeated I’d be able to, from all the information, her basal temp, the position and texture of her cervix and the production of the EWCM, predict the days when we had the best chance for conception.

So that’s an update from the medical front. But, our life is more than basal temperatures and cervical examinations, for the past month I’ve been a good little girl; I’ve only earned one spanking.

Yeah, I slipped and called her Lori again, but it’s kinda hard to think Mommy when you’re kneeling behind her bare bottom with two fingers up her twat. She let me finish her exam then rolled over, sat up and pulled me across her lap.

“You know what this is for don’t you Halle?” As she pulled my panties down, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack. Five crisp strokes.

I went down to fix breakfast while she showered.

That evening when she got home I greeted her at the door with a kiss and her robe, she had on a pant suit, I took off her jacket and blouse, unhooked her bra and freed her breasts, took off her shoes and helped her out of her slacks and into her robe. She took her seat on the sofa while I brought her wine.
She sipped and opened her legs; I knelt before her, rolled her panties off and serviced her. I licked her vulva then sucked her clitoris until she’d had a little orgasm. I started toward the kitchen to finish dinner, she called me back.

“Honey, before we eat Mommy wants a little relief, will you help Mommy?”

I understood exactly what she meant, and it wasn’t a request. It was get everything ready, I’ll meet you in the bedroom after I’ve finished my wine.

I stopped in the kitchen for a tin of evaporated milk, went upstairs and got the equipment ready. Two Fleet enemas, my douche, KY Jelly, two Astroglide Shooters and her strap-on were waiting on her night stand.

While I waited I thought, spanking me was like an aphrodisiac to her. She didn’t have to spank me to have sex with me, she took me at least twice during the week and every day on the weekends, I’d already had to resupply my “douche solution,” and she’d taken me in every possible position; on my back, on hands and knees and, her favorite, over the arm of the chair; no, she didn’t have to spank me to have sex but if I merited a spanking she was going to take me that night, probably over the chair arm.

I believe she feel more dominate with me bent over the arm, and it is a subservient position. Mommy does dominate me and I know she likes it. She demands cunnilingus from me every day, now she’s added anilingus when I clean her and she sodomizes me at least four times weekly, yes, she enjoys dominating me.

Mommy was attired in her robe, she’d put her panties back on and was wearing a pair of satin slippers; she sat on the bed, waiting for me. I lay across her lap, she took my panties off and gave me my first Fleet, I used the bathroom and got my second; when I tried to get up she held me down.

“Wait a little longer, I want it to work real well, I want you extra clean.”

I’d gotten real good it translating her words into her real meaning, she’d just said I’m going to give you a good long reaming and I don’t want any accidents. She held me down until I started to cramp.

When I came out she was still on the bed, I crawled over her lap, she inserted the Astroglide, we both stood, I took her robe off, knelt and rolled her panties down, paid a little tongue homage to her Jade Gate and stood to be led to the chair, I know that’s where we’re going.

I let her bend me over the chair arm, a little more subservience on my part, a little more dominance on hers. She prods me with her faux phallus and grips me by the hips, I’m gonna get it hard and fast and I know it but there’s really no way to prepare, I try to relax.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnh,” a long drawn out groan escapes from me.

I’ve just been skewered on eight inches of plastic penis and next she pounds me, long, hard, rapid thrusts, she’s deep in my guts, I’m already aching inside; the plumbing there is designed to slowly move things down and out, I just got it up and in, fast and hard; I can only assume she’s stretching my rectum, I do know that I ache there.

Oh God, she’s got her legs outside of mine, holding me with her thighs, gaining leverage, she’s transferred part of her weight, she’s mounted me, her strokes faster, harder, deeper, Christ, she’s gutting me.

“Mooooomeeee, Mooooomeeee, pleeeese, pleeeese stop, ooooooooh God Mommy, you’re hurting me,” I beg.

Mommy ignored my plea, she pummeled me with another dozen or so thrusts, then her hands gripped my cheeks parting me, exposing me even more, she thrust hard, deeper than ever and held me there impaled, she kinda bounced against me, she was riding the spot for her on her strap-on.

She wailed, “Ooooh yessssss, Baby, ooooooooh yessssss,” she collapsed on my back pinning me to the chair arm.

She’s panting, trying to regain her breath, her composure. She’s still in me but she’s not pumping, finally the weight is off my back and she pulls out of me. I can’t move, I just lie limply over the arm, she’s forgotten to shoot her “cum” in me.

I stay where I am for several minutes then Mommy helps me stand, she’s already taken off her tool, she’s naked, her ejaculate is running down the insides of both thighs, she must has cum a pint, she’s still a little breathless, raspy.

“Come to bed,” she says, she wants me to clean her and, of course, I will.

She lies back, recumbent on the bed, only her head propped up on a pillow so she can watch me. She has her knees raised, her feet at her bottom and splayed outward, she’s open, I can see clear to her anus. I set about my task.

I say my task, usually it’s my pleasure but today her scent seems offensive and her taste is bitter, she’s hurt me, intentionally hurt me for her gratification and pleasure, I’m not ready to forgive her but I’ll do my duty. After I’d licked her vulva clean and sucked her juices from her vagina she pulled her legs further up so I could lave her anus, she’s developed an appreciation for a tongue in her tush.

As usual when I’ve finished she pulls me onto her lap and feeds me a breast. Normally, I find nursing to be so soothing but tonight I’m still seething. I go to sleep sucking, not because I’m comforted but because after her session with me I’m beat.

The next morning breakfast was already on the table when she came down, she looked fantastic, dressed for success an usual, I had omelets, hash browns that I’d grated myself, cantaloupe quarters and coffee ready; she sat down to eat.

I guess I was sullen, not real responsive I was still sore and I was still hurt, she said,

“That was fun last night, God, that was great, didn’t you think so?”

I wasn’t willing to show my hand yet; I just nodded in the affirmative but in my heart I still felt that she’d used me like a man might use a whore; I wondered, was that how she thought of me. Was I just her whore to be used anyway she chose; that’s exactly how I felt.
After she’d left for work I just sat and thought and even the sitting wasn’t comfortable, she’d hurt me, I wasn’t bleeding, thank God, but she’d hurt me. I realized what I’d been like, I really understood the need for her to take control; I’d been at least as Chauvinistic as my father but Mommy didn’t have the time of a stay at home housewife, like my mother and she certainly didn’t have the support of three teenaged daughters. When she’d caught me in her lingerie, doing things I shouldn’t have done, I understood all that, that’s why I’d endured what she’d done, what she’d put me through. I’d earned it, I merited it, I got it; ok, I confess, I needed it, if we, Lori and I, were to survive as a couple, I needed to change. She’d forced me to accept those changes but I thought I had.

I now carried my share of the load around the house, she still did most of the cooking but breakfast was my job now and I did all the laundry and cleaning. Those were the easy things, but her complaint about my penis size, that was something else.
I’d seen ads on porn sites; grow your penis four inches, I was sure it was BS, but after I’d done my web search for basal thermometers it seemed one could find about anything. The next day I surfed for information on penis enlargement and surprised. Lots of sales pitches but there was also clinical information, penis extenders appeared to work, in fact they’d surpassed surgery as the preferred method of enlargement.

When I read about them the premise made sense, an extender is a device that keeps a constant stretching pressure on the penis. The penis is a muscle, if you exercise a muscle it grows, more cells are added. An extender works the same way, the constant stretching strains the muscle, cells are added, more blood flow takes place and growth occurs over a period of time, the rate of growth differs from individual to individual but three to six months seemed the norm. I bought one, Sizegenitics, and, to be on the safe side I got some pills, I chose Longinexx, too.

I take the pills daily and wear the extender whenever Mommy’s not home. That gives me around nine hours a day with it. I’ve been doing this for the last month and a half and, amazingly, it works. Already I’ve added an inch, I’m six inches now and the old boy’s fatter.

Mommy hasn’t even noticed. I suppose it’s like when a kid’s growing up, it isn’t so evident to his parents, they see him everyday but when Aunt Millie makes her annual visit, she gasps at the change.

Something just dawned on my, maybe Mommy’s attitude was effected by the fact her period is due and I’ll need to start a new chart.

On day five, when I start taking her basal temperature readings she’s at 98.5.2, her cervical mucus is dry and her cervix is low, tight and firm, all normal for the time of the month.

By the tenth day of her cycle her temp has dropped to 97.6.1, her mucus is sticky; her cervix is still low, tight and firm, the following day her temp spiked upward to 97.9.3 and her mucus was creamy.

On day twelve, her temp held pretty steady, 97.9.4 degrees but her cervix is higher and softer and she is producing egg white cervical mucus, she’s near ovulation.

“Mommy look at this,” I showed her her mucus, how I could stretch it between my thumb and forefinger.

“You’ll ovulate within the next couple of days, this indicates that you’re fertile, you’ll remain fertile for around five days.”

“Halle, this is wonderful, tonight skip the wine and the robe, I want us to get upstairs as soon as I get home, you can undress me and I want you in me. We’ll do it again before we go to sleep.”

At breakfast she asked, “Does this really mean I’ll get pregnant?”

“Mommy, don’t get your hopes too high, it means that you stand your best chance for the next five days.”

It was Tuesday, she said, “You better get some energy drinks or something, I want you twice every day ‘til Saturday then we’ll do it four times.”

After she left I put on the old dick stretcher and cranked it down a notch (figuratively speaking), I wanted to be as big and bad as possible for her.

Mommy was as good as her word, I met her at the door, she breezed past me saying, “Come on Honey,” and headed for the staircase.

I caught up with her in the bedroom, she was wearing a pants suit and already had her jacket off, “Halle, help me undress.”

I unbuttoned her blouse, laid it aside and unfastened her brassiere, I could just imagine her fantastic breasts, milk laden, swollen with enlarged nipples, lactating, I nearly smacked my lips. I unfastened her trousers took them down, removed her shoes so she could step out of them. I slowly rolled her panties down, Mommy wouldn’t need any foreplay, I could see that she was already lubricating at the exciting prospect of pregnancy.

She lay back on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

“Put it in me Halle, hurry, fuck Mommy,” she said as I slid in.

I want to enjoy her, she’s so smooth and wet, but she’s already gyrating her hips, arching up to meet my thrusts, she wants me to cum fast, she’s anxious, she’s using language she doesn’t commonly use,

“Fuck me Halle, fuck me honey, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I’m not going to practice the patience she’s taught me, I pump her hard and fast, I feel my cum rising, “I’m cumming Mommy, I’m cumming for Mommy,” as I shoot pulse after pulse into her hungry vagina.

I stayed in until I softened, she was using her vaginal muscles to milk me, squeezing out every drop.

I rolled off and lay beside her, “Do you want me to clean you Mommy.”

“No Baby, not while I’m trying to get pregnant, I think I’ll just lie here for a little while, give them time to do their thing.”

“Mommy, if you want to turn over on your tummy maybe I can help you relax,” I whispered to her.

She gave me a smile, “Mommy would like that,” she said as she turned.

I got between her legs and parted her cheeks, she again exuded that earthy aroma, I must not be mad at her anymore, she smells and tastes good again, I taste her, just the tip of my tongue dips into her about half an inch.

Mommy sighed and I felt her muscles relax, I licked her, rimming her tight ring, laving her, she was wet with my saliva, I touched her with a finger, circling her opening, I pressed not hard but a steady pressure, after several minutes her sphincter lost its tension, my finger slid in to the second knuckle. She wriggled her hips but didn’t say to take it out.

Mommy hadn’t cum she’d been more interested in getting me cum in her, I reached under her, she settled on my fingers, I started to rub her clit. When she started to react, pressing down and riding my hand I let a dribble of saliva drip on her rosebud, lubricating her and began to pump, just the one finger not deep, only to the third knuckle but she was arching her back, taking me a little further in. She gave a little shiver and breathed a deep sigh, I could feel her contractions in her anus, it was gratifying to me, I’d given her an orgasm.

She said, “Come up her Halle.”

When we were eye to eye she said, “You’re a nasty little girl aren’t you Halle, you put your finger in Mommy’s bottom, didn’t you.”

Her words sounded challenging but not her tone, “Yes Mommy, I put my finger in you, did it feel good?”

“Yeah, it did Baby, Mommy liked it.”

We got up, dressed and went downstairs, Mommy fixed supper, I set the table and poured our wine.

Afterward we watched the news then went up to bed.

She undressed, I took my panties off but kept my top on, I was wearing my breasts.

Mommy climbed on the bed and got on her hands and knees, “Do me this way baby I think your cum might stay in me better.”

I hadn’t had her from behind since I was Hal, I’d always liked it, with my little tally whacker I felt like I could get further in.

I approached her from behind, opened her with my fingers, she was already wet, and guided myself in. I stroked with long slow strokes, enjoying the sensations, reveling in this chance to make love to Lori, my wife, I massaged her sides and hips, remembering the smoothness of her skin, I felt like a man making love to a woman, it had been a long time. Slow smooth strokes turned to thrusts, I was pumping her harder, I reached under her to find her clit but she moved my hand away,

“Just cum in me Honey, Mommy doesn’t need any help right now.”

I sped up, I could feel my climax building, I rammed into her as deeply as I could, all six inches, gripped her hips and holding her to me as I gushed into her, then I pumped, fast, getting it all in her, taking my pleasure while I could.

We were holding each other as we drifted off to sleep.

Her temperature held steady for the next two days then it dropped to 97.7.8.

“Mommy, I think you’ll ovulate today.”

“Baby, I think I already have, my breasts are a tender and I felt a little cramp.”

The following morning her basal temp spiked up to 99.0.2, it was the highest I’d recorded, her cervix was high and soft and her mucus was EWCM, we’d know within several days if she’d conceived. It was also Saturday, the fifth, and probably final day of her fertility, we had sex before we even got up, me between her legs, Missionary position, really more me donating sperm than making love.

After breakfast we were back upstairs, she wanted me from behind and I was more than willing, it was my favorite position. I mounted her and slid in, it was like gliding through damp silk, smooth and luxurious, I took my time and took my pleasure, she had a beautiful ass, tight muscular cheeks hiding her little brown eye, while I was stroking her pussy I spread her and gave her an anal massage, I even dipped a finger tip in, if she asked I’d tell her I was taking a digital reading of her temp. When I came I felt like I was pouring myself into her, God I could have stayed there forever, I softened in her, I didn’t want to come out, but, of course I did, I fell out with a strand of cum from her pussy to the head of my cock.

During the balance of the day we had sex two additional times, she’d said four times on Saturday and it wasn’t even night yet.

When she told me to go up and take a bath I figured she wanted to go for number five.

I bathed and shaved, being certain no stray hair would betray me. Mommy was sitting on the bed waiting when I came out.

She asked me to come to her, I did, she said, “Just put on your bra and a top, you won’t need panties, Mommy’s going to make love to you.”

I nearly melted; it had been a while since she’d made love to me, her way obviously but a while since she’d kissed me and taken me gently, lovingly.

While I put on my things she got what she needed from the bathroom and set them on the night stand.

“Come to Mommy, Baby needs a douche,” she said. I lay across her lap and she filled me.

She rubbed my back while we waited for the fizzy feeling then I got up.

Again, she repeated the application, again I fizzed and voided. She used two of the Astroglide Shooters and a little KY and I was ready, she rolled my onto a pillow, elevating my hips and stepped into her strap-on, securing it around her waist.

Amazing how the mind works, her eight inch dong looks like a violent weapon when she’s leading me to the chair but now it’s an object of my desire, I want it, I want her in me, I want to feel her stroking me slowly and gently, I want to feel her hands and hear her sweet voice as she takes me.

Mommy presses forward entering me, she pauses, she doesn’t really need to, I can take it faster but she paused then inched into me, letting me feel my insides being expanded and stretched, slowly, slowly she pushes forward until she’s completely in. Mommy stops, she’s rubbing my tummy, stroking my hips and sides, sliding her hand under my baby doll top.

“Does Baby like it when Mommy makes love to her?”

I thing, yeah Baby likes it, Honey likes it, Halle likes it hell even Hal, a name that’s not spoken likes it, I answer, “Yes Mommy.”

She begins to stroke, her speed picks up, she’s caressing my thighs as she fills me then empties me then fills me again, I’m erect, I’m getting a prostate massage and I’m about to cum.

“Mommy can I cum,” I ask, “Please can I cum.”

She reaches over and picks up the panties she’d been wearing, laying them on my stomach she says, “Here, use these, you have my permission.”

I wrap them around my cock but I don’t tug on it, I want her to make me cum, I want her to cum, too. She’s picking up her pace, her breathings getting ragged, I’m ready and so is she, she thrusts up in me deeper than before and grips my hips, she’s trembling, she reaches down, she squeezes and cums in me, her Carnation cum and with a wail she cums her girl cum, I’m panting and shooting, soaking the panties she’d given me.

Mommy smiles down at me, “Was that as good for you as it was for me,” she asks.

“Mommy, it was heavenly,” I sigh

She pulls out; I miss her, the fullness she gave me.

Mommy helped me to stand, I unbelted her strap-on and took it to the bathroom to clean it, she’s already in bed when I come out; I put on panties and join her. We sleep both hoping we’re been successful, that she’s conceived.

Six days later, at breakfast I had her charts, last months and this, they look alike, her temperature has dropped, it may spike again in a day or two but the chart says she hadn’t conceived, her temp would have stayed elevated after ovulation.

I showed her my evidence and gave her the bad news, the mood of the past five days is broken, she turns sullen and snappish. She departs, on her way out the door she says,

“Be ready tonight.”

I hope she means she wants her robe and her wine ready when she comes in the door, that’s what I hope but not what I expect. She was angry when she left and I thought she was angry at the messenger, me. I imagined my butt was gonna pay tonight, one way or the other; I’d get a spanking or a reaming.

I met her at the door, her mood hadn’t improved, I helped her out of her skirt, blouse, brassiere, slip and shoes, then held her robe for her, knelt and put on her satin slippers. She took her seat on the sofa and I brought her wine, it was a Chardonnay.

“Halle, it’s evening, I don’t want white wine, take that away and bring me some Cabernet.”

It was gonna be one of those evenings, no way I was going to avoid it, I was distracted, just think about what might come, I tripped and dropped the wine glass, it shattered. It’s lucky it was the white I thought; the red would have been a real mess. I picked up the large pieces of glass, got some paper towels and mopped up the wine and the smaller fragments.

“Halle, did you break a glass and where’s my wine?”

Uhoh, I thought, if she was on the prowl I’d just given her a reason. I got another glass and poured the red.

When I served her she said, “I asked you if you broke a glass, I heard a crash, what happened?’

I told her what had happened.

“That was clumsy of you and you made me wait for my wine, Mommy’s not real happy with you.”

I knelt between her legs and reached to take her panties off so I could service her while she sipped.

Snappishly she said, “Not tonight Halle, I want you to go upstairs and wait for me, I’ll be up as soon as I finish my drink.”

Well she hadn’t told me to take a bath but she had sent me upstairs, I was in for a spanking.

I was sitting on the bed when Mommy came in, I got up, I knew she’d want me standing in front of her for a little lecture before she turned me over her knee. She walked to her dresser and got her hair brush then sat on the bed, the brush beside her.

She pulled me in front of her, “Halle, you’ve been a bad girl and Mommy’s going to discipline you.”

She started to pull me over her lap, “Mommy please not with your hair brush, please not that,” I begged.

She’d only used it on me the once and I never wanted to experience it again.

Even as she forced me down on her thighs I wailed, “Please Mommy not the hair brush don’t hit me with that, please, please.”

My pleas fell on deaf ears; she’d already pulled my white cotton panties down in back, “Lift your hips.”

“Please Mommy,” I tried again.

She slapped my bottom, a crisp smack, “I said lift your hips.”

She pulled my panties off and started, she was hitting harder than usual, with her hand but hard, swack, swack, ten times she hit me. She’d brought tears to my eyes, they were leaking but I wasn’t crying, not yet.

Then I felt the searing bite of the hair brush, I wailed, “Pleeeese Mommmmy, noooooo.”

She hit me nine more times, viscous crashing blows; I went through stages, crying and pleading, sobbing loudly then a hurt mewling.

She didn’t even try to comfort me, she stood me up, “Get your panties on and get in bed.”

Through her tests and at breakfast it was as if nothing had happened the night before. It was pretty calm for the next six days; day seven was a disaster for me.

Mommy had complained that she wasn’t feeling well, she felt bloated and gaseous and was constipated, I was concerned, she’d exhibited the same symptoms the month before. After she’d left I went to my computer to see what I could find, what I found led me to conclude that she was suffering from premenstrual syndrome, PMS, she hadn’t suffered before, I thought the stress of trying to conceive might have brought it on.

Knowing what the cause was didn’t change much. When she came home I undressed her, dressed her in her robe and slippers and brought her wine. She let me taste her; I laved her luscious slit, hoping I’d satisfy her. When she’d had her little orgasm I tried to tell her what I’d learned. She wasn’t in the mood to listen.

“Go get your bath,” is what she said.

It was inevitable, I was going to get it, I bathed, she prepared me and I was over the arm of the chair.

I don’t know if it was worse than the time before but even as I fixed breakfast the next morning I was bent from the aching pain in my abdomen, in my bowels and rectum.

The next five months were simply a replay of this one; five days of heaven, two days of hell and twenty-one of normalcy, I got good enough I could even chart it, I drew little smiley faces on days twelve through sixteen, a small hand on day twenty-one and just an X on the twenty-eighth.

I was still using my extender and taking my pills, they worked, I was a full eight inches in length and bigger around than a Polish sausage and Mommy still hadn’t commented, how she could miss it I have no idea, I could fill her pretty well during my five days of heaven.

Today was X day, I’d been trying for the past six months to get her to see her doctor, PMS is treatable. She’d just brushed me off and I thought I knew why, she’d feel bad for several days then it would be X day, she’d put me over the chair arm and miraculously the next day she’d feel relief. It wasn’t because of what she’d done to me; it was because she’d started her period, a sure temporary cure for PMS, that’s why it’s called premenstrual syndrome. But I think she’d convinced herself she could screw her way out of her misery, only I suffered.

I sat most of the day contemplating our relationship. Except for the two days, the hand day and the X day I was content but those two were just too extreme. I decided we needed to have a discussion.

When she got home that evening things took their normal course, I disrobed her, I robed her, I served her wine and I serviced her vagina, she told me to go take a bath, I even did that.

When I came out she got up, went in the bathroom and gathered up her things and put them on the night stand.

She reached for me but instead of docilely crawling across her lap I sat down beside her.

“Lori, we need to have a talk and come to an understanding.”

She glared at me saying, “What did you just call me?”

“I called you Lori, tonight it’s Hal and Lori talking and I want you to hear me out.”

She didn’t say anything, she just continued to glare.

“Lori I want you to know I love you, I’ve tried to conform to what you expect of me, I do part of the cooking, I do the laundry, the cleaning and the shopping and I’m not complaining, I wasn’t fair with you before, you work too, I think how you’ve divided the labor is fair to both of us. In your twenty-eight day cycle I have five days of absolute heaven, you’re the sweetest person and the sex is tremendous, for twenty-one days I’m pretty contented, I like it when you have sex with me, your way, with me on my back and you in me, I feel like I’m giving myself to you, surrendering myself to you and I nearly melt, when you’re gentle with me like you can be I love you all the more, I even like being your Baby, sucking your breasts. I really don’t want to change any of these things. I’ll still dress for you just like you want me, we’ll still go out like two girlfriends, I’ll even suffer periods with you, you know, the butt plug and I’ll meet you at the door with your robe, your robe and my tongue.

But Lori there aren’t twenty-six days in your cycle, there are twenty-eight and those two days are hell for me. You can spank me but you won’t use that damned hair brush on me again and on your twenty-eighth day your sexual assault is beyond endurance, you leave me weak and in pain for several days, I’m amazed you haven’t torn me. All I’m asking is that you let me be your lover all twenty-eight days not twenty-six as lover and two as whipping boy, I won’t let you do those things to me anymore. I guess I’ve made my speech.”

She was still glaring at me.

“Halle your insolence has earned you a spanking before we go to the chair, now get across my lap.”

“Lori didn’t you hear anything I just said?”

“I heard every word of it but you don’t set the rules around here little girl, I do, now get over my lap.”

She reached for me and I snapped, everything I’d said seemed to have gone in one and out the other. I’d never even considered getting physical with Lori but I snapped.

As I’ve explained Lori’s a big woman, five ten and one hundred and fifty pounds to my five six; I’d added some weight, I was up from one twenty seven to one forty one, still she had a size advantage but she was a woman and her muscles simply aren’t as powerful as mine. She was able to do with me what she wanted because I let her, I’d never resisted her before but I snapped.

I grabbed her arm, “No damnit, stop.”

She didn’t she tried to pull me across her thighs, I’d had enough, I pulled back.

I jerked her so hard she lost her balance; she was sitting beside me a moment ago now she’s over my lap and she’s fighting like a wildcat, trying to hit me, scratching me where she can reach me. I slapped her panty covered posterior but I slapped her hard, she was shocked.

“I told you no but you don’t want to listen, well, if you won’t hear I’ll have to demonstrate.”

I pulled her panties down in the back exposing her bare butt and I spanked her, I hit her hard, time after time my hand fell, crack, crack, and crack. I spanked her ten hard ones then I thought, I get ten with her hand then she gives me ten more with the hairbrush, I gave her ten more.

She was sobbing, tears were flooding her eyes, running down her cheeks and she was sniveling, mucus bubbling from her nose. I picked up several things from the night stand, one of them was a Kleenex, I wiped her nose. She wasn’t fighting anymore; her spanking had taken the starch out of her. I spread her crimson cheeks and inserted the Astroglide then added the second one and spread a little KY on her, just the way she prepares me, I didn’t use the Fleet enemas, I didn’t think I could control her if she got to the bathroom.

“Hal, what are you doing, please don’t do this to me,” she knows what’s coming, it’s ok for me but she doesn’t want a dose of her own medicine. I lift her off my lap and stand with her; I put an arm around her waist, directing her to the arm of the chair and push her over.

I can hear the fear in her voice as she pleads, “Hal, not this, please, please don’t, I’ll do the things you want, I won’t use the hairbrush, I won’t do this, please don’t.”

I was ready to relent, let her escape then I thought of how cavalierly she’d brushed everything I had to say.

I spread her cheeks; her little pink virgin rosebud glistened in the low light, the lubricant. I pressed the head of my cock against her, pushing a little. The tension in her body was radiating from her.

I rubbed her back, “Try to relax Lori, it’ll be easier if you can relax, just let your muscles go.”

She couldn’t do it, this was the closest thing to rape that she’d ever experienced, her anus was virgin and she was terrified, “Please Hal,” in a voice low and raspy with fear, “Please Hal.”

“I’m sorry Lori,” as I thrust into her, just like she’d done to me, I pushed forward until I was buried, all eight inches stabbed her, piercing her sphincter, straining her rectum.

She experienced a burning, searing agony when I forced through her anus and a gut wrenching ache in her abdomen when I jabbed deep into her bowels.

Her sound reflected the torment she was undergoing, she howled, “God, merciful God, Noooooooooooooo, Aaaaaah, Noooooo.”

When I slammed her viscously, biting into her, she keened, “Pleeeese, Hal, Pleeeese stop, Oooooo.”

And just as she’d done, I gripped her hips with my thighs, squeezing her, holding her in place as I mounted her and rode her, hard rapid, thrusts, like a dog on a bitch.

Lori wasn’t screaming any more, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” when I drove forward, little mewling noises when I pulled back.

Suddenly as though I was outside myself looking down I saw what I was doing and I was ashamed. I knew what Lori had felt, it was all about power and dominance, what I was doing, what she’d done to me, we could have screamed it at each other, “I’ll make you my bitch, I’ll take you anyway I want, you’re my bitch.” Lori wasn’t my bitch, she was my wife and I loved her and I was ashamed.

I slowed, I didn’t quit, frankly I was too aroused to stop but I slowed to long gentle strokes, I rubbed her back and massaged her hips, “My sweet Baby, my poor sweet baby, why did it have to come to this.”

I came but there wasn’t much pleasure in it, I pulled out, her anus was distended and gaped open, I could see into her then watched as her sphincter closed, a little of my cum oozed out.

Lori was still over the chair, lying limply, debilitated and exhausted. I waited until she stirred then I helped her walk to the bed. She needed the assistance; she was hunched over, holding herself still making little mewling noises like an injured kitten.

I helped her lie down, crawled in beside her and pulled the covers over us. I pulled her to my chest and just held her until she was asleep.

In the morning Lori called in sick, she was cramping from the onset of her period and was still nauseous from the night before. I brought breakfast to her in bed, just some fruit, toast and a cup of dong quai tea for her pain and cramps.

Fortunately I was starting a new chart, I didn’t need her temperature until the fifth day, I don’t think her poor bottom could have endured the thermometer.

She stayed in bed all day; I was with her most of the time, holding her, petting her and whispering endearments. She finally broached the subject that still sat between us like the proverbial five hundred pound gorilla.

“Hal, you didn’t have to do that to me, we could have talked it out.”

I thought, selective memory’s a wonderful and mysterious thing but I let her continue.

“But that’s in the past, and I did hear you last night.”

“Honey I do like it when you call me Mommy and I like to dress you. Yeah, I like you in panties and a teddy with your breasts on when you greet me at the door, I like the way you treat me, like I’m your princess and I like calling you Halle and Honey and Baby here at home. Best of all, I want to keep having sex with you my way, I feel close to you when we do that and when you’re on my breasts. I’ll make an appointment with the doctor to see if I can get some relief from the PMS, dealing with my frustrations and disappointment when I haven’t conceived I don’t know, maybe we can just go to bed and cry on each other’s shoulder.

Hal I don’t know whether you’ve considered what I’m going through trying to get pregnant. I know you do the work, but it’s my body, every morning at six o’clock I wake up to a thermometer in my bottom then before I can even shower my cervix gets spindled, folded and mutilated. We’ve been doing this for eight or nine months now, I’m just frustrated and disappointed. Now don’t misunderstand, we’re going to keep at it, I do want a baby, so, please bear with me, I’ll probably be bitchy sometimes.”

“I can live with that Mommy.”

“Halle, my period’s started, I have my Tampax in, can I put in yours?”

I thought this might be her little test; I got mine from the bathroom, checked the battery and handed it to her along with the lube.

She patted her lap and I climbed across, she pulled down the back of my panties and slid it in.

When I looked up she gave me a big smile, I think I passed.

I fixed dinner, I kept it light, broiled ocean perch, brown rice and Brussels sprouts, white wine and for Mommy another cup of dong quai tea.

I served her in bed and ate in the bedroom with her.

After we’d eaten I asked if she wanted to go downstairs, “No I think I’d rather just laze her you could bring me another glass of wine though, I need something to kill the taste of that dong quai tea. I’m not complaining mind you, it has stopped my cramps, I’m still sore from you, I ache down here,” she told me as she indicated her lower tummy.”

“I’ll rub your tummy when I get back.”

“Mommy would like that.”

I handed her a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and pulled the sheet down so I could get to her tummy, I’d helped her back into her panties last night before we’d gone to sleep, she hadn’t changed and they were messy, my cum had been oozing out of her since last night.

“Mommy would you like a fresh pair of panties?” I asked. She nodded yes.

I got a fresh pair, a warm wash cloth and a small towel, I rolled her panties, spread her legs and washed her then I dried her and helped her into the new ones and yes, there was a string hanging down the inside of her thigh.

I held her, my arm wrapped around her shoulder and I massaged her low on her abdomen.

“You know you hurt me last night Baby, I still ache so badly down there and my bottom, I’m afraid to try to potty, but then I guess you know how I feel, don’t you?”

“Yes Mommy I do know how you ache, some times I hurt for three days, when you’d stay on me a long time you hurt me way up inside, what you did to me and what I did to you isn’t sex, it’s raw power and abuse. I won’t treat you like that again, ever.”

“I won’t either Baby, I won’t either.”

I pressed low on her abdomen.

“I’d hurt right about there,” I said, I began to rub her spot with light circular strokes.

“Umm, that feels better,” she had her hand on mine and was gently pushing it lower, I was still rubbing and she was still pushing, over her mons to the top of her lips.

“Yes, that’s the spot, right there, that’s the spot.” She was holding my hand on her clit; I was rubbing her through her panties.

Her voice was getting raspy, “You can put your hand down my panties, Mommy’d like that.”

I slid my hand under the elastic down to her clitoris, I opened her lips and flicked back the hood and rubbed her.

With a sigh she settled in my arms, “Oh yeah, that’s where Mommy needs to be massaged.”

I rubbed her lightly, teasingly, she was cooing with me holding her, then her breathing changed, she pressed down on my hand and started rotating her hips. She gave a quiver and a satisfied, “Aaaaaah, yes, that’s nice.”

Lori nuzzled me and nibbled on my ear lobe, “Why don’t you take a bath for Mommy, I’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Are you sure Mommy?”

She had a dreamy look as she breathed, “Umhum,” as she rolled me over and took out my “Tampax.”

I took it from her and went into the bath room, I started the tub filling then washed my “Tampax” in soapy water, rinse and dried it and put it along with the other things she’d need on the night table.

I bathed, checked for wild hairs, toweled off and went back to the bedroom.

I put on a clean bra and the apricot baby dolls, the panties would soon come off but I wanted Mommy to take them off.

She had my two “douches” ready, I laid over her lap, she rolled my panties down and off, she gave me the first, after I’d expelled it she gave me the second.

I was ready to be lubricated; across her lap she inserted the Astroglide shooters.

“How do you want it Baby?” She’d never asked me before; she just chose and did me.

I really preferred doggie style, when she was gentle with me it felt the best, she made a lot of contact with my prostate in that position but tonight I wanted to watch her sweet face.

“On my back,” I answered.

She helped me onto the pillow and put my feet in position, she took off her top, displaying her phenomenal breasts but left her panties on, they were white cotton, like what I did my work in. She stepped into her harness and belted it. I guess she kept her panties on because she was menstruating; she pressed the head against me.

My cock wasn’t flaccid but it wasn’t rigid either, Mommy took it in her hand, masturbating me, between the pressure on my bottom and her hand, blood flowed in and engorged me, I was hard to the max.

For the first time Mommy took notice, I saw her eyes get huge for a moment, she squeezed me, “Halle, when did this happen?”

“I guess all of your training and hard work had a side effect,” I said. That was one secret I wasn’t going to tell her. I thought I could get up to ten inches but, alas I’d maxed out, I stopped at eight.

This is what you rode me with last night, it’s no wonder I’m sore, you’re bigger than I am; I was, too.

She kept a firm pressure on me, she didn’t thrust in, just a firm pressure and I opened for her, welcoming her in, she didn’t pause, she didn’t need to, I didn’t want the to, the fullness I felt as she slowly, slid, further up my rectum. She had a beatific smile, her pleasure matched mine.

I was panting and working my hips back against her, I wanted her deeper, I wanted her in my very core, I loved her I wanted us to share everything but especially I wanted us to share each other, body and soul.

Mommy could see my arousal, “Do you want to cum Baby, I want you to cum for me.”

My body was flushed, my heart seemd to be racing, my blood pressure is rising, I’m trying to hold back to hold back, I don’t want to cum yet, it feels wonderful having her in me, I’m not ready to lose that feeling but my being is rocked, I’m shaking on Mommy’s cock, I’m squeezing like how I can stop urine flow, bearing down but I’m shaking, I’m having anal contractions, I’m having a full blown orgasm and I didn’t ejaculate. I was shaken by the intensity of my climax but I didn’t ejaculate.

Mommy gave me several minutes to recover, then she started to gently stroke, she’d picked up the apricot panties, she laid them on my stomach.

“Honey, next time cum, you scared me, I was afraid you were having a heart attack, you got red, your whole body was flushed, I was afraid I was gonna lose you. Next time cum for Mommy, please.”

She continued stroking me, she wasn’t gonna cum, she’d had a little orgasm earlier and the nub on her strap-on that stimulated her wasn’t effective through her panties, she took me in hand and helped me along.

My climax wasn’t explosive, I’d expended that energy earlier, it just seemed to flow from me, as smooth as Mommy strokes were smooth.

She stayed in me for a few minutes after I’d cum. I smiled at her, “Thank you Mommy, thank you.”

When she pulled out I got up, unfastened her harness and helped her back to bed. I took the other things from the night stand, went to the bathroom, tossed the trash, stowed the rest and washed Mommy’s tool.

She still ached, she’d put herself out to satisfy me and I appreciated her for it. We went to sleep, spooning with me rubbing her tummy.

Mommy made it to work the next day and I hit the computer, she was trying, I wanted to do my part. After I thought about what she’d said, I had to agree, every day was almost like a trip to the doctor, she started her day, before she could even move with a thermometer in her bottom and before she’d even showered she had to undergo what was to all intents and purpose a gynecological examination, then when she learned it was all for naught she was depressed, she had made a doctor’s appointment for help with the PMS.

So I made day twenty-one my project. I searched for mood altering foods, happy foods and I came up with a menu, it wasn’t like I was planning a week’s meals, only one day a month so it didn’t bother me that I’d serve the same thing on that twenty-first day, here’s what I serve:

Typically for breakfast I’d serve bran flakes with blue berries and skim milk, whole wheat toast one cup of coffee with skin milk and a banana for dessert.

If she was at home for lunch I’d make a bean or pasta salad with a glass of skim milk.

For dinner I liked to serve salmon marinated in soy sauce, sherry, grated ginger and crushed garlic. I’d grill the salmon and reduce the reserved marinade as a sauce, I’d serve it on a bed of brown rice and usually I’d fix spinach. I did serve a glass of wine with dinner, dessert would feature chocolate.

Her snack with her glass of wine when she came home was nuts, mixed cashew, almonds and Brazil nuts.

Before bed we’d share a Swiss chocolate bar.

I’d always do something now to merit a spanking, I didn’t mind and I think it provided a little stress relief for her; usually I’d call her Lori. I think she caught on but I still got my spanking, afterward I’d let her put me on her breasts.

Then I’d make love to her, sweet passionate, gentle love.

That was my plan.

I’d like to say that everything went perfectly but it never does, perfect would have been for her to get pregnant, we still went at it like bunny rabbits on her five fertile days and my twenty-first diet and romancing seemed to be pretty effective, I’ve only got one set of teeth marks where she chewed my butt. The doctor recommended diet and ibuprofen for the PMS, although she did say she’d prescribe something stronger if the symptoms got worse.

Five months later she still had an empty womb.

The next month the chart looked the same, one thing I could count on Mommy for was consistency, she was within 2 hundredths of a degree on the same day every month, we’d had our five days and, like every month they were heavenly, I guess even more so now, we’d shared so many intimacies we were best friends as well as lovers.

And, as usual, Mommy’d spiked up to 99.0.3 on the sixteenth day of her cycle but on the seventeenth day her basal temp had only fallen to 99.0.1, her charts said she should be around 98.5.5. I didn’t say anything to Mommy, basal temp is a great way to chart fertile days but it often falls short as a pregnancy indicator, still…

Her basal temp the next day was still higher than she’d ever charted, I watched and checked for other changes, the position of her cervical mucus weren’t telling me anything.

On the sixth day after our “fun time five days,” I still couldn’t be sure, her basal temp had dipped a little, she was still warmer that her previous charts but I wasn’t going to get her hopes up on such meager information, I had my opinion, I thought she was pregnant but I kept it to my self, I fed her the diet I mentioned earlier and when we went to bed I said,

“Lori, Baby would you like…

I had to look at her, I was almost grinning, she gave me a whimsical smile and a shake of her head, “Over my lap bad girl,” she instructed me, I crawled over her lap, she pulled my panties down and gave me ten pretty good ones: when I looked up at her I got a Cheshire Cat grin, she’d outed me, she knew I liked my little spankings and I knew she liked giving them to me, yet another shared intimacy, we were learning each others little “freaks.”

Mommy’s basal temperature stayed higher than what her previous charts indicated ‘til we got to that X day, the twenty-eighth. She wasn’t roaring like a lion though, she was vomiting, after I’d gotten her temp but before I could check her cervix she was sick and she complained of a back ache. It was a Friday, she had to work, she had a client conference she couldn’t miss, she felt terrible but she took a couple of ibuprofens and set off.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that her being sick and having a back ache could be good news, but I was pretty sure now, I thought she was pregnant. I ran to the drug store to get a home test kit, I wasn’t going to use it right away but I wanted to be ready.

When she got home that evening she was beat. Her stomach still felt nauseous and her back still ached. I met her at the door as always, helped her out of her clothing, robed and slippered her, she sat on the sofa, I brought her wine and a small bowl of nuts and knelt before her.

“Mommy, lift your hips,” I asked as I rolled her panties off, “Maybe I can help with the pain.”

She scooted forward, she was reclining more than sitting when I started.

I used my tongue to split her labia and licked between her inner and outer lips, my tongue and lips, I gently tugged on her, first one side then the other. I laved her vulva, starting near her clit and moving down, my tongue slithered along tasting her, worshiping her, I used the tip of my tongue and teased her vagina, just a little in and out motion then I moved along. I licked her perineum and rimmed her anus, I probed into her and pumped my tongue; she gave a little shiver; I started back up, slowly I worked toward her clitoris giving each millimeter along the route my lavish attention, she was lubricating, moist and slick.

Her clit was swollen and red; I took it between my lips and sucked. It slid between my lips to my waiting tongue, her little pearl, her gem, I toyed with her with the tip of my tongue, lightly brushing, flicking building her climax.

“Halleee, Halleeee, oh Baby, Baby,” her hips were working, she was trying to ride my tongue, I quit flicking her, I wanted to hold her in her excited state, I licked down.

After she’d settled just a little, I went back. She was ready for her relief; I sucked a little harder and flicked a little faster. I could feel the tremors, her tummy got taut, her organs clenched then contracted and she came,

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Baby, Halle Baby,” she chanted, I drank from her, her delectable honey filled my mouth, I swallowed her, ambrosia, a libation fit for the Gods.

As she quieted I sat beside her and held her, she laid her head on my chest and sighed.

“Honey, you made it special for Mommy, didn’t you?”

I didn’t answer, I just hugged her tighter.

“What would you like for supper?” I ask. She usually cooks the evening meal, except of course on day twenty-one but, this evening she sounds like could use the break.

“Honey I don’t feel like eating, my tummy’s still upset, I even vomited at work, I just want to lie down.”

I helped her upstairs and undressed her; even her panties then helped her into fresh ones and a nightie. Once I’d gotten her to bed I went back downstairs to my computer.

Yup, there are some suggested foods, I shut down and went to the kitchen.

We had ginger root, I peeled one and added it to boiling water. I didn’t have time to make soup from scratch, maybe tomorrow but tonight it’s Campbell’s chicken noodle in the microwave.

I made up a tray, soup, ginger tea with a little lemon and honey and club crackers.

“Mommy, you need to eat something, I think you can handle this.”

I sat on the bed and fed her the first few spoonfuls of soup then she took over, she was hungry but she hadn’t been able to keep anything down. I’d brought enough crackers that she’d have some to snack on later if she felt up to it.

I took the tray back down when she’d finished, she had eaten and, so far, so good, it was staying down.

I wanted to help her, make her feel better, again I fired up my computer, yeah, a massage was ok, maybe even beneficial just stay away from the pelvic area; don’t want to disturb his / her precarious perch.

“Mommy would you like a massage,” I asked.

She thought for a moment then answered, “Yeah Honey, a massage would feel nice on my aching back.”

I got some lotion and helped her out of her clothes, “On your tummy first,” I said as she rolled over.

I warmed the lotion between my hands and started on her feet. I used soft circular strokes, butterfly light, then moved up her legs and the backs of her thighs. I skipped her bottom for the moment; I straddled her and started on her back.

I used a little more pressure where she ached then up to her shoulders.

“Ok, turn over,” I instructed.

“You didn’t do my butt,” she complained.

“I’ll get back to that, now turn over.”

Again I started at her feet, worked up her legs and over her hips. While I was doing the sides of her breasts I inadvertently brushed a nipple.

Mommy winced, “Ouch, I’m tender, I guess my period’s about here.”

She always had tender breasts when her period was about to start, but I was pretty convinced it wasn’t about a period, I finished her front.

“Ok, now back over, I’ll take care of that cute butt now.”

I massaged her cheeks working the lotion in, I could feel the tension leaving her, she was relaxed, her buttocks muscles soft, I spread her cheeks. Her ring was pink and tight just like before I’d invaded her, good, I thought, I’d done no permanent injury. I rubbed her with the lotion, circling and pressing just a little.

I stopped and gripped her hip, raising her to her knees, “Mommy,” I asked.

She pulled her knees under her, rested her chest on the pillow and arched her back, I slid into her.

She was hot and soft, her vagina, slick with her fluid, I pumped her. Maybe I was being selfish but if her period did start tomorrow she’d be out of service for four days, I pumped a little harder, a little deeper.

It was impossible not to admire her, her cheeks were a healthy pinkish white, the muscular and firm cheeks like ripe melons; I massaged them as I stroked.

“Pretty Mommy, pretty Mommy, my beautiful Mommy,” I spoke as I admired.

I wanted her to cum; too, I reached under her so I could touch her clit.

I stroked a little faster and rubbed a little faster, I was ready and so was she, with a mutual wail, we flooded each other. I held fast to her ‘til we’d both calmed.

Lowering ourselves back to the mattress I jibed, “I thought Mommy might like an internal massage, too.”

“Mommy liked, oh yes, Mommy liked, now, just hold me.”

We dozed off, I held her in my arms.

Morning dawned bright and early, I checked her temp, she was still a little high. When she went to the toilet, I heard her retching. She came in a little bedraggled looking but she had my “Tampax” in her hand with a tube of lube, that meant hers was in, she sat on the side of the bed and patted her lap, I bent over and she put mine in.

“Why don’t you just stay here, I’ll serve you breakfast in bed, maybe some ginger tea and toast to try to settle your stomach.”

I brought her up a tray with lightly buttered toast, ginger tea and a small glass of apple juice. She wasn’t in bed and the bathroom door was closed, I was afraid she was sick again.

If my count was right and I was now fairly certain, she’d been pregnant for seventeen days. She was showing a lot of the indicators; her basal temp, the tender breasts, back ache and, what I was sure was morning sickness, I decided I’d use the home test in the morning.

When the bathroom door opened she didn’t even look like the same person I’d left just half an hour ago, she was bent at the waist, holding her tummy, her face was sweaty, she looked sick, really sick.

We made eye contact, in a pained, pleading voice she said, “Halle, I can’t go.”

I helped her back to the bed.

“What do you mean, “You can’t go,”” I asked.

“I can’t go to the bathroom, I haven’t gone in four days and I can’t go and I’m cramping, I hurt.”

“Four days, why didn’t you say something before?”

“Baby, I’m not always regular just before my period, I thought it would happen just like it always has, but now I need to go and I cant, I’m bloated and I hurt.”

“Well, we’ve got my douche, I think it would work for you, too, want to try?”

She could only nod yes.

So now I’ve got my beautiful but bedraggled wife draped across my lap, I gave her both of them, there only about a pint apiece, I’m rubbing her back, just talking nonsense while we wait.

“Honey, I need to go,” I help her up, walk her to the bathroom then get the hell out of Dodge, I’d wait in the bedroom, thank you.

When she came out I could see she was feeling better, evidently the treatment had been successful.

I did the meal prep for the day, lunch and dinner both light, I did give her a glass of wine, I thought it would probably be her last for about nine months but tomorrow’s pee would tell the tale.

The following morning I still took her basal temp, if she wasn’t preggers I’d have to start another chart in a few days but I followed her to the bathroom, thank God, the morning sickness gave her a break.

She seemed a little self conscious with me standing there but she had to go, she dropped her panties where they pooled at her feet and sat.

I was rummaging in the drawer of the vanity, “Wait Mommy, don’t pee, I need to do something,” I said, I found, I found the test kit.

“Spread your legs real wide for me,” I said.

She looked at me and thought, what am I married to, he likes to wear my panties and my nighties, he likes a little spanking and a dildoe up his ass and now I find out he’s into golden showers, too.

“Mommy, this is a home pregnancy tester, I need to put it in your stream while you pee, spread your legs.”

There was a look of relief on her face; I had no idea what she’d thought a moment ago, I had it held in position, “Ok, let go,” I said.

Her flow started, flow hell, it was a gush, a cascade, a waterfall; gals say I gotta tinkle, tinkle hell, that’s what a little bell does, my beautiful Missus was closer to a cow pissin’ on a flat rock, I stuck the tip of the tester in and let it get wet for five seconds, I could already see the band forming, she was pregnant, the test said so, the symptoms said so and her girl Halle said so, she was pregnant. I waited ‘til she’d finished, I didn’t want her jumping up mid-stream, I stepped back and laid the tester on the vanity, she stood and pulled her panties up. I grabbed her, hugged her and kissed her,

“You’re pregnant Mommy, you’re pregnant.”

I was elated for her and for me, I was gonna be a Daddy.

“Hal, you’re sure?”

She seemed to be in shock.

“Yeah Mommy, I’m pretty darn sure, you’ll want to see your doctor to be positive but, yeah, I’m sure.”

She dragged me to the bed, hugged me and pushed me down, “Hal, I’m gonna be a Mommy, I mean a real Mommy and you’re gonna be a Daddy,” I was on my back, on the bed when one hundred and fifty pounds of woman landed on me.

“Hal, I’m gonna be a Mommy, I’m gonna be a Mommy.”

She got a little serious, “Hal I can’t call you Halle or baby any more and I can’t be Mommy.”

She looked a little sad as she said it.

I gathered her up in my arms, well as you can gather an Amazon that’s got you pinned to the bed, “Lori sweetheart, if you want to call me Halle or baby or honey here in the bedroom, I’ll still call you Mommy when we’re together, in here, I still wanta be your Baby, would that be ok?”

We didn’t have sex, we just frolicked, chattering about being new parents, seriously discussing what we needed to do, diet, exercise, no caffeine, and yes Lori, no, I mean none wine; that got me a moue, I mean it, no alcohol for the next nine months; if I catch you it’ll be you who gets a spanking. We tickled each other, we teased, and we had fun, one hellava lotta fun, just being with each other.

And that’s where this story ends…at least I thought it did and I wrote it: seemed Lori had some other ideas.

I’d fixed one of those real healthy meals that nobody really enjoys, if you can’t kill the taste of soy beans with wine what’s the use. We were sipping our ginger tea, yes, me too, Lori said,

“You know Hal, when I’m in the third trimester my doctor might say we can’t have sex, you know that happens, right?”

Sagely, I nodded yes, I was gonna let her run with this one, I thought I knew where she was going and, far be it from me to disabuse her of her notions, but sex is possible up to the time her water breaks, vaginal sex; just alter the positions so it’s comfortable, spooning is probably the easiest late in the third trimester, but like I said, far be it from me to disabuse her, I kinda liked where I thought she was going.

“Whatter we gonna do?”

Instigator that I can be, I answered, “Celibacy, the Jesuits, the Franciscans, the Carmelites, they all do it, right?”

She wasn’t in the mood to debate, she was pregnant and she was happy but she was serious about her concern.

“Halle Baby, Honey,” she started, enunciating that this was about us and about sex, “Mommy wants a bath.”

Now she’s a shower gal unless she wants the Jacuzzi jets to help relieve the stress of the day, but a bath, that’s a code, a code that had only ever worked one way, her to me, Halle, why don’t you take a bath.

“Halle, baby why don’t you; wasn’t an invitation to get clean, not by a long shot, those were her code words that meant, “Halle, you’re about to have the pleasure / pain of my strap-on up your poop shoot.

“You’re sure,” I ask, I want to see if she really means what I think she means.

“I want to wash you,” I say and go to fill the tub. Gardenia is my scent; I add some attar of rose oil to the water.

Lori already had her panties off from earlier, I help her out of her top and walk her to the steaming tub, help her in and turn on the Jacuzzi jets, the water foams around her and she lets it massage her still aching back.

In the bedroom I get out candles, big scented candles, these are also rose scented, I light four of them, their incense fills the room, I go back to the bath and with her loofah sponge I wash her. I let her luxuriate in the frothing water, I get her hairbrush, yeah, that hairbrush, and brush her beautiful long blonde locks, she stays in the tub with me attending until the water cools. Then I lend an arm for her to get out. I wrap her luscious body in a huge Turkish towel and dry her. There’s no purpose to it, they’re coming off in just a few minutes but I dress her in some of her sexiest night wear, pink baby doll panties and top.

I take a moment to hold her and kiss her, I even give her tummy a little rub and smile at her, “Mommy.”

It’s time, I walk her to the bedside and I sit, our normal rolls are reversed, I pat my lap and guide her down. The panties only lasted this long, I roll them off her hips, down her long legs and over her feet. I touch her with just the tip of my finger before I inject the first container of Astroglide; I follow it with a second and rub on just a bit of KY. I keep her on my lap for a few minutes, letting her accustom herself to the “down” position, the feeling of giving then I stand her up and rise with her.

“Lori sweetheart, I want to see all of you,” as I lift her top over her head.

I set the pillow in position and lay her back, her hips are elevated, I raise her feet so they are placed along side her bottom and I step between her splayed thighs.

I can see anxiety on her face, in her eyes, her only anal experience as the receiver was my assault and she’s tense. She wants to give me this present but she’s justifiably afraid.

I don’t do anything more that rub her thighs, then along her hips, talking all the time,

“My wonderful wife, my beautiful Mommy, my lover, we’re gonna have a baby, just talking, just saying things I wanta say and she wants to hear. When I see a smile I guide the head of my cock to her entrance and I can feel her tense up. I don’t push, I rub, the backs of her thighs, where I can reach, her buttocks, her hips and I talk, calmly, waiting for her to be ready to accept me.

There are two truisms about successful anal sex and I mean doing it so that both partners want it again, those are; you can’t use too much lube and you can’t go too slow.

Against her, I can feel her relaxing, I press just a little, but this is where you hafta be really careful, the anal sphincter isn’t one muscle, it’s two. The outside one, the ring you can see is the weaker one, getting through it is relative easy, don’t just punch through and stop, the second, the stronger will clamp and your experience won’t go well. Keep a slow but constant pressure moving forward, it’s that second muscle that will give you a problem, it’s also the one that will give you the most pleasure. Anal sex is pleasurable to a man, the portal is tighter than most vaginas, that tightness can be immensely pleasurable but only if you have a willing and receptive partner, go slow.

I can feel her relaxing, slowly I press forward, we both have our eyes open, I give her a little smile and rub her hips, she gives me a little smile and a nod, yes. I keep the gentle but constant pressure on, a little further in, a little deeper and the head is through, it’ll go easier now, still slow but the hard part’s over, I reach out and squeeze her hand,

“Are you ok Mommy, I’m not hurting you am I?”

“No Baby, you’re not hurting Mommy, it feels good, I feel full but a nice full, I can feel you filling me, Mommy likes it.”

“Lori, I love you, a wife to live for and a Mommy to die for, I’m so glad I have you and I’m glad I belong to you, you’re my life.”

Talk, lubricant and slow steady pressure, I’m in heaven, I’m in. Slowly I begin to stroke, long slow strokes, filling her belly, emptying her, filling her, I watch her face, she’s smiling, a little lopsided smile as she takes her pleasure, and I stroke her, her bottom with my cock and her body with my hands, light sensuous touches to hips, tummy and thighs, gentle, long languorous strokes.

I want to cum in her, I want her to cum, too, I take her right hand, give it a little squeeze and lead it down, over her belly, she’s touching herself, I hold her hand in place, I’m not touching her, she is, she’s looking at me, I give her a little yes nod and her fingers find her clit and begin to rub. It’s immensely sensuous watching her fingers masturbating herself while I fill her, I can feel her muscles tightening, her body reacting, her face changes, a tight smile, her tummy tenses, she clenches me, her sphincter is strangling my cock as she climaxes, her contractions, through her anus, that tight inner ring, clenching, releasing, clenching, milking me but I’m in no hurry, this one’s for her, I want her to know how pleasant it can be, she’d taught me the pain but she’s shown me the pleasure, I wanted her to know the same.

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