I'm My Cousin's Slave.. Yes!

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It all started during the second week of summer. I was aimlessly flipping through my porn channels in my living room, while keeping an eye out for my mother. I'm only 19, so my porn channels are prohibited. I heard my Aunt's car pull up in the driveway. I can always tell her car from others by the expensive purr of the engine. I hated my aunt, and her daughter, my cousin, Haley. They were very rich, and treated me like crap, since I'm middle-class. However, I pretended to ignore them when they came into the living room. I noticed my aunt and uncle were helping Haley walk. Her arm was in a cast.

"Woah, what happened?" I asked, in mock interest. The bitch finally got hurt. "Haley had an accident on her ski trip. Her arm is broken, so she'll need help around the house. Can you help her?" My aunt replied. "There's 50 bucks in it for you" My uncle whispered to me. He hated Haley too. "Sure." was my answer. My aunt and uncle left, leaving Haley with me. She went into the kitchen, and proceeded to cook up some toaster pastries. Good thing she didn't need help with that. During the whole day, I pretty much did her chores, rubbed her feet, and was her slave. I hated it, but got my revenge by giving her my piss in a glass, telling her it was lemonade. For some reason, I felt turned on when she drank it. But things turned in my favor later that evening.

Haley and I were home alone. It was about 6:30 pm. She walked into the living room, and noticed me watching porn. My erect penis was out, I was masturbating pretty hard. I knew she was there, but she thought I didn't notice her (there was a mirror by the tv, she walked in from behind). She got an odd, mixed-feelings look on her face, and quietly backed away. About 10 minutes later, she called from upstairs "Hey Vincent, I need help changing. I'm going to take a shower."

Now, I never even thought twice about incest before that day. My family always taught me that incest was wrong and disgusting. I never really agreed, but I was ashamed when I once got hard, spying on my mother undressing.

I walked upstairs, and saw Haley waiting in the bathroom. She was wearing short-short cutoffs, and a tight blue tube-top without a bra. Her nipples were hard, I could see them. She told me to help her take her top off, because of her arm. I slowly reached up and slid it over her head. Her bare breasts bobbed up and down as her shirt dropped to the floor. I was a virgin, and had never been this close to a naked woman before. I felt myself getting a little hard, but I was wearing jeans, so I was hidden. My cock wasn't that big anyway. I looked into her brown eyes. She was beautiful, with lots of curves, wavy brown hair, and gorgeous, double D breasts. I got to my knees (I was eye-level with her shorts now) and unbuttoned her shorts. I slid them down to her ankles, and Haley kicked them away. I stared at her pink lace panties. Oh god, I wanted her. I was ashamed for thinking that, but I didn't care. I WANTED HER!

I pulled down her panties, and stared at her bare vagina. She shaved. I had a sudden urge of horniness, and kissed her clit, pretending to be kidding around. She giggled, so I kissed it again, and let my lips stay there for a few seconds. She stopped giggling, and said "Vincent, what are you doing?" I ignored her, and continued kissing her vagina. I loved it. I lifted my hands and put them against her ass. Her ass was huge! And so, so warm. While rubbing her butt cheeks, I shoved my tongue inside her clit. It tasted weird inside, I had never given oral sex before. I loved it though. I continued kissing and orally pleasuring Haley, while she just stood there, with her eyes closed and head back, accepting it.

Suddenly, she put her hand on my head and pushed me between her legs with force. She wanted it! I got up, to eye level with her, and took my shirt and pants off. She looked at my fully erect penis. "Your turn now, little cousin" I said playfully to her. "But.. but.." she stuttered. "I've never been with a boy before." she said. "It doesn't matter" I told her. "You'll do fine." "Okay." she said quietly. She dropped to her knees, and put her face close to my cock. I took it and rubbed it on her cheeks and lips. She opened her mouth, and took my cock full into her mouth. Weaving to and fro, she deepthroated me. She didn't gag, her tonsils were removed long ago. She worked her tongue like a goddess around my head. I thought I had to cum, but I just had to pee. Really bad. Instead of letting off and using the toilet, I started urinating right in Haley's mouth. I held it in when she pulled away. She spit some pee out, but swallowed a little. She didn't notice the color.

"Is that cum?" She asked. "I never tasted it before."
"Umm.. no.. that's my piss." I told her, embarassed. She shrugged, and continued blowing me. I let loose the rest of my bladder. This time, she choked but swallowed every drop. That turned me on.

Once she was done, she looked at me and said "Well, I need to take a shower now.. wanna help me wash?" I immediately nodded, and followed her into the shower, slapping her sexy ass as she climbed in. She turned on the hot water, put her arms around me, and kissed me. I kissed back, and put my tongue into her mouth. There we were, blood cousins, kissing in the shower. I played with her butt some more (I have a major fetish for ass), but when I put my hand to her vagina, she gasped. "Are you going to fuck me?" She asked. She was horny, I could sense it.

Without answering, I put my penis' head near the base of her clit.

"Wait, let me do it." She told me. She took my penis in her hand and slowly put it inside her pussy. It felt amazing, I almost gasped when I felt it. When it was completely inside (My penis is fairly small, only about 5 inches) I started moving it in and out, faster and faster. I pulled out, turned her around and bent her over. I told her I wanted to fuck this way. When she was bent over like a dog, I put my erect back inside her sweet, virgin pussy, and started fucking her. As I went faster and faster, I felt the familiar sensation; I had to cum. I turned Haley around again (I was in total control; she didn't hesitate to let me do whatever I wanted to her) and put my erect in her mouth, and came. She swallowed all my foam, and smiled at me.

Later that evening, we watched a scary movie. She sat in my lap, and we made out during the whole movie. I had my hand down her pants, fingering her, and she was stroking my cock. We did this all night.
Even now, years later, me and Haley still have the best sex I ever had, all the time. She's married and has children, but I know for sure that one of them is mine. She named him Vincent.

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